Sports Break

Brenda Andress

February 18, 2021 She Plays Episode 18
Sports Break
Brenda Andress
Show Notes

We are joined this episode by Brenda Andress, President and Founder of SheIs! The organization seeks to embrace the known benefits that sport brings to both individuals and communities, with a specific focus on raising awareness of, engagement with, and participation in girls and women's leagues.

Brenda previously served as the first Commissioner for the Canadian Women's Hockey League for over 12 seasons. She was also a former referee and linesman in the NWHL and CWHL.

SheIs was born from a vision to create progressive change from a place of positivity. In recent years, the world has seen the move towards women's equality become increasingly prevalent. SheIs saw an opportunity to marry the already strong sports community with this momentum to create real impact in the women's sports world.

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