Truth, Lies, Shenanigans

Suck My Tongue. Plus, Clarence Thomas, Cash App, and the Harrelsons .

April 19, 2023 Season 4 Episode 19
Truth, Lies, Shenanigans
Suck My Tongue. Plus, Clarence Thomas, Cash App, and the Harrelsons .
Truth, Lies, Shenanigans +
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The Dalai Lama's Tongue "Greeting". Plus, Clarence Thomas, Cash App Stabbing, & "Daddy" Harrelson.

In this episode of Truth, Lies, Shenanigans, we're diving into some wild stories. From the Dalai Lama's "tongue greeting" to the possibility of Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey being brothers, we've got it all. Plus, we'll discuss more improprieties from Clarence Thomas and the Cash App Founder being stabbed. Don't miss it! #TruthLiesShenanigans #DalaiLama #WoodyHarrelson #MatthewMcConaughey #ClarenceThomas #CashApp #Podcast


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The Dalai Lama's Tongue _Greeting_. Plus, Clarence Thomas, Cash App Stabbing, & _Daddy_ Harrelson.

[00:00:00] Tunes. Yeah, tunes the Ts.

Hey, welcome to Truth Live Shenanigans podcast, social commentary, hot topics, amazing guests with a ton of fun and shenanigans along the way. This week's podcast, we'll tackle the uproar surrounding the Dai Lama who shockingly asked a child to kiss him on the lips. And suck his tongue. Then we're taking a, we're taking a look at Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his Republican billionaire [00:01:00] buddy, who's been showering him with some pretty lavish gifts, and later on we'll discuss the tragic killing of the Cash App founder.

And just when you thought things couldn't get any weirder, apparently Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson could actually be biological brothers. All right, check us out on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitch tv. We'll be checking your comments on YouTube and Facebook at ts live show or tls So those are definitely the best places to watch if you wanna be part of the conversation.

As always, I gotta start things off by introducing you to my co-host. Today we have our nature lover, gamer, rockstar coming to you from Ontario, Canada. Mr. Rob B Rock. Woo. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. Yeah, I'm gonna, I'm just gonna go along with the audience noises. I'll lean into it. Right. It's great to see everyone.

I've [00:02:00] had a great couple of weeks since our last show. We celebrated my mom's birthday last weekend. The weather has been warmer. I've been feeling this surge of productivity in and out of the house, which is awesome. But despite the warmer weather, I was tobogganing on Saturday on the last patch of snow when I had to aing.

It's like, it's like, it's almost, it's almost me. I know, I know. But we had, we got a lot of snow towards the end and just this shady spot by the tree line. And we had just this nice little half of snow. So I figured. It's gonna be gone by the end of the day. Let's have some fun jump in there. That make sense?

So as I'm doing it, I can hear my neighbor calling out to her kid, , bring Rob Your gt I finished. Yeah. gt Snow racer. See, Johnny knew what it was. Come on Rhode Island, you knows Snow.

And I've got this eight year old who says, Hey Rob, you wanna borrow my [00:03:00] gt? I was like, Hey, thanks. That's awesome. You wanna take the first run? And he's like, not really. I was like, thanks. I guess he was done with winter. Oh, okay. He's, yeah. I'd be done too. Shoot. Yeah. Jose says, kid knew better. All right, next up, our college student model, business owner streaming to you from Atlanta, Georgia.

GianniStorm. Hey guys. So as you know, I have been feeling really, really bad this weekend. You guys know how I like to get graphic, but. essentially what it is, is I am dehydrated. I don't know why I drink water every single day, but not a lot. I will say that I drink probably like one or two bottles a day, which is not good.

One or two little bottles. What are you doing? You're doing like, depends on the size of the bottle, Mike friend, you're doing 60. No, you're drinking two. Two. If you're drinking two, two liters, you're doing it right. You're doing pretty [00:04:00] good. Yeah. Oh, okay. See, then I'm doing that because I drink smart water, the two liter.

 We're running tests, we're seeing what's wrong. I have been feeling like low, low energy, but I'm always on my feet, as you guys know. I'm always working. So I don't know. Maybe it's a sign. We'll see.

I'll keep you guys updated, but I'm feeling better today. Well, I'm glad you're feeling better. We were worried about you yesterday. So yeah, for those that don't know, we had to postpone recording of the podcast, but we're here today. We're happy to see you feeling better. So glad you're back. Looks like we have some comments online.

Jo says, yeah, Gianni, glad you're on the mend. And Jacqueline Robinson says, good evening, y'all. Trying to catch you during my evening commute. All right, awesome. All awesome. All right. And I am of course, your host Nio Nicks. So my question, did you guys hear about this Hulu documentary about Freak Nick? Yes.

Y Whi and there's these, like, these five prominent women who are trying to sue Hulu. So the world doesn't see [00:05:00] what they did way back in the day. I mean it is, it's why are you doing that? So I, it's horrible. So, gi so just to explain Rav, so back in the eighties and nineties, Freaknik was like an annual spring break festival in Atlanta, primarily like students from HBCUs, historically back colleges and universities.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's, uh, I, I never, I never went. People, dude did always read your concert ticket stub because when you walk into that venue, Well, no, no, no, no. It was, it wasn't like, it wasn't like that type of festival. So it was one, it was festival.

Yeah. Okay, so think like, Girls Gone Wild or like Mar Bra or Daytona Beach, but all black, so Uhhuh, you know, and it was crazy back in the day there was like bikers tricked out cars, half naked people. Yeah. Some fully naked people, they all trying to hook up.

It would be flashing breaths, sex in public. I mean it [00:06:00] was, it was pretty crazy. Okay. So it was Coachella worse because it got worse. Well Coachella you have to pay for, but Freaknik was just like, you just show up in Atlanta and you party. 

So, but anyway, so it got to a point where , they were looting, sexual assaults, a lot of violence and so they finally shut it down. I think they brought it back in some form, I guess relatively recently. I don't know Johnny, you know better than I do, , I brought it up cuz I'm curious, like, do you guys have any skeletons in your closet that, were you at some Coachella, freaknik something back in the day?

Oh no. Anything with video documentation or evidence, right? Mm-hmm. No, no. Um, not, not with video evidence. I'm good. Me there. I, I don't know. Actually. No, I'm kidding. Distance though. She was probably flashing people. Never, never, never [00:07:00] that. But no, um, nothing that I haven't been proud of.

Hopefully that comes out in social. I see online. Ja Ram says it's supposed to be a fun time for HBCUs, but no one signed up for sexual assaults and that trilon behavior. Yeah, it got really crazy towards the end. Like, I mean, , from what I understand, it was crazy, but it was fun. , yeah, especially in the eighties, cuz it started in 83.

It was like a, started like a little picnic gathering that they did and then it started to build from there. A bunch HBCUs started to get together year after year. And then at late nineties it was like ridiculous. So yeah. Anyway, it got work. Yes. I don't think I have any, like you say, video evidence or anything crazy.

I really didn't do anything crazy growing up anyway, so I'm good. And that's why we can't have nice things. Exactly. All right, let's get into some topics guys. Shenanigans. Hi Robbie. You're starting us off. Dai Lama is accused of some inappropriate stuff with some kids. Talk to us. Yeah, he [00:08:00] sure is. Speaking of leaving a video trail video surfaced last week that has generated a lot of public outcry and with good reason in the video, the 14th Dai Lama can be heard asking a young boy to suck his tongue.

So the incident appears to have taken place at the Dalai Lama's temple in on February 28th. So in the video, the boy is seen asking if he can hug the Dalai Lama and the leader motions to his cheek and saying, you know, first here the boy kisses his cheek. Then he gives him a hug. The 87 year old then pointed to his lips . Then he leans in and gives the boy a kiss on the mouth, and then he says, and suck my tongue.

Something that the Dalai Lama has since apologized for.

So , is the request made by the Dai Lama to this young boy at the public event to suck his tongue considered innocent and affectionate [00:09:00] behavior as some of his defenders are saying? What do you think Gianni? Okay. So I have mixed feelings because initially I wanted to go at him like, this is weird as hell before I watch the video, cause I'm a very observant person when it comes to people's body language, 

for the most part, I like to think I can pick up on what people's true intentions are like in that moment. Like when they're just not conscious of their body movement. So just looking at the Dalai Lama is seemed as if this is how he always interacts. Like it seems as if he's just being himself. And not to say that that's innocent, but I just think that he is coming across to me playful, like this is how he jokes around.

Now I can, I personally would take offense to it and think it is inappropriate because it's gross and it's weird in our culture. So in his culture, I'm not sure if the same applies, it's like , I'm not sure. Well, I'm not defense speaking for culture . Sticking out your tongue can be a form of [00:10:00] greeting in Tibet.

Sticking out the tongue. Sure. Sticking out your tongue is a form of greeting in Tibet. There's nothing about like sucking tongue beyond that. So if we're talking culturally, that is a tongue thing. Culturally in Tibet. Okay. I mean, it's weird. I'm not, I can't make excuses for it, but we find it awkward that they might laugh at, so I, I don't know.

I don't know how to go about that, but it, it wouldn't be my son. I'm just like, it's just awkward. Anna, let me, so let me just play this video all the way through I mean, cuz he is like kissing him so he kissed him on the lips. Boy was like awkward at first cuz he didn't really seem like he wanted to kiss him.

And then he pulls his lips, the boy's lips towards him, puts his head against , his head. And then it's like this awkwardness that goes on for like a second and he just sucks his tongue and then sticks his tongue out. The boy, I don't know if he makes contact or not, but the boy clearly doesn't want to do it.

[00:11:00] So, yeah, every time like, okay, now that you keep playing it, I'm get, it's getting worse. Like it's getting more awkward. I mean, it's just, is this normal to you? Is this just play? All right. So , you know how I am with kids and stuff like that, just, I don't know.

I'm just funny. And so I, I might be a little more sensitive. I read all the articles defending him, talking about like, it's a language barrier, you know, some old tradition, people stick their tongues out as a greeting. But I mean, I'm looking at this and there's intent to what he's doing.

You know, he's, he is, he's intentionally pulling his face to him. The kids obviously kind of uncomfortable, uncomfortable, you know, and so he pulls his face and kind of forces him to kiss his lips and then. I won't say force is that maybe I'm not using, being a little too aggressive with my wording. He adjusts.

He adjusts the target. Yeah. When the boy's coming [00:12:00] in, he's adjusting the target. So for you to say that he forced, that isn't outlandish, right? Yeah, because the kid, that's true. Because the kid was clearly uncomfortable and then he pulls, he like, he, he was surprised that the boy is shocked. I don't know. The boy is shocked. He's like, what the heck is this? I don't know, I don't. Yeah, I don't like it. Why? You tell me Suck Michael.

I tried to give him a, he, even the boy's head even like goes backwards. Like, what the heck? I don't know. Anyway, dunno. first thought for me was like the Catholic priest and what they're doing behind closed doors and you know, sure , he might be old and maybe at a momentary lapse and forgot, hey, that's an uncomfortable thing for kids.

You know, maybe he thought of his childhood short possible or it could very well be normal behavior for him behind closed doors and instead his momentary lapses. He forgot it was a big old secret. So, I mean, this could be something he's always done. I don't know. All I'm saying is I thought it, it [00:13:00] was pretty uncomfortable for me to watch and obviously for the kid himself.

So, I dunno. Robert, what do you think? Well, you know, like we're, like we were talking about culturally sticking out your tongue as a form of greeting in Tibet. All right? It's an interesting factoid, but asking a kid to suck your tongue is a weird request. I'm glad that we're not having another discussion about systemic child abuse child sex abuse, as we've seen in other religious organizations.

But come on who asks a kid to suck their tongue? I, I would like to believe that there was some kind of language mix up, given that he is fluent in multiple languages, but it still doesn't change the gross feeling that we get when we're watching this happen, because, like he said, Neil, like, this kid is clearly uncomfortable and he was placed in a.

Did he feel like he could even say no? Yeah, like this is the Dolly law situation. I have a husband, husband of authority up. Mm-hmm. Uh, [00:14:00] okay. So you are the head of the church. I shouldn't really say no to you at, at a public event and make you look dumb like that. There's so much pressure on that kid in that moment that he really doesn't have a choice but to go along with it.

Like you said, Neil, like that momentary lapse at an extended age. Could be either way. I hadn't really, what is he like 86? 80 something? 87. 87 7. Yeah. But you know, like I said, I'm relieved that we're not having another conversation about systemic sexual abuse in a church that we know of, of.

Right, and you're right. This might be, this might open the door for other children, other people to come forward to say, Hey, you know what? I've had awkward moments or I had something even more done to me, I really hope not because I've always appreciated Buddhism because they are free of that kind of [00:15:00] turmoil to date and it I, I would hate to see that kind of blemish on something that has actually been very pure and has been actually a good influence on me over the years.

That's, I do appreciate Buddhist philosophy. I really do. If you were a parent and you saw your kid in that situation, what would you do if you were the child's parent? I mean, would you just be. Okay, I'm gonna just let this happen and figure it out, or, oh, heck no. Heck no. I, I would've snatched that kid up.

I mean, it happened fast when it started to happen. It did happen pretty fast. But yeah, I would've been making, I would've snatched my kid away from this person and said, what? What? Yeah. No, because if you had it happen as a parent, then maybe that kid would be like, okay, this is okay, or This is normal. Or nobody's really standing up for him.

Like, no, he was in public. There's tons of people there. Nobody was doing anything. None of them. I mean, they were laughing and clapping and, and stuff. It's. It's [00:16:00] awkward, but, and then Jacqueline Robinson said the same thing. Ick, where's the baby's parents? Because after, so I watched a video afterwards of interviews and the boy was like, oh, you know, it's so good to see the the Dai Lama.

He's such a good, peaceful person, and it was great, and I just wanted you to get a hug from him. And he seemed like he was good. Like I said, I don't think the boy actually made contact with his li his tongue. But you know, the parent was on right after him talking and she was like, it's okay. The parent was good and, she was just having a normal conversation, a normal interview.

Not really mentioning that, that was weird. So, I don't know. I think I would've said something. I was like, it a little weird that he tried to stick a tongue out and have him suck his tongue. But, you know, it was good to be, you know, I, I would, I was that parent where it was just like, okay, so if you've asked my child for a kiss and they've been affectionate, they've given you a kiss.

You know, when I hear. Certain family mar no, gimme a kiss on the lips. Oh hell. Whoa. No, the [00:17:00] the, the kid gave you some affection. If the child wants to give That's right. Little peck on the lips. Sure. But at a certain age you cut that off. But you know, it's just with family, there are boundaries. Yeah. To your point, I mean, people have been getting to the point where they're telling their kids, if you don't wanna hug your cousin, sister, uncle, you don't have to.

They're telling their children just because of all the sexual assaults going on. And I'm for that. I mean, but for that, you think back on your childhood, how many times were you put in his situations where you really didn't. To give nor receive that affection from these family members.

Mm-hmm. But it was an expectation. I was like, kiss your, kiss, your cousin, just his family. Kiss your aunt, kiss your grandmother. It's like, mm-hmm. Well, but I don't want to, and to force that kid, it, it diminishes your power at a very, very young age. Yeah, it does. Yeah. Now I'm not cool with that. 

I I like that people and families are now saying, Hey, you don't feel comfortable. You [00:18:00] don't have to. Cause I'm one of those, people that feel relationships are important, and Absolutely. Yeah. Agreed. You know, but they should kind of stand on their own. All right?

Mm-hmm. Yeah. So comments online. We got, Josey says maybe. More will come forward. Who knows? Yeah. Yep. Who knows? All right. Is this truth? Lies, shenanigan Truth lies shenanigans. Call it shenanigan shenanigans. There's some something going on back in there.

I don't know, man. It's, it's some truth. We got it on video, but it's definitely shenanigans. This is some shenanigans happening we don't know about. I mean, Dai Lama should have recognized that the child was uncomfortable and the fact that it didn't matter that the child was uncomfortable, just kind of Mm.

Makes me question things. Yeah. Makes me, that's a really good point. Yeah. Alright, let's get to our next topic. Choose lies, shenanigans. Shenanigans. Okay. All right. Let's delve into this never-ending soap opera [00:19:00] with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, his wife Jenny, and now their billionaire friend, Harlan Crow.

Of course, Clarence Thomas is a second lack Supreme Court justice appointed by George hw. Daddy, daddy Bush, and we know he consistently sides of Republicans. He voted to overturn Roe v. Wade even suggested explicitly that conservatives go after, other rights like gay rights. Well, let's go over all the craziness with this dude course.

Back in 1991, he was accused of sexual harassment by Anita Hill during his confirmation hearings. He's been criticized for never asking any questions during oral arguments. I mean, come on, if you're sitting on the highest court in the land, to least not to be conservative. Lap dog. And there's his wife, Jenny Thomas, leading up to the January 6th insurrection sending text messages to Trump staff about overturning the 2020.

And Thomas refused to recuse himself from [00:20:00] cases involving his wife. In 2011, he failed to disclose his wife's income from her work with conservatives for 13 years. And now the big fuss is because he failed to disclose from financial transactions. Gets from this guy Arlan Crow, where apparently likes to buy historical or controversial properties, including a property previously owned by Nazis back in the day.

On top of that, one of those transactions, Thomas Field disclosed is a family house and Crow bought from Thomas and Crow, renovated, built up, put a lot of money into it. He continues to maintain the house, but Clarence Thomas's mom still lives there. So Crow basically bought, fixed up and pays for all the expenses for Clarence's Thomas's mom's house.

He claims he's preserving history because, you know, he's the historical house of ] , the second black Supreme Court justice, [00:21:00] but I'm calling BS Crow wasn't just buying a house, he was clearly buying himself a Supreme Court justice. So my question to you guys, what should be done about this and how can we hold people, hold these justices accountable considering their place in lifetime offices?

We start with Robbie. If a Supreme Court justice is found to have received luxury items and properties from a billionaire, it could be considered a violation of ethical standards and undermine the integrity of the judicial system. Know that there are specific procedures in place, such as the Judicial Conduct and Disability Act in the US that allows for investigations and disciplinary proceedings against federal judges, including Supreme Court Justices.

Yes, Claire. So if the allegations of impropriety are substantiated potential consequences could include censure, reprimand, or even removal from office. So if all of this is true, I really think that he should be removed from his office and an [00:22:00] investigation of his decisions should be started immediately.

And if it can be demonstrated that specific decisions were bought, then they should be reviewed by the remaining justices. Clarence and Jenny gotta go. They are bad news for America and Harlan Crow. Any relation to Jim? Jim Crow? That's a good one all. Roger. That was good, Rob. Funny. That's good. Um, 

you guys know how I feel about politics. I think that we need to do a sweep bringing new people in. But I think that what they should do, honestly with Clarence Thomas's track record is to remove him from office. That's just, it got be something, yeah, it should have been done.

It actually the problem is chief justice, the chief justice is a conservative I mean, although John Roberts has been voting both ways, [00:23:00] he's still considered a conserv. Yeah. I, I feel like we need change.

The way to get them to feel the consequences of their action is to remove them from office. Take their title away from them, strip them of that. I just think giving fines or doing anything less than that is just almost childish. I think that we need to strip of their, I think we need to strip them of their title, honestly.

Get people that are in there that are actually doing the right things for us. Since maybe I would say like 20, 20, 20, 21, it is just been one after the other with like politicians and leaders being exposed and all of these like, criminal things that have been going on.

I'm sure it's been going on. Like I, I know, but I'm just saying once I've gotten of age to actually care about what's happening in our country as society, I've just noticed it's just been one or after the other. You gotta go, Mr. Ridiculous. I think, I think the number one thing we gotta get some term limits in.

I mean, I think a lifetime appointment [00:24:00] to the Supreme Court is crazy to me. Just think about the last 20 years and how much social change has occurred in the last just 20 years. Yeah. And someone sits in office who's I'm talking about gay rights, civil rights.

I mean, there is a lot that has changed just in the last 20 years alone. And so we have these conservative people. Thomas has been on there since, what the, uh, late eighties. He's been on the court. I mean, just think about how much has changed in our world since then.

And , he potentially could be on there another 20 years. And he's living in these antiquated times in his head of where the world is and where the world should be. And I mean, it's just, I think we should have term limits, like 10 years, 15. I think it should be longer than most. I'll give you longer than most.

Because, again, there's always this [00:25:00] checks and balances in, in place. But we've gotta get rid of some of these people that have been around for 40 years. People are like 89. How in the hell are they even making reasonable decisions at this point, he probably sells his wits about him, but he doesn't care.

All he's trying to do is get his billionaire friends to pay for everything for him and he just votes however they, want him to. It's kind of ridiculous. Wait, yeah. I mean, at this point we all see that. And I agree with you, Neil. The term limits need to change. I didn't know it was a life appointed thing.

See, I'm learning new things every, I didn't know that. Yeah. So until you got these, yeah. Okay. Yeah, man, it's life appointment. , that's the thing about the Trump appointments, the problem with the Trump appointments that we have is that he appointed all these really, really young people who are still, you know, conservative and they're living in these old times and they're gonna be on the Supreme Court for another 40, 50 years.

Yeah. No, I [00:26:00] agree with the terms that they should be longer terms given the office that they actually are serving. I can see, like you were saying, a decade maybe, and with the possibility of getting another term appointment Yeah. Just because that said, if they are serving the American people, then I don't see any problem with it.

And if you do have terms, it gives you the opportunity to review, move things around a little bit. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Have a set number, , because I know Trump shoehorned a couple of his justices in and it's like, well, yeah you did it for the sheer numbers of it so that you could get that legal traction behind your madness.

Right. It's a system that needs to be revamped. It really needs some attention. Yeah. Serious, serious revamping. I, I'm annoyed with this guy. I can't, I can't. Uncle Uncle, did you call him Uncle Tom? Yeah. Did, I didn't wanna say.[00:27:00] 

But, but you know, there's a different meaning to the actual Uncle Tom if you read the book. But I mean, it became a term, I . But, um, Jackson Robinson says Clarence is a bitter self-loathing, grossly incompetent fool who's been waiting decades to pay back those he believes have offended him.

Ridiculous. Which is right. George Foney, I did approve of his appointment when he was dealing with the sexual misconduct allegations. All right. Is this truth? Lies, lies, shenanigans. This is shenanigans. America is horrible shenanigans. We gotta get guy, . Gianni,

you got a story about an executive getting stabbed. What happened? Yeah, the founder of Cash App, Bob Lee was stabbed in San Francisco near the Bay Bridge. He ended up [00:28:00] dying in the hospital later due to his injuries. Many find this very shocking.

I know I do, and it's brutal. And Bob Lee died over an argument with a man named Nema Moi. Others however, have noticed a slew of deaths from big tech leaders. Like recently this year, two crypto CEOs were actually killed with there being little to no evidence and the killings being within weeks from each other.

And last year, 20 22, 3 crypto leaders were killed. Once again, just weeks from each other. So kind of weird, kind of coincidental, I don't know. But my question to you guys is there's something more sinister behind the scenes of these tech giants deaths. Is this foul play or is this just happenstance?

I'll start it off. So there were three crypto people. It was. Gui, I think is his name, 29. He drowned after tweeting the cia and [00:29:00] Mossad was trying to kill him, and his family says that he was mentally ill. And then there's Colan, who's 30. He was killed in his sleep or he died in his sleep.

But strangely, and then Teran he died in a chopper crash. So I say it was a little weird. Yeah, I don't know. It's a little strange, but different types of deaths, like kind of all did not related. However, it's just, that's why I said, is it happenstance? Like it's just , like circumstantial?

I would say that it's possible. Those three that I just mentioned were targeted. Maybe I give you that. But this one, this Cash app guy, I think this guy, NEMA Mei, was truly mad about something that happened with his sister because He said that they had an argument where they were talking about his sister.

They went to a party the night before or something like that with his sister. I don't know. I think he was really angry. You know, not a lot has come out yet. I think they're trying to keep some things quiet or something. I don't know [00:30:00] why but you know when men might be sensitive, right? It might be.

But you know how men with money and power can act? You know, I wouldn't put past this guy, Bob Lee, that he did something inappropriate with his sister. He got, you know, how men can act? So if you give them money and influence Yeah. Then you know how much worse they can act. Yeah. I mean, cuz right? Because, , the sister is actually married, right?

So maybe it could be as simple as an affair. . I mean, but that was an intense reaction to stab him to death and leave him to bleed. He stabbed him three times with a big knife and left him to bleed out. I mean, maybe sounds like maybe he raped his sister or something.

You know, it could be something like that. There's not a whole lot of details right now. I don't want to speculate too much, but mm-hmm. I just think it could be something bigger than what we think. I don't know that, I don't know that it was, like you said, like you said, if she's married, it could be a thing of family, honor, honor, because that's very imp [00:31:00] important in some cultural makeups.

But John, I don't know if you're, I don't know that it's necessarily that insidious or a plot because cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular and a lot of the early investors made significant gains . Yep. So unfortunately, this has made them attractive targets for criminals looking to profit from ransom or theft.

There have been, like, as you mentioned, there have been a lot of cases of cryptocurrency holders being kidnapped, subjected to violence, tortured in order to gain access to their digital wallets. Mm-hmm. Now, these incidents typically involve wealthy individuals crypto kings.

Right. So, experts have suggested that the rise in these crimes is due to the lack of regulation and oversight in the cryptocurrency industry. It makes it easier for criminals to exploit weaknesses in the system. Also it's the anonymous nature of many cryptocurrencies that can make it really difficult for law enforcement to track down perpetrators mm-hmm. And recover any stolen funds. Mm-hmm. It's really important to know, [00:32:00] however, that these incidents are still relatively rare and shouldn't discourage people from investing in cryptocurrency. But you know, as with any investment, it's important to take appropriate precautions to protect yourself and, and your assets.

So you're saying they need bodyguards, um, storing digital wallets in secure locations using strong passwords, but to protect yourself physically. I mean, don't advertise that you are rich. Don't want it. That's fair. I mean, I, I guess, I don't know. I would definitely buy a nicer house. I if I was a banger from some crypto.

I mean, you mentioned these digital wallets. I had, I think I have some Bitcoin somewhere because I lost track of a digital wallet that I had years ago. Yep. I lost track of it and I think I have some money. It could be a lot, it could be a little, cause I was mining Bitcoin for a while. When it was early, and if you were doing it early, I, I was, if you were doing it early, it could be a USB key and a landfill worth two and a half million [00:33:00] dollars or, and growing, and it'll never be collected.

I think the digital wallet's on a hard drive on a computer that's dead. So that's my problem. So anyway, but yeah, no, but you're right about this crypto thing. It makes them targets and so yeah, , you know, and there's a lot of cryptocurrencies out there now.

But my thing is, I don't know guys. I think that it is easy to brush stuff like this off because there's so much evidence and facts that is out there already.

But they're never going to put something maybe more sinister like I mentioned earlier, something that, that could be the real potential reason. They're not gonna make it obvious because maybe there's a hit for a reason. Like I know I'm the conspiracy head of the team, but I think it's So you're saying that the paper people, the paper banks are in this, they're shutting down Crypto Kings Cooper to go after.

I said I'm [00:34:00] not really sure who's behind the madness, but I do think that it's interesting that these tech giants are dying. And I wonder if there are people that are actually investigating this. This coop of people that died.

Not even just the Bob Lee guy but like I said, the crypto giants, how they happen to die mysteriously. If you guys look at TikTok, they're little, they have people making up not theories, but essentially yeah, their theories. Okay. Their theories on what? Actually these guys, they're hypotheses.

Hypotheses. I'm pretty sure this guy made a lot of money, did something dumb. Probably other guys, did some dumb stuff and they got a lot of money and just did stupid stuff. Yeah I, again, I wouldn't be surprised it comes out that the wife was raped or something like that and that's why he went crazy.

But like I said, if it's even just a matter of honor, Neil Yeah. If she dishonored the family, married, if he dishonored the family mm-hmm. Then, you know, But you're killing, you're killing a [00:35:00] leader in the industry that everybody knows, like, unless you're willing to suicide, take your life for your sister in honor.

That's, I don't care if you angry enough for some people, John, for some people, they don't care. It is a matter of honor, and that is what's most important. Shoot, people are selfish. I'm not, people don't care. I'm not saying I agree with it. All right, so comment. What is wrong? The comments online. Jacqueline Robinson. I think this death was circumstantial. Before the facts were known, the political class Hughes this as an opportunity to blame crime policies in liberal cities like San F. Mike Winter says, please don't give me something else to give you grief about a neo.

He's talking about me losing some cryptocurrency. I'm mad about it too, man. I have, I really tried to bring back to life every one of my dead computers trying to find that digital wallet. No way. It's gotta be. I'm, if I were to guesstimate, it's gotta be probably 10 tens of thousands, maybe

oh. It's not like a huge amount, but it's, I didn't mind a lot, [00:36:00] but it was early enough or I think it's a good number if it's early enough. Yeah. Is that a good number? Yeah. Anyway. All right. Is this truth? Truth. Shen shenanigans? Gianni's gonna be talking about some shenanigans, but I'm going with some truth.

I think it's the truth on this one. Oh, now you switching it up. Gianni switching it up to some truth. I think it's true that these people died, but I think it's shenanigans. A story behind it. You think there's some shenanigan winner. Alright. A win. All right, let's get into our last topic. Choose Shenanigans.

Shenanigans. All right, this should be a quick one. Let's talk about this. Past week, Matthew McConaughey mentioned on Kelly Rippers podcast that it's possible his good friend Woody Harrelson, could be his half-brother Woody Harrelson's Father Charles Harrelson was a convicted hit man , with very violent tendencies towards Woody and his brothers.

But apparently McConaughey ha, [00:37:00] why can't I say this Dude's name McConaughey. Indicated that his mom said she knew Charles unquote, knew Charles well enough that both boys think that they had an affair. So Matthew and Woody have discussed possibly doing a DNA test, but Matthew is a little wary and feels he's got a lot to lose because he's concerned about finding out the man he's known all his life as his father may not be.

Mm-hmm. I guess ignorance is bliss, right? So, considering there's a decent possibility, McConaughey and Harrelson are brothers, I'm curious how you guys would react if you found out your best friend was also your half-brother or sister. Aw, I would be excited. You'd be excited? Yeah. I would be excited. I mean, initially shocked obviously.

I would be very happy. I don't care who dad, mom is, like my best friend is my sister. That's amazing. Like, I'm happy. [00:38:00] I think 

 I would grow closer to my best friend, if that's possible. But yeah, I would like it. I would definitely have questions for my parents, but I don't care. Right. So you'd have questions.

I'm the same way. Be like, be no more bra hugs, more bro hugs. He's stupid. I'm like, I would maybe, you know, like McConaughey you have some apprehensions because the person you considered your biological father. But at the end of the day, I mean that, that's just biology. The person who was his father, was his father.

I mean, it. Just change. The biological makeup later on in life. I'd like to think that at his age he's emotionally stable enough to handle that kind of mm-hmm. Stuff. If not, I'm sure that his friend, half-brother Woody could help him relax. There are two guys that I know are like to chill, pretty laid back.

But, , I'm with Johnny. I would be shocked. I would be excited and it's kind of like, okay, so my besties like my [00:39:00] half-brother. , we're solidifying this bond with actual blood. Cause it is pretty great because generally speaking, your best friend is, you know, a brother or a sister that you choose brother from another mother's, from another mister, right?

Mm-hmm. Exactly. So it would just be pretty awesome. Yeah. Okay, so you'd be a little upset with your parents, but you'd be all cool with it. do what They do, So, I mean, if you look at the picture, they do resemble each other very much actually. I mean, like, they could be, they could be brothers, half-brothers with different mothers.

So anyway, my best friends are already my brothers, to be honest with you. , you know, I love my biological brother to death, but, my connection to my friends is so strong. Shoot, I wouldn't be surprised if we did share some DNA or something, but the truth is just being family doesn't make a relationship.

I always hear stuff like, you know, blood is thicker than water and family's the most important. I'm like, blood doesn't matter. You know? Every relationship needs to [00:40:00] stand on its own. It's like, you know? Yeah. Now we may tend to have like stronger relationships with family because in most cases we've spent years with them nurturing relationships and things like that.

And if it's positive, it's great. You know what, if you've had a bad relationship, I mean, it's okay to just not be friends with that person. If one of my brothers were my half-brother, I don't even care about the affair or anything like that.

I'm like, that's cool. Let's do it. We're already brothers anyway, so it doesn't even matter. The DNA doesn't even matter to me in general. What if it was somebody that wasn't your best friend? Like what if it was just somebody you actually didn't like That would be, now that's a good question. Yeah. That was somebody, you, you, your biggest interview, you just turned the dial down.

It's just like, I was writing this high. That'd be so cool. And it's like, oh God, if it was the turtle dirt bag. Yeah. Which, yeah. Wow. That would be rough. Be interested. , have some family members that I don't even talk to cuz I'm like, you know, I don't even deal with though because [00:41:00] they crazy.

So same. Yeah, , got crazy outta my life a long time ago. So. Alright. Some questions, I mean, some comments online. Mike Wener already been there. Done that. Matthew's book leads me to believe that he's fairly stable emotionally. Yeah. You would think he'd be okay with it, right?

. He says, please don't . All Murray Povi talking about they look alike.

I hope of retirement to do this. Come on, Murray, do this one last test for us. Alright? And Jacqueline Brown says, even the half sibling was conceived in a shady manner, that's not the person's fault. Totally agree with that. All right? Agree. Is this truth lies, shenanigans. Shenanigans? This is some, I want it to be true.

I want it to be true. I think it is. I want it to be, I think it is. I mean, his father is [00:42:00] kind of like a infamous butcher. Yeah. His, his father's crazy. Yeah. Shady character. He, the ladies like a bad boy, just saying, all right, let's get into our gang.

 All right, so today's game, tell me without telling me, all right, Johnny, we didn't explain this , pre-show, so you gotta listen carefully the way it's gonna work. We'll spin the wheel, you'll get a letter.

You have to think of a person, place, or thing, starting with that letter, and then without saying the word you tell us. What it is without telling us. So for example, if you get the letter P, you might choose pizza, and you might say, I'm round and I have a pepperoni, and I have anchovies on me.

All right. And you have 10 seconds to get one of the other two [00:43:00] panelists to guess. Cool. All right. The person who's giving the clues and the person who guesses the clue. Just get a point a. So the person doesn't guess, does not get a point person with the most points. Okay. Gets the final thought for the show.

If there is a correct answer, there are two points to be attributed. . Ready, Robbie, let's, let's go up zeros. Let's do this. All right. Letter M. Robbie, she brought you in the, into this world. She can take you out. Mother.

Mother. There we go. You're supposed to say, I am what you are. Tell me what you are without telling me. All right. But that's two points for don't speak to him mother. Like that. All right. You describe yourself as that person, place your thing. Yes. All you ready, Gianni? Okay. You're up next.

Yes. I, all right.[00:44:00] 

The letter N. Think of a person, place or thing. And then tell me about telling me I am uh, driver. I'm the, I'm off and on tv. I race people. I nascar. Yes. Oh,

all right. That's good. So I'm an lead. Two points for me. All right. That's right. That's two for you. Two for you, one for each, for you. All right. You ready? Let's go. Oh. All right. Let's knee get. Ooh. Um, all right. Here we go. I'm a place with bars. Yes, correct. Jail. What? Jail. That was quick. Rosie.

Like, all right. I still place bars. Jamaica. [00:45:00] Jamaica. I've been there. I know they have them. Actually, that's, that would've been a good answer. All right. B, you're up next. All right, you're up next. You ready? Go. Let's do this. Letter H. All right,

one second. Okay, go. All right. Um. If you're bad, you won't go to heaven. You come here. Hell, hell, hell, hell yes. Yes. Down. You slow today. You still dehydrated? Is that what it is? Down? You still look dehydrated.

I haven't seen, I haven't seen her take a sip yet. I, I've been nursing Me too. Right? I'm like, thank you guys. I haven't, and this time I don't have a drink. Well, both of you do. This is so embarrassing. I always have a drink. It's four points for me. All right. [00:46:00] Alright, Gianni, if Robbie needs to get this, I actually, yeah.

Robbie needs to get this. Yeah, I do. I do. I've only got three. You all right? Gianni, tell me who you are without telling me. W Go ahead. Go. I am a, Ooh, I almost said it. I am a superhero. I have Wonder Woman. I'm a. Yeah. Oh, RA, I'm giving it to you, Rabi. Good job. Good job. All right. That's two S. Two s. All right.

So I have four points. You have three or four? Ra? You have four. So we're tight. Now we're tied. Oh. So we, we could tie here. So, all right, Johnny, I'm gonna need you to guess this. Johnny, you ready? I need so I can win. Ready? All right, here we go.


Cute. I am the head of a country. I queen. That is correct. Red. That [00:47:00] is correct. Robin. Many, many keyword words are there. He's, he's, I didn't even hear Robby queen. Wow. I my next thing was gonna be I'm a band. Yep. All right. Today, All right, Gianni, you are officially out, but you can still play along \ . All right. Johnny, you ready? Yeah. Johnny, let's go.

Hi, Johnny. Letter f okay. I am always there when you need me, friend. I friend can, no, uh, I can be or small. I can be from different, I can be from different countries. I can be extended food or. No, no. Or close. I family can. Oh, close.[00:48:00] 

Good job, baby, that that wasn't even on my radar. I wasn't even getting close to that. I wasn't even, yeah.

All right. Shout out. Let's start with Gianni. Um, shout out to you guys for your kind words. Thank you. While I was feeling bad, it made me feel good, so I appreciate that. Mm-hmm. And thank you guys. It's always good to check on people and to just keep tabs and make sure people are doing well. So continue to do that.

I love you guys. All right, love you too. Gm. Wow. A. Shout out to my mom whose birthday we celebrated last week. So love you mom. And a big shout out to the Bruins. Let's go. Beach it. Dude, you're just hating. Cut the cats. I'm a hater throat. I'm a hater. The Bruins. Alright. Right now they're now officially the best team in n Hhl history.

[00:49:00] They've clinched the best record overall. Oh yeah. It's just, it's 65 wins in an 82 game season. Quickest team ever. 200 points in just 61 games, 135 points for the season. Experts are predicting that it's gonna be the brooms and the Oilers and Cup final, but that remains to be seen. Playoffs start tonight at seven 30, so we gotta wrap this up.

Well, congratulations to the Bruins. You're Bruins by the way. Jack and Ram says great clues, Gianni. Yeah. All right. Thank you. All right. My shout out goes to my niece, Simone. I'm feeling real bad. She's been learning how to drive and she's been struggling to pass her driving test. And last week she was out there driving and somebody hit her.

Everyone's okay, but, but now she, but now she doesn't wanna drive anymore, so I feel so bad for her. You know, it reminded me of like teaching my sister how to drive and we ha we ended up [00:50:00] having an accident and it was partially my fault because she was about to hit somebody in front of her and I grabbed the wheel and went into somebody else's lane and we had an accident.

And I think I'm traumatized my sister. So I don't know. I feel real bad for her. I hope she, hope she kind of gets over it and gets back out there driving. I hope so soon. Yeah. All right, well, Actually, a comment online, George Forer. It won't mean much unless the Bruins win the cup. Yeah, I know it cousin.

Uh, know it. All right. That is officially all the time we have for today's show. I'd like to thank all of you for joining us. I hope you learned something in a new perspective or simply had some laughs with us. We will be back recording our podcast next week, Sunday Live. As usual and in the continuing saga of Mayor Patrick Royal will have his replacement.

Mayor Pro Tem Denise Mitchell on the show to talk about that. Again, 7:00 PM [00:51:00] Eastern Sunday. All right, and don't forget to check out our video clips. Subscribe to us on YouTube using tls, and look for our official audio podcast on Tuesdays. Might be a little delayed because of delayed recording, but we'll try to get it on there for you.

But that's on Apple Podcast, Spotify, anywhere you listen to podcast. And our final thought winner is Robbie Rod. Robbie, close us up. All right. I'm encouraging everyone to engage in activities that bring you joy, like spending time with loved ones, reading a good book, listening to music, watching a favorite movie or TV show, just to boost your mood and improve your overall wellbeing.

Don't forget to prioritize self-care and reach out for support when you need it. Self-care, I love that. Happy are open. Happy jazz appreciation month everybody. Thank you, Robbie Raw Gianni, but most importantly, we need to thank you for listening to our [00:52:00] sheana against each and every week. Have a great week everyone.

We'll see you Sunday.

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