Truth, Lies, Shenanigans
Ep 32: Abortion Rights; Dave Chappelle; Kevin Samuels; Trump Nonsense
Ep 32: Abortion Rights; Dave Chappelle; Kevin Samuels; Trump Nonsense 1:00:53 The After Show: WTF Happened to Spring? 17:33 Ep 31: Elon Musk; Laura Ingraham; Meagan Fox & MGK 1:08:54 The After Show: The Tyson Fight 23:17 Ep 30: Dr. Marjorie Simpson. Plus, Toxic Relationships, Depp v. Heard. 1:04:28 The After Show: Cam, Lyoya, and the OnlyFans Killer. 21:41 Ep 29: Dr. Tayari Kuanda. Plus, Patrick Lyoya, Cam Newton, and Ukraine. 1:03:39 The After Show: Will Smith, 10 Years for "The Slap" 34:02 Ep 28: Tiffany Vick, Marya Kazmi. Plus, Goonew's Dead Body & Stacy Bailey Vindicated. 1:05:12 Ep 27: Marques A. Eason Esq. Plus, Emmett Till Opera, Clarence Thomas' Wife, Kidnap Victim Supports Kidnapper 1:25:15 The After Show: More About Relationships 40:18 Ep 26: Ciara Simonson. Plus, Kanye vs. Pete, Freckled-Face Killer, & Amazon Mining 1:00:10 The After Show: Don't Talk Race 27:32 Ep 25: Mykal-Michelle Harris. Plus, Coogler, Dunkin' Punchin', and Don't Say Gay. 1:07:39 The After Show: Low Gas Prices or Help Ukraine? 25:58 Ep 24: The NY Poop Bandit. Plus, Griner In Jail in Russia, Tucker Carlson, Sherri Papini 1:02:02 The After Show: George Floyd's Killers, Guilty! 35:33 Ep 23: Guest Nick Williams. Plus, Russian Invasion, and Movie Time 1:10:16 The After Show: Freedom Convoy vs. The Insurrection 16:01 Ep 22: Entertainer Chenese Lewis and Recording Artist Brayden Henri. Plus, Age of Consent Laws, & Kim Potter. 1:10:31 The After Show: Is Joe Rogan Racist? 21:23 Ep 21: Tasha Greene Coleman on Redlining in Black Communities. Plus, Dave Chapelle and Trucker Protests. 1:08:53 The After Show: Canada's Anti-vax Convoy 14:45 Ep 20: Black Wealth w/ Attorney Mitchell and Toronto Zookeeper Rebecca Clark. Plus, HBCUs, Canada Truckers, and Giuliani. 1:10:44 The After Show #19: The Nick Cannon 'Family Dynamic' 24:13