Truth, Lies, Shenanigans
Alexa, Do My Homework. Plus, Baldwin and Hydrogen Fuel.
Alexa, Do My Homework. Plus, Baldwin and Hydrogen Fuel. 59:19 Lying, Shooting, and Stealing. 54:13 Should We End Telework? Plus, Canada Hockey and Sexual Assaults. 1:00:52 Holiday Special. Plus, Dirty Santa and Trump NFTs. 1:06:01 Fired By Musk. Plus, Britney Griner and Grant Wahl. 1:04:30 Beyond the World Cup Games. Plus, GMA Affair, Jerry Jones, & RoboCops 1:10:15 Surviving the War in Ukraine. Plus, Qatar, Shanquella Robinson, & Hakeem Jeffries. 1:04:38 The Red "Splash" plus Wakanda Forever (S4E2) 54:20 Mid-Terms, Migos' Takeoff Killed, and Kanye Cancelled (S4E1) 1:02:02 True Spooky Stories w/ Jacob Aaron Estes - Halloween Special 55:20 Ep 43: College Debt Forgiveness, Water for Indigenous Group, and Booty Shorts Mama 1:12:33 Ep 42: Infatuation with Slavery, Sacheen Littlefeather, & an 'Anti-Racism' Racist 1:06:27 Ep 41: Florida Teacher Resigns, Trump Raided, Big Ticket 59:46 Ep 40: Beyoncé Edits and the Judds 1:00:17 Ep 39: Will Smith Apology, Supreme Court on Consent, & No Candy for Halloween 59:14 Ep 38: The Turpin's New Hell, Legal Drug Dens, and Dialing 988! 56:27 Ep 37: White Privilege Card, Dark Side of Horse Racing, & Minor Leaguer's Pay 54:30 Ep 36: Actor Javon Anderson. Plus, Emmett Till, Jane Goodall. 1:10:07 Ep 35: The Supreme Court Sucks! 1:00:49 Ep 34: LGBTQ+ Executive Order, the Abortion Fight, Hijacking Juneteenth, and an Angry Elephant 1:03:59 Ep 33: Relationship Therapist Ciara Simonson. Plus, Uvalde, Jan 6th, and Bees! 1:08:25 Ep 32: Abortion Rights; Dave Chappelle; Kevin Samuels; Trump Nonsense 1:00:53 The After Show: WTF Happened to Spring? 17:33 Ep 31: Elon Musk; Laura Ingraham; Meagan Fox & MGK 1:08:54 The After Show: The Tyson Fight 23:17