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Your Quick Guide to Digital Marketing and Venture Capital

February 08, 2023 Diana Nguyen Season 1 Episode 44
Madison / Savile Inspired Podcast
Your Quick Guide to Digital Marketing and Venture Capital
Show Notes

If you want to learn quick tips and trends around digital marketing including SEO, social media,  email marketing and also learn what you need to know when preparing or are ready for venture capital funding, take a listen to this episode with my guest Laurel Mintz. With a J.D/M.B.A from Rutgers University, Laurel's background has uniquely prepared her to run a successful Digital Marketing and Live Events Agency called Elevate My Brand. For over 12 years, Elevate My Brand has served both startups and blue chip global brands like Facebook, Verizon Digital Media Services, PAW Patrol and Zendesk. Laurel's favorite saying is figure it out, get it done. Let’s not forget, she also has her own VC called Fabric VC. Fabric’s mission is to weave together diverse founders with the funding they need and deserve. Doing great things together by investing in companies doing great things in the world.

What you will learn:

  • What’s big in 2023 for the digital marketing space?
  • How to build authenticity in your brand
  • Tips to increase your visibility on social media
  • What should an emerging brand vs an established brand focus on?
  • What is SEO?
  • How do you know when you are ready to raise Venture Capital (VC)?
  • What you need to know if you are considering raising VC funding
  • and more.....

More on Laurel Mintz:
Laurel sits on the Board of Directors for Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, the Women Founders Network, is a mentor for The Women's Global Leaders Initiative, and advises Los Angeles Venture Association. Her published work can be found in Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, USA Today and The American Marketing Association.

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