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Wish You Were Here: Stories of Love and Mayhem

River Jordan

The latest adventure from authors River Jordan and Mandy Haynes - Because Sometimes You Just Need To Laugh - And this is one of those times. IN the midst of troubled times we invite you to share a few stories with us about this game called searching for Love. Tune in each week as we interview authors, songwriters and surprise guests about their best dates, worst dates, blind dates and the funniest dates of their lives. We'll be checking our mailbag for stories from listeners and giving out the Bogey and Bacall Award each week to some of the cutest couples on campus each week. As movie lovers we'll be offering up one of our favorite Romantic Movies (Yes, Die Hard is Romantic and just ask us why) and dedicating the show each week to a well-deserving person. Please subscribe and Stay tuned - because we're all in this together. *While most shows are completely PG rated - we've checked explicit only to cover the occasional swear word dropped by hosts or a guest.

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