EACCNY Pulse: Transatlantic Business Insights

18. Brexit Musing: A Tax Round-Table with RSM

December 14, 2020 EACCNY Season 1 Episode 18
EACCNY Pulse: Transatlantic Business Insights
18. Brexit Musing: A Tax Round-Table with RSM
Show Notes

In this "Brexit Musing," tax experts from RSM integrate corporate, employment and customs tax specialists from both the US and UK. The discussion will cover the latest position in the UK-EU negotiations ahead of the December 31 deadline and explore some of the potential tax-related implications and thoughts from the panel. Areas of focus will cover views on the potential UK tax landscape for 2021 and which tax areas might be open to changes. This also includes topical issues around group structures, people movement, withholding taxes and bi-lateral tax agreements. This Brexit Musing will be of interest to organisations operating, investing and trading pan US-EU-UK and should give topical food for thought from the team at RSM.

Simon Hart is the Lead International Partner at RSM UK. He’s also a member of our board, our specialist on Brexit, a Harvard Business School ‘Leading Professional services firms’ alumnus, and a keen road cyclist.

Simon’s role involves working with the RSM international network of firms on global initiatives, helping to enhance the support and services we provide to clients who want to expand internationally. He is a Board member of RSM International.

Chris Gore is an Expatriate Tax Director at RSM UK based in London with over 15 years’ experience of advising companies and their employees in respect of international mobility, overseas remote working and international payroll.

Chris has vast experience in assisting clients of all sizes, across a variety of different sectors.  He provides a wide variety of services, including cross border tax and social security advice, tax efficient structuring and planning of assignments, advice in respect short term business visitors, international coordination of advice and compliance services, completion of home and host tax returns, arrival/departure tax consultations, advice in relation to tax equalisation and net pay schemes.

Dan Robertson is Corporate Tax Partner at RSM UK with over 15 years experience of advising clients on their corporate and international tax affairs. He is a UK tax specialist but has gained extensive international tax experience having spent over 10 years in an international tax team prior to joining RSM in April 2015.

During his career he has advised clients in a wide range of industries but over the last five years has focused primarily on businesses in the media and technology sector, most notably managed services business and software companies.

Dan has experience of advising on a wide range of corporate activity including both buy and sell-side due diligence and transaction structuring, group reorganisations and refinancing, and capital market listings.

Mark Strimber, International Tax Principal at RSM US, is an experienced international tax professional advising middle market companies on their cross-border operations. Areas of expertise include tax efficient structuring, M&A, cross-border financing and general international business consulting. Industry focus on private equity, technology and industrial products. Adjunct Assistant Professor teaching international tax. Graduated from Brooklyn Law School.