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My Existing Has Nothing To Do With Them with Dr. Charles Lenell

March 22, 2022 Season 2 Episode 6
Honeybee Connection Podcast by MB
My Existing Has Nothing To Do With Them with Dr. Charles Lenell
Show Notes

NOTE: This episode was originally recorded on November 30th 2021 and will not include tips and insight on communication skills.

DISCLAIMER: Dr. Megan-Brette Hamilton produced this podcast in her own personal capacity. The views expressed are her own and do not necessarily represent the views of any organization with which she is affiliated.

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 6!

In this episode I talk with my friend from my doctoral days, Dr. Charles Lenell, aka Charlie. Charlie has been doing some thinking during this COVID pandemic and they got some great insight to share with me.  In this conversation we discuss what it meant for them to grow up with middle-class culture and money,  the role of money in academia, using bathrooms in public spaces, and use of pronouns in all settings. We learn a lot about how Charlie feels in public spaces as well, fear for their safety and not always wanting to appear ...well, like themselves. While they do their best to understand other people's perspectives, sometimes they just "don't want to deal with other people's hate."

Dr. Charles Lenell

Charlie Lenell is a queer, nonbinary, masculine-presenting individual. They work at UW-Madison as a postdoctoral researcher and at NYU as an adjunct professor in speech-language pathology. Although they were raised on 'default' settings (i.e. white cis-male straight christian midwesterner), only white remains part of their current identity. Currently, they spend much of their free time unlearning the overculture of their upbringing and exploring their new interests. 

Charles Lenell, PhD, CCC-SLP


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