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In Many Ways I'm the Default American Male with David DeThorne

April 05, 2022 Megan-Brette Hamilton, PhD, CCC-SLP Season 2 Episode 7
Honeybee Connection Podcast by MB
In Many Ways I'm the Default American Male with David DeThorne
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NOTE: This episode was originally recorded on January 31st 2022 and will not include tips and insight on communication skills.

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Welcome to HBC Season 2, Episode 7!

In this episode I get to talk with David DeThorne. I met Dave, as he is known by his friends, via my former PhD advisor/current friend and collaborator, Dr. Laura DeThorne. Dave acknowledges that many of his identities align with the default American male; he is White, identifies as heterosexual, and is a cisgender male. With those identities, and a few more like recovering Catholic, in many ways society has been set-up for Dave's success. However, that's not all of who he is. He's also a dad, who identifies as a primary care-taker, a male partner who makes less money than his wife, and a patriot who has respect for Colin Kaepernick's actions.  Dave also identifies as an intellectual and as you will hear, we end up talking about many fascinating topics. Take a listen to hear Dave's take on how he navigates through the world as a male with many default settings.

David DeThorne

David DeThorne is a White, heterosexual, (kind of) Christian, mostly-able-bodied, American male—so he’s been playing this American life mostly on the default settings. He’s been a great student and a failing student, a soldier, a prosecutor and a public defender, a practicing Catholic and a recovering Catholic, a patriot and a critic, a dad who is pretty sure he is barely passing at being an adult, and an intellectual who only sometimes thinks clearly. Law school taught him that he has a thing for the underdog, and that the rules favor whoever wrote the rules. He’s an Army brat who credits living in someone else’s country for three years in grade school for giving him the gift of curiosity about other perspectives, and for that reason, possibly the best thing ever to happen to him (other than finding his wonderful wife and having the two most amazing sons EVER). He continues to struggle with the toughest question a professor ever asked him at law school graduation: “Now that you have this power that very few people ever have, what are you going to do with it?” He is super-excited (and nervous) about his first podcast with Doctor Hamilton.

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