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Sometimes None of it Feels Privileged with Parker Hamilton

May 10, 2022 Megan-Brette Hamilton, PhD, CCC-SLP Season 2 Episode 8
Honeybee Connection Podcast by MB
Sometimes None of it Feels Privileged with Parker Hamilton
Show Notes

NOTE: This episode was originally recorded on December 28th 2021 and will not include tips and insight on communication skills.

DISCLAIMER: Dr. Megan-Brette Hamilton produced this podcast in her own personal capacity. The views expressed are her own and do not necessarily represent the views of any organization with which she is affiliated.

Welcome to HBC podcast by MB episode 8!

In this episode, I got a chance to record a conversation with my mother, Parker Hamilton, and YOU get a chance to sit down and listen to the kinds of talks that a mother and daughter with the kind of relationship we have, have.  We don't always agree on our perspectives, but that's where the respect and learning come in. While my mom didn't completely agree with my concept of privilege and/or default identities, we were able to have a discussion about the privilege of beauty, the default of partnership, and what it means to communicate competently with one another.

Bio: Parker Hamilton

Born and raised in Red Top, South Carolina during Jim Crow laws, Parker Hamilton began her working life as a domestic worker and ended it by leading a library system that served a diverse community of almost one million residents in Montgomery County, Maryland. Hamilton attended Morgan State and South Carolina State and holds a Master’s degree in library science from the University of Illinois. She has worked in school, business and public libraries, but spent most of her career working in Montgomery County Government, Maryland. In addition to working in the library system she served five years as an Assistant Chief Administrative for the County. Prior to retiring in 2017 she served as Director of Public Libraries for 12 years.

Parker is the mother of three and grandmother to three.  She resides in Opelika, Alabama.

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The Science of Beauty

How to Live Alone


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