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Candy Tawlk #5

March 17, 2022 Colleen Devaney Season 2 Episode 28
Candy Tawlk #5
Air Candy
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Air Candy
Candy Tawlk #5
Mar 17, 2022 Season 2 Episode 28
Colleen Devaney

Wut up! It's time for another Candy Tawlk! We break down our favorite picks of the week for you to enjoy during your commute, while you're getting your steps in, or just whenever! This week, we're giving you some awesome obscure facts, telling you what's on our tube, and dropping some dope music suggestions. Additionally, we are bringing you yet another installment of Confession Corner. This one is a doozey! It gets intense and sparks an interesting conversation about Colleen's brush with sex work. You won't want to miss this!

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Links & channels we discussed:
Doctor Mike - YouTube
Doctor Reacts to The Worst TikTok Medical Advice
Dark Side of the 90s (Trailer)
How 90s Trash TV Became Deadly | Dark Side of the 90s
Bad Brains - Bad Brains (1982) Full Album
HR of Bad Brains Homepage (
What happened to HR from Bad Brains?
Fugazi - 13 Songs (Full Album)
Minor Threat - Complete Discography Full Album (1989)
Space Kadet - Topic - YouTube
Oumuamua (feat. Jeffree Lerner) - Space Kadet

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__created by Colleen Devaney & Seth Spears
__edited & produced by Colleen Devaney
__independently produced in Maryland by Good Job, Weener Productions

Key Words: fun facts, cricket barometer, lobster piss, YouTube, Dr Mike, Hulu, Vice, Dark Side of the 90's, talk shows, beanie babies, Viper Room, East Coast vs West Coast, music, Spotify, old school, punk rock, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, HR official, DC, Operation Ivy, electro funk, Space Kadet, Atlanta Georgia, Maryland, Highe

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Wut up! It's time for another Candy Tawlk! We break down our favorite picks of the week for you to enjoy during your commute, while you're getting your steps in, or just whenever! This week, we're giving you some awesome obscure facts, telling you what's on our tube, and dropping some dope music suggestions. Additionally, we are bringing you yet another installment of Confession Corner. This one is a doozey! It gets intense and sparks an interesting conversation about Colleen's brush with sex work. You won't want to miss this!

Please rate, review, & subscribe to Air Candy wherever you get your podcasts!
Please consider donating on to help us keep the lights on!
We really appreciate all the love we've received so far!
Links & channels we discussed:
Doctor Mike - YouTube
Doctor Reacts to The Worst TikTok Medical Advice
Dark Side of the 90s (Trailer)
How 90s Trash TV Became Deadly | Dark Side of the 90s
Bad Brains - Bad Brains (1982) Full Album
HR of Bad Brains Homepage (
What happened to HR from Bad Brains?
Fugazi - 13 Songs (Full Album)
Minor Threat - Complete Discography Full Album (1989)
Space Kadet - Topic - YouTube
Oumuamua (feat. Jeffree Lerner) - Space Kadet

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__created by Colleen Devaney & Seth Spears
__edited & produced by Colleen Devaney
__independently produced in Maryland by Good Job, Weener Productions

Key Words: fun facts, cricket barometer, lobster piss, YouTube, Dr Mike, Hulu, Vice, Dark Side of the 90's, talk shows, beanie babies, Viper Room, East Coast vs West Coast, music, Spotify, old school, punk rock, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, HR official, DC, Operation Ivy, electro funk, Space Kadet, Atlanta Georgia, Maryland, Highe

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00:00:07 Speaker 1 

I get this feeling like. 

00:00:08 Speaker 1 

OK, here it is. 

00:00:09 Speaker 1 

It's coming, it's happening. 

00:00:11 Speaker 2 

I'm getting drunk. 

00:00:14 Speaker 2 

It's happening. 

00:00:17 Speaker 1 

Let's do the damn thing. 

00:00:18 Speaker 1 

Boo Boo. 

00:00:19 Speaker 4 

All right, hello friends and welcome to. 

00:00:21 Speaker 4 

Earcandy podcast Candy Talk where we breakdown our. 

00:00:24 Speaker 4 

Favorite picks of the week. 

00:00:25 Speaker 4 

I'm your humble host Colleen, and with me as always, is. 

00:00:28 Speaker 4 

My co-host, Seth. 

00:00:29 Speaker 4 

We've got some fantastic picks this week. 

00:00:32 Speaker 4 

So on that note, let's talk. 


Whatever what it do. 

00:00:38 Speaker 1 

I'm cold as **** over here, just saying. 

00:00:42 Speaker 1 

Yeah, it's too cold it. 

00:00:43 Speaker 1 

How much is it today? 

00:00:45 Speaker 1 

How much is it? 

00:00:45 Speaker 1 

How cold? 

00:00:46 Speaker 1 

Is it how? 


Much is this. 


I just did. 

00:00:50 Speaker 4 

It's I think. 

00:00:51 Speaker 1 

Like they're charging us for cold weather. 

00:00:52 Speaker 4 

I know, I mean kinda. 

00:00:54 Speaker 4 

Truly, that that Bill goes up and Oh yeah. 

00:00:55 Speaker 1 

Oh, it's costing us alright. 

00:00:57 Speaker 1 

Yeah, shoot, I don't want to. 

00:00:59 Speaker 1 

I should just ask Odessa what? 

00:01:01 Speaker 1 

It is, oh. 

00:01:02 Speaker 1 

Yeah, I got asked with Dessa like I I can't say her real name because she'll respond. 

00:01:07 Speaker 1 

Then interjecting our conversation, but 

00:01:09 Speaker 4 

I can't say her real name either because she's in this house that I'm in right now as well, so we can't say the A a word. 

00:01:13 Speaker 1 

Oh really, yeah, I can't say the a word so. 

00:01:16 Speaker 4 

Start talking back. 

00:01:18 Speaker 4 

I I actually got in the shower here last night and I heard her speaking and it scared the bejesus out of me. 

00:01:26 Speaker 1 

Oh my God. 

00:01:27 Speaker 4 

'cause this is a big empty house and all of a sudden I hear like a woman voice and I freaked out for a. 

00:01:29 Speaker 5 

Right, right? 

00:01:32 Speaker 4 

Second, I was. 

00:01:33 Speaker 4 

Like OK, it was. 

00:01:34 Speaker 4 

You know who the robot speaking? 

00:01:36 Speaker 1 

Yeah, listening listening, are you naked, Colleen? 

00:01:42 Speaker 4 

Like, Oh yes, I'm very vulnerable right now. 

00:01:44 Speaker 4 

Trying to get in the shower. 

00:01:48 Speaker 1 

Well, just a reminder, since you're naked, last time you ordered soap. 

00:01:53 Speaker 4 


00:01:53 Speaker 2 

Would you like to place an order? 

00:01:57 Speaker 1 

No Odessa mind your business. 

00:02:02 Speaker 1 

So anyway, so let's get into this. 

00:02:05 Speaker 1 

This candy talk I'm ready. 

00:02:09 Speaker 3 

Let's talk. 

00:02:11 Speaker 1 

All right, let's go for our first pick. 

00:02:13 Speaker 4 

Let's get into it. 

00:02:14 Speaker 1 

Let's do it. 

00:02:17 Speaker 1 

Hashtag fun fact. 

00:02:19 Speaker 1 

Alright, this one I got right here is kind of ridiculous, so here goes. This one add 37 to the number of CHIRPS a cricket makes in 15 seconds and you've got the approximate outside temp what? 

00:02:35 Speaker 1 

Yeah, so I'm going to guess not the cricket that's in your basement that's making sounds. 

00:02:39 Speaker 1 

I think it's if you're outside. 

00:02:42 Speaker 1 

Let's I can't say in the woods years outside and there's crickets out there. You add 37 to a number of chirps a cricket makes in 15 seconds and you've got the approximate outside temp. 

00:02:52 Speaker 1 

I don't know where the science is with this craziness, but maybe because they chirp more the hotter it is, less when it's cold, so you can only use this during the warmer months. 

00:03:03 Speaker 1 

In whatever part of the world you're in, because if you're in Siberia, listen to this podcast. 

00:03:07 Speaker 1 

Thank you two. 

00:03:08 Speaker 1 

You don't have crickets out there. 

00:03:09 Speaker 4 

Yeah, there's no crickets. 

00:03:13 Speaker 4 

That's a very interesting fun fact. 

00:03:15 Speaker 4 

I like that. 

00:03:15 Speaker 1 

Yeah it is, it is. 

00:03:16 Speaker 1 

What do you got? 

00:03:17 Speaker 4 

Now I want to definitely try that when the weather warms up. 

00:03:20 Speaker 4 

So please remind me. 

00:03:22 Speaker 1 

I will spread seek since I'm out there in the woods, backpacking and stuff and be. 

00:03:25 Speaker 1 

Like OK, it's 

00:03:26 Speaker 1 

Probably, let's say it's 80 degrees. 

00:03:28 Speaker 1 

Let's find a cricket or listen for cricket coach. 

00:03:30 Speaker 5 

Jab jab jab chapter. 

00:03:31 Speaker 6 

Let's see, I have $0.30. 

00:03:33 Speaker 4 

I have a little science experiment. 

00:03:33 Speaker 1 

Outflow, so yeah. 

00:03:34 Speaker 1 

If it works, it's going to be a bug out for me. 

00:03:37 Speaker 1 

I'm gonna be like what? 

00:03:38 Speaker 1 

Is this sorcery? 

00:03:40 Speaker 4 

You're gonna be. 

00:03:40 Speaker 6 

Like whoa. 

00:03:42 Speaker 1 

I know we have cricket barometers out here like. 

00:03:46 Speaker 4 

Yes, please do that. 

00:03:47 Speaker 4 

Let me know. 

00:03:47 Speaker 4 

How that goes? 

00:03:47 Speaker 4 

What do you got? 

00:03:48 Speaker 1 

What kind of fun fact you got? 

00:03:49 Speaker 4 

I have an interesting fun fact about lobsters, something I had no idea about. 

00:03:54 Speaker 1 

OK, an animal's eyes. 

00:03:55 Speaker 4 

Maybe you know this, maybe you don't. 

00:03:57 Speaker 4 

Yeah, I'm so probably both picked, you know, random animal things. 

00:04:01 Speaker 4 

My little crustacean in fact male lobsters. 

00:04:03 Speaker 1 

I'm listening. 

00:04:05 Speaker 4 

Have bladders inside their heads and when they fight they squirt each other in the face with urine. 

00:04:15 Speaker 1 

Wait a minute fact. 

00:04:19 Speaker 1 

That is a. 

00:04:19 Speaker 4 

Fact fact, lobsters pee out of their face is fact. 

00:04:23 Speaker 1 

Oh my God, where do I start with this one? 

00:04:26 Speaker 1 

I'm not. 

00:04:26 Speaker 1 

You know I'm not going to get crazy with it because I don't understand lobsters first. 

00:04:30 Speaker 1 

First of all, they look like disgusting creatures, but they're actually very interesting. 

00:04:34 Speaker 1 

But let's talk about the **** out the brain so. 

00:04:36 Speaker 1 

They say they're fighting in there still. 

00:04:37 Speaker 4 

It's out there and they pee out of their faces so. 

00:04:39 Speaker 1 

They have pee holes. 

00:04:40 Speaker 4 

The article I'm reading says it's a urine release nozzle right underneath of their eyes and they urinate in each other's faces as a way of communicating either when fighting or mate. 

00:04:46 Speaker 1 

The penis 

00:04:52 Speaker 4 

That's what they do. 

00:04:53 Speaker 1 

Man OK. 

00:04:54 Speaker 4 

They just pee right out. 

00:04:55 Speaker 4 

The faces. 

00:04:57 Speaker 1 

I mean, look, humans do that too. 

00:04:59 Speaker 1 

So if you pee in someone face, that means that they love you. 

00:05:03 Speaker 4 

That yeah, it takes a lot. 

00:05:04 Speaker 1 

That it's a sign of love if you, if you like to watch that kind of stuff on you know ******* 

00:05:07 Speaker 1 

But I'm just saying. 

00:05:08 Speaker 1 

But I digress. 

00:05:09 Speaker 1 

Anyway, so fun fact I like that. 

00:05:12 Speaker 4 

Fun fact, yeah. 

00:05:13 Speaker 1 

So we got the animal facts out. 

00:05:15 Speaker 1 

There that. 

00:05:16 Speaker 1 

Alright, let's do our next one. 

00:05:17 Speaker 1 

I like the next one I like. 

00:05:18 Speaker 1 

Our next picks next pick. 

00:05:22 Speaker 3 

**** tube 

00:05:29 Speaker 1 

All right, so this one is my favorite. 

00:05:31 Speaker 1 

I like watching this or watching. 

00:05:33 Speaker 1 

I like watching this, but I like doing this segment. 

00:05:36 Speaker 1 

That's what I really meant to say so. 

00:05:38 Speaker 1 

What I'm watching right now on YouTube when we all know that Seth watches YouTube pretty much every day for probably about 3 hours a day, which is kind of sad because I don't have a life. 

00:05:50 Speaker 1 

Anyway, so the one I've been watching recently is called Doctor Mike and it's simple. 

00:05:57 Speaker 1 

You can go to YouTube and just look up Doctor Mike, so it's this young doctor. 

00:06:01 Speaker 1 

He's a general doctor. 

00:06:03 Speaker 1 

He's not an MD. 

00:06:04 Speaker 1 

What's the one underneath of MD? 

00:06:06 Speaker 1 

I forgot the name of it, but it's another yeah. 

00:06:06 Speaker 4 

Nurse practitioner. 

00:06:09 Speaker 1 

It's another one. 

00:06:11 Speaker 1 

I forgot the name, but it'll come up probably towards the end of this podcast, but anyway. 

00:06:14 Speaker 1 

So you know 'cause. 

00:06:15 Speaker 4 

It'll come out like Tourette's, you'll be like. 

00:06:19 Speaker 1 

Exactly now, this guy is really cool. 

00:06:21 Speaker 1 

He enters a lot of questions through Twitter that people send to him, but he has a really good attitude and he's really cool and some of the stuff. 

00:06:29 Speaker 1 

He's just like what is that he's just so for real like down to Earth because he's probably younger than us. 

00:06:35 Speaker 1 

I would say maybe by five or six years, but he's super cool and he's from New Jersey to he's so he's from the. 

00:06:37 Speaker 4 


00:06:39 Speaker 1 

East Coast 

00:06:40 Speaker 1 

And he has his little things that he says. 

00:06:43 Speaker 1 

He goes OOM when he goes. 

00:06:44 Speaker 1 

He switches from one thing to the next. 

00:06:46 Speaker 1 

He goes. 

00:06:46 Speaker 1 

OOM and it does. 

00:06:48 Speaker 1 

Came out of nowhere so he's really cool. 

00:06:50 Speaker 1 

Really fun to listen to. 

00:06:52 Speaker 1 

His channel is really blowing up right now so I stumbled on it. 

00:06:55 Speaker 1 

If you want to hear some answers to some basic questions that anybody would really ask from an actual doctor, watch Doctor Mike and the guy is very fun and entertaining. 

00:07:04 Speaker 1 

And for the ladies, he's actually. 

00:07:06 Speaker 6 

Super cute too. 

00:07:06 Speaker 4 

Ooh, easy on the eyes, huh? 

00:07:08 Speaker 1 

He's very easy on the eyes to. 

00:07:10 Speaker 1 

Check it out, that's my pick. 

00:07:11 Speaker 6 

I will. 

00:07:12 Speaker 1 

What's your pick Boo Boo? 

00:07:13 Speaker 4 

So this week I have been watching some stuff on Hulu and I believe this show actually originally aired on VICE, but it's called the dark side of the 90s. 

00:07:23 Speaker 4 

Have you heard of this? 

00:07:24 Speaker 1 

No oh I'm gonna I'm gonna check that out tonight. 

00:07:27 Speaker 4 

If you have Hulu, so yes, you should. 

00:07:29 Speaker 4 

So dark side of the 90s and there's about 10 episodes I believe. 

00:07:34 Speaker 4 

It's awesome, I enjoy it. 

00:07:36 Speaker 4 

It's all obviously 90s based and every episode tackles a different area, right? 

00:07:42 Speaker 4 

So there's like a trash TV episode. 

00:07:44 Speaker 4 

There's a. 

00:07:45 Speaker 1 


00:07:46 Speaker 4 

The episode about the crazy **** with the Beanie Babies from the 90s. 

00:07:50 Speaker 4 

There's a Viper room episode. 

00:07:52 Speaker 1 

Oh, so it's more like tongue in cheek. 

00:07:53 Speaker 4 

It goes. 

00:07:55 Speaker 1 

It's it's like more cheeky, but not actually like talking about like. 

00:07:56 Speaker 4 

No, it's serious. 

00:07:59 Speaker 4 

No, it's serious. 

00:08:00 Speaker 1 

It's about Beanie Babies and stuff. 

00:08:01 Speaker 1 

How is that even serious? 

00:08:02 Speaker 4 

Because there's a whole dark. 

00:08:04 Speaker 4 

Underbelly of the whole Beanie baby thing like people. 

00:08:06 Speaker 4 

Were getting murdered. 

00:08:08 Speaker 4 

Oh yeah, that's why I'm saying like. 

00:08:09 Speaker 1 

This show oh OK, I gotta watch this. 


Yeah, yeah. 

00:08:12 Speaker 1 

Oh man, I'm pretty sure I have Hulu. 

00:08:13 Speaker 4 

There's like an episode about all like. 

00:08:14 Speaker 4 

The the grunge stuff and then obviously. 

00:08:16 Speaker 4 

The whole East Coast versus West Coast stuff. 

00:08:19 Speaker 4 

From the 90s. 

00:08:19 Speaker 4 

I mean all the episodes in here, yeah, and even and even the trash TV episode they talk about the the guy who was basically ambushed. 

00:08:20 Speaker 1 

Yeah, PAC and Biggie and all that. 

00:08:22 Speaker 1 


00:08:22 Speaker 1 

Oh, that sounds really interesting. 

00:08:30 Speaker 4 

On the Jenny Jones show. 

00:08:31 Speaker 1 

Oh, when the guy came out, Danny Guy came out gay and the end of the guy. 

00:08:31 Speaker 4 

Back in the day. 

00:08:33 Speaker 4 

And then he murdered him. 

00:08:34 Speaker 1 

Who killed Yup Yup. 

00:08:36 Speaker 1 

For that, that's the one thing I do. 

00:08:36 Speaker 4 

Yes, yes so. 

00:08:37 Speaker 1 

Remember, oh, this will. 

00:08:38 Speaker 1 

Be great oh OK OK OK. 

00:08:39 Speaker 4 

Huh, so this is a very good series to watch. 

00:08:40 Speaker 3 


00:08:43 Speaker 4 

'cause I love everything. 

00:08:44 Speaker 4 

Anything 90s. 

00:08:46 Speaker 4 

So when I saw this like yes please and then it's a Vice vice show. 

00:08:50 Speaker 4 

So obviously it's good. 

00:08:51 Speaker 1 

I love watching vice. 

00:08:51 Speaker 4 

Anything comes from vice is amazing. 

00:08:53 Speaker 1 

Yeah, I love watching vice. 

00:08:55 Speaker 1 

Alright so serious question. 

00:08:57 Speaker 4 

Enjoy that. 

00:08:57 Speaker 1 

Really quick. 

00:08:57 Speaker 1 

And then we'll move to our next pick. 

00:08:59 Speaker 4 

Sure, what's up? 

00:09:00 Speaker 1 

Uhm, if I don't have Hulu, can I suck on your tity? 

00:09:02 Speaker 1 

And get your password. 

00:09:03 Speaker 4 

Ill would. 


You say that. 

00:09:07 Speaker 1 

Well, that's my. 


This is. 

00:09:08 Speaker 4 

You know what this is the second time that you've asked for my Hulu password, since I've. 


I think it is. 

00:09:12 Speaker 4 

Been talking it. 

00:09:13 Speaker 4 

Is 'cause you wanted. 

00:09:14 Speaker 2 

I think it is. 

00:09:14 Speaker 4 

You want it you. 

00:09:15 Speaker 4 

Asked for it the first time when I. 

00:09:16 Speaker 4 

Mentioned that I was watching Puca and Puca lives. 

00:09:19 Speaker 1 

That's right, you're right. 

00:09:21 Speaker 1 

So I don't have Hulu crap. I can't watch this is it on YouTube. Maybe Vice has a whole channel so they may have something. 

00:09:26 Speaker 4 

Maybe if you vice then you could probably. 

00:09:29 Speaker 4 

Just watch it on on demand on ice. 

00:09:30 Speaker 1 

Oh man, so that means I can't be sucking on your entity when it. 

00:09:33 Speaker 1 

Comes to the Hulu can't check on the Hulu table. 

00:09:34 Speaker 4 

You shouldn't be sucking on anybody except Lisa City. 

00:09:37 Speaker 4 

Thank you very much. 

00:09:37 Speaker 1 

If she has Hulu, I will. 

00:09:41 Speaker 4 

Can I suck on your ******* 

00:09:43 Speaker 1 

Right can I suck your Hulu tity? 

00:09:47 Speaker 4 

Oh my God. 

00:09:48 Speaker 1 

Oh man, so enough about them. 

00:09:50 Speaker 1 

Tittays next pic. 

00:09:54 Speaker 4 

I can't with you. 

00:09:59 Speaker 4 

What's in your boom box? 

00:10:01 Speaker 4 

All right, so this week, Seth, what have you been listen? 

00:10:06 Speaker 1 

Alright, so. 

00:10:07 Speaker 4 

Give me something good. 

00:10:09 Speaker 1 

I don't know your pics are always better than mine. 

00:10:11 Speaker 1 

You know, I would just poo poo your pics minors. 

00:10:14 Speaker 1 

Yeah, so I've been in a really good mood when it comes to getting things done at work, so I've actually been listening to old school punk rock. 

00:10:23 Speaker 4 

While you work. 

00:10:24 Speaker 1 

While I work actually. 

00:10:25 Speaker 4 

Nice well, I mean old school, punk rock and I mean great choice honestly. 

00:10:30 Speaker 1 

And listen old school punk rock and I wasn't even in the punk rock like that until I was actually older. 

00:10:34 Speaker 1 

So some of this stuff I wasn't even into and suspen around for really long. 

00:10:38 Speaker 1 

Time so a couple names for our younger listeners that may not even understand what what old school punk rock even is? 

00:10:46 Speaker 1 

They're probably some like to Neo punk and stuff like that, like Sum 41 whatever, so some some 41 actually might not even be like Neo punk at this point. That's some for one, that's it. Kind of old too. But anyway, I listen to Bad Brains. 

00:10:48 Speaker 3 


00:10:50 Speaker 4 

Yeah, that's not wrong, sorry. 

00:10:58 Speaker 1 

Minor threat fugazi. 

00:11:01 Speaker 1 

Operation Ivy. 

00:11:03 Speaker 1 

Yeah for Ghazi I say for Gazidis damn fool Gates he's out here. 

00:11:08 Speaker 1 

Operation Ivy, so those are just four that have been around for a. 

00:11:11 Speaker 4 

Really long time, yeah no, and and Bad Brains they are. 

00:11:15 Speaker 4 

Local to us. 

00:11:16 Speaker 1 

To DC, yeah. 

00:11:17 Speaker 4 

Yep, Yep, and they're you know. African American and HR the the lead guy. I mean I last time I saw him was at Pepper's Tavern in Ocean City, probably in like 2015. And the man could hardly. 

00:11:30 Speaker 6 

Oh wow. 

00:11:32 Speaker 4 

I mean everybody is like he's a legend and he is, but he could barely, you know, move around or whatever. 

00:11:38 Speaker 4 

'cause he's just he's starting to have like. 

00:11:39 Speaker 4 

Dementia and whatnot, but. 

00:11:41 Speaker 1 

He's that old or something. 

00:11:43 Speaker 4 

There's just like some medical stuff going on, but I mean. 

00:11:45 Speaker 6 


00:11:46 Speaker 4 

So I mean, they're amazing. 

00:11:47 Speaker 4 

They really are. 

00:11:48 Speaker 4 

If you've never sat and listened to any of these bands, that set has mentioned you absolutely should because you know you just, you gotta expand your musical repertoire or whatever. 

00:11:59 Speaker 1 

Absolutely absolutely. 

00:12:01 Speaker 1 

Just listen to some of it. 

00:12:02 Speaker 1 

Just feel the energy when it comes to to punk rock. 

00:12:05 Speaker 1 

That's we have to do. 

00:12:05 Speaker 1 

You gotta feel the energy if you want to get some stuff done, you listen that stuff and look some of this stuff is just screaming madness, but it was just a different time and there's actually. 

00:12:13 Speaker 1 

Documentaries about the history of punk rock, and like Henry Rollins and HD like you said, I've seen that before. 

00:12:19 Speaker 1 

I have seen him talk in documentaries about punk and things like that. 

00:12:24 Speaker 1 

Absolutely, you know. 

00:12:26 Speaker 1 

Henry Rollins from the Rollins Band. 

00:12:29 Speaker 3 

Huh, huh? 

00:12:29 Speaker 1 

He was the lead singer of of Minor threat, which a lot of people know. 

00:12:33 Speaker 1 

That's just a fun fact, 'cause you would think like Henry Rollins really, because the Henry Rollins that we know from the 90s was definitely not the Henry Rollins from. 

00:12:40 Speaker 4 

No, he took a. 

00:12:41 Speaker 4 

He took a very extreme turn. 

00:12:41 Speaker 1 

The early 80s. 

00:12:43 Speaker 1 

Yeah, he decided we would. 

00:12:49 Speaker 1 

So what about your pick? 

00:12:50 Speaker 1 

What do you? 

00:12:51 Speaker 4 

So this week I decided to spend some time listening to a very cool band called Space Cadet. 

00:12:59 Speaker 4 

This is a band that I heard of the first time when I saw them the first time, so I was at a show that I was at a show in Baltimore with my brothers, actually, and these guys were one of the opening. 

00:13:12 Speaker 4 

Acts and I got to talk to them and you know, meet them or whatever, and this is like prior to them even performing. 

00:13:18 Speaker 4 

It's a. 

00:13:18 Speaker 4 

Trio, and they're just very. 

00:13:20 Speaker 4 

They're quiet and kind of like, just seemed really socially anxious. 

00:13:25 Speaker 1 

Weird awkward yeah. 

00:13:25 Speaker 4 

Or, you know, I mean just a little but but cool. 

00:13:28 Speaker 4 

You know what I mean? 

00:13:28 Speaker 4 

But just kind of like. 

00:13:29 Speaker 4 

Introverted, right? So when they? 

00:13:31 Speaker 4 

Got up on. 

00:13:32 Speaker 4 

Stage and the sound that came out of them. 

00:13:35 Speaker 4 

I was blown away. 

00:13:35 Speaker 1 

Oh boy. 

00:13:37 Speaker 1 

Was it more melodic? 

00:13:37 Speaker 4 

They are so good. 

00:13:38 Speaker 1 

Was it yelling or what kind of? 

00:13:41 Speaker 4 

No, not yelling at all it I would say it's more like Electro funk. 

00:13:45 Speaker 4 

So you're going to be kind of trancey and dancey at the same. 

00:13:49 Speaker 4 

Time and the genres kind of also ranged between like high energy stuff like the Electro funk stuff to like hip hop, infused drum and bass and a trap deep dub house, breakbeats and. 

00:14:00 Speaker 4 

All sorts of. 

00:14:01 Speaker 4 

Stuff it's. 

00:14:01 Speaker 1 

I can get into this. 

00:14:03 Speaker 4 

******* awesome really, really awesome. They're they're from Atlanta, GA and they had, you know when I saw them. This was 2019, probably September. 

00:14:12 Speaker 4 

And they were up here in Baltimore opening for my brothers and I got to, you know, hang out with them. 

00:14:14 Speaker 3 


00:14:17 Speaker 4 

Talk to them. 

00:14:17 Speaker 4 

And like I said. 

00:14:18 Speaker 4 

Meeting them prior to them playing I. 

00:14:20 Speaker 4 

Would never have thought. 

00:14:22 Speaker 4 

The sound that came out of them was going to come. 

00:14:23 Speaker 4 

Out of them. 

00:14:24 Speaker 4 

And then when it did, I just remember standing. 

00:14:26 Speaker 4 

There in front of stage with my jaw dropped like. 

00:14:28 Speaker 1 

Like who are these dudes? 

00:14:30 Speaker 4 

It was so awesome and I kept looking around and my like everybody else that. 

00:14:34 Speaker 4 

I knew there. 

00:14:34 Speaker 4 

Was like they're ******* awesome. 

00:14:36 Speaker 3 

This is incredible you. 

00:14:37 Speaker 1 

Were that amazed by this band because you listened to a lot of different kinds of music and I can't to see it being like Oh my God, where's his zipper? 

00:14:41 Speaker 4 

I was hot. 

00:14:49 Speaker 4 

No, jeez not that far. 

00:14:52 Speaker 4 

Good night. 


God no no. 

00:14:54 Speaker 1 

Oh, I know I'm putting I'm putting. 

00:14:55 Speaker 4 

But I was yeah. 

00:14:57 Speaker 4 

I was just. 

00:14:57 Speaker 2 

This lot into you. 

00:14:59 Speaker 4 

Yes, very much I. 

00:15:01 Speaker 4 

I was just like I said, I think maybe it was because I was again surprised by, you know, the initial thing of what I thought. 

00:15:10 Speaker 4 

You know, you go into things like a preconceived. 

00:15:12 Speaker 4 

OK, I've met these people. 

00:15:13 Speaker 4 

I've spoken to them. 

00:15:14 Speaker 4 

I'm imagining they're going to sound like this, you know, and also. 

00:15:14 Speaker 1 

They're kind of weird, yeah? 

00:15:17 Speaker 1 

They're kind of. 

00:15:18 Speaker 1 

Weird and then. 

00:15:18 Speaker 4 

Because of the whole set. 

00:15:20 Speaker 4 

Up like the lineup and the other bands that were playing like I didn't imagine they were going to come out with all the stuff that they. 

00:15:24 Speaker 4 

Did and when they. 

00:15:25 Speaker 4 

Did I was just like holy **** it was awesome and they actually do have two albums released. 

00:15:30 Speaker 4 

Right now on. 

00:15:31 Speaker 4 

Spotify that you can list do once a live album that they've recorded. 

00:15:35 Speaker 4 

Live at a big show of theirs in Atlanta and another one is just just an album. 

00:15:40 Speaker 4 

Video album but they have a couple other EP's that you can check out and just really. 

00:15:45 Speaker 4 

Really good music. 

00:15:47 Speaker 4 

Dancy Spacey trancey 

00:15:50 Speaker 4 

Hip hop stuff like it's all over the place. 

00:15:53 Speaker 4 

So enjoy that, and if you can get a chance, go find them on social media. 

00:15:57 Speaker 4 

Give them a following alike and all that jazz. 

00:16:00 Speaker 4 

And just enjoy if they come around town again, go see them. 

00:16:04 Speaker 1 

Alright, that sounds good. 

00:16:06 Speaker 1 

I want to check them out myself. 

00:16:07 Speaker 1 

That sounds like something I can get into a little bit of mix of this. 

00:16:09 Speaker 1 

That and a third so I can probably. 


Oh yeah. 

00:16:11 Speaker 3 

Yeah, definitely. 

00:16:12 Speaker 1 

Get into that. 

00:16:13 Speaker 1 

Alright good deal. 

00:16:14 Speaker 1 

Good deal. 

00:16:15 Speaker 1 

I like that that was a good section. 

00:16:20 Speaker 1 

Alright, so now you know what it's time for. 

00:16:24 Speaker 4 

I do know what it's time for and I'm very. 

00:16:26 Speaker 3 

Fight it. 

00:16:28 Speaker 5 

Ken fashion, Florida. 


Confession photo 

00:16:33 Speaker 1 

No, we are not on. 

00:16:33 Speaker 3 

Start second. 

00:16:34 Speaker 1 

The same page with this I know. 

00:16:37 Speaker 1 

No, we're so excited we we. 

00:16:38 Speaker 1 

This isn't even like a group thing. 

00:16:40 Speaker 1 

We just both know it. 

00:16:41 Speaker 5 

Cooper shake wow. 


There's just so many we have. 

00:16:43 Speaker 1 

All right? 

00:16:44 Speaker 4 

To keep sprinkling them in wherever we get the chance. 

00:16:47 Speaker 4 

So here's a chance. 

00:16:47 Speaker 1 


00:16:51 Speaker 6 

Professional corner contains real life confessions from real people. 

00:16:53 Speaker 6 

These are not paid actors. 

00:16:54 Speaker 6 

All confessions are read word for word the best we can. 

00:16:56 Speaker 6 

Opinions from the host of her Candy podcast regarding the confessions are straight up and we don't give a damn about your feelings. 

00:17:00 Speaker 6 

If you don't like what we think side effects and potential corner may include happiness, irritability but hardness, laughter, stomach cramps, guffaws, sadness, confusion and occasional bubble guts, consult your psychiatrist to see if confession corner is good for your confession. 

00:17:10 Speaker 6 

Corner is a subsidiary. 

00:17:11 Speaker 6 

American podcast electroboy 

00:17:15 Speaker 1 

Alright, so we got a couple of confessions and pretty much every time you guys gonna hear is probably next couple months. 

00:17:22 Speaker 1 

We're going to these. 

00:17:23 Speaker 1 

Things are just damn rolling in so pretty much every time right? 

00:17:27 Speaker 1 

Every other time you're going to hear a recording. 

00:17:28 Speaker 1 

There's going to be a confession 'cause there's so much to come through and I love it. 

00:17:32 Speaker 1 

And I think everybody loves him too. 

00:17:34 Speaker 1 

From our. 

00:17:34 Speaker 1 

Feedback that we get from email from text messages from phone calls from talking to people face to face, which is not that often. 

00:17:42 Speaker 1 

'cause of COVID. 

00:17:43 Speaker 1 

But anyway, people love the confession. 

00:17:46 Speaker 1 

So we got a couple. 

00:17:48 Speaker 4 

Yes we do. 

00:17:49 Speaker 6 

Alright, which ones we gotta do? 

00:17:51 Speaker 4 

I will read one first that is. 

00:17:53 Speaker 4 

Called confessing for a friend. 

00:17:56 Speaker 1 

Alright, I'm ready for this one. 

00:17:58 Speaker 4 

This one says in 6th grade I went to school in Toronto. 

00:18:03 Speaker 4 

My school was right near a busy entertainment district. 

00:18:06 Speaker 4 

One day one of my friends came back from lunch. 

00:18:08 Speaker 4 

All excited. 

00:18:09 Speaker 4 

He said that there were some guys who were giving out free chewing gum down the street and it was awesome. 

00:18:15 Speaker 4 

He explained that the gum was different and the texture. 

00:18:18 Speaker 4 

Wasn't like traditional gum. 

00:18:20 Speaker 4 

Well it was different. 

00:18:22 Speaker 4 

All right when he pulled out the wrapper to show us. 

00:18:25 Speaker 4 

It turns out he was actually chewing on a green apple flavored condom. 

00:18:32 Speaker 4 

The end. 

00:18:37 Speaker 4 

I love this I. 

00:18:37 Speaker 2 


00:18:38 Speaker 4 

Love that y'all are sending stuff you're not even telling on yourselves. 

00:18:40 Speaker 4 

You're telling other people too. 

00:18:41 Speaker 1 

So yeah, y'all, just ditch it. 

00:18:42 Speaker 2 

Tell me. 

00:18:44 Speaker 1 

On everybody like I know we, we get a lot of those. 

00:18:47 Speaker 1 

Remember the one dude was like alright well, this is for my wife. 

00:18:50 Speaker 1 

She's mad at me, but I'm gonna say it anyway, and I'm telling myself, why not? 

00:18:53 Speaker 1 

If you just snitched on each other. 

00:18:55 Speaker 2 

Yeah, I gotta confess. 

00:18:57 Speaker 1 

It's not mine, but it's. 

00:18:58 Speaker 5 

His other person. 



00:19:01 Speaker 1 

I couldn't say no, that's not how you do confessions that snitching, that's. 

00:19:05 Speaker 2 

All that really. 


It's true snitches get stitches. 

00:19:05 Speaker 1 

Is right this isn't this, isn't called snitching corner, it's called confession corner. 

00:19:10 Speaker 4 

There could be an offshoot snitching. 

00:19:13 Speaker 4 

Snitching, something. 

00:19:15 Speaker 1 


00:19:18 Speaker 1 

Exactly got everybody, just everybody just telling on each other. 

00:19:20 Speaker 1 

It's it's hilarious and there's a lot of these things. 

00:19:23 Speaker 4 

Yeah, I think it's because it all is so very very. 

00:19:26 Speaker 4 

Very anonymous and we've, you know, finagle dawai around to make it 100% anonymous. 

00:19:31 Speaker 4 

You everybody, just. 

00:19:32 Speaker 4 

Like oh, cool. 

00:19:33 Speaker 4 

I can just tell him, telling him telling her. 

00:19:35 Speaker 1 

Right, they just they just talent. 

00:19:37 Speaker 4 

Just be telling. 

00:19:39 Speaker 2 

Just got the. 

00:19:39 Speaker 1 

Tattling corner now. 

00:19:42 Speaker 1 

This a tattle corner. 


I'm trying to make a room. 

00:19:46 Speaker 4 

In a house against the T to make it cohesive, like confession corner tattled, I don't know the title. 

00:19:50 Speaker 1 

Yeah, just a tattle table. 


I don't think. 

00:19:55 Speaker 1 

This is a tattle table. 

00:19:57 Speaker 1 

You want to tattle on somebody anonymously. 

00:19:59 Speaker 1 

Go ahead and do it. 

00:20:00 Speaker 1 

Get your get your snitch on. 

00:20:03 Speaker 1 

My focus out here, dry snitching is messed up alright, so let's go. 

00:20:06 Speaker 1 

Let's see we gotta. 

00:20:08 Speaker 1 

So do you want to comment on that? 

00:20:10 Speaker 1 

Like how do you even comment on that? 

00:20:11 Speaker 1 

What do? 

00:20:12 Speaker 1 

You what do you do? 

00:20:13 Speaker 1 

I don't know I. 

00:20:13 Speaker 4 

Don't know, there's not really. 

00:20:14 Speaker 4 

Much to say, yeah, right? 

00:20:16 Speaker 4 

I mean like. 

00:20:18 Speaker 4 

Sucks to be the person who is. 

00:20:19 Speaker 4 

Chewing on it, right? 

00:20:20 Speaker 1 

I mean. 


This is awesome they've got. 

00:20:22 Speaker 2 

But how do you get that? 

00:20:23 Speaker 1 

So how old do you think? 

00:20:24 Speaker 1 

These kids were when they. 

00:20:25 Speaker 4 

It says in 6th grade. 

00:20:25 Speaker 1 

Did that right? 

00:20:26 Speaker 6 

OK, 6th grade. 

00:20:27 Speaker 4 

OK, so that's ten 1111 ish. 

00:20:30 Speaker 1 

You wouldn't know I guess, 'cause I wasn't. 

00:20:32 Speaker 1 

When did you have sex said? 

00:20:33 Speaker 1 

I guess it was. 

00:20:34 Speaker 4 

In high school, right? 

00:20:35 Speaker 4 

Definitely did not have sex Ed in elementary school, not sex Ed. 

00:20:39 Speaker 4 

I think there. 

00:20:39 Speaker 4 

Was some biology type class. 

00:20:41 Speaker 4 

But sex Ed. 

00:20:42 Speaker 4 

No, it wasn't. 

00:20:43 Speaker 4 

They weren't passing out condoms, not in the. 

00:20:48 Speaker 1 

Not happening. 

00:20:49 Speaker 4 

No, it was never. 

00:20:50 Speaker 4 

That was the. 

00:20:51 Speaker 4 

Dare times they were just trying to keep us away from everything. 

00:20:54 Speaker 1 

Yeah yeah true true, all right. 

00:20:56 Speaker 4 

Although that backfired as well. 

00:20:58 Speaker 4 

So imagine if they had been doing all the other stuff, we all would have been getting freaky deaky even earlier. 

00:21:04 Speaker 1 

You know what I'm saying? 

00:21:04 Speaker 4 

Because the DARE just blew up, right, right and. 

00:21:06 Speaker 4 

Everybody says we're like. 

00:21:08 Speaker 4 

Oh, that sounds fun. 

00:21:09 Speaker 4 

Let's go try those. 

00:21:13 Speaker 1 

That was a backfire. 

00:21:15 Speaker 4 

Yeah, they all fail. 

00:21:17 Speaker 1 

Oh right. 

00:21:18 Speaker 1 

Alright so I got one. 

00:21:20 Speaker 4 

Yes, what's? 

00:21:21 Speaker 4 

What's the next confessional? 

00:21:22 Speaker 1 

No, this one's a humdinger. 

00:21:24 Speaker 1 

Yay, oh God, here we go. 

00:21:27 Speaker 1 

We have a humdinger here. 

00:21:28 Speaker 1 

Y'all actually, almost every time we have a confessional, we always have a nice one. 

00:21:32 Speaker 1 

We got some cute ones. 

00:21:33 Speaker 1 

There's some cheeky ones, and then we have the what the what is going on with this. 

00:21:40 Speaker 1 

So if you guys are ready, this is my next one. 

00:21:42 Speaker 1 

You're ready. 

00:21:42 Speaker 4 

I'm ready. 

00:21:43 Speaker 1 

All right, this one is called. 

00:21:45 Speaker 1 

I got an accidental happy end. 

00:21:50 Speaker 5 

I can't whoops. 

00:21:52 Speaker 5 

Oh man, hold on. 

00:21:53 Speaker 5 

Let me take a sip of. 

00:21:54 Speaker 5 

Bourbon folks hold on it goodnight. 

00:21:56 Speaker 6 

Get prepared. 

00:21:57 Speaker 1 

OK alright I gotta get the bourbon down. 

00:22:00 Speaker 1 

This one alright you ready. 

00:22:01 Speaker 4 

I'm ready, I can't wait to hear this. 

00:22:04 Speaker 1 

Here it goes. 

00:22:04 Speaker 3 

There we go. 

00:22:05 Speaker 1 

Obviously I'm here anonymously because I'm super embarrassed and don't want my friends to know about this. 

00:22:13 Speaker 1 

That's the first hint this is going to be a humdinger. 

00:22:15 Speaker 4 

Really, really. 

00:22:17 Speaker 4 

I'm like, oh strapping go ahead. 

00:22:19 Speaker 1 

Yep, Are you ready? 

00:22:21 Speaker 1 

I'm a 39 year old male and I never had a massage before it. This past Thursday I pulled a muscle in my shoulder, moving some **** over the weekend and someone said, oh, you should get a massage. 

00:22:34 Speaker 1 

So I did some scouting around and found a place, made an appointment for an hour massage and went there. 

00:22:39 Speaker 1 

I was not intending a happy ending. 

00:22:41 Speaker 1 

And didn't see anything that indicated this was a service that was available. 

00:22:46 Speaker 1 

A very small Asian woman massage me and it was amazing. 

00:22:51 Speaker 1 

It loosened up my shoulders and I felt so much better. 

00:22:54 Speaker 1 

However, while on my stomach I started to get an erection. 

00:22:58 Speaker 1 

In my defence the massage felt amazing. 

00:23:01 Speaker 1 

She was very attractive and I've been having kind of a dry spell. 

00:23:05 Speaker 1 

And haven't been with a woman for almost. 

00:23:08 Speaker 1 

Year she told me to roll over. 

00:23:10 Speaker 1 

I was super nervous but I did and I was pitching a very obvious 10 under the towel. 

00:23:16 Speaker 1 

She covered me with, she giggled and I was probably as red as a tomato. 

00:23:22 Speaker 1 

She rubbed my shoulders while I stayed erect, and after a little bit she stopped and was rubbing my thighs. 

00:23:28 Speaker 1 

Super close to it. 

00:23:31 Speaker 1 

It made me so excited. 


I feel like this is. 


Like soft **** or something. 

00:23:33 Speaker 2 

I know I'm like wow. 

00:23:35 Speaker 1 

I'm getting chubby, just chubby. 

00:23:37 Speaker 1 

Just reading this. 

00:23:39 Speaker 2 

What is this of Danielle Steel? 

00:23:46 Speaker 2 

I feel like I went into high school. 

00:23:48 Speaker 6 

Reading it like a monk. 


I know I'm like. 

00:23:50 Speaker 2 

What is this? 

00:23:53 Speaker 1 

Oh shut up arena story. 

00:23:58 Speaker 3 

Oh yeah. 

00:23:58 Speaker 1 

It made me so excited I was practically panting and then she said in broken English. 

00:24:04 Speaker 1 

Happy ending $50. 

00:24:07 Speaker 1 

I was so nervous in a row so I didn't think I could speak so I just nodded. 

00:24:12 Speaker 1 

She said you have 20 minutes left. 

00:24:16 Speaker 1 

I took off my towel and put some lotion on her hands and grabbed it and start stroking it. 

00:24:20 Speaker 4 

My God. 

00:24:21 Speaker 1 

She also rubbed and squeezed my balls. 

00:24:24 Speaker 1 

It was honestly the best ******* I've ever had and I finished in probably 5 minutes with one of the most intense orgasms orgasms of my life. 

00:24:33 Speaker 1 

She cleaned me up, finished the rest of the massage by rubbing my thighs and legs, which were still twitching. 

00:24:38 Speaker 1 

That was that. 

00:24:49 Speaker 2 

Shut up leaf. 

00:24:50 Speaker 2 

It's a story. 

00:24:54 Speaker 1 

I paid up front and left her a good tip. 

00:24:57 Speaker 1 

I'm super embarrassed and I feel terrible that I paid for a woman to do that to me. 

00:25:01 Speaker 1 

And worse still, I feel really tempted to go back soon or even regularly, as it wasn't nearly as expensive as I thought. 

00:25:09 Speaker 1 

Something like that would be. 

00:25:11 Speaker 1 

I've been feeling lots of shame and post nut. 

00:25:13 Speaker 1 

Clarity the last couple of days, but a part of me really wants to go. 


Dot dot. 

00:25:18 Speaker 1 

Sorry this was all to your mind too late buddy. 

00:25:22 Speaker 1 

That that's what confession corner is for though? 

00:25:25 Speaker 1 


00:25:26 Speaker 1 

Thanks for reading later, huge. 

00:25:29 Speaker 4 

Yeah initials HJ. 

00:25:32 Speaker 1 

I'm saying it's happy ******* 

00:25:38 Speaker 2 

All right, so this is this is. 

00:25:41 Speaker 5 

A humdinger alright, I'm all hot and bottling suburban me I'm like oh man, I know. 

00:25:45 Speaker 4 

And twitching and and squeezing balls and blow. 

00:25:48 Speaker 2 

Yeah, no Jesus, this is like. 

00:25:50 Speaker 1 

Some 50 save Shades of Grey **** I. 

00:25:52 Speaker 1 

Don't know what's going on with this, but OK. 

00:25:56 Speaker 1 

So oh man, where we start with this boom Mr. 

00:26:01 Speaker 1 

First I'm going to say, OK, I'm glad you did that thing. 

00:26:05 Speaker 1 

OK, I know it was kind of weird, but it sounds like you had a good time so I don't think you should feel bad about going back. 

00:26:13 Speaker 1 

If you were nice about it and you were really. 

00:26:15 Speaker 1 

Kind of embarrassed. 

00:26:16 Speaker 1 

He probably knows that or knew that you were a first timer and she did you pretty good so. 

00:26:23 Speaker 1 

I don't know. 

00:26:24 Speaker 4 

I want to. 

00:26:25 Speaker 4 

Add real quickly that if you do go back. 

00:26:26 Speaker 1 

I'm I'm listening. 

00:26:28 Speaker 4 

Let us know. 

00:26:29 Speaker 1 

At least let us know HHJ write us again and let us know how the second experience was. 

00:26:36 Speaker 1 

She was as magical as it was the first or like the whole novelty worn off. 


Right yes. 

00:26:43 Speaker 1 

So it's big, yeah, because that. 

00:26:44 Speaker 4 

I'm I'm very interested. 

00:26:45 Speaker 1 

Busy look he hasn't the post nut clarity so sometimes I have is right. 

00:26:49 Speaker 1 

You're busting like oh. 

00:26:51 Speaker 1 

I mean like. 

00:26:52 Speaker 1 

Why the hell did I do this? 

00:26:53 Speaker 6 

Is stupid yeah yeah. 

00:26:55 Speaker 1 

It's a dumb idea so. 

00:26:58 Speaker 1 

So let's see what happens, so I don't know. 

00:27:01 Speaker 1 

I've actually never done this. 

00:27:03 Speaker 1 

I don't mind saying that I've I've actually never done it before, and honestly, you're mine on the fence about it. 

00:27:10 Speaker 1 

I mean, come on, I guess technically, is it illegal? 

00:27:14 Speaker 1 

Probably, but. 

00:27:16 Speaker 1 

I'm sure it happens every single day. 

00:27:18 Speaker 1 

No ones really doing anything about it, so what's the? 

00:27:21 Speaker 1 

What's the harm in this? 

00:27:22 Speaker 4 

Please tell me that you remember the crazyass story. 

00:27:27 Speaker 4 

That I personally went through that. 

00:27:30 Speaker 4 

Is in this realm of. 

00:27:34 Speaker 1 

Absolutely not. 

00:27:35 Speaker 1 

I have no clue what you're talking about. 


You know? 


Picture it. 

00:27:38 Speaker 1 

Oh God. 

00:27:39 Speaker 4 


00:27:42 Speaker 2 

Were you like? 

00:27:42 Speaker 3 

I yeah. 

00:27:43 Speaker 2 

Working for labor finders, he knows your daily, your day laborer. 

00:27:46 Speaker 2 

You're gonna be. 

00:27:49 Speaker 1 

No, that would be messed up. 

00:27:51 Speaker 4 

Let me just click. 

00:27:52 Speaker 4 

OK, at the time I was in massage therapy school, I had finished whatever. 

00:27:56 Speaker 4 

So I I was actually looking for a position and trying to find a reputable. 

00:28:04 Speaker 4 

Massage therapy place to work for and at the time wasn't as easy, right? 



00:28:09 Speaker 4 

'cause this is a long time ago. 

00:28:10 Speaker 4 

Now things are a lot different. 

00:28:13 Speaker 4 

As the story goes. 

00:28:14 Speaker 1 

Oh boy oh God. 

00:28:15 Speaker 4 

I went to. 


This place. 

00:28:17 Speaker 4 

For my interview. 

00:28:18 Speaker 1 


00:28:19 Speaker 4 

And I went in the back with one of the other employees I remember just I remember walking in and feeling like everything was just a little off anyway, right? 

00:28:28 Speaker 4 

Because of the way that the women, the the therapists, and I'm doing air quotes, the way that they were dressed, right? 

00:28:35 Speaker 4 

I just never thinking. 

00:28:37 Speaker 1 

In what? 

00:28:37 Speaker 4 

I don't. 

00:28:38 Speaker 4 

I'm not dressed like. 

00:28:39 Speaker 4 

That I I. 

00:28:39 Speaker 4 

Came in looking like professional like I was going to do a professional massage. 

00:28:43 Speaker 1 

With some scrubs on. 

00:28:45 Speaker 4 

No well, no. 

00:28:46 Speaker 4 

Just like I had khakis line or just normal clothes that I had been wearing to school. 

00:28:48 Speaker 1 

OK OK yeah calculus OK. 

00:28:50 Speaker 4 

I mean, we had a we wore like a uniform type thing at school, so that's what I wore for my interview. 

00:28:53 Speaker 6 


00:28:55 Speaker 4 

'cause I was like OK? 

00:28:55 Speaker 4 

Massaging this is what we do. 

00:28:56 Speaker 1 

OK, OK, that's cool. 

00:28:57 Speaker 4 

I walk in and everybody they're looking a little. 

00:29:03 Speaker 3 

Little loose. 

00:29:04 Speaker 1 

OK, OK. 

00:29:05 Speaker 4 

And I was like this feels. 

00:29:06 Speaker 4 

A little off, so anyway I. 

00:29:08 Speaker 1 

So there's some like little loose mean like there's some tity meat hanging out. 

00:29:08 Speaker 4 

Go into the back. 

00:29:12 Speaker 4 

Yeah, there's a lot of skin exposure or whatever, and I was like, well, let me just try to see this through so I get taken to the back with one of the employees and she's talking to me about how the things work. 

00:29:24 Speaker 4 

That's that and the other and dumb. 

00:29:27 Speaker 4 

Yeah, she starts talking about how at the end of every massage and and that there will be a hand release and. 

00:29:37 Speaker 4 

I was like. 

00:29:40 Speaker 4 

Well, you know I I and I never. 

00:29:40 Speaker 5 

And what was? 

00:29:41 Speaker 1 

This hand release I didn't that's not in my textbook, So what is his hands at least? 

00:29:44 Speaker 4 

Right, right, right. 

00:29:46 Speaker 4 

Exactly so I remember being completely shocked taken aback, but I didn't know how to respond in that moment because I was technically on an interview and I just it was in a backroom and I just felt like right, right without being like. 

00:29:57 Speaker 1 

Right, so trying to keep it professional I guess OK. 

00:30:01 Speaker 4 

What the **** 

00:30:01 Speaker 4 

Is happening, you know? 

00:30:03 Speaker 4 

So, so she's going. 

00:30:05 Speaker 4 

Through things, how about the hand release and I'm just trying to like. 

00:30:08 Speaker 4 

Grin and bear it, and I'm like I gotta get the **** out of here. 

00:30:10 Speaker 5 

Oh my God. 


We go back. 

00:30:12 Speaker 4 

Out to the main room. 

00:30:14 Speaker 4 

Meanwhile, a potential client has walked into the door. 

00:30:18 Speaker 1 

Oh my God. 

00:30:19 Speaker 1 

He probably pointed right at her like I want her. 

00:30:19 Speaker 4 

What they make us. 

00:30:23 Speaker 4 

What happens is. 

00:30:24 Speaker 4 

They make all of us, me included, 'cause I. 

00:30:26 Speaker 4 

Was there right? 

00:30:27 Speaker 4 

Line up. 

00:30:29 Speaker 1 

Oh my God. 

00:30:30 Speaker 4 

In a row and this client again airquotes. 

00:30:35 Speaker 4 

Asked does his whole run through and decides who he wants to give him his massage. 

00:30:40 Speaker 1 

So I'm right. 

00:30:41 Speaker 1 

So he does pick he's trying to pick Oh my God. 

00:30:42 Speaker 3 

He picks right, right? 

00:30:45 Speaker 4 

So yeah, that. 

00:30:47 Speaker 4 

Happened and thank God I wasn't picked. 

00:30:50 Speaker 4 

I don't think I would have been anyway because I was not as attractive as. 

00:30:53 Speaker 4 

The women that. 

00:30:54 Speaker 4 

Were in there. 

00:30:55 Speaker 4 

Anyway, but I'm glad I wasn't because. 

00:30:57 Speaker 1 

Little timeout, well timeout. 

00:30:59 Speaker 1 

We need to, you know, just for more. 

00:31:01 Speaker 1 

We need to really the listeners and we also really need some more contacts there. 

00:31:07 Speaker 1 

What do these girls look like? 

00:31:09 Speaker 4 

I mean, they just they looked. 

00:31:11 Speaker 4 

I don't know, they I don't know. 

00:31:13 Speaker 4 

They definitely didn't look like professional massage therapists. 

00:31:16 Speaker 4 

They were just dressed very scandalously. 

00:31:19 Speaker 1 

You're ruining the moment here. 

00:31:21 Speaker 4 

I don't know what to say. 


You're right, you're. 

00:31:23 Speaker 1 

******* up the moment that's what you did moving on so you left. 

00:31:27 Speaker 4 

Well, So what? 

00:31:29 Speaker 4 

I still I. 

00:31:30 Speaker 4 

Was in this like weird position, so I couldn't like just run out because they were still technically fully interviewing me, right? 

00:31:36 Speaker 4 

But as the client had walked in. 

00:31:38 Speaker 4 

And that was like OK. 

00:31:39 Speaker 4 

Well now you gotta do this as part of. 

00:31:41 Speaker 4 

Your interview and I was just like. 

00:31:42 Speaker 4 

Please help me. 

00:31:42 Speaker 4 

Please help me please 'cause you don't know what certain clients are into, you know? 

00:31:43 Speaker 5 

Oh my love. 

00:31:45 Speaker 4 

I mean, 'cause by that point I would. 

00:31:47 Speaker 4 

I knew what the **** was going on, but I was just like, oh Lord, please don't let them pick me. 

00:31:48 Speaker 5 


00:31:51 Speaker 4 

Uhm, he didn't and after that my interview resumed but in a different way, like they would just kept talking to me. 

00:31:57 Speaker 4 

Or whatever and then. 

00:31:58 Speaker 1 

About what like where? 

00:31:59 Speaker 1 

Do you go from there? 

00:32:00 Speaker 1 

Where do you say OK? 

00:32:01 Speaker 4 

About about towers. 

00:32:01 Speaker 1 

So how are your hand skills? 

00:32:02 Speaker 4 

About right yeah? 

00:32:04 Speaker 2 

Like what do you talk about after that? 

00:32:06 Speaker 2 

Like after that, all this happened like what do you? 

00:32:08 Speaker 4 

About all sorts of stuff, but not anything really relating to professional massage. 

00:32:14 Speaker 4 

It was all just like this is how we do stuff here. 

00:32:16 Speaker 4 

It was just. 

00:32:17 Speaker 4 

It was just imagining like a fricking whatever you're imagining in your head is correct. 

00:32:21 Speaker 1 

So it was all matter of fact. 

00:32:22 Speaker 1 

It was basically very matter of fact like this is what happens here. 

00:32:26 Speaker 4 

Yep, but without without actually saying it out loud because you can't say it out loud. 

00:32:26 Speaker 1 

They just called it. 

00:32:29 Speaker 1 

Right, because right because it could be Popo you could be. 

00:32:34 Speaker 4 


00:32:34 Speaker 1 

You know, I'm saying posing as something alright, so it's very matter of fact that this is wild. 

00:32:35 Speaker 4 

Right, right? 

00:32:39 Speaker 1 

This is crazy, OK? 

00:32:40 Speaker 4 

So then the way that I got. 

00:32:41 Speaker 4 

Out of it because they were. 

00:32:43 Speaker 4 

Just very much. 

00:32:44 Speaker 4 

They kept asking me questions. 

00:32:45 Speaker 4 

They kept trying to just like lure me into stuff and they're like the next person that comes in. 

00:32:50 Speaker 4 

You know we'll have you go back to. 

00:32:51 Speaker 4 

And da da. 

00:32:51 Speaker 4 

Da da da and. 

00:32:52 Speaker 1 

You can start immediately. 

00:32:52 Speaker 4 

I'm like right now, that's what. 

00:32:54 Speaker 4 

They said yes, so I'm just thinking in my in my head I'm like my wheels are turned like how? 

00:32:56 Speaker 1 

Start right now. 

00:32:59 Speaker 4 

I got here without just running out and making 'cause I for whatever reason. 

00:33:02 Speaker 4 

I felt like I couldn't just. 

00:33:04 Speaker 4 

Bolt out, which I absolutely should have. 

00:33:06 Speaker 4 

But I didn't. 

00:33:08 Speaker 1 

That sounds totally like you too. 

00:33:08 Speaker 4 

So right, I know. 

00:33:10 Speaker 1 

I I can imagine if you were actually picked, you probably like all right. 

00:33:13 Speaker 3 


00:33:13 Speaker 2 

So I'm gonna do this. 

00:33:14 Speaker 2 

You started doing the massage this **** like. 

00:33:16 Speaker 5 

All nervous and like OK I get this. 

00:33:18 Speaker 4 

I'll just stick to this shoulder. 

00:33:18 Speaker 5 

Little yeah, six to the show then go down. 

00:33:21 Speaker 5 

Or you say and then. 

00:33:22 Speaker 4 

I know, I know. Sadly, sadly you are 100% correct. 


I can. 

00:33:25 Speaker 1 

Totally see this going there. 

00:33:27 Speaker 1 

Then the dude pulls like a Vince Vaughn. 

00:33:28 Speaker 1 

And you're saying, well, Hannah, I'm having a. 

00:33:30 Speaker 1 

Lot of tense in my upper thighs. 


Yeah, yeah. 

00:33:35 Speaker 5 

Like all right, I'm gonna touch that and then, oh man, I can see you right now. 

00:33:39 Speaker 4 

So my wheels dot to turning and I was how do I plan my escape so the way that I escaped without causing a scene? 

00:33:40 Speaker 6 

This is great. 

00:33:42 Speaker 1 

So what happened? 

00:33:46 Speaker 6 

Yeah, because the bathroom. 

00:33:48 Speaker 4 

Nope, couldn't do that because Nope, Nope, it just there was not. 

00:33:51 Speaker 4 

There's no way the way this place was set. 

00:33:52 Speaker 4 

Up so my escape was. 

00:33:52 Speaker 1 

OK, OK. 

00:33:55 Speaker 4 

I said hey guys, I'm going to go run to the to the gas station to get something to drink and you know whatever, does anybody need anything? 

00:34:04 Speaker 1 

Oh, and they were. 

00:34:06 Speaker 4 

Like no, no. 

00:34:06 Speaker 4 

I'm good, I'm good and I was like it's on me. 

00:34:08 Speaker 4 

It's on me. 

00:34:09 Speaker 1 

OK, it's going like yeah. 

00:34:09 Speaker 4 

'cause I didn't take anybody. 

00:34:10 Speaker 4 

Money, if they did want. 

00:34:11 Speaker 1 

Yeah, because I see no yeah you go from interview. 

00:34:11 Speaker 4 

Something right? 

00:34:14 Speaker 1 

We do a a thief. 


A petty theft. 

00:34:17 Speaker 1 

For an interview, how does that? 

00:34:19 Speaker 1 

How do you explain that your? 

00:34:20 Speaker 1 

Next interview well. 

00:34:21 Speaker 1 

You know well look, I have petty theft in my rap sheet but look let. 

00:34:24 Speaker 2 

Me tell. 

00:34:24 Speaker 1 

You what happens? 

00:34:25 Speaker 1 

It's like, yeah, no, that's. 

00:34:26 Speaker 1 

Not gonna go over too. 

00:34:27 Speaker 1 

Good alright? 

00:34:28 Speaker 4 

Ugly, something that taught me. 

00:34:28 Speaker 1 

So nobody needed anything. 

00:34:29 Speaker 4 

It was like it's on me, know somebody asked for like a I don't know vitamin water so I don't remember what it was. 

00:34:34 Speaker 4 

Somebody asked for something and I was like yeah yeah, no problem I'll be back and someone. 

00:34:37 Speaker 4 

So I was like, yeah yeah, I'll go get that's on me no worries and I walked out of there and I was just like oh and this the further I started the further I got away from. 

00:34:46 Speaker 4 

The front door. 

00:34:46 Speaker 4 

The faster I started walking. 

00:34:49 Speaker 2 

I can see. 

00:34:50 Speaker 5 

You right now you're walking out like. 

00:34:53 Speaker 2 

Fast follow me like Bolton **** out of there. 

00:34:53 Speaker 3 

Yeah yeah, yeah. 

00:34:56 Speaker 4 

Yeah, and then I got in my car and I. 

00:34:58 Speaker 4 

Just like Florida. 

00:35:00 Speaker 4 

That was like. 

00:35:00 Speaker 4 

Get Me Out. 

00:35:01 Speaker 4 

Of here this this ship was in Howard. 

00:35:02 Speaker 4 

County it was. 

00:35:03 Speaker 4 

In Columbia, what, Yep? 

00:35:06 Speaker 1 

Oh my God, yeah, this is a great story. 

00:35:10 Speaker 1 

Oh man, people that live near Howard County. 

00:35:15 Speaker 1 

If you're looking for these type of services, they're out there just saying we're not going to drop names or anything, but they're out there. 

00:35:21 Speaker 4 

Yes, and this this was. 

00:35:21 Speaker 1 

They're all over the place. 

00:35:22 Speaker 1 

I mean, come on, be honest. 

00:35:23 Speaker 1 

With this, they're all over the place. 

00:35:24 Speaker 4 

Yep, and I found this place. 

00:35:26 Speaker 4 

I can't remember if it was someone told me about it or or I may have actually found it in like some kind of flyer like an ad like oh we need massage therapists. 

00:35:35 Speaker 4 

And I had I'm fresh out of school like I'm doing this. 

00:35:37 Speaker 1 


00:35:39 Speaker 4 

I'm going to go interview and. 

00:35:40 Speaker 4 

This is what I see. 

00:35:42 Speaker 4 

Yes, yes. 

00:35:43 Speaker 4 

That is what I paid. 

00:35:44 Speaker 1 

Did they even ask for your credentials or your licensing and all that kind of stuff? 

00:35:47 Speaker 4 

No, not nothing. 

00:35:49 Speaker 4 

No, they wanted to know my age and they yeah that was. 

00:35:49 Speaker 1 

So it was straight up. 

00:35:53 Speaker 4 

That was about it. 

00:35:53 Speaker 1 

Ajd this is what you do. 

00:35:55 Speaker 4 

No idea. 

00:35:56 Speaker 1 

Are you ready? 

00:35:56 Speaker 1 

Oh God. 

00:35:57 Speaker 4 

They just took me. 

00:35:58 Speaker 4 

They asked me a couple quick. 

00:35:59 Speaker 4 

What's your name? 

00:35:59 Speaker 4 

Don't they're just kind of like making small talk with me took me in the back showed me like the couple rooms that they had the tables and the it's just basically like a table and ******* lotion 'cause that's all. 

00:36:09 Speaker 4 

They really need. 

00:36:09 Speaker 3 

To do there, yes. 

00:36:12 Speaker 4 

To do there. 

00:36:12 Speaker 4 

Stuff, 'cause it was obviously uh, as all sex workers and no offense. 

00:36:18 Speaker 4 

Anybody that's into that thing. 

00:36:19 Speaker 4 

But like I didn't, I didn't had no. 

00:36:20 Speaker 4 

Idea I was walking into that. 

00:36:22 Speaker 1 

Well, you weren't trying to be a sex worker and no one fencer sex workers. 

00:36:25 Speaker 1 

But you, that's not what you were choosing to do. 

00:36:27 Speaker 1 

It's kind of like me going for an IT position and it's at a McDonald's. 

00:36:31 Speaker 1 

OK, I'm sorry. 

00:36:32 Speaker 1 

No offense. 

00:36:33 Speaker 1 

McDonald's employees, but I'm looking for an IT job. 

00:36:36 Speaker 1 

So OK, wow. 

00:36:38 Speaker 4 

I swear to God I had. 

00:36:40 Speaker 4 

I swear to God you. 

00:36:41 Speaker 4 

Were like the in my mind in. 

00:36:42 Speaker 4 

My memory, you were like the first person I called to tell this to. 

00:36:45 Speaker 1 

Man, I think I think you did. 

00:36:45 Speaker 4 

Back in the day. 

00:36:48 Speaker 1 

It's it's coming because when you said the word hand release, I'm thinking you might have said this but I don't remember I didn't. 

00:36:54 Speaker 4 

I definitely did. 

00:36:56 Speaker 1 

You didn't give me all these details. 

00:36:58 Speaker 1 

So I'm like what the hell? 

00:37:01 Speaker 1 

Hey look man. 

00:37:02 Speaker 1 

That is absolutely crazy. 

00:37:04 Speaker 1 

So the dude the listener that sent that in. 

00:37:08 Speaker 1 

He's not the first one, it happens in new World and now you get the backstage pass to what it's really like. 

00:37:14 Speaker 1 

Working there now. 

00:37:15 Speaker 1 

Here goes the thing alright. 

00:37:16 Speaker 1 

I'm gonna take it to the next level here. 

00:37:17 Speaker 1 

Alright so this is. 

00:37:18 Speaker 1 

Actually a really great story. 

00:37:19 Speaker 1 

The story that was sent in is great. 

00:37:21 Speaker 1 

Your story is awesome too. 

00:37:22 Speaker 1 

So now this is where I'm trying to put this into some context here, right so? 

00:37:27 Speaker 1 

If the place had actual legit people working there, but that was kind of part of the job. 

00:37:36 Speaker 1 

If you wanted to being in your position, not now. 

00:37:40 Speaker 1 

In retrospect, thinking about it being your position young, you got all this and they were asking for certifications. 

00:37:46 Speaker 1 

And there were actually people that that that were doing this, but they said, you know, sometimes just gotta do a little extra extra. 

00:37:53 Speaker 1 

Would you have maybe just been like I am a gives or tried and people start pushing me to give ******** every single time? 

00:38:00 Speaker 1 

I'm I'm gonna get out of here. 

00:38:01 Speaker 1 

Would you have actually done that? 

00:38:03 Speaker 4 

If it was a legit business that yes, I probably would have, if if it was a legit business and then at some point some of my coworkers were like yo. 

00:38:12 Speaker 4 

This happens occasionally, and you know they kind of turn, turn, turn the cheek to it. 

00:38:17 Speaker 4 

You know, they turn a blind eye to. 

00:38:18 Speaker 4 

I know nobody gets in trouble. 

00:38:19 Speaker 4 

I'd be. 

00:38:20 Speaker 4 

Like, oh OK. 

00:38:22 Speaker 4 

I don't want to do that. 

00:38:23 Speaker 4 

But I'm not going to judge you all for doing it, but if this is still. 

00:38:26 Speaker 4 

A legit business fine. 

00:38:28 Speaker 4 

But it it was totally not like it was not like that at all. 

00:38:31 Speaker 1 

Straight up. 

00:38:32 Speaker 4 

It was straight up like Oh yeah, we do a Swedish massage with a hand release. 

00:38:32 Speaker 1 

Sex work 

00:38:39 Speaker 4 

And I'm like, OK, that that was, that was. 

00:38:41 Speaker 4 

Standard and I was like, uh. 

00:38:44 Speaker 1 

OK, that's great. 

00:38:47 Speaker 4 

How the **** do I get out of here? 

00:38:50 Speaker 1 

Alright so I. 

00:38:51 Speaker 4 

Line up ladies. 

00:38:52 Speaker 4 

We got a client. 

00:38:54 Speaker 1 

I actually have something that is similar but not similar in any way, shape or form, but so I'm going to sum it up because I went on this for a while so when I was out of school I was young too and I was right out at this is in 2003. 

00:39:09 Speaker 1 

I was in. 

00:39:10 Speaker 1 

It's not very closest. 

00:39:12 Speaker 1 

I'm trying to compare apples apples, but this is going to be a terrible attempt at it, right? 

00:39:15 Speaker 1 

So out of school I went. 

00:39:17 Speaker 1 

I got my degree in marketing, so marketing simply means sales right sales and marketing. 

00:39:21 Speaker 1 

They hold hands. Everybody knows that kind of stuff. Something I'm looking at ads because back then in 2003 it was ******** ads. You know, you know you might have had monster Monster was kind of knew back then. 

00:39:27 Speaker 4 

Yep, exactly. 

00:39:30 Speaker 1 

But there's no indeed and. 

00:39:31 Speaker 4 

Now we were looking at we were looking. 

00:39:32 Speaker 4 

At Penny Saver and different like paper clippings. 

00:39:34 Speaker 1 

Yeah, yeah, so I'm like looking at rain himself, and then I'd say OK and I got. 

00:39:38 Speaker 1 

I was like oh, job interviews. 

00:39:39 Speaker 1 

I would write out at college. 

00:39:40 Speaker 1 

I'll say alright, cool, it's marketing man. 

00:39:43 Speaker 1 

This happened to me. 

00:39:44 Speaker 1 

Probably two different times. 

00:39:46 Speaker 1 

So they go this market thing. You get this quote UN quote interview, everything, say air quotes at this point, right? So what a quote interview and all of a sudden? It's basically a ******* 

00:39:55 Speaker 1 

LM scheme multi level marketing. 

00:39:58 Speaker 4 

Oh no. 

00:40:00 Speaker 1 

So it's either selling some kind of yeah man I'm like what is this so I was like Oh yeah, pretty cool. 

00:40:00 Speaker 4 

I had that happen to me too dude. 

00:40:02 Speaker 4 

I had the same thing happen to me. 

00:40:05 Speaker 1 

And then they start talking about this and it's. 

00:40:07 Speaker 4 

Then you're you're like smack dab in the middle of a pyramid scheme. 

00:40:07 Speaker 1 

An opportunity. 

00:40:10 Speaker 1 

Yeah, exactly. 

00:40:10 Speaker 4 

You're like? 

00:40:10 Speaker 4 

**** this and then you can't leave and then you know. 

00:40:14 Speaker 1 

That is and I was saying the same thing you learned. 

00:40:14 Speaker 4 

Yeah, listen to the whole lecture. 

00:40:16 Speaker 1 

Yeah, I'll. 

00:40:16 Speaker 1 

Say OK, how? 

00:40:17 Speaker 1 

Am I gonna get out of this? 

00:40:19 Speaker 1 

And then my stupidass was the same situation that that you were in, but that's a complete different thing. I go back right there was like maybe 1520 people or something. 

00:40:27 Speaker 1 

I thought it was an interview like what the hell is going on right? 

00:40:29 Speaker 1 

The music playing everybody trying to get jazzed up, and doing all this kind of **** and blah blah blah and they do all this. 

00:40:29 Speaker 4 

Same I wasn't. 

00:40:31 Speaker 4 

Yep, Yep, Yep, been there. 

00:40:34 Speaker 1 

And so everybody is here and I'm like OK but not explain what the hell this job is that it's not a fighting job. 

00:40:39 Speaker 1 

It's alright. 

00:40:39 Speaker 1 

Well we're gonna take a break. 

00:40:40 Speaker 1 

Well then when I come back from the break there's like half people there now because a lot of people have said OK this is a ******* 

00:40:47 Speaker 1 

Ponzi scheme or whatever you want to call a multi level marketing and they rolled out. 

00:40:50 Speaker 1 

But my ******* came back then like OK, well, let's just see what's going on because I was fresh out like. 

00:40:55 Speaker 1 

Well, let's see what this actually is, and at the end of the day it was one of those, and I got hemmed up on at least two of those things it. 

00:41:02 Speaker 4 

Oh my. 

00:41:02 Speaker 4 

Was ridiculous, so see when I went when I. 

00:41:05 Speaker 4 

Had that happen to me. 

00:41:07 Speaker 4 

I was one of the people that definitely rolled out at the half time 'cause I was like. 

00:41:10 Speaker 4 

I'm not 'cause they were already trying to get us to. 

00:41:13 Speaker 4 

You know, if you want this, you gotta pay dot 'cause they're trying to get money out of you. 

00:41:17 Speaker 4 

To to give you a job and. 

00:41:19 Speaker 4 

I'm like what? 

00:41:20 Speaker 1 

The **** yeah, and that's always a red flag for trying to get paid. 

00:41:23 Speaker 1 

I did that and like a couple one for that one not displaying. 

00:41:26 Speaker 1 

Yes I went back but another one it was pretty short and I said no this isn't for me but thanks. 

00:41:32 Speaker 1 

I just kind of rolled out but I was like dude, this is crazy when you're trying to get into marketing. 

00:41:36 Speaker 1 

It's just not. 

00:41:37 Speaker 1 

The same and I got caught up in that so. 

00:41:40 Speaker 1 

So yeah, that completely different situation, but it's kind of the same. 

00:41:44 Speaker 1 

You get caught in a situation like. 

00:41:46 Speaker 1 

OK, let me just see what goes on and blah blah blah and so. 

00:41:48 Speaker 3 

You can. 

00:41:50 Speaker 4 

Yeah, 'cause you're we're trying so. 

00:41:51 Speaker 4 

Hard to remain professional. 

00:41:53 Speaker 1 

Yeah, I was in a suit. 

00:41:53 Speaker 4 

No, 'cause you don't. 

00:41:54 Speaker 4 

Really know exactly what's great. 

00:41:56 Speaker 1 

I had a suit on I was trying to be professional and then I'm like next. 

00:41:59 Speaker 1 

You know I'm trying to get put into some. 

00:42:00 Speaker 1 

Freaking multi level marketing. You know, pyramid scheme and this is be it's a waste of my time and I'm making 850 an hour and I'm trying to make better of my life here in general and I'm going out and trying to make things happen and I'm dressing up in a suit. I'm doing all this and then you're trying to just you're just churning out people and then. 

00:42:21 Speaker 1 

You know what I'm saying, so at least for you, at least it's like, well, you're actually doing massages. 

00:42:25 Speaker 1 

If you had licensing, you're right, like, whoa, I, I guess I could probably deal with this. 

00:42:29 Speaker 1 

It's almost like you're having like a ****** job, right? 

00:42:30 Speaker 1 

Like a bartender? 

00:42:31 Speaker 1 

Or like not saying city job is being a bartender, but you go to a ****** like bartending job and like this place. 

00:42:38 Speaker 1 

Freaking sucks that people were cool but. 

00:42:41 Speaker 1 

Yeah alright, well I'm going to stick it out because I need to pay rent or whatever. 

00:42:44 Speaker 4 

Give it some time. 

00:42:45 Speaker 1 

Yeah and give some time and see what's going on blah blah blah I can see right now and it's like well I don't want this hanjob up due to flooding right? 

00:42:51 Speaker 1 

Three days. 

00:42:55 Speaker 4 

I guarantee not one of those. 

00:42:55 Speaker 2 

Just ******* I'm not proud of it. 

00:42:57 Speaker 2 

Said I'm not proud of myself, but it ******* happened. 

00:43:00 Speaker 2 

OK, I'm a human being I was I still should be. 

00:43:03 Speaker 2 

Spected OK I did it. 

00:43:05 Speaker 2 

I did it twice. 

00:43:06 Speaker 4 

I guarantee not one other person in that. 

00:43:06 Speaker 2 

I need to pay rent. 

00:43:06 Speaker 2 

No smoking quit OK. 

00:43:13 Speaker 4 

I'm not one of those other women in there had gone to school, none at all, and I'm like I've paid for my education and blah blah blah blah. 

00:43:15 Speaker 1 

Any qualifications yet? 

00:43:20 Speaker 4 

Here's my Nope, none of these people had no freaking way. 

00:43:23 Speaker 1 

Oh my God, this is like right in our backyard. 

00:43:27 Speaker 1 

So to speak. 

00:43:27 Speaker 4 

In yes, yes, and I'll be honest too, that whole experience. 

00:43:31 Speaker 4 

It really left such a bad taste in my mouth and I. 

00:43:33 Speaker 4 

Was a little traumatized by the whole thing, just thinking that I was like I don't know. 

00:43:38 Speaker 4 

'cause there were some loops. 

00:43:38 Speaker 1 

Badly part of the slave trade or sex trade. 

00:43:39 Speaker 4 

There were some looming. 

00:43:41 Speaker 4 

People right? 

00:43:42 Speaker 4 

Exactly exactly, that's another reason why I kept my cool because I didn't want to get like you don't know what could happen, right so? 

00:43:48 Speaker 1 

Nacy, you know you're in a damn shipping container and on your way to Chechnya. 

00:43:50 Speaker 4 

Right cloroform you know some **** 

00:43:53 Speaker 1 

Right, do you like to travel? 

00:43:53 Speaker 4 

Goes down and who knows. 

00:43:55 Speaker 1 

Oh yeah, is this my chloroform? 

00:43:57 Speaker 1 

Let me see. 

00:43:57 Speaker 4 

Exactly exactly, so I I'm. 

00:44:00 Speaker 4 

Smart enough because of my street. 

00:44:02 Speaker 4 

Smarts that I knew to play it cool 'cause I didn't want to have anything crazy happen. 

00:44:06 Speaker 4 

Which is why I remain professional and tried to play it cool and just figure out in my head. 

00:44:10 Speaker 4 

How do I escape from this? 

00:44:12 Speaker 4 

And I did and they let me go because there weren't just the women in there. 

00:44:16 Speaker 4 

There were big men in there that were overseeing the thing too. 

00:44:18 Speaker 1 

Oh man, so it was a ring. 

00:44:21 Speaker 1 

It was a situation. 

00:44:21 Speaker 4 

Yes, yes. 

00:44:23 Speaker 1 

This legit sounds like some like some Steven Segal movie. 

00:44:28 Speaker 1 

Like you're going in there and Steven Segal was trying to save some girl that got kidnapped because he has a vendetta against Macy's. 

00:44:34 Speaker 1 

Starts chopping necks like you're in that kind of situation. 

00:44:38 Speaker 1 

This sound is, I know I keep going over this. 

00:44:40 Speaker 1 

This confession and all this stuff, but you know what? 

00:44:42 Speaker 4 

It's fine. 

00:44:43 Speaker 1 

It's bringing it in. 

00:44:44 Speaker 1 

It's bringing out all these things and that is crazy. 

00:44:46 Speaker 1 

I really appreciate you sharing this because. 

00:44:48 Speaker 1 

This really hits home and it's it's actually awesome it it's a really good story and thanks for I don't know who this caller I could say. 

00:44:55 Speaker 4 

HHJ happy handrub 

00:44:56 Speaker 1 

Yeah the FHJ is but thank you 'cause you brought. 

00:44:58 Speaker 1 

Put out some stories in US and so this is awesome. 

00:45:01 Speaker 1 

This is. 

00:45:01 Speaker 4 

Great yeah and again it it definitely left a bad taste in my mouth to where I was feeling like. 

00:45:07 Speaker 4 

Not as excited to be working in that field because I was afraid at that point that a lot of. 

00:45:11 Speaker 4 

Stuff was going to turn out like that. 

00:45:14 Speaker 4 

Yeah, I, I mean I know it's not. 

00:45:15 Speaker 4 

Obviously it's not all like that and these days not at all. 

00:45:18 Speaker 4 

I mean not not. 

00:45:19 Speaker 4 

At all, 'cause obviously this confession. 

00:45:20 Speaker 1 

Oh, it's out there. 

00:45:21 Speaker 4 

But you know what I'm saying, like legitimate businesses and business women. 

00:45:27 Speaker 4 

Are out there and that's great. 

00:45:29 Speaker 4 

But the experience that I had complete. 

00:45:31 Speaker 4 

Opposite and it was that scary to me at the time and just. 

00:45:34 Speaker 4 

Kind of like. 

00:45:34 Speaker 4 

What the **** that I was just like I don't know how to do those right now. 

00:45:37 Speaker 1 

Yeah, I feel you. 

00:45:38 Speaker 1 

Oh man, that's great, that's great. 

00:45:40 Speaker 4 

But yeah, and Mr Hega. 

00:45:43 Speaker 4 

Please write us again if you. 

00:45:45 Speaker 4 

Go back, let us know how it goes. 

00:45:46 Speaker 4 

Those we want to hear all the deets. 

00:45:47 Speaker 1 

Please let us know. 

00:45:49 Speaker 1 

You know one in all the deets and I will try soon. 


With all the deets, 'cause it's. 

00:45:52 Speaker 4 

Very spicy and. 

00:45:53 Speaker 4 

Steamy the way you write. 

00:45:54 Speaker 1 

Yeah, exactly. 


It sounds trembling, whoa. 

00:45:57 Speaker 1 

It's my narration too. 

00:45:59 Speaker 1 

I think the combination of my narration so it's it's HD writing, plus minor. 


Oh yes, I was. 

00:46:06 Speaker 4 

Going to hire Seth to read books. 

00:46:09 Speaker 1 

And then she unzipped his zipper and. 

00:46:13 Speaker 4 

His robbing member appeared, looking. 

00:46:17 Speaker 1 

Hard as a rock or a dycon radish? 

00:46:23 Speaker 5 

Hey yo. 

00:46:24 Speaker 1 

Well, full circle. 

00:46:26 Speaker 3 

Holding on. 

00:46:27 Speaker 1 

All right, so that's the end of this one guys. 

00:46:30 Speaker 1 

There's another humdinger more confession corners about to be look. 

00:46:35 Speaker 1 

I'm sure you guys are like man. 

00:46:36 Speaker 1 

**** all the rest of the. 

00:46:37 Speaker 1 

Stuff we just want to. 

00:46:38 Speaker 5 

Hear the confessions. 

00:46:39 Speaker 1 

This is great. 

00:46:40 Speaker 1 

We put a lot of time on this, so just deal with our other stuff too and then just wait for the confessions. 

00:46:45 Speaker 1 

That's why we wait for the confessions. 

00:46:46 Speaker 1 

See, listen to the whole damn thing. 

00:46:51 Speaker 1 

All right, so Callie I had a good time with this one had. 

00:46:54 Speaker 1 

A good time Wiener. 

00:46:54 Speaker 4 

Nice to meet you. 

00:46:55 Speaker 1 

So alright, so well we gotta just end it. 

00:46:57 Speaker 1 

Just like we typically do. 

00:46:58 Speaker 1 

So take us home, baby. 

00:47:00 Speaker 4 

So thank you guys so much for listening and spending time with us today. 

00:47:04 Speaker 4 

Please don't forget to subscribe to our show so you don't miss out on any future episodes. 

00:47:07 Speaker 4 

And if you're feeling, please consider supporting the show on buy me a coffee com if you have a question, comment or episode idea, or if you just want to drop us a line to say hello. 

00:47:16 Speaker 4 

You can reach us on. 

00:47:16 Speaker 4 

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00:47:17 Speaker 4 

At Earcandy podcast or send an email to Earcandy podcast. 

00:47:21 Speaker 4 

At Gmail com so hit us up because we want to connect with you until next time. 

00:47:33 Speaker 1 

All right, so look, I'm going to talk about your little **** *** situation again. 

00:47:36 Speaker 1 

OK, 'cause I've seen your hands are. 

00:47:37 Speaker 1 

Kind of small so. 

00:47:44 Speaker 4 

So you work around. 

00:47:45 Speaker 1 

That OK OK OK now. 

00:47:47 Speaker 1 

Alright so I can't get that visual out of my head now great. 

00:47:51 Speaker 1 

Appreciate that, appreciate that I'm. 

00:47:53 Speaker 6 

You brought it up. 

00:47:54 Speaker 1 

I'm gonna sit this bourbon and this is act like I didn't see that gesture. 

00:47:59 Speaker 3 

You just didn't put in this. 

00:48:00 Speaker 4 

Just like this. 

00:48:01 Speaker 1 

No, but you did something else with a little flick of the wrist. 

00:48:04 Speaker 1 

I saw that. 

00:48:07 Speaker 6 

Hello flicker dearest. 

00:48:11 Speaker 1 

That's how I get around them. 


Nikki do double click create. 

00:48:12 Speaker 1 

Small head. 

00:48:16 Speaker 2 

It's a musical we have skin flutes. 

00:48:24 Speaker 5 

Oh man, that's great. 

00:48:26 Speaker 5 

Oh God, I can't do that. 

00:48:27 Speaker 4 

I have officially put myself out there. 

00:48:30 Speaker 1 

It's OK look. 

00:48:31 Speaker 1 

We've all been in these weird situations. 

00:48:33 Speaker 1 

We just gotta just talk about him and just laugh about. 

00:48:35 Speaker 1 

Him at at. 

00:48:35 Speaker 1 

DNA, as long as he did end up. 

00:48:37 Speaker 1 

In the shipping container in Chechnya. 

00:48:38 Speaker 4 

I know. 

00:48:40 Speaker 1 

She's such a good price. 

00:48:44 Speaker 2 

Take the redhead, put him in the container shift. 

00:48:47 Speaker 2 

That's a good. 


Place the redhead is. 

00:48:50 Speaker 2 

She's the key. 

00:48:58 Speaker 5 

Alright baby I love you. 

00:48:59 Speaker 4 

All right, on top of that, good night. 

00:48:59 Speaker 5 


00:49:07 Speaker 5 

Oh my God, that's great. 

00:49:09 Speaker 5 

Oh man, this is a good one. 

00:49:11 Speaker 5 

No, this is great. 

00:49:18 Speaker 1 

OK, you're right. 


Good job Wiener. 

00:49:19 Speaker 1 

Yeah, good job Wiener good job Wiener. 

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