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Intermission Edition: Trick-or-Treat, Bitches!

October 28, 2021 Colleen Devaney Season 1 Episode 18
Intermission Edition: Trick-or-Treat, Bitches!
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Air Candy
Intermission Edition: Trick-or-Treat, Bitches!
Oct 28, 2021 Season 1 Episode 18
Colleen Devaney

Welcome back to the Intermission Edition of Air Candy, aka Season 1.5!

Trick-or Treat, bitches! It's Halloween season so we're talking all about that. We had a lot of fun with this episode and we hope you do, too! Listen in to hear some Halloween related #funfacts along with a bunch of crazy stories and personal anecdotes that will have you laughing, feeling nostalgic, and maybe even scratching your head. Also, Confession Corner is back with another installment and you are not going to want to miss this one! Thanks again to all our listeners who contributed to "Pass the Story" and "If I Was a Killer" on Facebook!! We love you guys!

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Links & channels we discussed:
100 Interesting Halloween Facts About The Spookiest Time Of The Year
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__created by Colleen Devaney & Seth Spears
__edited & produced by Colleen Devaney
__independently produced in Maryland by Good Job, Weener Productions

Key Words: Halloween, kills, killer, witch, candy, costumes, dad jokes, confession corner, pumpkin, world record, haunted house, hayride, samhainophobia, canceled, souling, trick or treat, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, pets, fun facts, gluten, spooky, scared to death podcast, vandalism, assault, drugs, decorations, pumpkin smashing, Biz Markie, Rakim, Tupac, old school hip-hop, frig

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Show Notes Transcript

Welcome back to the Intermission Edition of Air Candy, aka Season 1.5!

Trick-or Treat, bitches! It's Halloween season so we're talking all about that. We had a lot of fun with this episode and we hope you do, too! Listen in to hear some Halloween related #funfacts along with a bunch of crazy stories and personal anecdotes that will have you laughing, feeling nostalgic, and maybe even scratching your head. Also, Confession Corner is back with another installment and you are not going to want to miss this one! Thanks again to all our listeners who contributed to "Pass the Story" and "If I Was a Killer" on Facebook!! We love you guys!

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Links & channels we discussed:
100 Interesting Halloween Facts About The Spookiest Time Of The Year
Scared To Death Podcast
Fun/Dumb Quizzes:
What Kind of Serial Killer Would You Be? (
What kind of killer are you? (
What Kind of Killer Would You Be? - Quiz (
Rate Halloween Candy And We'll Guess Your Age Quiz (
This Love/Hate Halloween Candy Quiz Will Guess You Age (
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__created by Colleen Devaney & Seth Spears
__edited & produced by Colleen Devaney
__independently produced in Maryland by Good Job, Weener Productions

Key Words: Halloween, kills, killer, witch, candy, costumes, dad jokes, confession corner, pumpkin, world record, haunted house, hayride, samhainophobia, canceled, souling, trick or treat, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, pets, fun facts, gluten, spooky, scared to death podcast, vandalism, assault, drugs, decorations, pumpkin smashing, Biz Markie, Rakim, Tupac, old school hip-hop, frig

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00:00:33 Speaker 2 

Are we in? 

00:00:33 Speaker 4 

Alright, we in spooky time. 

00:00:36 Speaker 4 

It's really spooky. 

00:00:39 Speaker 4 

Spooky Halloween stuff. 


What's that? 

00:00:42 Speaker 4 

We are back Halloween ******* 

00:00:48 Speaker 4 

Start us up baby start. 

00:00:49 Speaker 2 

This up hello friends and welcome to another intermission edition of Air Candy AKA Season 1.5. I'm your humble host Colleen and with me as always as my candy corn love and Co host Seth. 

00:01:01 Speaker 4 

Love the candy corn. 

00:01:04 Speaker 2 

Well, it's almost Halloween, so of course we're gonna talk all about that today. 

00:01:08 Speaker 2 

But before we get into it, if you haven't already liked and subscribed to our show, please do so. 

00:01:13 Speaker 2 

Wherever you get. 

00:01:13 Speaker 2 

Your podcasts so you don't miss out on any future episodes. 

00:01:16 Speaker 2 

If you want to connect with us online, you can find us on Facebook and Instagram @aircandypodcast. 

00:01:21 Speaker 2 

And if you're feeling generous, please consider supporting the show. 

00:01:23 Speaker 2 

On buy me a coffee. 

00:01:24 Speaker 2 

Com If you have a question, comment or episode idea you can drop us a line on one of the socials or send an email to 

00:01:33 Speaker 2 

Com and either Seth or I will get back to you as soon as possible so. 


Hit us up. 

00:01:38 Speaker 2 

And with all that out of the way, let's get into it. 

00:01:48 Speaker 4 

All right, we are here and ready. 

00:01:51 Speaker 4 

It's been a while y'all. 

00:01:52 Speaker 4 

We are back, super excited super, super excited. 


Well, black. 

00:01:55 Speaker 6 

Hey hey hey. 

00:01:55 Speaker 5 

I've been. 

00:01:57 Speaker 2 

What's a skeletons order at a restaurant? 


Bale ribs. 

00:02:09 Speaker 4 

Oh, that's what we're doing now we're starting podcasts like this that we're doing. 

00:02:14 Speaker 2 

Knock who's there? 

00:02:16 Speaker 4 


00:02:18 Speaker 4 

Dishes who? 

00:02:19 Speaker 2 

Dishes a very bad Halloween joke. 

00:02:22 Speaker 4 

Jesus logging off. 

00:02:25 Speaker 2 

Knock, knock. 

00:02:26 Speaker 4 

By who's there police? 

00:02:28 Speaker 4 

Police who? 

00:02:31 Speaker 6 

Police give me the candy. 

00:02:37 Speaker 4 

I ******* can't with you this is. 

00:02:40 Speaker 4 

You hit me with this corny. 

00:02:41 Speaker 4 

Stuff I love it. 

00:02:42 Speaker 2 

I mean, you you like the candy corn? 

00:02:44 Speaker 2 

So we're there. 

00:02:45 Speaker 4 

Don't get me started on the camp. 

00:02:47 Speaker 4 

Don't get me starting a nasty ask candy corn. 

00:02:50 Speaker 4 

I can't stand it, I cannot. 

00:02:51 Speaker 2 

Is is this why you hate Halloween? 

00:02:55 Speaker 4 

No, all right. 

00:02:56 Speaker 4 

So you know what you're asking me now you're asking me now. 

00:02:57 Speaker 2 

I am asking you because last year we had a spooky stuff episode and on that episode you asked me and Sidney our special guest. 

00:03:06 Speaker 2 

If we liked Halloween, of course we do, and you were the odd man out or like I don't. 

00:03:10 Speaker 2 

I don't like it. 

00:03:11 Speaker 2 

I don't like it and we never actually got into why you don't like it, so I want to know why don't you like it? 

00:03:17 Speaker 2 

What happened? 

00:03:18 Speaker 2 

What happened? 

00:03:19 Speaker 2 

What scared you as a kid? 

00:03:20 Speaker 2 

What the hell happened? 

00:03:20 Speaker 2 

Why don't you like it? 

00:03:21 Speaker 2 

What's going on? 

00:03:22 Speaker 4 

Alright, so here is the reason why and now I thought about it. 

00:03:25 Speaker 4 

Since you're telling me now you put me on the gun. 

00:03:27 Speaker 4 

I didn't celebrate Halloween as a. 

00:03:29 Speaker 4 

Kid, so that's why I can't say I don't like it, I just don't care for it. 

00:03:35 Speaker 4 

'cause I didn't get dressed up as a kid. 

00:03:36 Speaker 4 

I didn't do anything like stuff, stuff like that 'cause my parents didn't celebrate Halloween. 

00:03:40 Speaker 4 

I grew up in a religious family and they Halloween was a big no. 

00:03:45 Speaker 4 

So I never got dressed up for Halloween. 

00:03:48 Speaker 4 

As a child, I never celebrated it. 

00:03:50 Speaker 4 

Either, so that's the reason why. 

00:03:52 Speaker 4 

That's why I don't really get too excited about even to this day. 

00:03:55 Speaker 4 

I mean, yeah, I've been an adult for a very, very long time. 

00:03:58 Speaker 4 

I'm old as hell, but. 

00:03:59 Speaker 4 

I'm just like, yeah, I don't really care too much about it, but I don't spoil anybody elses fun, you know, so it's all right there. 

00:04:06 Speaker 2 

I gotta say, I kind of. 

00:04:07 Speaker 2 

Feel sad right now, I'm like, oh. 

00:04:10 Speaker 2 

Poor said, didn't get to celebrate Halloween. 

00:04:12 Speaker 2 

I mean, I get it and you know, I I feel you but. 

00:04:13 Speaker 3 

Well, you what? 

00:04:15 Speaker 2 

I'm just like, oh. 

00:04:16 Speaker 4 

Well, if you want to take me trick or treating, that's. 

00:04:18 Speaker 4 

Absolutely fine, probably illegal. 

00:04:21 Speaker 2 

As adults, at this point they'd be. 

00:04:22 Speaker 4 

Pretty much. 

00:04:22 Speaker 2 

Like what are? 

00:04:23 Speaker 2 

These people doing you'd be like, knock, knock. 

00:04:26 Speaker 6 

Who's there, Phillip? 

00:04:29 Speaker 4 

Filippou fill up my balls. 

00:04:38 Speaker 4 

Yeah, exactly. 

00:04:40 Speaker 2 

Dude, if I were a guy, I'd. 

00:04:41 Speaker 2 

Have all the dad jokes. 

00:04:43 Speaker 2 

For real. 

00:04:44 Speaker 4 

Oh my God, don't even get me started on those things alright, so that's why I don't like Halloween or excuse me that's why I don't really care either way. 

00:04:53 Speaker 4 

With Halloween it's all good. 

00:04:55 Speaker 4 

The Halloween parties and all that kind of stuff that's all fun. 

00:04:58 Speaker 4 

And now Speaking of Halloween, I do dig the movies, so let's talk about. 


Oh yeah. 

00:05:03 Speaker 4 

The anticipated movie of the year. 

00:05:07 Speaker 2 

Halloween, yes, Halloween kills. 

00:05:10 Speaker 4 

Halloween kills came out October 15th. 

00:05:15 Speaker 4 

And I have not seen it yet and you have not. 

00:05:17 Speaker 4 

I'm assuming 'cause you still you're still scared to go outside your house. 

00:05:18 Speaker 2 

No, I have not. 

00:05:21 Speaker 2 

Yes, I'm still not. 

00:05:22 Speaker 2 

I'm still isolating 'cause you know I have to right now while bwomp. 

00:05:24 Speaker 4 

I understand. 

00:05:26 Speaker 2 

But yeah, no, I didn't even know about this at all. 

00:05:28 Speaker 2 

You actually are the one that told me that this had come out and then I went and watched all the trailers and featurettes and whatnot. 

00:05:35 Speaker 2 

And I was like. 

00:05:35 Speaker 2 

Oh my God, I'm so looks like it did. 

00:05:37 Speaker 4 

Man, I was super pumped. 

00:05:39 Speaker 4 

I saw one or two trailers I was like oh man then you got Jamie Lee Curtis is sexy *** in there like she's my future ex wife. 

00:05:45 Speaker 4 

You know she's super hot so. 

00:05:47 Speaker 4 

So she's in it and got the past. 

00:05:50 Speaker 4 

Trust me guys, I haven't seen the movie so there's no spoiler alerts here so. 

00:05:54 Speaker 4 

You have like the past survivors and blah blah blah. 

00:05:58 Speaker 4 

It looked like it was really good. 

00:06:00 Speaker 4 

So then I started reading about it a few days ago and I got terrible reviews. 

00:06:05 Speaker 4 

What is that? 

00:06:07 Speaker 2 

I I have no idea. 

00:06:08 Speaker 2 

I think a lot of people are just extra extra critical, but uhm, I I know that the whole twist on the movie again not a spoiler alert because everything I've gathered is just from the trailers and whatnot. 

00:06:19 Speaker 2 

Yeah, the I think the reason is that it's it's more focused on the town. 

00:06:24 Speaker 2 

Of Haddonfield, instead of like the family line or whatever. 

00:06:28 Speaker 2 

Even though this is kind of considered a trilogy, it is a it is a trilogy. 

00:06:32 Speaker 2 

Within the Halloween series. 

00:06:34 Speaker 4 

A trilogy, there's been like 18 in the model. 

00:06:36 Speaker 4 

For what you talking about. 

00:06:36 Speaker 2 

Yes, that's why I'm saying that it's a whole series, but this is Part 2 of the last Halloween trilogy. 

00:06:44 Speaker 2 

I know it's like wait, let me try to wrap my brain around that like what? 

00:06:48 Speaker 3 

This is like a this was like. 

00:06:50 Speaker 4 

A guns and roses world tour. 

00:06:52 Speaker 4 

It's the last last tour. 

00:06:56 Speaker 3 

They just won't die and go away. 

00:06:58 Speaker 3 

Used to last the last tour. 

00:06:59 Speaker 2 

Surprise, Michael Myers is still alive. 

00:07:02 Speaker 2 

He made it out of the fire. 

00:07:04 Speaker 2 

He made him from his head getting chopped off. 

00:07:05 Speaker 3 


00:07:06 Speaker 2 

He's still alive, no, actually, so I don't know if you know this, but I also found out that they are currently right now. 

00:07:15 Speaker 2 

Filming the next one. 

00:07:18 Speaker 2 

Which is part three of this particular trilogy within the Halloween series, and that one is going to be called Halloween ends, so I don't know if it's like the for real for real end or if it's just the end of this trilogy. 

00:07:30 Speaker 2 

'cause who knows? 

00:07:31 Speaker 2 

I mean this has been a huge franchise and I freaking love it. 

00:07:34 Speaker 2 

And some people hate it. 

00:07:35 Speaker 2 

I love it. 

00:07:36 Speaker 2 

I don't care like how unrealistic. 

00:07:37 Speaker 4 

I love it. 

00:07:38 Speaker 2 

It can be, but I love the storylines. 

00:07:40 Speaker 2 

I love the Rob Zombie versions. 

00:07:42 Speaker 2 

I mean like I freaking love. 

00:07:44 Speaker 2 

This series so. 

00:07:46 Speaker 4 

Maybe the haters are all about like trying to take this like way too seriously with storylines and all that kind of stuff. 

00:07:52 Speaker 4 

It's just an old school. 

00:07:54 Speaker 4 

I imagine you know, since since I haven't seen it, I imagine it's a old school slasher flick and they just have the awesome kills I wanna see people get killed in these ridiculous ways. 


It's yeah. 

00:08:04 Speaker 2 

That that is. 

00:08:05 Speaker 2 

That's something I did here too. 

00:08:06 Speaker 2 

Is that this particular one Halloween kills is super, super violent and gory, like much more so than the other ones, apparently. 

00:08:10 Speaker 3 


00:08:13 Speaker 2 

So there's that to look forward to. 

00:08:15 Speaker 4 

Oh 100% man. 

00:08:16 Speaker 2 

And and the whole mob mentality is another thing, because like I said, it's more focused. 

00:08:20 Speaker 2 

On the the. 

00:08:21 Speaker 2 

People of the town kind of coming together. 

00:08:23 Speaker 2 

To fight back against Michael Myers talking about so it's not. 

00:08:27 Speaker 4 

That's what I'm. 

00:08:28 Speaker 2 

Just our girl, Jamie Lee. 

00:08:31 Speaker 2 

It's a you know. 

00:08:33 Speaker 4 

Everybody everybody. 

00:08:36 Speaker 4 

It's all good. 

00:08:36 Speaker 4 

It's all good. 

00:08:37 Speaker 4 

It's all good, yeah? 

00:08:38 Speaker 6 

Nobody hadn't feel good left. 

00:08:42 Speaker 4 

You gotta stop with these ******* jokes. 

00:08:43 Speaker 4 

We have a long 

00:08:44 Speaker 2 

I'm exhausted, so I'm kind of like in that that like delirium thing, I'm that side that's just that's truth, right there. 

00:08:44 Speaker 4 

Way to go here, you're really. 

00:08:51 Speaker 4 

Delirium tremens. 

00:08:55 Speaker 4 

Let's go over some fun. 

00:08:56 Speaker 2 

Facts, yeah, let's get into the mood by going over some fun facts that are related to Halloween stuffs. 

00:09:03 Speaker 4 

Fun facts you fart. 

00:09:05 Speaker 2 

Fun facts, so let's see where do I want to start? 

00:09:10 Speaker 2 

Well, I did find this out. 

00:09:13 Speaker 2 

The world record for the heaviest pumpkin weighed in at get this. 

00:09:20 Speaker 2 

Well, actually let me ask you how much do you think the world record for the heaviest pumpkin? 

00:09:25 Speaker 2 

Would be. 

00:09:26 Speaker 4 

I want to get. 

00:09:26 Speaker 4 

Gas here alright? 

00:09:28 Speaker 4 

Can you say it's over or under right? 

00:09:30 Speaker 6 

Is it bigger than a breadbox? 

00:09:35 Speaker 4 

Is it heavier than your mom? 

00:09:42 Speaker 4 

Alright, so I'm going to guess it was £1500. 

00:09:48 Speaker 4 

All right, what is it? 

00:09:50 Speaker 2 

It is 2624.6 pounds. 

00:09:56 Speaker 4 

That's a lot of pumpkin. 

00:09:56 Speaker 2 

Holy crap, right? 

00:09:58 Speaker 2 

I know it's. 

00:09:58 Speaker 2 

A huge that's a lot of. 

00:09:59 Speaker 2 

Pumpkin so this guy, Mathias William Jones of Belgium. 

00:10:04 Speaker 2 

He holds the current record for growing the heaviest pumpkin in the world and that was authenticated by the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth in Germany, and he officially achieved that. 

00:10:12 Speaker 2 

Title on October 9th in 2016. 

00:10:16 Speaker 4 

Oh wow, not that long ago. 

00:10:18 Speaker 2 

Yeah, pretty recent, and I mean that's a. 

00:10:21 Speaker 2 

I mean that's a big pumpkin, although those things are super heavy, I'm just wondering like I would. 

00:10:22 Speaker 4 

2000 pounds. 

00:10:25 Speaker 2 

Need to see a picture of this pumpkin? 

00:10:26 Speaker 2 

Honestly like is it bigger than a car like I'm just curious. 

00:10:30 Speaker 4 

Yeah, is it long and flat or is it fall? 

00:10:33 Speaker 4 

Or is it? 

00:10:34 Speaker 4 

You know what I mean? 

00:10:34 Speaker 2 

I mean, there's something I could carve out and live inside because he's a tiny home. 

00:10:35 Speaker 4 

Like can you like? 

00:10:37 Speaker 4 


00:10:38 Speaker 4 

That's kind of what I'm saying. 

00:10:39 Speaker 4 

Like you can make. 

00:10:39 Speaker 4 

It like a pumpkin house. 

00:10:40 Speaker 2 

Yeah, mother Hubbard. 

00:10:42 Speaker 4 

Right, it may have like a little pumpkin jack-o'-lantern house exactly. 

00:10:46 Speaker 4 

That'd be pretty cool if they did something like that, it's probably nothing like that. 

00:10:49 Speaker 4 

It's probably just a big elongated silly looking thing that it's just like whatever, because pumpkins are dense man. 

00:10:55 Speaker 4 

If you go at the store you try to buy one of those things and you you pick it out. 

00:10:58 Speaker 4 

Those things weigh a good 20 pounds. 

00:11:00 Speaker 2 

Oh, I know. 

00:11:01 Speaker 2 

I know. 

00:11:02 Speaker 2 

That's why when you get the ones are like pay by the. 

00:11:03 Speaker 2 

Pound I'm like, ah, give me a flat rate. 

00:11:05 Speaker 4 


00:11:06 Speaker 2 

Flat rate please. 

00:11:07 Speaker 5 

Yeah, go and get me. 

00:11:08 Speaker 5 

Yeah, you know. 

00:11:09 Speaker 2 

Yeah, $5 here you go. I'm not paying by the pound. 

00:11:12 Speaker 1 


00:11:14 Speaker 4 

No, no, not paying my to pound. 

00:11:16 Speaker 4 

Shoot alright, so other facts, what does? 

00:11:19 Speaker 2 

It get I got one. 

00:11:20 Speaker 2 

This is pretty. 

00:11:22 Speaker 2 

The traditional version of trick or treating was called Solling Souling ING Solling. 

00:11:30 Speaker 4 

Sound like some email stuff. 

00:11:33 Speaker 2 

It sounds like some, but that's pretty cool, right? 

00:11:36 Speaker 2 

So this souling was a tradition that was recorded in parts of Britain, Flanders, southern Germany, and Austria in the 18th century, and it was considered a Christian practice. 

00:11:48 Speaker 2 

And it referred to an activity where the poor would visit the homes of the rich. 

00:11:52 Speaker 2 

To ask for. 

00:11:53 Speaker 2 

Soul cakes, I don't know exactly what soul cakes are. 

00:11:57 Speaker 2 

I didn't look into it, but that's what they would ask for. 

00:11:59 Speaker 2 

They would ask for soul cakes. 

00:12:01 Speaker 2 

That's why it was called souling. 

00:12:02 Speaker 2 

So after some years this tradition was taken over by the children and with the cakes replaced by sugary treats. 

00:12:09 Speaker 4 

Ah, OK. 

00:12:11 Speaker 2 

So I mean, who knows what they would say when they knocked on the door like? 

00:12:15 Speaker 4 

Can I have your soul? 

00:12:18 Speaker 2 

Jiggered, they definitely did say trick treat, so who knows? 

00:12:21 Speaker 2 

I mean, it'd be interesting to. 

00:12:21 Speaker 2 

Look into that a little more. 

00:12:23 Speaker 4 

Yeah, I'm curious to just find out when trick or treat even turned into like trick or treat then I. 

00:12:31 Speaker 4 

Say alright, how? 

00:12:31 Speaker 2 

That's a good question. 

00:12:31 Speaker 4 

About trick, you know. 

00:12:32 Speaker 2 

That's it, right? 

00:12:33 Speaker 2 

That's a good question that why haven't we looked into that? 

00:12:35 Speaker 2 

I'm surprised we never thought to like. 

00:12:36 Speaker 2 

Look into that maybe. 

00:12:38 Speaker 4 

Next year. 

00:12:39 Speaker 2 

Yeah, next. 

00:12:39 Speaker 2 

Show something to look forward to. 

00:12:40 Speaker 2 

Next year too and involved. 

00:12:42 Speaker 4 

Till then, pouch next year is gonna be a stunner. 

00:12:47 Speaker 6 

Gonna be a show stopper next year. 

00:12:48 Speaker 6 

's a trick or treat. 

00:12:52 Speaker 4 

I hate you. 

00:12:52 Speaker 6 

Don't in. 

00:12:52 Speaker 4 

You hate your *** 

00:12:56 Speaker 6 

Of me 

00:12:57 Speaker 4 

All right next. 

00:12:57 Speaker 2 

Got one more and then I'm turning it over to. 

00:12:59 Speaker 2 

You my last fun fact is which I also thought was pretty cool. 

00:13:00 Speaker 4 

All right, well she got. 

00:13:04 Speaker 2 

The fear there's a fear, the fear of Halloween is called Samhain. 

00:13:09 Speaker 2 

A phobia. 

00:13:11 Speaker 4 

Say that again. 

00:13:12 Speaker 2 

Samhain a phobia. 

00:13:14 Speaker 4 


00:13:15 Speaker 2 

So for a holiday largely revolving around fear, you may or may not be surprised that a fear of Halloween itself exists. 

00:13:23 Speaker 2 

Samhain Aphobia roots from ancient Pagan, of course. 

00:13:27 Speaker 2 

Traditions that come from Celtic Druids. 

00:13:30 Speaker 2 

This phobia is characterized by intense, persistent and abnormal fear of Halloween. 

00:13:35 Speaker 2 

And anything related to the traditions. 

00:13:39 Speaker 4 

You know what I say to that? 

00:13:41 Speaker 4 

Get over your damn self. 

00:13:43 Speaker 2 

Hey everybody, got you know there's people phobias they can't help it. 

00:13:46 Speaker 2 

They maybe, maybe they need. 

00:13:47 Speaker 2 

To do that, uh, that immersion therapy? 

00:13:51 Speaker 2 

Or they're just like shoved out into like a crazy Halloween situation. 

00:13:56 Speaker 2 

Face their fears. 

00:13:58 Speaker 4 

OK so can you elaborate? 

00:14:00 Speaker 4 

Explain what the hell a crazy Halloween situation would actually be. 

00:14:03 Speaker 2 

I mean that would depend on the person, right? 

00:14:05 Speaker 2 

I mean, if they're afraid of people when in masks, then they would have to go like around people that are dressed up if they're afraid of. 

00:14:12 Speaker 2 

Of Halloween haunted houses. 

00:14:15 Speaker 2 

Then they might have to be pushed into a house. 

00:14:18 Speaker 2 

I don't know if they're afraid of pumpkins and hay sticking in a pumpkin patch. 

00:14:22 Speaker 2 

I don't know. 


I don't know the fate of that. 

00:14:26 Speaker 4 

It's crazy people are scared of so much stuff. 

00:14:28 Speaker 4 

I mean, goodness gracious man, I thought I was crazy being scared of this coronavirus or I'm just like. 

00:14:35 Speaker 3 

Let's go. 

00:14:36 Speaker 2 

I you know what? 

00:14:37 Speaker 2 

There's nothing wrong with being. 

00:14:38 Speaker 2 

Afraid of that. 

00:14:39 Speaker 4 

Oh my gosh alright cool alright so let me see I have a. 

00:14:43 Speaker 4 

Couple of facts. 

00:14:43 Speaker 2 

What you got what you got? 

00:14:43 Speaker 4 

Too, alright, so it's a couple little fun facts. 

00:14:47 Speaker 4 

Alright, so the first one is this. 

00:14:49 Speaker 4 

America spends half a billion dollars on Halloween pet costumes each year what? 

00:14:59 Speaker 2 

It's a lot of dough. 

00:15:00 Speaker 4 

A half a billion dollars on pet costumes. 

00:15:03 Speaker 4 

Not even your own. 

00:15:04 Speaker 4 

Cost him a pet. 

00:15:06 Speaker 4 

So it goes on to say in 2019, researchers stated that Americans have spent nearly half a billion dollars on pet costumes for Halloween. Statistics also show a rising trend in households with pets partaking in the Halloween activity. 

00:15:21 Speaker 4 

So that means. 

00:15:22 Speaker 2 

How are they partaking? 

00:15:24 Speaker 3 

Got it. 

00:15:25 Speaker 4 

They're going bag snatching. 

00:15:29 Speaker 4 

There's run, run up only kids stuff and. 

00:15:31 Speaker 2 

Yeah, then people are training. 

00:15:32 Speaker 2 

Their dogs to do that, it's like. 

00:15:34 Speaker 2 

Go get him. 

00:15:35 Speaker 1 

Go get. 

00:15:35 Speaker 2 

That bag of candy. 

00:15:36 Speaker 4 

Grab info bags. 

00:15:37 Speaker 2 

I don't want that candy corn either bring. 

00:15:38 Speaker 2 

Back some Reese's pieces. 

00:15:39 Speaker 7 


00:15:40 Speaker 3 

You know, so I guess I guess. 

00:15:43 Speaker 4 

I know what it really is. 

00:15:44 Speaker 4 

We're just playing around, but you know, they take. 

00:15:45 Speaker 4 

Your pet up to the door and the dog is or or the cat or whatever animal is just up as something. 

00:15:52 Speaker 4 

And so I mean, imagine like a little tiny public dress up. 

00:15:55 Speaker 4 

It's like baby yellow, that'd be. 

00:15:57 Speaker 4 

Pretty cute. 

00:15:57 Speaker 2 

Oh my gosh, I have to say you know, you see the little costumes cracks me up every time. 

00:16:02 Speaker 2 

The little costumes where they put their front legs in in the in the costume and then they have like a front shot of them walking towards you and it. 

00:16:09 Speaker 2 

Just looks like they're on two legs, right? 

00:16:12 Speaker 2 

Every time oh it gets me every time I can't I can't. 

00:16:15 Speaker 4 

And that's why we spend a half a billion dollars on Halloween pet costumes each year. 

00:16:21 Speaker 4 

Oh my God. 


And that's why. 

00:16:22 Speaker 4 

So as of 2019, the most popular choices for Halloween pet costumes include just do a wild guess for one that I'm. 

00:16:30 Speaker 4 

Just going to read. 

00:16:31 Speaker 2 

On most most popular for any pet. 

00:16:34 Speaker 2 

You don't like any pet a witch? 

00:16:35 Speaker 4 

Most popular choices for Halloween pet costumes. 

00:16:38 Speaker 6 

A witch. 

00:16:39 Speaker 4 

OK, you're wrong. 

00:16:40 Speaker 4 

All right moving on. 

00:16:41 Speaker 2 

I don't even know what. 

00:16:43 Speaker 4 

Include a pumpkin. 

00:16:45 Speaker 2 

OK, and uh, I don't know. 

00:16:47 Speaker 2 

Duck freaking no. 

00:16:49 Speaker 4 

A hot dog. 

00:16:50 Speaker 2 

OK, yes, that makes sense. 

00:16:52 Speaker 4 

A superhero and a bumblebee. 

00:16:54 Speaker 6 


00:16:56 Speaker 4 

What OK? 

00:16:56 Speaker 2 

Oh cute. 

00:16:57 Speaker 5 

I thought, yeah, that that's that's that cat. 

00:17:00 Speaker 6 

Hit my bumble bee. 

00:17:00 Speaker 4 

It's just so babies. 

00:17:02 Speaker 4 

Usually the babies do that, use our little baby. 

00:17:04 Speaker 2 

And then yeah, no, that's true. 

00:17:05 Speaker 2 

Like any costume that you would put on a little baby, you can, just you know. 

00:17:10 Speaker 2 

Consign it and second hand it to the frigging pet. 

00:17:13 Speaker 4 

Exactly alright. Next fact. Next fact is since 2011 Halloween celebrations have been slowly declining over the years. I know the answer for this one. I know it's I don't need to. 

00:17:24 Speaker 4 

But I'm guessing because kids nowadays are just out of freaking control, so they're out there. 

00:17:30 Speaker 4 

It is getting too crazy and probably fights or committing crimes and doing all this craziness. 

00:17:35 Speaker 4 

That's probably what it is nowadays, but I'll read. 

00:17:38 Speaker 4 

I'll read the actual answer because I totally believe that, and I mean that just. 

00:17:43 Speaker 4 

You know, it just seems to be the right thing to do. 

00:17:46 Speaker 4 

So a research study conducted in 2018 has found that the number of Halloween related celebrations have slowly begun to decline in the United States since 2011. 

00:17:56 Speaker 4 

This is mainly due to changes in recent trends and laws that forbid teenagers in certain states from trick or treating. 

00:18:03 Speaker 4 

What states are, though, please tell me. 

00:18:06 Speaker 5 

You can't. 

00:18:06 Speaker 2 

There's a bunch. 

00:18:07 Speaker 2 

There's actually I actually saw this callif. 

00:18:12 Speaker 2 

Now I don't remember the other states off the top of my head. 

00:18:13 Speaker 4 

I'm not surprised. 

00:18:14 Speaker 2 

I don't have it right in front of me, but there are some counties in California and towns and whatnot that don't let those are like a cutoff age. 

00:18:21 Speaker 2 

So if you're 13 and above, you're not allowed like if you get caught doing it. 

00:18:25 Speaker 2 

It's it's a, it's a crime. 

00:18:27 Speaker 4 

That is so ******** You know what California does? 

00:18:30 Speaker 7 

But how did? 

00:18:30 Speaker 4 

Not surprise me with anything quite. 



00:18:32 Speaker 4 

Honestly, it they don't so positive with anything. 

00:18:33 Speaker 2 

But how do they even know like kids at that age don't have ID's? So I mean like. 

00:18:36 Speaker 4 

Well, we we get these crazy Karen's. 

00:18:38 Speaker 4 

Out there, they've been like. 

00:18:39 Speaker 4 

Oh, he looks older than 15 years old. 

00:18:41 Speaker 4 

I feel threatened not gonna call the cops, that's. 

00:18:45 Speaker 2 

So that's so the the work around on that is you find your friend that looks the youngest, the youngest in the group and send them out to collect all the candy and then split it. 

00:18:53 Speaker 4 


00:18:56 Speaker 4 

Halloween pimpin 

00:18:59 Speaker 2 

That's their Halloween trick or treat work. 

00:19:00 Speaker 5 

Around, right, that's right. 

00:19:02 Speaker 2 

For the for the children's. 

00:19:03 Speaker 4 

It's pimpin pimpin. 

00:19:06 Speaker 4 

All right last one alright. 

00:19:08 Speaker 2 

I'm ready. 

00:19:09 Speaker 4 

You missed saying. 

00:19:10 Speaker 4 

Halloween is considered the new year for those who practice Wicca Wicca, what Wicca, who? 

00:19:19 Speaker 2 

With wet. 

00:19:21 Speaker 4 

So for folks, I don't know what which is, it's just a type of it's witchery. 

00:19:28 Speaker 4 

Things like that, I can't. 

00:19:29 Speaker 4 

I don't know, Colleen. 

00:19:30 Speaker 4 

You're the. 

00:19:31 Speaker 2 

No, don't even start. 

00:19:31 Speaker 4 

You're the you're our wish. 

00:19:34 Speaker 2 

No, just stop, huh? 

00:19:35 Speaker 4 

Here our neighborhood. 

00:19:36 Speaker 4 

Which like, can you explain what the hell which is just a religion? 

00:19:38 Speaker 4 

I guess so. 

00:19:39 Speaker 2 

I don't know. 

00:19:40 Speaker 2 

It is a spiritual practice. 

00:19:42 Speaker 1 


00:19:42 Speaker 4 

Thank you. 

00:19:43 Speaker 4 

So that's what they do, so it's Halloween for them. 

00:19:47 Speaker 4 

So for weekends, Halloween is often considered the new year of witches during this time, and it's believed that both the world of the undead and the living are closer together compared to any other time of the year. 

00:20:07 Speaker 2 

Why do we both start going? 

00:20:08 Speaker 2 

At the same time. 

00:20:12 Speaker 4 

Yeah, that was not planned I. 

00:20:13 Speaker 4 

Would just like. 

00:20:17 Speaker 4 

Oh God, alright. 

00:20:17 Speaker 1 

That's funny. 

00:20:18 Speaker 4 

So those are all my fun facts. 

00:20:19 Speaker 2 

Yeah, So what I'll do is I will link a link. 

00:20:24 Speaker 2 

I will link a link into the show notes, so if you guys want to know some more fun facts related to this holiday you can feel free to peruse. 

00:20:32 Speaker 2 

At your leisure. 

00:20:34 Speaker 4 

All right, so now since we talked about all these little things here, let's go over the Halloween rituals and pastimes. 

00:20:45 Speaker 2 

Yeah, I mean like we can talk about just some things that we have done or are familiar with. 

00:20:52 Speaker 2 

Like the guys listening. 

00:20:53 Speaker 2 

This is not like we're not going over like all of Halloween rituals and stuff. 

00:20:57 Speaker 2 

It's just kind of stuff that we. 

00:20:58 Speaker 2 

We have had experience with. 

00:21:00 Speaker 4 

Yeah, it's just us, it's just us. 

00:21:01 Speaker 4 

We're not talking about, this isn't going to be a learning thing because we all know what the hell Halloween is, right? 

00:21:06 Speaker 4 

So we're gonna talk about. 

00:21:07 Speaker 4 

This stuff, so let me give nothing. 

00:21:08 Speaker 2 

If you don't know what Halloween is, please go back and listen to last year's episode. The spooky stuff episode, because Seth gave a very in depth, detailed elaborate if. 

00:21:19 Speaker 7 

I did actually. 

00:21:20 Speaker 7 

It was very educational. 

00:21:20 Speaker 2 

Definition and Sidney and I were cracking up because. 

00:21:21 Speaker 4 

I learned a lot. 

00:21:24 Speaker 2 

He was just like. 

00:21:25 Speaker 6 

All Hallows Eve and Ye Olde Saints. 

00:21:28 Speaker 2 

I mean, there was. 

00:21:29 Speaker 2 

There's a lot to it, so if you want to know, go back and listen. 

00:21:33 Speaker 4 

Why do you have my voice sound like Mr Peanut? 

00:21:36 Speaker 4 

That's not right. 

00:21:37 Speaker 2 

Doesn't Mr. 

00:21:38 Speaker 2 

Peanut have a voice? 

00:21:39 Speaker 2 

I didn't know that. 

00:21:40 Speaker 4 

He does, I think. 

00:21:41 Speaker 4 

It talks like this Amelle Mr. 

00:21:44 Speaker 4 

I don't know. 

00:21:44 Speaker 2 

Well, if he did have a voice, that's exactly what he. 

00:21:46 Speaker 4 

Would sound like Oh my God. 

00:21:47 Speaker 4 

Well let me get my rituals and pastimes out of here. 

00:21:50 Speaker 4 

You know why? 

00:21:50 Speaker 4 

Because I already Pooh poohed it, so costumes all right. 

00:21:53 Speaker 4 

So this is actually kind of a confession corner type situation, because I've actually always had lame. 



00:22:02 Speaker 2 

Well, I mean, you did say in the beginning of this episode that you never dressed up as a kid, so if that's the case, when did you start dressing up? 

00:22:13 Speaker 4 

When I was a little bit older and it wasn't really even, it's kind of a failed. 

00:22:16 Speaker 4 

This is in college. 

00:22:17 Speaker 4 

Actually I went to like I actually borrowed a costume. 

00:22:18 Speaker 2 


00:22:20 Speaker 4 

I was a spaceman. 

00:22:22 Speaker 4 

That was probably the best costume I've ever had. 

00:22:26 Speaker 4 

For those that know me that were at that party, it was in College Park, MD and that was that was a Halloween party where the deck fell and that was I had the helmet and everything. 


Oh SH. 

00:22:36 Speaker 4 

I had the helmet on they had. 

00:22:37 Speaker 4 

The little space suit. 

00:22:38 Speaker 2 

I heard about this. 

00:22:38 Speaker 4 

And everything, yeah, so that was a part as a Halloween party. 

00:22:41 Speaker 2 

Was it a private house? 

00:22:43 Speaker 4 

Yep, Yep, and so that was the best customer I've ever had and that was back in probably 2000, maybe 2001. Very long time ago. Back in the college days. So anyway, so. 

00:22:53 Speaker 2 

Did you make it yourself? 

00:22:54 Speaker 4 

No, I borrowed it from somebody that I think it was their dads or something. 



00:22:57 Speaker 4 

I just say, well, kind of borrow this and so yeah, great. 

00:22:59 Speaker 4 

So I just took it, sorry. 

00:23:01 Speaker 4 

That was the best costume I ever had, so. 

00:23:02 Speaker 2 

And that was your very first dress up experience. 

00:23:05 Speaker 4 

Mom, all the ones I dressed up as you know, when you can never think of anything. 

00:23:10 Speaker 4 

I just passed a ninja so we're all black. 

00:23:14 Speaker 2 

Something easy. 

00:23:16 Speaker 4 

Right, so I've had pretty lame costumes, but anyway, yeah, so that's what about. 

00:23:21 Speaker 4 

You baby what do you got? 

00:23:23 Speaker 2 

I mean, I, I I've, I've been dressing up my whole life, it was just always a thing in the even the elementary school I went to. 

00:23:30 Speaker 2 

I mean, we always did a whole thing every year, so everybody would dress up. 

00:23:34 Speaker 2 

We have a parade up and down the road and you know that's. 

00:23:37 Speaker 2 

Just how it was, some of the the A parade. 

00:23:39 Speaker 4 

Grade A wait a minute. 

00:23:41 Speaker 2 

A Halloween parade? 

00:23:43 Speaker 2 

Yes, all the kids. 

00:23:44 Speaker 2 

They still do it. 

00:23:45 Speaker 2 

You know, kids still do it to this day. 

00:23:47 Speaker 2 

It's just like on Halloween day, like or whatever day they're celebrating Halloween in school. 

00:23:53 Speaker 2 

All the little kids dress up, you know everybody dressed up and they just have a little parade that goes. 

00:23:57 Speaker 2 

I don't know around the parking lot or up and down the street or whatever. 

00:24:01 Speaker 2 

You know, maybe some schools. 

00:24:02 Speaker 2 

Don't do it, but. 

00:24:03 Speaker 2 

The majority of them still do. 

00:24:06 Speaker 2 

Strange, I mean it's kind of cool and and you know you're just kind of like showing off and the parents would be there just. 

00:24:11 Speaker 2 

Like watching you or just like. 

00:24:12 Speaker 2 

Yeah, I'm in a. 

00:24:13 Speaker 2 

Parade like walking down the street in your little costume or whatever, but I do. 

00:24:15 Speaker 4 

Oh my gosh. 

00:24:16 Speaker 1 

All right? 

00:24:17 Speaker 2 

I do remember back then like I I had lots of different costumes. 

00:24:21 Speaker 2 

Obviously, you know random stuff that that I made or my grandmother made. 

00:24:24 Speaker 2 

Or whatever. 

00:24:25 Speaker 2 

But uhm. 

00:24:26 Speaker 2 

One that stands out to me is one year I was a I was a hobo. 

00:24:31 Speaker 2 

I know just a hobo like I got some random crap at the thrift store and put some like dirt on my cheeks and I I think there's a picture of me in that hobo costume on Facebook. 

00:24:44 Speaker 2 

I'll have to find it, but. 

00:24:45 Speaker 4 

That would get you cancelled that. 

00:24:48 Speaker 4 

That's a constant that will get you cancelled nowadays. 

00:24:51 Speaker 2 

Oh, that's true, I guess so. 

00:24:51 Speaker 4 

I'm homeless. 

00:24:52 Speaker 4 

I'm a hobo. 

00:24:53 Speaker 4 

Like Oh my gosh, this is I never that's just so terrible. 



00:24:55 Speaker 2 

I know, Oh yeah. 

00:24:57 Speaker 4 

You know these are hungry people out there, always hungry people and you're just doing that like that. 

00:24:58 Speaker 2 

Again, I'm Karen. 

00:25:08 Speaker 2 

They sound. 

00:25:09 Speaker 4 

It's like a health care in South. 

00:25:14 Speaker 6 

This is unacceptable. 

00:25:15 Speaker 4 

That's another one of those lame costumes that you don't. 

00:25:17 Speaker 4 

You don't have anything else. 

00:25:18 Speaker 4 

You still some during your face and. 

00:25:19 Speaker 4 

Do some trash bags and stick. 

00:25:20 Speaker 4 

Them to you. 

00:25:21 Speaker 2 

Then herobox I can't remember exact. 

00:25:24 Speaker 2 

I had, like almost like a it was kind of like a hobo cowboy situation. 

00:25:28 Speaker 2 

If I if I remember correctly, there's just some random things that I was wearing, but. 

00:25:33 Speaker 2 

Yeah I was. 

00:25:34 Speaker 2 

That was the hobo. 

00:25:35 Speaker 4 

Wow hashtag made up. 

00:25:37 Speaker 2 

But yeah, hobo. 

00:25:38 Speaker 2 

Back then it was just like when you thought of hobos, you thought like old old school like movies like old movies of people living by the by the train tracks. 

00:25:46 Speaker 2 

I mean that's. 

00:25:49 Speaker 4 

It's crazy nowadays. 

00:25:49 Speaker 2 

I'm like OK. 

00:25:51 Speaker 4 

You probably would never think about that. 

00:25:52 Speaker 4 

You again, you probably get sent home or you some letters to be out or they put you they they docs you somehow and on the social media. 

00:26:01 Speaker 4 

It's ridiculous nowadays. 

00:26:02 Speaker 4 

You can't even do costumes anymore. 

00:26:04 Speaker 4 

It's ridiculous. 

00:26:05 Speaker 4 

Don't even get me started on this. 

00:26:06 Speaker 4 

I'm already poo poo on Halloween so don't get me started. 

00:26:08 Speaker 4 

Why are we even doing this? 

00:26:09 Speaker 4 

Podcast I'm just being curmudgeonly because. 

00:26:12 Speaker 4 

'cause you can't do anything anymore like the funny costumes or something like that. 

00:26:16 Speaker 4 

Like you being a hobo like, oh, I'm homeless and you find so woke person. 

00:26:20 Speaker 4 

That would just say, you know, don't get me started on. 

00:26:22 Speaker 4 

This nonsense, don't you? 

00:26:24 Speaker 5 

Yeah, you know, yeah, you don't get me started yeah yeah get me started. 

00:26:25 Speaker 2 

Hey no. 

00:26:28 Speaker 2 

Alright, well then I will mention another costume that stands out to me that I did. 

00:26:32 Speaker 2 

There was another year that I just dressed up as a zombie and I was a bit like a a young zombie like a fresh zombie and it. 

00:26:39 Speaker 1 


00:26:40 Speaker 2 

Was at a. 

00:26:41 Speaker 2 

The whole reason was that we were doing a zombie bar crawl at the same time and it was. 

00:26:44 Speaker 4 


00:26:45 Speaker 2 

It was really cool 'cause I got to do the whole like you know this time of year also is girls a girl chance to kind of do the sluti thing you know and not get in trouble for it so. 

00:26:55 Speaker 7 

Yes, Sir. 

00:26:57 Speaker 2 

That was that year. 

00:26:58 Speaker 2 

You know I did that and it was it was. 

00:27:01 Speaker 2 

A lot of fun. 

00:27:02 Speaker 4 

Oh, I'll take those pictures. 

00:27:03 Speaker 2 

Oh, I'll find their Facebook too. 

00:27:06 Speaker 4 

Oh yeah, that's the one thing I do like about costumes. 

00:27:09 Speaker 4 

You know the girls get. 

00:27:10 Speaker 3 

A chance. 

00:27:10 Speaker 4 

To be sluti. 

00:27:12 Speaker 4 

And get away with it. 

00:27:14 Speaker 4 

You know it got the ***** flopping everywhere 'cause they dressed up like those. 

00:27:19 Speaker 4 

Not much. 

00:27:19 Speaker 4 

I like the Princess. 

00:27:20 Speaker 4 

You got the stuff all there. 

00:27:21 Speaker 4 

Yeah, I kind of like that. 

00:27:23 Speaker 4 

I actually like some of the really creative costumes. 

00:27:26 Speaker 4 

It's it's pretty funny. 

00:27:27 Speaker 4 

I mean one time in college part. 

00:27:29 Speaker 4 

During Halloween time parties and this guy had all this like plastic bags about around him and all that kind of stuff and I was like where do you he said? 

00:27:39 Speaker 4 

White trash 

00:27:41 Speaker 2 

Perfect, but that would also get you cancelled nowadays, probably. 

00:27:45 Speaker 4 

Nowadays it probably gets you cancelled, but anyway, you know it's all good. 

00:27:48 Speaker 4 

It's all good so. 

00:27:51 Speaker 4 

Now let's talk about the stuff that we both can absolutely like about it. 

00:27:54 Speaker 4 

What about candy? 

00:27:56 Speaker 2 

Well, I'm not a big candy person these days, but back in the day, obviously as a kid I freaking love candy and some of it was great. 

00:28:04 Speaker 2 

So it was absolutely terrible. 

00:28:06 Speaker 4 

Alright, let's go for the ones that used to like you. 

00:28:08 Speaker 2 

First Oh my gosh, racy PCs for sure. 

00:28:11 Speaker 2 

Basically anything like chocolate and I love love love like blow pops and Tootsie pops. 

00:28:17 Speaker 4 

I bet you let them blow pops down silly. 

00:28:22 Speaker 2 

But hey, I will throw in actually that year that I did the study zombie thing. 

00:28:26 Speaker 2 

I carried her. 

00:28:27 Speaker 2 

Oh actually, oh, I'm thinking about uh oh, I got my years mixed up. 

00:28:27 Speaker 4 

You carried on a blowpop what? 

00:28:32 Speaker 2 

There was also a year that I did a little Red Riding Hood, which was also a really fun costume and that year I carried around a big basket and I had it filled with blow pops out. 

00:28:35 Speaker 4 


00:28:42 Speaker 2 

Just handed them out to everybody. 

00:28:43 Speaker 4 

Nice sounds, so cool costumes. 

00:28:44 Speaker 2 

Well, kind of like blending in my raver days of handing out candy and Vicks masks to everybody. 

00:28:50 Speaker 4 

No, that's awesome. 

00:28:51 Speaker 4 

No, that's I don't like that one. 

00:28:53 Speaker 4 

That's good. 

00:28:53 Speaker 4 

That's good. 

00:28:54 Speaker 2 

What about you? 

00:28:54 Speaker 2 

What's your candy stuff? 

00:28:57 Speaker 4 

Candy ah I would say Tootsie Rolls Tootsie roll. 


Stacey roll 

00:29:03 Speaker 4 

I like Tootsie rolls. 

00:29:04 Speaker 4 

I do love the Reses reses are really good. 

00:29:07 Speaker 4 

And the best, oh man, when you put him in the freezer. 

00:29:10 Speaker 4 

Oh man, another so there's so much better little crunching. 

00:29:13 Speaker 4 

He just loved them things, Kit Kats, another big one. 

00:29:16 Speaker 4 

I love Kit Kats so when it comes to chocolate I'm all about the chocolate stuff but when it comes to like the confectionery or you know. 

00:29:26 Speaker 4 

Airheads really good. 

00:29:30 Speaker 4 

Oh, you can't? 

00:29:30 Speaker 4 

What about the bottle caps? 

00:29:31 Speaker 4 

I said love the bottle caps. 

00:29:32 Speaker 2 

Ooh no. 

00:29:34 Speaker 4 

Oh man, see I can't go trick or treating with you. 

00:29:35 Speaker 2 

Don't like any of that stuff. 

00:29:36 Speaker 4 

Anymore I can't go trick or treating now. 

00:29:37 Speaker 2 

No, actually you could because I would just give you all that crap I'll give. 

00:29:40 Speaker 2 

It to you see. 

00:29:40 Speaker 4 

Yeah, but then you'll want my chocolate, and that's not happening. 

00:29:42 Speaker 2 

No, no, I I I could I'd. 

00:29:44 Speaker 2 

Be like, well, just give me one, give me one and I'll give you all my other stuff. 

00:29:46 Speaker 4 

You're so nice. 

00:29:48 Speaker 4 

Oh, you're so nice. 

00:29:48 Speaker 2 

I I I'm good at sharing. 

00:29:51 Speaker 4 

Less about what I hate. 

00:29:52 Speaker 4 

Please I have two and I'm also going to combine this with a fun fact. 

00:29:56 Speaker 2 


00:29:58 Speaker 4 

Candy corn 

00:30:00 Speaker 2 

I think everybody hates candy corn. 

00:30:02 Speaker 2 

If you like candy corn, I would like to know, please let me know. 

00:30:05 Speaker 2 

And why do you like it? 

00:30:07 Speaker 4 

Please and send it to so I can delete it. 

00:30:15 Speaker 2 

Hey guys, I really love it delete. 

00:30:20 Speaker 4 

I wanna delete this **** out no? 

00:30:21 Speaker 2 

Not even read the whole thing. 

00:30:23 Speaker 4 

If the subject says I like candy corn, it's not even going to make it. 

00:30:28 Speaker 5 

It's going straight to. 

00:30:29 Speaker 4 

The junk folder. 

00:30:31 Speaker 4 

And I will block you. 

00:30:36 Speaker 4 

Candy corn is so terrible. 

00:30:37 Speaker 4 

I didn't. 

00:30:38 Speaker 4 

I cannot believe people actually eat the candy corn. 

00:30:42 Speaker 4 

It is disgusting. 

00:30:43 Speaker 1 


00:30:43 Speaker 4 

It's all nothing but gritty. 

00:30:44 Speaker 2 

Why is it still? 

00:30:45 Speaker 2 

Why does it still exist? 

00:30:46 Speaker 2 

Why is it still? 

00:30:47 Speaker 2 

At the store I don't understand. 

00:30:49 Speaker 4 

And then these people are trying to get all creative on Insta and all this other stuff on Pinterest. 

00:30:54 Speaker 4 

You do like the melted candy corn and put that over a cupcake. 

00:30:57 Speaker 4 

I mean come on y'all. 

00:30:58 Speaker 4 

It's terrible. 

00:30:59 Speaker 4 

Why are you even doing that now? 

00:31:01 Speaker 4 

He goes a fun fact, fun fact about candy corn. 



00:31:04 Speaker 4 

Alright, even though I hate it. 

00:31:06 Speaker 4 

And if you eat it in front of me, you might get Russian sickle. 

00:31:09 Speaker 4 

I don't know, so the fun fact is you can actually take candy corn and you can stack them into circle, stack, stack, stack, stack. 

00:31:19 Speaker 4 

And guess what's going to make an ear of corn, wow. 

00:31:24 Speaker 4 

So you can absolutely stack candy corn in a pile in a circle, and then when you're done, it will look like an ear of corn. 

00:31:35 Speaker 4 

I swear to you. 

00:31:37 Speaker 4 

Vector fun facts. 

00:31:38 Speaker 2 

I just, uh, OK, I'm just like OK, who has time for that? 

00:31:42 Speaker 2 

But you know, it kind of reminds me of those little wooden puzzles when you're describing it. 

00:31:47 Speaker 2 

It made me think of those little wooden puzzle thingies that you're trying to. 

00:31:51 Speaker 2 

You know, configure or just balance or whatever. 

00:31:54 Speaker 2 

You know I'm talking about. 

00:31:55 Speaker 4 

What are you talking about? 

00:31:56 Speaker 4 

I don't. 

00:31:56 Speaker 4 

Know tell Tom McDonald. 

00:31:57 Speaker 2 

Wooden puzzles 

00:32:00 Speaker 2 

Somebody out there knows what I'm talking about. 

00:32:00 Speaker 4 

I'm confused, a wooden puzzle that I'm confused. 

00:32:03 Speaker 2 

Yes, like the like the No, not the flat ones. 

00:32:04 Speaker 4 

Is this flat or what? 

00:32:06 Speaker 2 

The actual like 3 dimensional ones that you can like. 

00:32:09 Speaker 2 

Pick up stack. 

00:32:11 Speaker 2 

Turn around like those types of things. 

00:32:13 Speaker 4 

Moving on, I don't know how you talking about. 

00:32:17 Speaker 2 

Seth lives under. 

00:32:18 Speaker 2 

A rock. 

00:32:19 Speaker 4 

I do. 

00:32:20 Speaker 2 

This is where I'm throw. 

00:32:20 Speaker 4 

I saw you baby. 

00:32:21 Speaker 2 

I'm throwing the living under. 

00:32:22 Speaker 2 

A rock thing back at you. 

00:32:24 Speaker 3 

Down in a hole. 

00:32:27 Speaker 6 

Motion control. 

00:32:28 Speaker 4 

Oh alright, so I went over what I hate obviously, and that's pretty much the only one kidney that I really can't stand. 

00:32:35 Speaker 4 

I mean Twizzlers, I can deal with those. 

00:32:37 Speaker 4 

I mean there's a. 

00:32:37 Speaker 4 

Couple things I like, but you know the the chocolate is. 

00:32:40 Speaker 4 

Word out to really get when it comes to the mic and I so I I like that stuff too and I love. 

00:32:46 Speaker 4 

I don't know how often you got it by. 

00:32:48 Speaker 4 

So loved the little. 

00:32:49 Speaker 7 

Cracker Jacks used to get those. 

00:32:50 Speaker 2 

Oh my God, yes, of course. 

00:32:52 Speaker 4 

Tear them things off. 

00:32:52 Speaker 2 

Cracker Jacks are amazing, especially 'cause they would come with an extra little prize. 

00:32:55 Speaker 2 

In there, what is that? 

00:32:57 Speaker 7 

A crackerjack prize? 

00:33:00 Speaker 6 

What you got now, Cracker Jack. 

00:33:01 Speaker 4 

Box you have to love that stuff and you didn't really get a lot of those back in days, so it's kind of a nice little treat so. 

00:33:07 Speaker 2 

Well I did 'cause I grew up with my grandparents and my my grandfather loved crackerjacks so Cracker Jacks are always around the house and it was just extra bonus at Halloween time. 

00:33:17 Speaker 2 

Like yes. 

00:33:18 Speaker 4 

Yeah, those at night. 

00:33:18 Speaker 4 

You know I don't know. 

00:33:19 Speaker 2 

Yes, stick on and stick on tattoo. 

00:33:19 Speaker 5 

If you can imply that anymore. 

00:33:22 Speaker 4 

We should send each other some Halloween gifts. 

00:33:24 Speaker 4 

I'm going to send you some crackerjack but yeah, send me crackerjack. 

00:33:25 Speaker 2 


00:33:27 Speaker 4 

To sound like that. 

00:33:27 Speaker 2 

I'm gonna send you a big gas bag of candy. 

00:33:32 Speaker 4 

I will find you and I will beat you over the. 

00:33:34 Speaker 4 

Head with it too. 

00:33:35 Speaker 4 

Actually, you know what? 

00:33:36 Speaker 2 

That could do some damage. 

00:33:37 Speaker 4 

100% nasty ascore. 

00:33:40 Speaker 4 

You know what I'm going to do? 

00:33:41 Speaker 4 

I'm going to I'm going to stack all those things I'm going to stack it up, stack it and. 

00:33:45 Speaker 4 

Make it a nice. 

00:33:46 Speaker 4 

Thing on corn and shove it right up your *** 

00:33:51 Speaker 5 

Yeah, yeah. 

00:33:54 Speaker 6 

Gosh Dang disgusting. 

00:33:54 Speaker 4 

That's my, that's my revenge. 

00:33:56 Speaker 4 

If I was. 

00:33:56 Speaker 4 

If I was a killer, that's it. 

00:33:59 Speaker 4 

But but anyway, yeah, we can talk about. 

00:34:00 Speaker 4 

That later OK OK. 

00:34:02 Speaker 4 

Alright, so you know what I missed. 

00:34:04 Speaker 4 

I missed the Pixie sticks. 

00:34:06 Speaker 2 

Well, sugar high. 

00:34:08 Speaker 4 

Have you ever snorted any of still a truth? 

00:34:13 Speaker 2 

As a kid, yes, we. 

00:34:14 Speaker 2 

I think everybody did that or just a little bit. 

00:34:17 Speaker 2 

You know, just like this, yes, I think. 

00:34:18 Speaker 3 

Just do a little key hit. 

00:34:21 Speaker 2 

Little bump picking stick competition. 

00:34:23 Speaker 5 

Two biggest impulse it's going to. 

00:34:25 Speaker 5 

Be a loud party tonight. 

00:34:28 Speaker 2 

OK, now you have to answer. 

00:34:29 Speaker 2 

You put me on the spot and you're gonna probably be like no, I didn't do that. 

00:34:31 Speaker 2 

Are you crazy? 

00:34:32 Speaker 4 

Have I? 

00:34:34 Speaker 4 

I think the short answer is yes. 

00:34:35 Speaker 4 

I'm pretty sure I did. 

00:34:35 Speaker 2 

OK, OK. 

00:34:37 Speaker 4 

I mean, come on. 

00:34:38 Speaker 4 

I mean it comes out the little. 

00:34:39 Speaker 3 

Straw accomplishments person just. 

00:34:41 Speaker 7 

Put up, I don't know. 

00:34:41 Speaker 1 

It's like. 

00:34:43 Speaker 2 

It's just like setting him up. 

00:34:44 Speaker 2 

It's just like the candy. 

00:34:45 Speaker 2 

Cigarettes when you're a kid. 

00:34:46 Speaker 4 

Right exactly 

00:34:48 Speaker 2 

They don't make those anymore, do they? 

00:34:49 Speaker 2 

But those were fun and like, but also you know you know just just setting people up, setting these kids up to be smokers. 

00:34:56 Speaker 2 

'cause they're. 

00:34:56 Speaker 2 

Like, oh, we're so. 

00:34:57 Speaker 4 

Acul there is zero way that they are selling that anywhere on this planet. 

00:35:02 Speaker 2 

I bet you could find him, but it's definitely. 

00:35:05 Speaker 2 

I'm sure it's frowned upon. 

00:35:06 Speaker 4 

In a museum, there's no way you're gonna. 

00:35:09 Speaker 4 

You're finding in a museum. 

00:35:11 Speaker 4 

First of all, even back then you know with a cigarette I. 

00:35:14 Speaker 6 

Back in the olden days we had candy cigarettes with powdered sugar and make it look like smoke. 

00:35:14 Speaker 4 

Had a little. 

00:35:21 Speaker 4 

It was crazy they had. 

00:35:22 Speaker 3 

The powder cigarette in there. 

00:35:22 Speaker 2 

And then it turned into bubble gum. 

00:35:24 Speaker 4 

That gun was already been aged for 30 years. 

00:35:26 Speaker 6 

It was. 

00:35:27 Speaker 1 

I know. 

00:35:28 Speaker 5 

It was in the 90s. 

00:35:30 Speaker 2 

It was so hard that mom was like hard as a freaking rock. 

00:35:34 Speaker 3 

It was hard. 

00:35:34 Speaker 4 

Cell, so it was already aged from, like from the 1940s. 

00:35:39 Speaker 4 

Yeah, and we're eating his gum in in the early early 90s, so it was already that old, so there's no way it'll probably be in a museum. 

00:35:45 Speaker 1 

Oh God. 

00:35:47 Speaker 4 

I guarantee it'll be in a museum. 

00:35:49 Speaker 4 

Probably like the Philip Morris Museum. 

00:35:53 Speaker 2 

And this is how we got. 

00:35:54 Speaker 2 

Him hooked. 

00:35:56 Speaker 4 

Legit, so the younger people that are listening this right now. 

00:36:00 Speaker 4 

They were actually cigarettes. 

00:36:01 Speaker 4 

We forgot the name of them. 

00:36:03 Speaker 4 

I don't know what they are. 

00:36:04 Speaker 4 

Those bubble gum cigarettes and they would sell them and look like a pack of cigarettes. 

00:36:08 Speaker 2 

Yeah, no just candy. 

00:36:09 Speaker 2 

Cigarettes sold in the shape of a pack of cigarettes. 

00:36:12 Speaker 2 

You'd open it up just like a pack of cigarettes and they were in there just like cigarettes and you pull them out and you would just you would suck on them like like suck it in and then you would blow it out. 

00:36:22 Speaker 2 

And what you'd be blowing out is powdered sugar. 

00:36:26 Speaker 4 

To make it emulate smoke. 

00:36:28 Speaker 2 

Look yes. 

00:36:29 Speaker 4 

What the hell we doing? 

00:36:30 Speaker 2 

And when you were done sucking and blowing on this damn little candy cigarette 'cause then it would eventually turn. 

00:36:35 Speaker 4 

You unlocked the paper. 

00:36:36 Speaker 2 

It would eventually turn into a little mush or whatever, then you just chew it 'cause it was basically bubble gum. 

00:36:41 Speaker 4 

Crazy me, we were while back Gameboy allowed. 


In a. 

00:36:44 Speaker 6 

While then what? 

00:36:46 Speaker 4 

You wilin out back in the day. 

00:36:50 Speaker 4 

Wow, so young folks. 

00:36:51 Speaker 5 

Out there y'all Eno yeah ina. 

00:36:53 Speaker 2 

Morning mail. 

00:36:54 Speaker 4 

Oh man, it's great. 

00:36:57 Speaker 4 

Oh, this is a fun episode. 

00:36:58 Speaker 4 

We'll go like back in a day buffet I. 

00:37:00 Speaker 4 

Love it, this is great. 

00:37:00 Speaker 2 

I know I love back in the day Buffet. 

00:37:02 Speaker 2 

Well, let's keep going back in the day Buffet. 

00:37:04 Speaker 2 

What about like? 

00:37:05 Speaker 2 

Do you ever do any like pranks or like crazy decorating? 

00:37:08 Speaker 2 

Like tell me what's up? 

00:37:09 Speaker 4 

Oh man, this what the boys use dollars. 

00:37:11 Speaker 4 

Dude I doubt girls did this but we used to always go pumpkin smashing that was so much damn fun man. 

00:37:16 Speaker 4 

But nowadays that's probably known as I could say probably label that as vandalism I guess. 

00:37:21 Speaker 2 

Yeah, I think so. 

00:37:24 Speaker 2 

Destruction of property. 

00:37:26 Speaker 5 

Yeah so good. 

00:37:27 Speaker 4 

Old days where you can commit crimes and it just be all fun and games. 

00:37:31 Speaker 2 

Yeah, I can get away with it. 

00:37:33 Speaker 4 

Right, we used to love going pumpkin smashing. 

00:37:36 Speaker 4 

We actually did some bag snatching too which is now. 

00:37:39 Speaker 4 

That's what robbery so. 

00:37:43 Speaker 3 

Good old days. 

00:37:49 Speaker 3 

Maybe they love doing back fashion Superman. 

00:37:50 Speaker 2 

Good like you're smoking your candy cigarettes, smashing pumpkins and snatching bags. 

00:37:56 Speaker 7 

Yeah, shaving I saw some podcasts. 

00:37:57 Speaker 7 

We got special pockets. 

00:37:58 Speaker 7 

Yeah he sells good over there will take. 

00:38:00 Speaker 5 

Their bags yeah, or snorting Pixie sticks. 

00:38:00 Speaker 2 

And she. 

00:38:05 Speaker 4 

Let me get a key hit hit on that Pixie. 

00:38:11 Speaker 4 

Man, we're allowed out back in the days man, we're taking key hit some of Pixie sticks out there smoking candy cigarettes and snatching bags from people. 

00:38:19 Speaker 2 

And we had fake tattoos from the from the. 

00:38:24 Speaker 4 

They were a while it out back in the day man we were just whiling out acting crazy. 

00:38:24 Speaker 1 

I'm a freaking love. 

00:38:29 Speaker 4 

You can't do any of that crap anymore man. 

00:38:31 Speaker 4 

Oh man, so yeah, we some pumpkin smash or bag snatching. 

00:38:35 Speaker 4 

I mean. 

00:38:36 Speaker 4 

I mean we. 

00:38:37 Speaker 4 

We even did like some backwards as shitman back in the day. 

00:38:40 Speaker 4 

Man we were like man. 

00:38:41 Speaker 4 

Let's do something crazy. 

00:38:42 Speaker 4 

We got done with the pumpkin smashing. 

00:38:43 Speaker 4 

We did some pumpkin stealing so we go out there so we would just go to someone's house, steal all the pumpkins and then we decorate somebody elses house like a bunch of idiots like. That's something that people will probably do nowadays and. 

00:38:53 Speaker 6 


00:38:57 Speaker 2 

That's kind of. 

00:38:57 Speaker 3 

Try to get away with it. 

00:38:57 Speaker 2 

That's a kind of a fun prank. 

00:38:59 Speaker 4 

Yeah, it was kind of fun. 

00:39:00 Speaker 4 

Like we're not smashing pumpkins, but we're we're still stealing somebody. 

00:39:03 Speaker 4 

**** like our listen. 

00:39:04 Speaker 2 

What would be will be cool is if you had just like done it on the next door neighbors so it was just like close. 

00:39:09 Speaker 2 

By you know. 

00:39:10 Speaker 4 

Yeah, we actually did that too. 

00:39:12 Speaker 4 

Actually did something. 

00:39:13 Speaker 4 

We even took it to a next level one year. 

00:39:17 Speaker 4 

We decided to steal someones decorations and decorate. 

00:39:21 Speaker 4 

Someone else is house. 

00:39:23 Speaker 4 

So, so we just took like I'm talking like the bats hanging in the trees like all that kind of stuff we took all their stuff. 

00:39:29 Speaker 6 

Oh wow. 

00:39:31 Speaker 4 

We took all their stuff, the pumpkins and everything and just did a couple houses down and we just decorate all and maybe like really nice to like the scarecrows and everything you know. 

00:39:38 Speaker 4 

Get the like the stuffed scarecrows sitting on a on a hay Bale or whatever blah blah. 

00:39:44 Speaker 4 

We we took everything from someone stuff and put it on someone. 

00:39:47 Speaker 2 

House, nice somebody came out next morning was like. 

00:39:52 Speaker 2 

Well, what is? 

00:39:53 Speaker 4 

This looked pretty nice. 

00:39:54 Speaker 4 

Then the next door neighbor. 


Yeah, thanks. 

00:39:55 Speaker 4 

Is like what the **** man? 

00:39:59 Speaker 4 

Yeah, we did some wild stuff. 

00:40:01 Speaker 4 

What about you? 

00:40:01 Speaker 4 

What do you do as girls? 

00:40:02 Speaker 2 

I mean we. 

00:40:03 Speaker 4 

So yeah, what what? 

00:40:03 Speaker 4 

Do girls do is like Prince? 

00:40:04 Speaker 2 

We definitely did not do the pumpkin smashing. 

00:40:06 Speaker 2 

At least I didn't. 

00:40:07 Speaker 2 

My group of friends didn't. 

00:40:08 Speaker 2 

We were, we were too nice for that. 

00:40:10 Speaker 2 

Uhm, I feel like somebody TP did something at some point and we definitely didn't do any bag snatching. 

00:40:15 Speaker 4 


00:40:17 Speaker 2 

But the main thing we did every year is we got into decorating like big time like especially the House that I grew up in. 

00:40:23 Speaker 2 

My friends would come over and we would like decorate the **** out of that front yard and like turn the turn the front light. 

00:40:27 Speaker 1 


00:40:30 Speaker 2 

Posed into like a wig. 

00:40:32 Speaker 2 

And like you know, we would make the scarecrows using my grandfathers clothes and like stuff it with leaves. 

00:40:37 Speaker 2 

And you know, just do a whole bunch of crap all over the front yard and just make a whole day of it and order a pizza that was kind of like what we did. 

00:40:37 Speaker 3 


00:40:43 Speaker 2 

It was super fun. 

00:40:45 Speaker 2 

That's that's about it. 

00:40:46 Speaker 2 

With that, the only other thing I can think of that goes along with your like vandalism. 

00:40:51 Speaker 2 

Story type stuff is that I was actually the victim of one of those types of things one year, and this was actually I think I was like 18 years old, 1718 years old. 

00:41:03 Speaker 2 

And I was hanging out with some of my friends from Howard County and come, we were in my car, of course, 'cause I was always the one that drove everywhere. 

00:41:13 Speaker 2 

I think you Remember Me telling you stories of me getting into trouble as being the driver in previous episodes, but this is another time. 

00:41:19 Speaker 4 

Howard County Thug with the Howard County Thuggin it out. 

00:41:22 Speaker 2 

Justin, he's another. 

00:41:25 Speaker 2 

Anyway, moving on from that, we were in my. 

00:41:27 Speaker 4 

Yeah, please do. 

00:41:28 Speaker 2 

Car one day. 

00:41:31 Speaker 2 

And we're just stopped on the side of the road and I guess some people that they had beef with the people that are in my car as they were going by. 

00:41:39 Speaker 2 

Out of nowhere it was just like they just started making a lot of. 

00:41:42 Speaker 2 

Like noise like. 

00:41:44 Speaker 2 

And suddenly I'm like bombarded with eggs everywhere. 

00:41:47 Speaker 2 

'cause I did. 

00:41:47 Speaker 2 

It was it happened so quick I didn't even know what to think it was. 

00:41:51 Speaker 2 

It was too quick for me to roll up my window, so my windows had been down so all the eggs like it. 

00:41:55 Speaker 2 

Got inside my car outside of my car. 

00:41:57 Speaker 4 

Oh man. 

00:41:58 Speaker 2 

Let me tell. 

00:41:59 Speaker 2 

You, I don't know if anybody knows or has been has dealt with this. 

00:42:01 Speaker 2 

Before, but it is a. 

00:42:02 Speaker 5 

Oh, we know. 

00:42:03 Speaker 2 

Hot mess it will take off your paint. 

00:42:04 Speaker 5 

We know. 

00:42:06 Speaker 2 

That smell will not come out like it is. 

00:42:08 Speaker 2 

It is horrible. 

00:42:10 Speaker 4 

Eggs are terrible mate. 

00:42:11 Speaker 4 

If that stuff dries, forget it. 

00:42:13 Speaker 4 

It's not coming out. 

00:42:15 Speaker 2 


00:42:16 Speaker 4 

Oh man, so you got it. 

00:42:18 Speaker 2 

That was a experience I it was too fast for me to even know. 

00:42:21 Speaker 2 

What was going on? 

00:42:21 Speaker 2 

I was just like what is happening, you know, and like there's just eggs like like comment at me. 

00:42:27 Speaker 2 

And I'm like, oh **** 

00:42:28 Speaker 2 

Dead everywhere everywhere inside, outside like even to the point where when the ones that got in. 

00:42:29 Speaker 4 

That's great, that's awesome. 

00:42:35 Speaker 2 

Like that when they had gotten into like the front area of the car. 

00:42:38 Speaker 2 

Some of them even went into like the the vents. 

00:42:41 Speaker 4 

Oh my God. 

00:42:42 Speaker 2 

Yeah, so that was like impossible to clean. 

00:42:45 Speaker 4 

Oh man. 

00:42:45 Speaker 2 

Yeah, fun times. 

00:42:47 Speaker 4 

Yeah, no crazy vandalism. 

00:42:49 Speaker 4 

Yeah assault. 

00:42:53 Speaker 4 

I mean, we used to egg people even outside of Halloween sometimes. 

00:42:57 Speaker 4 

Sometimes if you just didn't like somebody, just go there and just egged that house man. 

00:43:00 Speaker 4 

If I was a parent back then I'd be so ****** mad. 

00:43:01 Speaker 2 

You're terrible. 

00:43:04 Speaker 4 

We used to do that man. 

00:43:05 Speaker 4 

One time we got pulled over in Montpelier and we were out there and we just got pulled over and then like we had. 

00:43:10 Speaker 4 

Eggs were good, egg somebody house and the cop was over. 

00:43:13 Speaker 4 

Just 'cause we're dumb kids and he was like so who's the happy Egger? 

00:43:20 Speaker 3 

I'm not gonna tell you. 

00:43:21 Speaker 3 

Was it a car they were like Oh yeah, stop playing. 

00:43:23 Speaker 3 

Oh yeah no just groceries Volvo like. 

00:43:26 Speaker 4 

Oh my God yeah good old good old stuff. 

00:43:28 Speaker 2 

Me, I'm shaking my head. 

00:43:31 Speaker 4 

Yeah, well, nowadays we can't do that stuff. 

00:43:33 Speaker 4 

So now we can always enjoy what we used to do. 

00:43:35 Speaker 4 

Nowadays you get locked up for that stuff so you can't do it anymore. 

00:43:42 Speaker 4 

Can't commit crimes like we used to. 

00:43:45 Speaker 2 

Darn it. 


Ah, that sucks. 

00:43:48 Speaker 4 

What have you not done? Have you not done anything like what Halloween like, quote, UN quote, like traditions have you night not done, have you? 

00:43:56 Speaker 2 

Yeah, I can think of something. 

00:43:57 Speaker 2 

I mean there's. 

00:43:57 Speaker 2 

So many like. 

00:43:59 Speaker 2 

Things that people do around this time of year. 

00:44:01 Speaker 2 

That's why this is my favorite time of year. 

00:44:02 Speaker 2 

It really is 'cause there's just so much to do. 

00:44:04 Speaker 4 

Yeah there is. 

00:44:05 Speaker 2 

But there's definitely some things I have not done. 

00:44:08 Speaker 2 

The main thing that stands out in my head that I've never done and I'm sure some people are going to like gasp when they hear that I've never done this. 

00:44:16 Speaker 2 

And some people are. 

00:44:17 Speaker 2 

Going to just be like well who gives a FCK. 

00:44:18 Speaker 1 


00:44:20 Speaker 2 

It's going to be like a. 

00:44:20 Speaker 2 

Mix like 5050. 

00:44:22 Speaker 2 

I have never ever watched Rocky Horror picture show. 

00:44:27 Speaker 2 

Fail never, so I've never watched it. 

00:44:31 Speaker 2 

I've never participated in all the fun things that go along with it or done the dressing up of the Rocky Horror Picture show or like the dance moves like I don't know anything about. 

00:44:40 Speaker 2 

I know, I mean, I know I know about it, but I don't. 

00:44:42 Speaker 2 

I've never. 

00:44:42 Speaker 2 

Actually watched it. 

00:44:43 Speaker 4 

Alright, so that is where. 

00:44:45 Speaker 2 

Haters gonna hate on me. 


We can meet. 

00:44:48 Speaker 5 

And a nargana ain't. 

00:44:55 Speaker 4 

So we can meet in the middle when it comes to that, because yes, I've seen the movie, but I don't do that thing like people like it. 

00:45:05 Speaker 4 

It's a damn religion. 

00:45:06 Speaker 4 

They go out there, they get all dressed up. 

00:45:07 Speaker 2 

Oh my God, they're yes. 

00:45:08 Speaker 4 

They watch it. 

00:45:09 Speaker 2 

They're very very fanatic fanatic. 

00:45:11 Speaker 4 

Yeah, so we might have to watch that this year because people. 

00:45:14 Speaker 2 

OK, are you gonna dress up and do the time warp? 

00:45:18 Speaker 2 

I want to know. 

00:45:19 Speaker 2 

I want to see you do the time warp dance. 

00:45:21 Speaker 4 

Really, really, I'll watch it again, but I'm not doing all the big things and the because if I just go when I try to go to one of those parties, I'm not gonna. 

00:45:31 Speaker 4 

I'm just going to. 

00:45:32 Speaker 4 

Decline the invite. 

00:45:33 Speaker 4 

'cause I don't wanna be opposer like. 

00:45:35 Speaker 2 

Yeah, I really want to see you dressed up in. 

00:45:35 Speaker 4 

No, I'm not pushing this summer. 

00:45:37 Speaker 2 

The fishnet stockings. 

00:45:41 Speaker 4 

Wait, someone that was yesterday, what? 

00:45:43 Speaker 2 

Oh, I missed it, darn. 

00:45:45 Speaker 4 

Maybe next podcast. 


Oh jeez. 

00:45:49 Speaker 4 

Well, you think that's bad. 

00:45:50 Speaker 4 

I got one that you're probably gonna laugh at me too. 

00:45:51 Speaker 2 


00:45:52 Speaker 4 

So one thing I have not done and people listening don't hate me. 

00:45:56 Speaker 4 

You guys already know my story right. 

00:45:58 Speaker 4 

I wasn't growing up doing all this stuff right. 

00:46:00 Speaker 4 

I've actually never been on a haunted. 

00:46:02 Speaker 4 

We ride. 

00:46:03 Speaker 2 

Ah, it's so sad. 


So sad, tiny violin. 

00:46:07 Speaker 4 

Never done a haunted hay ride and I don't think I've ever even done like a haunted house. 

00:46:12 Speaker 2 

Stop it what? 

00:46:14 Speaker 4 

I'm not even into that kind of stuff. 

00:46:16 Speaker 4 

Man, like our mutual friend Sid Billops. 

00:46:20 Speaker 4 

He is all about the Halloween, so I live vicariously through him. 

00:46:24 Speaker 4 

He loves getting dressed up. 

00:46:26 Speaker 4 

He loves doing the haunted houses. 

00:46:27 Speaker 4 

He's buying tickets. 

00:46:28 Speaker 4 

He's standing in line, they get scared and pee his pants. 

00:46:31 Speaker 4 

And doing all this other kind of weird stuff. 

00:46:33 Speaker 6 

You're really cool. 

00:46:34 Speaker 6 

Who is? 

00:46:38 Speaker 6 

Standing London pier pants. 

00:46:40 Speaker 4 

I mean, I don't think I've ever done that. 

00:46:43 Speaker 4 

Maybe once, but it doesn't really. 

00:46:45 Speaker 4 

Just not even my thing. 

00:46:46 Speaker 4 

I'd rather just not, so I guess I'm kind of sad. 

00:46:49 Speaker 4 

Maybe maybe. 

00:46:50 Speaker 2 

You gotta, you gotta do something. 

00:46:51 Speaker 4 

Yeah I need. 

00:46:52 Speaker 4 

To do it, he didn't stop me so. 

00:46:52 Speaker 2 

You've never been in a haunted house at all. 

00:46:55 Speaker 2 

What about like just a haunted house ride like at Ocean City, MD? 

00:46:58 Speaker 4 

I don't think so. 

00:47:00 Speaker 2 

On the boardwalk or something? 

00:47:00 Speaker 4 

I might have maybe if I. 

00:47:01 Speaker 2 

Well, I mean he would remember. 

00:47:03 Speaker 2 

If you have so you haven't done. 

00:47:03 Speaker 4 

Exactly if I did it once. 

00:47:04 Speaker 2 

Any of this? 

00:47:05 Speaker 4 

Yeah, if I did it once, it wasn't memorable. 

00:47:07 Speaker 4 

Let's just say that. 

00:47:08 Speaker 4 

I really have not done it. 

00:47:08 Speaker 2 

There's also, like you know, like Six Flags and all those places this time here, they always have the the stuff set up to where you can go into like a walkthrough haunted house type thing. 

00:47:14 Speaker 4 

Loops faster. 

00:47:19 Speaker 4 

Yeah, was it called Fright Night or? 

00:47:21 Speaker 4 

Whatever the hell they. 

00:47:21 Speaker 4 

Call, that's what they call it. 

00:47:21 Speaker 2 

Yeah, yeah Fright Fest fright fest. 

00:47:22 Speaker 4 

Six Flags at it. 

00:47:25 Speaker 4 

One, and so our listeners are not from. 

00:47:27 Speaker 4 

Maryland, we have a Six Flags here and it turned out a whole bunch of fights and people have been out of control and getting crazy. 

00:47:34 Speaker 4 

I saw that on the news. 

00:47:36 Speaker 4 

I was like, man, there's just too many people just ruin it for everybody else. 

00:47:40 Speaker 2 

Right doesn't say ruin in for everybody. 

00:47:40 Speaker 4 

It's so sad. 

00:47:42 Speaker 4 

I mean, it's not just Meryl. 

00:47:43 Speaker 4 

I'm sure people we while now in other places but still. 

00:47:47 Speaker 2 

There's just a lot of tension these days, I think. 


It was kind us. 

00:47:49 Speaker 2 

But you know, I don't know who, who knows, but I actually do have a quick story related to that. 

00:47:54 Speaker 2 

Since you brought up the Six Flags Fright Fest thing. 



00:47:56 Speaker 2 

Uhm, way back in the day I went to the Fright fest with one of our listeners. 

00:48:02 Speaker 2 

Miss Sarah. 



00:48:05 Speaker 2 

And Mikey back in the day. 

00:48:06 Speaker 2 

So we all went. 

00:48:07 Speaker 2 

We went on the rise and we actually went through the big house and I'm terrified, obviously because I'm scared of everything. 

00:48:14 Speaker 2 

I didn't want to be in the front of the line of us. 

00:48:17 Speaker 2 

Didn't want to be in the back. 

00:48:18 Speaker 2 

I wanted to be in the middle 'cause I wanted my friends to be kind of around me. 

00:48:22 Speaker 2 

I somehow made it through the whole thing where people are like jumping out and trying to touch you like I don't like that. 

00:48:27 Speaker 2 

I don't like when people are like trying to touch you like strangers that are dressed up trying to touch you like that is. 

00:48:33 Speaker 4 

And why the hell do you even show up? 


That really. 


Upsets me. 

00:48:35 Speaker 4 

That's what's supposed to happen, yo. 

00:48:36 Speaker 2 

Well, I didn't know that it was going to be that hands on right and and people that close. 

00:48:42 Speaker 2 

But you know I did it because it was kind of like. 

00:48:43 Speaker 2 

You know I'm with. 

00:48:44 Speaker 2 

Everybody and like we're doing this and I'm like OK. 

00:48:47 Speaker 2 

I'll do it, I guess, but the whole point of the story is that at the end of the walkthrough there was a guy standing there with a chainsaw with what looked like a chainsaw, but it was actually like a leaf blower, but it wasn't turned on, but as soon as he. 

00:48:59 Speaker 4 


00:49:01 Speaker 2 

Like as soon as he turned it on. 

00:49:02 Speaker 4 

Oh my God. 

00:49:05 Speaker 2 

Sarah, like she jumped and she like her arms like flew back and she basically cocked me in the face and like injured me. 

00:49:13 Speaker 2 

I was like ah and then she like goes, running out. 

00:49:15 Speaker 2 

Then I'm like, oh like screaming too because it was just a startle. 

00:49:19 Speaker 2 

You know one of those like jump. 

00:49:20 Speaker 4 

Yeah, yeah. 

00:49:20 Speaker 2 

Moments and after that I was like I'm never coming back to these ******* things. 

00:49:25 Speaker 2 

Ever again and I didn't I I just I won't. 

00:49:27 Speaker 2 

I won't go. 

00:49:27 Speaker 2 

Into those things. 

00:49:28 Speaker 4 

Man, why do people subject themselves to this craziness? 

00:49:32 Speaker 2 

I don't know, but listeners if you are into this thing, I do know this that Canton OH has the largest haunted house in the world and it's called the. 

00:49:41 Speaker 2 

Factory of terror. 

00:49:42 Speaker 2 

So if you're interested, it was built in like 2002 and it's attracted thousands of people from all over the world, and it holds the Guinness Book of World Records. 

00:49:51 Speaker 2 

Largest haunted house so go check it out if Sidney might be interested in this, take a road trip to Canton OH for this thing. 

00:49:59 Speaker 4 

Page me. 

00:50:01 Speaker 4 

Yeah, I'm not even gonna. 

00:50:02 Speaker 4 

Show up to the halfling. 

00:50:03 Speaker 4 

I'm gonna decline that invite. 

00:50:05 Speaker 4 

Not happening. 

00:50:07 Speaker 5 

I'm gonna decline. 

00:50:09 Speaker 4 

That and go right to sleep like no. 

00:50:11 Speaker 5 

Ain't going that one. 

00:50:13 Speaker 5 

Ain't gonna be able to do it. 

00:50:15 Speaker 2 

Well, you gotta do something you definitely gotta do a haunted hay ride. 

00:50:18 Speaker 2 

So even though those things are lame, they they can be really lame. 

00:50:21 Speaker 4 

Fine, I'll start there. 

00:50:22 Speaker 4 

I'll do a haunted hay ride, yeah? 

00:50:25 Speaker 2 

Stop next time you go to move. 

00:50:27 Speaker 2 

Something moves next time you go to Ocean City. 

00:50:30 Speaker 2 

At the very least, go on the haunted house. 

00:50:33 Speaker 2 

Ride on the boardwalk, that thing. 

00:50:34 Speaker 2 

Has been there forever. 

00:50:35 Speaker 2 

It's probably my favorite ride. 

00:50:37 Speaker 2 

Besides the zipper on the boardwalk, so go in that. 

00:50:41 Speaker 2 

It's super fun. 

00:50:42 Speaker 2 

I love it. I used. 

00:50:42 Speaker 4 

Bring the hat if it's that old. 

00:50:44 Speaker 6 

To have a it's. 

00:50:45 Speaker 2 

Super old and in fact there there's two levels to it and back in the day. 

00:50:48 Speaker 2 

There used to be these doors. 

00:50:50 Speaker 2 

On the outside, going inside 'cause a little cart that you ride in, you'd go through it and it would go up and then would go back outside and then back inside and on the way back inside. 

00:50:58 Speaker 2 

There's these two big. 

00:50:58 Speaker 2 

Like double doors that were like wooden. 

00:51:00 Speaker 2 

OK, and I started this tradition. 

00:51:02 Speaker 2 

This is disgusting, but I started this tradition where I would take out my gum, my bubble gum and stick it to the wall. 

00:51:08 Speaker 4 

Oh my God. 

00:51:10 Speaker 2 

And I **** you not that then became the gum wall. 

00:51:14 Speaker 2 

I'm not even kidding like it became this like. 

00:51:16 Speaker 2 

This this this. 

00:51:18 Speaker 2 

Thing in Ocean City, where it was, it was known as the gum wall of the haunted house, and it's true. 

00:51:24 Speaker 4 

And disgusting. 

00:51:24 Speaker 1 

It's true. 

00:51:25 Speaker 2 

Disgusting, yes, but you know, I definitely. 

00:51:27 Speaker 4 

If it's that old, it's going to be like a terrible ride. 

00:51:30 Speaker 4 

How was like, yeah? 

00:51:31 Speaker 2 

No, no, they they update it. 

00:51:32 Speaker 6 

Chuck E. 

00:51:32 Speaker 4 

Cheese animatronic like EE. 

00:51:37 Speaker 2 

They've updated the stuff inside they they have some of the old stuff in there too, so it's really cool 'cause there's like the vintage stuff in there as well, but they definitely have updated stuff too, so it's really cool. 

00:51:47 Speaker 2 

And it's nostalgic, and it's super fun. 

00:51:49 Speaker 2 

I love it. 

00:51:50 Speaker 2 

You have to at least go check that out across you like 5 tickets. 

00:51:54 Speaker 6 

Do it. 

00:51:56 Speaker 4 

I don't know man last. 

00:51:56 Speaker 2 

Maybe 7 tickets? 

00:51:58 Speaker 4 

Last time I did one of those old ash rise, I went into the I don't know where was I. 

00:52:03 Speaker 4 

I was in Florida and we went on his old right. 

00:52:06 Speaker 4 

It was like the ET ride or the Oldass animatronic from like the 90s. 

00:52:11 Speaker 2 

From the no. 

00:52:12 Speaker 2 

This one is even older. 

00:52:13 Speaker 2 

This is this is. 

00:52:14 Speaker 2 

Way older than that. 

00:52:15 Speaker 4 

I'm telling you, man, they're going to take Chuck E cheese Oldass anamatronics put him in there and put a mask on. 

00:52:20 Speaker 4 

They were like. 

00:52:21 Speaker 3 

Boo ********* 

00:52:25 Speaker 2 

No, I'm telling you. 

00:52:27 Speaker 2 

You'll enjoy it. 

00:52:28 Speaker 2 

It's fun, it's super fun. 

00:52:30 Speaker 4 

Right, right? It's all good. 

00:52:30 Speaker 2 

Just just just take my just trust me. 

00:52:33 Speaker 4 

That'll be the one thing if I get shook. 

00:52:35 Speaker 4 

I'm gonna be hating on you. 

00:52:41 Speaker 4 

So Speaking of shook, what scared you a Halloween time? 

00:52:44 Speaker 2 

As a kid like yeah. 

00:52:47 Speaker 2 

I mean honestly like everything I was afraid of everything at movie trailers on TV, going into costume shops like back in the day. 

00:52:51 Speaker 4 

Scarone shadow. 

00:52:56 Speaker 2 

My grandmother would take me to costume shops because her and my grandfather used to go to these elaborate costume parties for whatever, so there were some really cool small. 

00:53:03 Speaker 4 


00:53:07 Speaker 2 

Stores with a lot of cool **** in there and just it was awesome, but being in there and like I would she do her thing and I would just go off on my own and explore. 

00:53:10 Speaker 4 

That sounds awesome. 

00:53:16 Speaker 2 

And I mean those just looking at the masks and stuff. 

00:53:19 Speaker 2 

I would have nightmares after that. 

00:53:21 Speaker 2 

Like I would just be like, Oh yeah. 


I can't even look at. 

00:53:23 Speaker 2 

These things, so I was afraid of. 

00:53:25 Speaker 2 

Everything back in the day, but that another thing that really stands out to me that freaked me out this time of year and you're going to friggin laugh at me. 

00:53:33 Speaker 2 

It was a song they used to play on the radio. 

00:53:37 Speaker 4 

I'm waiting. 

00:53:39 Speaker 2 

It was. 

00:53:40 Speaker 2 

Nightmare on my street by. 

00:53:44 Speaker 4 

Are you ****** kidding me? 

00:53:48 Speaker 2 

No, I confess I was afraid of that song. 


Oh my God. 

00:53:51 Speaker 2 

If I was going to bed. 

00:53:53 Speaker 2 

If I was OK. 

00:53:53 Speaker 2 

If I was a kid and what I would do, I would listen to the radio all the time so I would be like going to bed, getting ready for bed. 

00:53:54 Speaker 1 

I'm logging off. 

00:53:59 Speaker 2 

Have the lights off in the radio on and I **** you not. 

00:54:02 Speaker 2 

If that song were to come on on the radio before I went to bed I would not be able to sleep. 

00:54:07 Speaker 2 

I would have nightmares. 

00:54:08 Speaker 2 

Because I could, all I could hear and think about was Freddie crew. 

00:54:11 Speaker 2 

Sugar and I and I mind you I had not. 

00:54:14 Speaker 2 

Seen any of those movies because. 

00:54:16 Speaker 2 

I was too afraid. 

00:54:16 Speaker 4 

You were too scared, yeah? 

00:54:18 Speaker 2 

I didn't watch those movies until I was in my like, you know, mid 20s and at that time I was like oh this is funny. 

00:54:23 Speaker 2 

You know it's campy and funny, but uh, yeah, no that **** scared it, that song. 

00:54:25 Speaker 4 

Oh my Lord. 

00:54:28 Speaker 2 

Scared the **** out of me. 

00:54:29 Speaker 4 

Oh my God. 

00:54:30 Speaker 2 

Because he made all those noises like the the Freddy noises, he was like laughing and **** in the background and I just, you know, my imagination and a very very vivid imagination as a kid. 

00:54:41 Speaker 2 

And I still do but. 

00:54:46 Speaker 4 

I got nothing. 

00:54:47 Speaker 4 

I can't even believe. 

00:54:48 Speaker 4 

That you were. 

00:54:48 Speaker 2 

Logging off. 

00:54:49 Speaker 4 

Yeah, logging off. 

00:54:52 Speaker 4 

Fire nice talk alright man see you later. 

00:54:56 Speaker 2 

Afraid of Fresh Prince. 

00:54:59 Speaker 2 

As a nightmare on my street. 

00:55:02 Speaker 4 

Oh my God, how were you scared of that? 

00:55:04 Speaker 4 

Doesn't make any freaking sense. 

00:55:06 Speaker 2 

Because of the. 

00:55:07 Speaker 2 

Exploit because of the Freddy Krueger and sounds in the. 

00:55:10 Speaker 4 

Alright man, how do I? 

00:55:11 Speaker 2 

That's it, that's it. 

00:55:12 Speaker 4 

How do I hit the end button on this? 

00:55:14 Speaker 4 

Damn thing I'm looking. 

00:55:14 Speaker 2 

And also because in the background it would have that these weird like sounds in it so. 

00:55:19 Speaker 2 

It just freaked out. 

00:55:21 Speaker 2 

I know it's so. 

00:55:21 Speaker 4 

Alright, it is pretty lame, but. 

00:55:22 Speaker 2 

Lame, but that's it. 

00:55:23 Speaker 2 

You asked, you asked, you, asked I. 

00:55:25 Speaker 4 

Answered, I asked. 

00:55:26 Speaker 4 

I asked, well, you know what? 

00:55:28 Speaker 4 

I don't really get again me being Mr Curmudgeon here and nothing really scared me during Halloween. 

00:55:33 Speaker 4 

But I have some things that definitely. 

00:55:34 Speaker 4 

To scare me when I was younger. 

00:55:36 Speaker 4 

And one of the things you should always scare me is when I used to. 

00:55:40 Speaker 4 

I've always lived in like in a townhouse, so going up the steps so if I would turn off the light before I went up the steps and it was dark, I will go up the steps and I would think something is like trying to get me and I would run up the steps as fast as I could. 

00:55:55 Speaker 4 

'cause I would think that something was gonna. 

00:55:56 Speaker 4 

So the lights went out, something like try grab my legs or something, I don't. 

00:56:00 Speaker 4 

Know why it was stupid? 

00:56:00 Speaker 2 

You gotta run. 

00:56:02 Speaker 4 

Yeah, it was ridiculous. 

00:56:03 Speaker 4 

I had to do it all the time. 

00:56:04 Speaker 4 

It's always just like turn out light. 

00:56:06 Speaker 4 

Off and just. 

00:56:06 Speaker 4 

Run up the step to to do the. 

00:56:08 Speaker 2 

I feel like I did that too. 

00:56:10 Speaker 2 

I'm sure a lot of kids did that just because it's scary. 

00:56:13 Speaker 2 

When you're kid again, your imagination is. 

00:56:15 Speaker 2 

It's like very, very vivid, so you know you're in and you're if you're in a basement or on a ground level and it's dark and shadowy, I mean. 

00:56:24 Speaker 4 

Crazy and I actually live in that house. 

00:56:26 Speaker 4 

I live in the house I'm talking about right now is when I live in and. 


Do you still run? 

00:56:30 Speaker 2 

Up, do you still run the stairs when? 

00:56:31 Speaker 2 

It's dark, I bet you do. 

00:56:33 Speaker 7 

Sometimes I do. 

00:56:35 Speaker 4 

Like a little nervous. 

00:56:40 Speaker 4 

Alexa, don't turn off that light, so I go to stop the top of this stuff Bich. 

00:56:45 Speaker 2 

Seth has to turn his whole house into a smart house just so he doesn't have to actually walk in. 

00:56:49 Speaker 2 

The dark ever. 

00:56:52 Speaker 4 

Alexa, I'm going downstairs OK turn. 

00:56:55 Speaker 4 

On the lights and whatnot. 

00:56:58 Speaker 2 

Until one day Alexa turns against you. 

00:57:02 Speaker 4 

Oh my God, don't even get me started. 

00:57:03 Speaker 4 

On that it'll be. 

00:57:04 Speaker 4 

I'll be a good movie. 

00:57:05 Speaker 2 

Right, I'm sure it exists. 

00:57:07 Speaker 2 

If not, it will soon. 

00:57:07 Speaker 4 

Like Alexa, turn off the basement. 

00:57:10 Speaker 4 

Why are you scared? 


Yeah, yeah. 

00:57:14 Speaker 2 

Come to the basement set. 

00:57:16 Speaker 4 

Oh my God, that would be freaky as hell this melonite to say OK turning on the lights, OK turning off the lights I didn't say any. 

00:57:18 Speaker 2 

Yeah it would. 

00:57:25 Speaker 4 

Thing are you scared you shouldn't be? 

00:57:30 Speaker 3 

Oh my gourd squirrel. 

00:57:31 Speaker 2 

So it's freaking me out, no. 

00:57:32 Speaker 2 

If if I was alone and any smart device started talking to me without me prompting it, that would freak me out regardless. 

00:57:40 Speaker 2 

I don't like that **** 

00:57:41 Speaker 4 

My house is a smart house too. 

00:57:43 Speaker 4 

So yeah, if Alexa starts talking to me, I'd be like, oh Lord, I'm plugging. 

00:57:46 Speaker 6 

Oh no, Lord. 

00:57:48 Speaker 5 

Oh oh. 

00:57:50 Speaker 4 

I'm I'm plugging that thing that devilish thing. 

00:57:53 Speaker 2 

And then it would keep going. 

00:57:55 Speaker 4 

Man, don't get me nervous man I gotta sleep. 

00:57:57 Speaker 4 

In this house. 

00:57:57 Speaker 2 

I'm sorry. 

00:57:58 Speaker 4 

BS me, I'm getting nervous. 

00:57:59 Speaker 2 

Every time we talk about scary stuff, Seth gets really, really spooked out. 

00:58:03 Speaker 3 

I get shook man I can shook his **** 

00:58:10 Speaker 2 

Stuff needs some blankets. 

00:58:12 Speaker 4 

I need some blankets straight up. 

00:58:13 Speaker 4 

Well, you know I'm going to turn the tables all right so. 

00:58:16 Speaker 2 

Can I please? 

00:58:17 Speaker 2 

What's the why are we turning the tables to? 

00:58:19 Speaker 7 

Now dollars the table turned say. 

00:58:23 Speaker 4 

Alright, so I'm gonna turn into so instead of me being social, what if I'm gonna be the killer? 



00:58:31 Speaker 4 

Alright, so we're gonna. 

00:58:31 Speaker 2 

I'm I'm following. 

00:58:33 Speaker 4 

So we're gonna play a little game here, right? 

00:58:34 Speaker 4 

The game. 

00:58:35 Speaker 4 

Is called if I were a killer. 

00:58:38 Speaker 2 

If I were a killer. 

00:58:40 Speaker 4 

So we'll say like this, OK, I mean three things. 

00:58:43 Speaker 4 

OK, what's your back story? 

00:58:45 Speaker 4 

What will be your weapon of choice and how would you be killed? 

00:58:51 Speaker 2 

OK, so like if. 

00:58:52 Speaker 2 

You're a killer in a movie. 

00:58:54 Speaker 4 

Yep, exactly so you were killing her movie and you want to go first you. 

00:58:56 Speaker 2 

All right? 

00:58:59 Speaker 4 

Want me to go first? 

00:59:00 Speaker 2 

Well, let's just I. I will say this. This was Seth's idea right? And I I I liked it but I cheated. 

00:59:09 Speaker 4 

It's not a cheat. 

00:59:09 Speaker 2 

I didn't, I I cheated because I didn't do it myself. 

00:59:10 Speaker 4 

It's not a cheat. 

00:59:14 Speaker 2 

I actually put a post on Facebook asking people to tell me if I were a killer in a movie. 

00:59:21 Speaker 2 

What would be my back story? 

00:59:22 Speaker 2 

My weapon of choice, my target victims, and my demise in the end and I got some really good answers that actually. 

00:59:29 Speaker 2 

Fit right in. 

00:59:30 Speaker 2 

With who I am, so I I'm not going to. 

00:59:32 Speaker 4 

But that's not a chief. 

00:59:34 Speaker 2 

I'm not going to read all of them, but I will just. 

00:59:37 Speaker 2 

I guess I'll read the first one 'cause it's first. 

00:59:40 Speaker 4 

Absolutely do that. 

00:59:41 Speaker 4 

And so listeners you guys have to trust us. 

00:59:45 Speaker 4 

If you guys put stuff on there, we love it. 

00:59:47 Speaker 4 

We take that information and we absolutely use it. 

00:59:50 Speaker 4 

So yeah, this is good. 

00:59:51 Speaker 4 

What do you? 

00:59:51 Speaker 4 

Guys want to hear it, I mean. 

00:59:52 Speaker 2 

Actually I'm going to. 

00:59:53 Speaker 2 

I'm going to read the second one too, just because it's very short and I want to give a shout out to. 

00:59:57 Speaker 2 

That person too. 

00:59:57 Speaker 2 

So OK, the first one it says. 


Right so. 

01:00:00 Speaker 2 

After many years of trying to make it big in the music industry and being rejected time and time again, you finally snap. 

01:00:08 Speaker 2 

You take your favorite microphone and troll every karaoke place and dive bar and bludgeon all the bad karaoke singers to death. 

01:00:15 Speaker 2 

This goes on for months until you are finally enticed to perform one last time at a halftime show of the Super Bowl where the heroes rigged the lights to their highest output, you go out in a blaze. 

01:00:28 Speaker 2 

Of glory singing your final song. 

01:00:30 Speaker 2 

This girl is on fire. 

01:00:34 Speaker 5 

Oh my God. 

01:00:38 Speaker 2 

I was like dude, that's awesome and that was submitted by my friend John Bochek. 

01:00:43 Speaker 2 

Thank you, John. 

01:00:44 Speaker 3 

Alright, good looking John. 

01:00:45 Speaker 2 

I was like, yo, that's that's pretty spot on I I want to tell another one real quick 'cause this was my my cousin, Norris Norris Smith. 

01:00:49 Speaker 4 

Yeah, that's awesome. 

01:00:54 Speaker 2 

She gave a quick little one that says. 

01:00:57 Speaker 2 

You were a witch who lived. 

01:01:00 Speaker 4 

There we go, there goes the witch again, dirty. 

01:01:03 Speaker 1 

Yeah, come on. 

01:01:04 Speaker 2 

You are a witch. 

01:01:04 Speaker 3 

Which there it is? 

01:01:06 Speaker 3 

Which there it is? 

01:01:09 Speaker 2 

You are a witch who lived under a greenhouse. 

01:01:12 Speaker 2 

Your weapon would be stone garden gnomes, and your demise would be gluten. 

01:01:20 Speaker 5 

Yes, yes. 

01:01:22 Speaker 2 

It's extra funny because this is, uh, this is like a private joke between her and I because in the house I grew up in. 

01:01:27 Speaker 2 

Outside there were. 

01:01:28 Speaker 2 

Bunch of stone garden gnomes everywhere and I told all the kids spooky stories about how the garden gnomes came about and it was a witch that like this. 


He's looting. 

01:01:37 Speaker 2 

This whole back story. 

01:01:38 Speaker 2 

So that's why she said all that. 

01:01:38 Speaker 4 

Right, right? 

01:01:39 Speaker 2 

It's really funny. 

01:01:40 Speaker 2 

I was. 

01:01:43 Speaker 2 

And one more shout out with this my friend Laura. 

01:01:46 Speaker 2 

She told a whole story about you know how Lyme disease mutated and whatnot. 

01:01:50 Speaker 2 

So that was a really, really good one as well, like. 

01:01:53 Speaker 4 


01:01:54 Speaker 2 

The one that she submitted it actually is good enough to be a graphic novel. 

01:01:58 Speaker 2 

I kid you not. 

01:01:59 Speaker 4 

That's cool, I love it. 

01:02:00 Speaker 4 

I love it. 

01:02:01 Speaker 4 

It's not a cheat it. 

01:02:02 Speaker 4 

I think it's alright. 

01:02:03 Speaker 4 

I just threw some stuff together myself. 

01:02:05 Speaker 4 

And you know. 

01:02:05 Speaker 4 

That's awesome because you know there is a little truth to that. 

01:02:09 Speaker 4 

If you have gluten now, probably be your demise. 

01:02:15 Speaker 3 

Oh, that's great. 

01:02:17 Speaker 4 

Alright, so here goes mine alright. So if I were a killer and it's so funny because now that I'm reading this you can. I think back with all the crap I was saying for the past, whatever 45. 

01:02:28 Speaker 4 

Minutes or whatever. 

01:02:28 Speaker 4 

Right, it'll kind of make sense, right so? 

01:02:32 Speaker 4 

Alright, so I was a kid. 

01:02:34 Speaker 4 

I was scared all the time in these haunted houses and one time I had a psychotic break where I had to go into a psych ward. 

01:02:44 Speaker 4 

'cause I just didn't talk anymore so I didn't talk. 

01:02:47 Speaker 4 

So then you know, I get scared and I get you know and basically. 

01:02:52 Speaker 4 

Tonic, right? So then 1520 years go by. 

01:02:53 Speaker 1 


01:02:56 Speaker 4 

And then I get released from the psych ward, but I don't have anywhere to go. 

01:03:02 Speaker 4 

Then I found out that my parents passed away, but the house it was paid for. 

01:03:08 Speaker 4 

So I go back to the house that I grew up in, and then I just kind of started living out of there and living off of canned goods and and just like. 

01:03:17 Speaker 4 

Being like real like crazy still right? 

01:03:20 Speaker 2 


01:03:21 Speaker 4 

So then I'm just sitting there thinking I'm like I'm going to take revenge on these small ******* that are scared me and put me into this place. 

01:03:28 Speaker 4 

This bad state of mind, so that's my thing. 

01:03:31 Speaker 4 

So every year on Halloween what I would do is I would go these haunted houses. 

01:03:38 Speaker 4 

I would take one person that was part of the crew that. 

01:03:41 Speaker 4 

Scared me to put me into a catatonic state and then in the haunted house I would kill him. 

01:03:46 Speaker 4 

Make it look like an accident like oh I'm scared just like Sarah hits you by accident. 

01:03:51 Speaker 4 

You're like oh it hurt that she'd run so they. 

01:03:51 Speaker 2 

Huh she? 

01:03:53 Speaker 4 

And I would like, oh, I'm scared. So once I you know and imagine like all those flashing lights and like the chainsaw would come out or all that and I would do that and I would just slash someone's throat and then that. 

01:04:04 Speaker 2 

Your revenge killer. 

01:04:04 Speaker 4 

Person would die. 

01:04:05 Speaker 4 

Yeah, I'm a revenge killer. 

01:04:06 Speaker 4 

That's why I see myself doing and. 

01:04:08 Speaker 4 

So then another way I would I would take care. 

01:04:11 Speaker 4 

Of people is. 

01:04:12 Speaker 4 

Then I would kind of get myself together, start kind of acting and all that. 

01:04:16 Speaker 4 

And then one of my weapon of choice would be candy. 

01:04:19 Speaker 4 

That's that's what it would be. 

01:04:20 Speaker 4 

Just like I said, I'll take that candy corn, I'm gonna stack it up and go. 

01:04:25 Speaker 2 

Or put it in a. 

01:04:26 Speaker 2 

Pillowcase just what? 

01:04:26 Speaker 4 

Case exactly, I'm gonna Molly whop you with a with a 20 pound bag of candy corn. 

01:04:35 Speaker 4 

So I was like I was like you know I'm gonna take people out there and I'm gonna get him like really scared and. 

01:04:40 Speaker 4 

Say oh, man. 

01:04:40 Speaker 4 

You scared on blah blah blah blah and then I. 

01:04:43 Speaker 4 

Would take him out there that would melt candy corn. 

01:04:45 Speaker 4 

So like really high heat that would dump it down their mouth like burn to throw it out with the melted candy corn. 

01:04:50 Speaker 1 

Oh jeez. 

01:04:52 Speaker 4 

Yeah, I'd get real crazy, I'll get hey look it's my stars. 

01:04:54 Speaker 2 

This reminds me of Wu Tang. 

01:04:56 Speaker 2 

I'll ******* 


Oh, I'm not the kid. 


Corn and keep feeding you. 

01:05:07 Speaker 4 

I'll **** you, I'll **** you. 


The poor kid. 


Go milk that candy corn. 

01:05:17 Speaker 5 

That's great. 

01:05:20 Speaker 4 

So how would I die? 

01:05:21 Speaker 4 

I think this would be a situation where. 

01:05:24 Speaker 4 

You always said you wanted to be the person that you want to. 

01:05:26 Speaker 4 

Be like. 

01:05:27 Speaker 4 

The last survivor, right? 

01:05:27 Speaker 2 

The final girl. 

01:05:28 Speaker 4 

The final site thing. 

01:05:28 Speaker 2 

Yes am I the final girl in your story? 

01:05:31 Speaker 4 

You're not the final girl, but you can be. 

01:05:35 Speaker 4 

You know it, I don't have a person can be the final girl, but there's there's a final girl that things start kind of. 

01:05:39 Speaker 2 


01:05:41 Speaker 4 

This is so like textbook to we. 

01:05:42 Speaker 4 

How many movies have we seen? 

01:05:43 Speaker 4 

There are just like this, right? 

01:05:44 Speaker 4 

People start figuring out. 

01:05:46 Speaker 4 

And then I'm just killing off like all like the last survivors. 

01:05:49 Speaker 4 

And you're like the last person and then it ends up going back to the house that I was growing up in. 

01:05:55 Speaker 4 

And then you know, go in there and I try to lure you in. 

01:05:58 Speaker 4 

There ends up being this crazy battle and I'm just like trying to stab you with like a. 

01:06:02 Speaker 4 

Sharpened a sharpened candy corn bludgeon. 

01:06:04 Speaker 1 

Kid **** 

01:06:07 Speaker 4 

I'm going to have you with a whole bunch of candy corn. 

01:06:10 Speaker 4 

And then like you tried to escape and you slip on a whole bunch of pop rocks. 

01:06:16 Speaker 2 

Or you have like a blow dart full of like sharpened Pixie sticks like. 

01:06:22 Speaker 4 

You wanna do a bump bump this. 

01:06:24 Speaker 2 

Or you yeah, you just open their eyes and keep their eyes open, just poured in their. 

01:06:28 Speaker 4 

Eyes yeah like a death house yeah my house like a death out is set up I have people come in there it's all crazy it'll be like what's that movie that that they do that it's a crazy house man. 

01:06:30 Speaker 2 

Ah, terrible. 

01:06:40 Speaker 4 

Ah, saw maybe House of wax. 

01:06:42 Speaker 4 

Ever seen House of? 

01:06:43 Speaker 4 

Wax, that's like oh man. 

01:06:43 Speaker 2 

Yes, that was good one. 

01:06:45 Speaker 4 

So that's what would happen. 

01:06:46 Speaker 4 

So how I would die is. 

01:06:49 Speaker 2 

What is your demise, Sir? 

01:06:59 Speaker 3 

Sorry I had to. 

01:07:03 Speaker 4 

Death by gluten gluten free candy is. 

01:07:06 Speaker 3 

Like what is this ******** 

01:07:07 Speaker 1 

No no. 

01:07:14 Speaker 4 

Gluten free cupcake ************ Just shove it in my mouth and then I just like. 

01:07:18 Speaker 2 

2nd is like start your head just. 

01:07:22 Speaker 2 

Gets bigger and bigger and full just. 

01:07:24 Speaker 2 

Come just blows up. 

01:07:27 Speaker 4 

Actually, would it be glue be gluten free? 

01:07:29 Speaker 4 

Give me some gluten free. 

01:07:36 Speaker 2 

I I don't know why that's so funny, probably 'cause I'm tired. 

01:07:36 Speaker 3 

Oh, that's great. 

01:07:43 Speaker 4 

So anyway, I'd probably die by candy somehow. 

01:07:46 Speaker 2 

Well, yeah, that would make sense if you're killing people with. 

01:07:48 Speaker 2 

Candy to go out. 

01:07:49 Speaker 4 

Yeah, I'd die by candy. 

01:07:50 Speaker 2 

With the same way you know it's it's, hold the whole irony thing so. 

01:07:53 Speaker 5 

So that's my story. 

01:07:54 Speaker 5 

I stick to it, stick to my story. 

01:07:57 Speaker 6 

I think the best story. 

01:08:02 Speaker 4 

Alright, great, that was fun. 

01:08:04 Speaker 4 

That was fun. 

01:08:05 Speaker 4 

Playing some make believe there alright cool. 

01:08:07 Speaker 2 

Yeah, see see. 

01:08:08 Speaker 2 

Even as adults we have to keep those imagination, wheels a turnin. 

01:08:13 Speaker 4 

Yeah, absolutely absolutely yeah. 

01:08:15 Speaker 4 

We got some. 

01:08:15 Speaker 6 

I'm not turning. 

01:08:16 Speaker 4 

Well, we totally had some imagination in our in Air Candy Club. 

01:08:20 Speaker 2 

Yes, and in fact we kept this imagination train a rollin. 

01:08:25 Speaker 2 

So another thing I did on Facebook. 

01:08:27 Speaker 2 

Recently was I started a past the story. 

01:08:32 Speaker 2 

Now people listening. 

01:08:33 Speaker 2 

If you remember being kids a lot of times what we would do around this time. 

01:08:37 Speaker 2 

Year, you know if you went camping with your friends or with school trips or like whatever sitting around a campfire and you play past the story and that is when somebody starts and they say something to start the story off and then the next person says like little continuation and then the next person says a little continuation. 

01:08:56 Speaker 2 

And so on and so forth. 

01:08:58 Speaker 2 

So that is what I did on Facebook and we got a nice a nice story going and. 

01:09:04 Speaker 2 

It's it's definitely weird and just kind of out there and and whatever, but I mean that's exactly right up our alley so. 

01:09:11 Speaker 4 

Fun as hell. 

01:09:12 Speaker 4 

Yeah, thank you for everybody that contributed to this. 

01:09:15 Speaker 4 

It was really great. 

01:09:16 Speaker 4 

I I love it. 

01:09:17 Speaker 4 

I love it and this has been so much fun. 

01:09:19 Speaker 4 

Just reading this stuff and it's been a lot of fun. 

01:09:22 Speaker 4 

I've been laughing and it's looking at all this. 

01:09:24 Speaker 4 

I was like, oh man, we're gonna read this too. 

01:09:25 Speaker 4 

I love getting all. 

01:09:26 Speaker 4 

Of our listeners involved and. 

01:09:29 Speaker 2 

Yeah, I I. 

01:09:29 Speaker 4 

This is just the one way. 

01:09:30 Speaker 2 

Love when we get people involved, yes. 

01:09:32 Speaker 4 

It's awesome so please guys just get involved and we will absolutely incorporate a lot of stuff because it's it's a group thing, we're just the mouthpieces, that's all. 

01:09:41 Speaker 3 

That's all of us. 

01:09:43 Speaker 2 

So we're going to read this back so that our listeners and all the other places that have not read it can hear it. 

01:09:49 Speaker 4 

All right, so who's gonna start me or you? 

01:09:52 Speaker 2 

I'm going to start it all. 

01:09:54 Speaker 4 

Right, go ahead. 

01:09:54 Speaker 1 


01:09:56 Speaker 2 

It was a dark and stormy night and. 

01:09:59 Speaker 4 

They were bored and young and foolish. 

01:10:02 Speaker 2 

They stepped into that dense dark forest when? 

01:10:06 Speaker 4 

Into the dilapidated house where the stench of death was suffocating, we stumbled upon. 

01:10:12 Speaker 2 

A taxidermy family of raccoons. 

01:10:15 Speaker 4 

Now I've seen stuff raccoons before, but never raccoons stouffers and their subjects people. 

01:10:24 Speaker 2 

The raccoons had maggots all over them. 

01:10:27 Speaker 2 

We thought they were taxidermy, but they were halfway mummified, so we. 

01:10:31 Speaker 4 

Decided to get a closer look at them when suddenly one of the raccoons laughed at us, biting us on the neck. 

01:10:39 Speaker 2 

Enough shouted a shadowy figure in the corner. 

01:10:43 Speaker 2 

The raccoon released its grip on my neck. 

01:10:45 Speaker 2 

I see you've met my beauties. 

01:10:47 Speaker 2 

The man said he emerged from the shadows. 

01:10:50 Speaker 2 

It was Bob Barker and he was holding a. 

01:10:53 Speaker 4 

Enchilada, in his right hand and the pants pocket of Tupac Shakur. 

01:10:58 Speaker 4 

In his left. 

01:10:59 Speaker 4 

Tupac clapped his hands twice and said they were all instantly transported into the movie Muppet Treasure Island. 

01:11:06 Speaker 4 

Tim Curry, Long, John Silver and Tupac High fived. 

01:11:09 Speaker 4 

And then. 

01:11:11 Speaker 2 

Rakhim showed up. 

01:11:12 Speaker 2 

It was a battle Tupac versus rock him. 

01:11:15 Speaker 2 

The raccoons carried the chorus pure insanity. 

01:11:19 Speaker 2 

Then she bit me. 

01:11:20 Speaker 2 

Yes, The Fresh Prince arrived, then The Muppets bit me and. 

01:11:26 Speaker 4 

Everything began to go hazy around me. 

01:11:29 Speaker 4 

The light was leaving. 

01:11:30 Speaker 4 

I was no longer on Treasure Island and all of the legendary rappers had vanished into thin air. 

01:11:36 Speaker 4 

Total darkness no light, no sound. 

01:11:39 Speaker 4 

I was alone, cold and feeling violated because I was covered in Muppet hickeys suddenly. 

01:11:46 Speaker 4 

I began to hear the price is right theme song in Bob Barker's voice saying come on down, the lights slowly grew around me and as my eyes adjusted I realized I was. 

01:11:59 Speaker 2 

Just a pawn and Bob Barker twisted. 

01:12:02 Speaker 2 

It was never about winning prizes. 

01:12:04 Speaker 2 

It was only about controlling people, the money, the cars, all distractions. 

01:12:10 Speaker 6 

You must place your bid. 

01:12:12 Speaker 2 

Bob said. 


Or else. 

01:12:15 Speaker 2 

Or else what I thought to myself, what the hell could Bob Barker bring down upon me? 

01:12:21 Speaker 2 

Then I saw what really was behind the big wheel with a horrified look. 

01:12:26 Speaker 2 

I couldn't believe what I saw. 

01:12:28 Speaker 2 

It was. 

01:12:29 Speaker 4 

A bunch of trick or treaters. 

01:12:32 Speaker 4 

Elementary schoolers ravenous for sweets. 

01:12:35 Speaker 4 

And I had forgotten to buy Halloween candy at that point, I knew. 

01:12:40 Speaker 2 

I underestimated Bob all those years. 

01:12:43 Speaker 2 

The children spent sick at home for school. 

01:12:46 Speaker 2 

And now the chanting. 

01:12:48 Speaker 4 

I love you. 

01:12:50 Speaker 4 

You love me and out of a pentagram made from fun sized Snickers. 

01:12:56 Speaker 4 

3 Musketeers in Milky Way arises a huge malformed purple monstrosity and it said. 

01:13:02 Speaker 6 

You shall not. 

01:13:04 Speaker 2 

US past what I thought to myself. 

01:13:08 Speaker 2 

Suddenly all of the sick children who had stayed home from school were shuffling towards me, encircling me, and leaving me no route to escape the whites of their eyes were completely gone as they got closer and closer, I could see that they had rows and rows of tiny razor sharp. 

01:13:24 Speaker 2 

Teeth, they started chanting enough. 

01:13:28 Speaker 2 

Clean up everything. 

01:13:31 Speaker 2 

Body everywhere. 

01:13:34 Speaker 2 

There was no way out. 

01:13:35 Speaker 2 

I was about to resign to my horrid fate when I heard a loud crack in the sky. 

01:13:40 Speaker 2 

I looked up and saw Biz Markie floating down on a fluffy white cloud, hovering just above me. 

01:13:46 Speaker 2 

He shouted you. 

01:13:49 Speaker 2 

You got what I need. 

01:13:50 Speaker 2 

Speed and he stretched out his arm to pull me up. 

01:13:54 Speaker 2 

We locked arms and in a flash we were transported to. 

01:13:58 Speaker 4 

My my bedroom. 

01:14:01 Speaker 4 

Was it all a dream? 

01:14:03 Speaker 4 

I pushed off the covers and sat up my head was stuffy from the cold that had kept me home from school that day. 

01:14:11 Speaker 4 

The price is right, was on my little desktop television. 

01:14:15 Speaker 4 

Sweetie, are you up? 

01:14:16 Speaker 4 

Call my mom. 

01:14:18 Speaker 4 

I've made you some soup. 

01:14:20 Speaker 4 

Her soft footsteps approached the door and I heard a gentle, not sweet. 

01:14:25 Speaker 4 

She said from the other side, the doorknob turned and the door creaked open. 

01:14:30 Speaker 4 

My mom poked her head in, and when she saw I was awake, she walked in, carrying a tray with her large cloche covering the suit to keep it hot. 

01:14:42 Speaker 4 

She placed a tray next to me, grabbed one of my laundry strewn about on the floor, and hurried out. 

01:14:49 Speaker 4 

Must have been some gnarly fever dreams I thought I realized I reached for the tray, yanked off the cloche and and recoiled in horror. 

01:14:59 Speaker 4 

There before me on the trace at the head of Biz Markie, I screamed and my mom ran in to find me with the head. 

01:15:09 Speaker 4 

Oh sweetie, she said, but you said he's just a friend. 

01:15:13 Speaker 4 

Biz Markie eyes came alive and met mine. 

01:15:16 Speaker 4 

His decaying mouth, disfigured and Cracked, said. 

01:15:19 Speaker 4 

If you can name one other song that I did, I won't eat you here and now. 

01:15:26 Speaker 4 

Let me get some ketchup beers, Mom said because this fool ain't got that knowledge. 

01:15:31 Speaker 4 

I knew at once. 

01:15:32 Speaker 4 

This was how my story would end being eaten alive by the head of Biz Markie, because I never once slipped that cassette single to the B side. 

01:15:43 Speaker 4 

I longed for a future I would never see a future with stuff like Google and Wikipedia. 

01:15:48 Speaker 4 

That would have easily given me the answer. 

01:15:50 Speaker 4 

Instead, I was eating and it totally sucks to be eaten, especially by a head with no digestive system. 

01:15:58 Speaker 4 

Fortunately, Biz lost his taste for me halfway up my left leg and he had my mom roll him away. 

01:16:06 Speaker 4 

I was able to roll over in time to watch the showcase showdown. 

01:16:10 Speaker 4 

We all lived happily ever after. 

01:16:15 Speaker 4 

And that means the yen for you idiots. 

01:16:21 Speaker 1 

Oh my God. 

01:16:23 Speaker 1 

I love that I love that. 

01:16:23 Speaker 3 

Shout out to all the contributors. 

01:16:25 Speaker 2 

Right, dude, that's just I mean seriously, that was good. 

01:16:28 Speaker 4 

Hilarious that great. 

01:16:29 Speaker 2 

It was fun guys. 

01:16:30 Speaker 2 

Thank you. 

01:16:31 Speaker 4 

So much so all the. 

01:16:32 Speaker 4 

Contributors, it was great, I mean. 

01:16:34 Speaker 4 

I mean, we weren't expecting like a crazy thing like this we thought would be a lot of fun. And if this was Colleen's idea and I was like, yeah, let's just do it. 

01:16:42 Speaker 4 

Let's see what happens and then people just really took up on this, 'cause I think this strikes a nerve with some people like oh man, this what we used to do back when we were kids. 

01:16:50 Speaker 4 

You know. 

01:16:50 Speaker 2 

Exactly, Yep. 

01:16:51 Speaker 4 

I mean last year when we did the thing we talked about Camp Schmidt. 

01:16:54 Speaker 4 

All other like scary stuff we used to do and blah blah blah and so now this is kind of one of the things that that I think resonated with a lot of people. 

01:17:02 Speaker 4 

So thank you so much guys. 

01:17:04 Speaker 4 

It was really good. 

01:17:05 Speaker 3 

Really good. 

01:17:06 Speaker 2 

Super fun, thank you. 

01:17:08 Speaker 2 

I mean I had fun with this and I really I was impressed by all the creativity that everybody kind of threw out there. 

01:17:13 Speaker 2 

And I loved the fact that there was. 

01:17:15 Speaker 2 

A bunch of like old school hip hoppers thrown in. 

01:17:19 Speaker 4 

Yeah, it was great. 

01:17:20 Speaker 4 

It was great. 

01:17:21 Speaker 4 

It was great. 

01:17:22 Speaker 4 

I mean you have all these really good imagined imaginations. 

01:17:26 Speaker 4 

And no, it was a lot of. 

01:17:27 Speaker 4 

Fun, thanks guys. 

01:17:28 Speaker 2 

And I did. 

01:17:29 Speaker 2 

I told everybody like just be weird, just do whatever so. 

01:17:33 Speaker 4 

Awesome, awesome, So what? 

01:17:36 Speaker 4 

What's next where we got? 

01:17:38 Speaker 2 

Well, I think that it's time for confession corner. 

01:17:46 Speaker 4 

Man, do we got some confessions for y'all. 

01:17:51 Speaker 2 

So apparently there's a bunch. 

01:17:53 Speaker 2 

I only read one of them, 'cause it was something that was submitted to us several months ago. 

01:17:58 Speaker 2 

Seth has read the other ones, so we're going to go through them now. 

01:18:02 Speaker 4 

And you know what? 

01:18:03 Speaker 4 

Some of these confessions are off the hook. 

01:18:05 Speaker 4 

I love him. 

01:18:06 Speaker 4 

Third, very awesome. 

01:18:08 Speaker 2 

They're also and also I have a confession, sort of Halloween related confession and I think you do you. 

01:18:15 Speaker 2 

Do too or. 

01:18:17 Speaker 4 

I already have my confession. 

01:18:18 Speaker 4 

Or with my week costume? 

01:18:19 Speaker 4 

I mean, that's not really confession, but it just basically just solidifies that I'm lame. 

01:18:24 Speaker 4 

That's all, really. 



01:18:26 Speaker 4 

Yep, so some of these confessions are funny. 

01:18:28 Speaker 4 

Some are crazy, some are. 

01:18:31 Speaker 4 

Once you read the confession that we kind of discuss them a little bit, then we just move on. 

01:18:34 Speaker 4 

So if you want to get something off your testicles, you just let us know. 

01:18:38 Speaker 4 

All right so? 

01:18:39 Speaker 2 

And just for. 

01:18:39 Speaker 2 

Old time sake. 

01:18:40 Speaker 2 

I will insert the confession quarter disclaimer right here. 

01:18:49 Speaker 7 

Confession corner contains real life confessions from real people. 

01:18:51 Speaker 7 

These not eight actors. 

01:18:52 Speaker 7 

All confessions are read word for word the best we can. 

01:18:54 Speaker 7 

Opinions from the host of Air Candy podcast regarding the professions or speed up and we don't give a damn about your feelings. 

01:18:58 Speaker 7 

If you don't like what we think side effects from the dashboard may include happiness, your ability, but hartness laughter, stomach cramps, cause sadness, confusion, and occasional bubble guys, consult your psychiatrist to see if infection corner is good for your confession. 

01:19:08 Speaker 7 

Corner is a subsidiary of Air Candy Podcast. Holla at cha boyyyyy 

01:19:09 Speaker 7 

A very legible. 

01:19:15 Speaker 4 

Alright, so now we got that out the way. 

01:19:18 Speaker 4 

Alright, do you want to do yours first or you want to read one of these? 

01:19:21 Speaker 2 

I, well, we'll do. 

01:19:23 Speaker 2 

Let's do the other peoples and I'll just. 

01:19:26 Speaker 2 

Do mine later. 

01:19:26 Speaker 4 

Alright, alright cool so. 

01:19:29 Speaker 4 

Let's go over to the first one. 

01:19:30 Speaker 4 

The first one. 

01:19:31 Speaker 2 

Read the oldest one I guess. 

01:19:33 Speaker 4 

OK, let's go the oldest one. 

01:19:34 Speaker 4 

The oldest confession and thank you the to the person that submitted this. 

01:19:39 Speaker 4 

I'm glad you got this off your testicles. 

01:19:42 Speaker 4 

All right, so here we go. 

01:19:45 Speaker 4 

I am in my late 30s and I still eat my boogers and sometimes my scabs. 

01:19:51 Speaker 4 

I am not sure why I do it. 

01:19:53 Speaker 4 

My wife doesn't know. 

01:19:55 Speaker 4 

I've done it since I was a kid and never. 

01:19:57 Speaker 4 

Stopped at the end. 

01:20:01 Speaker 4 

OK, so we kind of started off at the gate out the gate. 


Whoo Hoo. 

01:20:08 Speaker 4 

Alright, so listener thank you for getting off your chesticles appreciate that. 

01:20:12 Speaker 2 

However, however. 

01:20:15 Speaker 6 

Excuse me while I vomit. 

01:20:17 Speaker 4 

Oh my God, we just started out this confession cord with a bang man these people ain't Oh my God Gorilla Mail. 

01:20:24 Speaker 4 

Thank God Jesus. 

01:20:25 Speaker 2 

My advice is to stop eating those and. 

01:20:28 Speaker 2 

Switch to candy. 

01:20:30 Speaker 2 

So Halloween. 

01:20:32 Speaker 4 

Alright, Carlene, let's talk about the candy. 

01:20:34 Speaker 4 

Alright, so you're you're miss factoid. 

01:20:37 Speaker 4 

You think there's? 

01:20:38 Speaker 4 

You think there's any nutritional value in boogers? 

01:20:42 Speaker 2 


01:20:42 Speaker 2 

Is this a serious question, right? 

01:20:44 Speaker 6 

You're kidding. 

01:20:46 Speaker 2 

My God. 

01:20:47 Speaker 4 

I'm just saying we're talking about, hey, it's time to talk about the confessions. 

01:20:50 Speaker 2 

I think would be a low caloric food. 

01:20:52 Speaker 2 

Don't know. 

01:20:54 Speaker 4 

We might have to look that up like. 

01:20:57 Speaker 2 

You do that and then you. 

01:20:58 Speaker 2 

Can tell me next. 

01:20:59 Speaker 4 

Time, alright, So what about the scab? 

01:21:02 Speaker 4 

So that's eating blood. 

01:21:02 Speaker 4 

So scabs or blood? 

01:21:04 Speaker 4 

This is disgusting. 

01:21:05 Speaker 4 

OK, listener, thank you. 

01:21:06 Speaker 6 

It's just. 

01:21:08 Speaker 4 

Thank you, this is great so listeners. 

01:21:11 Speaker 2 

Honestly, like all, I keep thinking of is like growing up. 

01:21:14 Speaker 2 

There were kids in my elementary school like growing up that that would do this. 

01:21:18 Speaker 2 

You know they would be sitting at their desk in school like just just digging for gold and just delicious and or and doing the same thing with the scabs too. 

01:21:22 Speaker 5 

Eat them. 

01:21:28 Speaker 2 

Like I got me and my girlfriends that that I'm still friends with that. 

01:21:31 Speaker 2 

We all grew up together like we have stories of other kids doing. 

01:21:34 Speaker 2 

Yes, yes sure. 

01:21:35 Speaker 4 

So you know, it's funny that we're kind of talking about this, because actually this is not. 

01:21:42 Speaker 4 

In all that rare kids do this all the time. 

01:21:48 Speaker 2 

Yes kids, but this person. 

01:21:51 Speaker 2 

How old did this person say late 30s? 

01:21:53 Speaker 4 

I am in my late 30s, so 3738, thirty nine, and they're eating their boogers behind. 

01:21:59 Speaker 7 

Their wives back. 

01:22:01 Speaker 2 

I know that's funny. 

01:22:02 Speaker 2 

My wife doesn't know. 

01:22:04 Speaker 2 

I mean, if you're doing that instead of like cheating and. 

01:22:07 Speaker 2 

Stuff you know. 

01:22:08 Speaker 5 

Right, you know what I'm saying? 

01:22:08 Speaker 2 

Go keep at it I guess. 

01:22:11 Speaker 4 

I don't know, man. 

01:22:11 Speaker 2 

There's worse. 

01:22:12 Speaker 4 

I don't know, man, I'd be like oh you wanna go out there? 

01:22:15 Speaker 4 

You want creepers all don't don't. 

01:22:16 Speaker 4 

Get weird and eat your boogers. 

01:22:17 Speaker 2 

Yeah, unless unless like if the wife knew they you know they'd be so she'd be so grossed out that she wouldn't want to like, you know, put her mouth on his mouth anymore. 

01:22:26 Speaker 2 

I don't know. 

01:22:26 Speaker 4 

I mean, have you got like a booger caught in like in your you know? 

01:22:30 Speaker 4 

Ill moving on, it's just. 

01:22:34 Speaker 2 

Just too much again logging off. 

01:22:37 Speaker 4 

Thank you listener. 

01:22:38 Speaker 4 

Appreciate that we don't mean to hate we're we don't mean to hate on you. 

01:22:41 Speaker 4 

Too bad but. 

01:22:42 Speaker 2 

Well, again if you if you feel any sort of way, go back, rewind and listen to the disclaimer please. 

01:22:47 Speaker 4 

Yeah, please trigger warning. 

01:22:50 Speaker 1 

Sure, yeah. 

01:22:54 Speaker 2 

That goes for that goes for listeners and the people who actually submit. 

01:22:57 Speaker 2 

Just listen to the disclaimer again. 

01:23:01 Speaker 4 

This is great. 

01:23:02 Speaker 4 

Alright, so that's the worst one. 

01:23:04 Speaker 4 

Let's go to some more fun hard at once. 

01:23:05 Speaker 4 

It's got some. 

01:23:06 Speaker 4 

Light hard at once, all right. 

01:23:07 Speaker 2 

OK, I will read one. 

01:23:08 Speaker 2 

I'll read the next one, uhm, let's see. 

01:23:10 Speaker 4 


01:23:13 Speaker 2 

OK, this one says. 

01:23:16 Speaker 2 

You guys may or may not know me. 

01:23:18 Speaker 2 

I'll never tell. 

01:23:21 Speaker 2 

Then it also says thanks for the heads up on the Gorilla Mail, so you're welcome whoever you are. 

01:23:26 Speaker 2 

So, so I have a 2 Fer phoria one is mine and the other is my husband's. We love your show. Make more episodes. 

01:23:35 Speaker 2 

Noted, thank you very much. 

01:23:36 Speaker 2 

We will. 

01:23:36 Speaker 2 

We will do that OK. 

01:23:37 Speaker 3 

Thank you, appreciate it. 

01:23:39 Speaker 2 

So let's see. 

01:23:40 Speaker 2 

Actually, no, we'll do. 

01:23:41 Speaker 2 

Seth, I'll. 

01:23:42 Speaker 2 

Read the the. 

01:23:43 Speaker 2 

The the one that says is hers and then you can. 

01:23:45 Speaker 2 

Read the dudes. 

01:23:46 Speaker 2 

OK alright cool alright so this is the this is the this is the chicks she says. 

01:23:50 Speaker 2 

When I was in 4th grade, I dressed up as Dolly Parton for Halloween. 

01:23:55 Speaker 2 

Of course, I needed big ***** for this costume, so I stuffed a bunch of my dad socks into. 

01:24:00 Speaker 2 

My mom brought to create the ***** that I didn't have yet. 

01:24:04 Speaker 2 

I was so excited to go to school that day. 

01:24:07 Speaker 2 

The costume was awesome until it wasn't. 

01:24:11 Speaker 2 

I was sitting at my desk and started smelling something really gross. 

01:24:15 Speaker 2 

God turns out one of our cats had gotten into my dad's sock drawer and peed on at least one of the socks. 

01:24:25 Speaker 2 

I was using. 

01:24:26 Speaker 2 

I took the soiled socks out and even up my chest, but by that time it was too late and some of the kids had gotten wind of what happened. 

01:24:35 Speaker 2 

I was so embarrassed. 

01:24:37 Speaker 2 

One of them even called me. 

01:24:41 Speaker 3 

I can't go. 

01:24:43 Speaker 2 

Dolly peaton 

01:24:50 Speaker 7 

Kids are horrible. 

01:24:51 Speaker 2 

Right kids are ******** geez. 

01:24:55 Speaker 4 

Oh man, that is that is a good one. 

01:24:56 Speaker 2 

That's a good one. 

01:24:58 Speaker 4 

Thanks for sharing that mystery person. 

01:25:00 Speaker 4 

Really appreciate that. 

01:25:01 Speaker 4 

That is hilarious. 

01:25:02 Speaker 4 

Alright so. 


Dolly Peter. 

01:25:05 Speaker 5 

Tommy Pete. 

01:25:06 Speaker 2 

Dolly Peter nandina 

01:25:12 Speaker 2 

You smell like pee Cappy. 

01:25:14 Speaker 4 

Oh my God, but imagine that though, let's let's let's not talk about that for a little bit. 

01:25:18 Speaker 4 

Alright, you go in there. 

01:25:19 Speaker 5 

You go in there. 

01:25:20 Speaker 4 

Breaking down your going stuff and. 

01:25:23 Speaker 4 

All those socks in there and you can start look. 

01:25:26 Speaker 4 

I know what cap he smells like. 

01:25:29 Speaker 4 

It ain't nothing nice. 

01:25:30 Speaker 5 

So you got. 

01:25:32 Speaker 4 

You didn't smell that before you left the house. 

01:25:34 Speaker 2 

I mean look, it sounds like she was very excited and maybe it was just like a quick like. 

01:25:39 Speaker 2 

You know, I mean sometimes. 

01:25:40 Speaker 2 

OK, here's the thing. 

01:25:41 Speaker 2 

This exists when you are in your own environment. 

01:25:45 Speaker 2 

You become nose blind to certain things. 

01:25:47 Speaker 4 


01:25:47 Speaker 2 

Maybe she did not know and maybe she was also mixed with nose, blindness and excitement. 

01:25:49 Speaker 4 

OK, I understand. 

01:25:53 Speaker 2 

Pure excitement for going to school dressed up in her awesome costume. 

01:25:58 Speaker 4 

I get it. 

01:25:58 Speaker 2 

She just didn't know. 

01:25:59 Speaker 2 

And then once she's sitting there in her own smell. 

01:26:01 Speaker 4 

Hang on, **** 

01:26:02 Speaker 2 

At the desk, just like. 

01:26:04 Speaker 2 

What is? 

01:26:05 Speaker 4 

That, uh, basking in the ambience, basking in the ambience. 

01:26:05 Speaker 2 

And then. 

01:26:11 Speaker 2 

Oh my God. 

01:26:12 Speaker 4 

You're right, and then it starts per meeting because like there's no like, the air is not moving. 

01:26:16 Speaker 4 

You're just feeling like you can just see those little things you know like, Yup. 

01:26:17 Speaker 2 

Right, you just stand there. 

01:26:19 Speaker 2 

You're just sitting there. 

01:26:20 Speaker 2 

Sitting in the cloud of pee just. 

01:26:24 Speaker 4 

Oh man, I must have been terrible. 

01:26:24 Speaker 2 

At least Pete and. 

01:26:26 Speaker 4 

Dolly Peter. 

01:26:28 Speaker 4 

Thank you listener. 

01:26:29 Speaker 4 

That was great all right. 

01:26:30 Speaker 2 

I want to hear the husbands on. 

01:26:32 Speaker 2 

What is it Reddit stuff? 

01:26:33 Speaker 4 

All right, so here goes. 

01:26:34 Speaker 4 

The husband is a little shorter, but still still good too. 

01:26:37 Speaker 4 

I dressed up as a Playboy Bunny during Halloween and went out to a local college bar. 

01:26:43 Speaker 4 

My outfit consisted of Bunny ears, white suit jacket and boxer shorts. 

01:26:48 Speaker 4 

I got drunk at my friends. 

01:26:50 Speaker 4 

My favorite song came on so I decided to drop it like it's hot. 

01:26:55 Speaker 4 

Unknown to me, something else dropped my ball. 

01:26:59 Speaker 4 

My balls dropped right out of my boxers. 

01:27:01 Speaker 4 

My friends were in horror as I flashed them my testes. 

01:27:05 Speaker 4 

News to say. 

01:27:05 Speaker 6 

So clinical. 

01:27:06 Speaker 7 

Right, I know my testes. 

01:27:09 Speaker 4 

Needless to say, but I still have not lived this down. 

01:27:13 Speaker 4 

Oh my God. 


Remember the time you dropped legs hot and your testes came out? 


Who says testes? 

01:27:25 Speaker 3 

Right testes testes nuts. 


That's deez. 

01:27:32 Speaker 3 

Oh my God, what are? 

01:27:33 Speaker 4 

We five what's going on here, oh **** alright, let's talk about this one, alright? 

01:27:34 Speaker 6 

Pretty much pretty much pretty much. 

01:27:38 Speaker 4 

So first of all, he dressed up as a Playboy Bunny. 

01:27:41 Speaker 4 

So either he's a pretty boy or he's going up in drag I. 

01:27:44 Speaker 4 

Don't know he's though. 

01:27:44 Speaker 2 

Well, it's it was a very simple outfit. 

01:27:47 Speaker 2 

See Bunny ears, white jacket and boxer shorts. 

01:27:49 Speaker 2 

So I mean I think it was one of those last minute. 

01:27:51 Speaker 2 

Throw together things just kind of like you said with your ninja costume. 

01:27:54 Speaker 4 

Yeah, basically. 

01:27:54 Speaker 2 

Probably had some like a girlfriend Bunny ears laying around like let me throw this on. 

01:27:58 Speaker 2 

OK this will do I'm I'm. 

01:27:59 Speaker 2 

A Playboy Bunny, right? 

01:28:00 Speaker 4 

Right places getting drunk. 

01:28:01 Speaker 4 

He's like whatever. 

01:28:02 Speaker 4 

'cause it's you know I've been playing sport. 

01:28:04 Speaker 4 

It's like, well you can't come listen have a costume. 

01:28:06 Speaker 4 

Also, people like making up. 

01:28:07 Speaker 4 

**** like the sound of it. 

01:28:07 Speaker 2 

Exactly, I'm a Playboy buddy. 



01:28:09 Speaker 2 

See here's. 

01:28:12 Speaker 4 

I'm a Ravens fan. 

01:28:13 Speaker 4 

You show up with this damn Ravens jersey on up its fan. 

01:28:17 Speaker 2 

Right, yeah? 

01:28:17 Speaker 4 

OK, just just stay home right just. 

01:28:20 Speaker 4 

Stay the **** home. 

01:28:21 Speaker 1 

These days 

01:28:21 Speaker 2 

But then you know he's he's. 

01:28:23 Speaker 2 

You know drinking and stuff happens. 

01:28:25 Speaker 4 

So when you drop it like it's hot, so he must have some pretty big balls if you're like if your balls are busting through boxers. 

01:28:27 Speaker 1 

Draw a line card. 

01:28:32 Speaker 2 

Through the yeah the unless there's a hole in the bottom of his boxers. 

01:28:36 Speaker 2 

Although I don't think he would have chosen a holy pair of boxers to go out, and so yeah, you're absolutely right for him to drop it like it's. 


He's gone. 

01:28:43 Speaker 2 

Hot for them. 

01:28:44 Speaker 2 

To like, fling forward and then come. 

01:28:46 Speaker 2 

Out the front. 

01:28:46 Speaker 2 

Pocket or or. 

01:28:46 Speaker 4 

Right, it's like, yeah, especially like they're. 

01:28:48 Speaker 4 

Like little pee hole. 

01:28:49 Speaker 2 

Or maybe they were really short boxer briefs, boxers. 

01:28:53 Speaker 2 

And they just came out the leg. 

01:28:57 Speaker 4 

Have you seen a man in boxers that does not happen? 

01:29:01 Speaker 2 

I mean you know what? Who knows, we don't know. We don't know the true anatomy of this man's testes. 

01:29:06 Speaker 2 


01:29:08 Speaker 4 

If he got testes like that I don't know. 

01:29:10 Speaker 4 

He he must have some kind of medical condition. 

01:29:16 Speaker 4 

I got help inside. 

01:29:18 Speaker 5 

I did. 

01:29:19 Speaker 4 

I get a saggy out of me. 

01:29:23 Speaker 5 

I got saggy nuts and it was saggy out of me. 

01:29:30 Speaker 4 

Oh my God, alright so big nut Chuck, thank you very much. 

01:29:31 Speaker 2 

Good grief. 

01:29:35 Speaker 3 

For that we. 

01:29:35 Speaker 4 

Got a good laugh out of that all right? 

01:29:37 Speaker 4 

Good so last confession that we have you want to do this one you want me to do it? 

01:29:41 Speaker 2 

Go ahead and do it, 'cause then I'll tell you my lame one that I have afterwards. 

01:29:45 Speaker 4 

Alright, alright so this is another one for one of our listeners. 

01:29:48 Speaker 4 

Her name is. 

01:29:49 Speaker 2 

Dawn Yang di di dam buski. 

01:29:52 Speaker 5 

Hey hey. 

01:29:52 Speaker 4 

Hey, I actually know this person too. 

01:29:54 Speaker 4 

So hey girl all right. 

01:29:56 Speaker 2 

This is my cousin. 

01:29:57 Speaker 4 

Actually your cousin and she cousin. 

01:30:00 Speaker 4 

Alright, so let's go to hers. 

01:30:02 Speaker 4 

It's a nice lighthearted one too. 

01:30:04 Speaker 4 

It's funny, alright here we go. 

01:30:04 Speaker 2 

Feel good. 

01:30:06 Speaker 4 

Halloween is my favorite holiday by far. 

01:30:09 Speaker 4 

Every year I decorate our porch and yard to look haunted and look like a zombie apocalypse. 

01:30:15 Speaker 4 

I live next door to my step parents and they donated a few decorations and some candy to me. 

01:30:20 Speaker 4 

So things can look extra fun and spooky. 

01:30:22 Speaker 4 

Last Halloween was super lame because of COVID. 

01:30:26 Speaker 4 

I feel your girl. 

01:30:27 Speaker 4 

But my daughter, my bio mom. 

01:30:30 Speaker 4 

Her Wanda and I were still so excited. 

01:30:34 Speaker 4 

However we only had about 10 trick or treaters total when we usually have about. 

01:30:39 Speaker 4 

50 It was pretty boring, so mom and I started taking shots of whiskey around 9:00 PM and the kiddo got to route through her £30 of candy. 

01:30:49 Speaker 4 

Oh my God. 

01:30:51 Speaker 4 

How about turn off the walls again? 

01:30:53 Speaker 4 

Well, my parents next door went to bed early since they weren't handing out candy and my neighbors on the other side. 

01:31:03 Speaker 4 

Normally hand out candy, so it was just us out there on this half of the block. 

01:31:07 Speaker 4 

The last kids teenagers came through right before 11:00 PM. 

01:31:11 Speaker 4 

All the other houses bias has shut off the porch lights and turned in for a night. 

01:31:16 Speaker 4 

Mom and I were getting tipsy at this point and we were still bored as FCK. 

01:31:21 Speaker 4 

So my John cast. 

01:31:23 Speaker 4 

Went inside I got a big old Costco sized pack of Kirkland brand toilet paper and said wanted TP Grammy and Grampy House. 

01:31:33 Speaker 4 

The kid was all for it, and Mama Wanda is always down, we spend 45 minutes toilet papering their trees bushes. 

01:31:41 Speaker 4 

The whole front yard. 

01:31:43 Speaker 4 

Then we TP my other neighbors too. 

01:31:46 Speaker 4 

I realized that if we didn't TP our own yard we wouldn't looks awesome. 

01:31:50 Speaker 4 

That's great. 

01:31:52 Speaker 4 

So we T peed our yard too. 

01:31:54 Speaker 4 

It was glorious. 

01:31:55 Speaker 4 

We were all giddy and laughing like hyenas the whole time. 

01:31:59 Speaker 4 

I got a text next day from Grammy saying we all got TP last night. 

01:32:04 Speaker 4 

I was like damn kids. 

01:32:06 Speaker 4 

At least we weren't egged my dear sweet husband cleaned it up the best he could the next day, but it rained overnight, making it 10 times harder. 

01:32:15 Speaker 4 

There is still TBTP in their Magnolia tree. 

01:32:19 Speaker 4 

And my kid will have this awesome memory of her 10th Halloween forever. 

01:32:23 Speaker 4 

To this day they still don't know who it was. 

01:32:30 Speaker 2 

Well, now now they do now I feel like. 

01:32:32 Speaker 2 

Maybe she should have said. 

01:32:34 Speaker 2 

Hey, don't don't say my name. 

01:32:37 Speaker 5 

What secrets out? 

01:32:41 Speaker 2 

Anybody listening they might know now. 

01:32:43 Speaker 4 

Oh man, so that's actually a really cool story. 

01:32:46 Speaker 4 

You have a good time. 


Sounds Hun. 

01:32:47 Speaker 4 

Yeah, that was awesome. 

01:32:48 Speaker 4 

That was awesome. 

01:32:50 Speaker 4 

Yeah, good stuff thanks. 

01:32:52 Speaker 2 

Way to make the best out of a, uh, not great holiday situation. 

01:32:57 Speaker 4 

Absolutely, absolutely well. 

01:32:59 Speaker 4 

You know, maybe the going the Halloween is going to be this year will be a lot better. 

01:33:04 Speaker 4 

Maybe you can TP someone else his house instead of your own house at this point. 

01:33:09 Speaker 4 

Eczemas this house just for old times sake don't get locked up though, 'cause now it's probably a felony so be. 

01:33:14 Speaker 2 

Careful, yeah no, no vandalism, no none of that. 

01:33:17 Speaker 4 

No pumpkin smashing. 

01:33:19 Speaker 4 

None of those good old stuff. 

01:33:20 Speaker 4 

You can't do bumps of Pixy Stix and get out there and get wild and crazy. 

01:33:25 Speaker 4 

You can't do that anymore. 

01:33:26 Speaker 4 

Don't do key hits of candy. 

01:33:29 Speaker 4 

All right, all right. 

01:33:30 Speaker 4 

So that's it for our confession corner. 

01:33:33 Speaker 2 

Well, actually I have a little one. 

01:33:35 Speaker 4 

Oh, sorry about that all right, go ahead. 


Just skip over me. 

01:33:37 Speaker 4 

We got it. 

01:33:39 Speaker 4 

You said it was lame sometimes skip over. 

01:33:40 Speaker 2 

You well it? 

01:33:41 Speaker 2 

I mean, it is what it is. 

01:33:43 Speaker 2 

It's not really a confession per southeast, but I did do this and it's something else that would be frowned upon nowadays. 

01:33:49 Speaker 2 

So I confess that when I was like I don't know, I don't know like 12 or something. 

01:33:55 Speaker 2 

I don't know. 

01:33:56 Speaker 2 

I I had my my dog Corky at the time. 

01:33:59 Speaker 2 

He's a West highland white. 

01:34:00 Speaker 2 

Barrier and I dressed him up so this kind of goes back into like what we talked about in the beginning of the episode about people dressing up their pets. 

01:34:08 Speaker 2 

I dressed him up as a leprechaun. 

01:34:12 Speaker 2 

And all I did was put a little green hat on him and kind of like. 

01:34:17 Speaker 2 

You know, tie it around him so it was like stuck to his head. 

01:34:20 Speaker 2 

But the thing that would be frowned upon is that I actually spray painted not with paint but with Hairspray green. 

01:34:28 Speaker 2 

So I I colored him green and I don't think it's really safe for pets. 

01:34:33 Speaker 4 

Oh my God. 

01:34:36 Speaker 2 

I don't know if it's safe. 

01:34:37 Speaker 4 

Or not, what comes? 

01:34:38 Speaker 4 

Paint, was it? 

01:34:40 Speaker 2 

It wasn't spray paint, it was hair. 

01:34:41 Speaker 2 

It was like the stuff that you would buy at Halloween time to spray to color your hair green, but I just put it on his hair and I sprayed him all green so he was a little leprechaun. 

01:34:48 Speaker 4 

Oh my God. 

01:34:51 Speaker 4 

That's OK, you know, because going back to our fun facts earlier, we spend a half a billion dollars every year, so I'm sure you have lots of animals getting painted with that. 

01:35:02 Speaker 4 

But whatever that hot topic this spray. 

01:35:06 Speaker 2 

Maybe yeah, I mean, maybe there's like an actual pet safe one or whatever. 

01:35:09 Speaker 2 

I mean he was fine. 

01:35:11 Speaker 2 

I loved this dog. 

01:35:12 Speaker 2 

Very, very much. 

01:35:13 Speaker 2 

You know, I it's he was cute as hell actually. 

01:35:15 Speaker 2 

I used to dress him up a lot. 

01:35:17 Speaker 2 

I used I dressed him up as like run DMC one time too. 

01:35:19 Speaker 2 

It was I have pictures of all that somewhere too, but he was. 

01:35:21 Speaker 4 

Oh, that's cool. 

01:35:22 Speaker 2 

He was a trooper. 

01:35:23 Speaker 2 

He loved that kind of stuff and yeah I took him with me. 

01:35:26 Speaker 2 

That year, trick or treating and he was. 

01:35:28 Speaker 2 

My little leprechaun. 

01:35:29 Speaker 4 

Oh my God. 

01:35:30 Speaker 2 

So I you know. 

01:35:31 Speaker 2 

At the beginning when I was like, how do you involve pets and trick or treat? 

01:35:33 Speaker 2 

Well, there you go. 

01:35:34 Speaker 2 

I did it when I was little 'cause I took him with me. 

01:35:36 Speaker 2 

I didn't even, I forgot until right now. 

01:35:38 Speaker 4 

That's awesome, yeah, you know. 

01:35:41 Speaker 5 

What you doing? 

01:35:41 Speaker 5 

Stuff like that? 

01:35:42 Speaker 4 

All will be fine if it's good for a human, it's probably good for an animal. 

01:35:45 Speaker 4 

I mean, we're talking like a little spray here, but. 

01:35:48 Speaker 4 

You know? 

01:35:48 Speaker 2 

Yeah, it's just the stuff that you'd buy at the store just to put in your hair. 

01:35:52 Speaker 4 

That's awesome, yeah, you know what we need? 

01:35:54 Speaker 2 

Not really a confession, so yeah, it's pretty lame. 

01:35:56 Speaker 2 

You could have skipped over me. 

01:35:58 Speaker 2 

I should have let you ship. 

01:35:58 Speaker 4 

No, no, it's all good. 

01:36:00 Speaker 4 

I think almost every time that we do a confession corner if we get some submissions, we should confess something about ourselves just so we can. 

01:36:08 Speaker 4 

It's we're all in this together. 

01:36:10 Speaker 4 

It's not like us laughing at other people. 

01:36:11 Speaker 4 

There's just so many confessions is kind of out of control somewhere blah blah. 

01:36:15 Speaker 4 

So you know, we need to get something off our testicles sometimes so. 

01:36:19 Speaker 4 

We should probably do that too, so. 

01:36:21 Speaker 4 

Listeners if you feel that you want to get something off your chest, let us know and then we will reciprocate and we will just confess something. 

01:36:30 Speaker 4 

If it's embarrassing, if it's funny, whatever we are in this together, so send it in and now back to our sponsors. 

01:36:43 Speaker 3 

What do you say? 

01:36:43 Speaker 2 

This year, sponsored by Candy Corn. 

01:36:49 Speaker 4 

K decor. 

01:36:50 Speaker 2 

This episode is brought to. 

01:36:51 Speaker 2 

You by nasty as candy corn. 

01:36:56 Speaker 4 

Oh, good stuff. 

01:36:57 Speaker 4 

Alright, so we're getting brought this up B. 

01:36:59 Speaker 2 

Yeah, you got any shoutouts. 

01:37:00 Speaker 4 

I'm going to say I have one good shout out and this is since we're talking about the Halloween season. 

01:37:07 Speaker 4 

Let's just say that one of the podcasts I listen to right now is called scared to death. 

01:37:13 Speaker 4 

Scared to Death Podcast, it is a great podcast. 

01:37:17 Speaker 4 

It's a husband and wife. 

01:37:19 Speaker 4 

The guys name is Dan. 

01:37:20 Speaker 4 

Comments his wife is Lindsay. 

01:37:22 Speaker 4 

Comments they read scary stories to each other. 

01:37:26 Speaker 4 

And then it is just really good and some more stories are are awesome and they're from all over the world and it's just a great listen. 

01:37:33 Speaker 4 

So if you want to listen to something spooky and listen something that's really funny, listen to Scared Death podcast. 

01:37:39 Speaker 4 

This is not a sponsored thing at all. 

01:37:40 Speaker 4 

I'm just saying that that's what I listen to personally. 

01:37:43 Speaker 4 

So if you won't listen to a different podcast to get something. 

01:37:45 Speaker 4 

Scary all year round. 

01:37:47 Speaker 4 

Listen is scared to death, so that's the only shot that I got. 


It is. 

01:37:49 Speaker 2 

It is a good one. 

01:37:50 Speaker 2 

It really is and definitely get yourself some blankets and they actually have a YouTube channel as well so they they have it on the audio. 

01:37:57 Speaker 2 

But they also have a video and what's funny is that his. 

01:38:00 Speaker 2 

My wife, actually, you know, has a blanket the whole time 'cause she gets spooked out so she's always hiding under her blanket, so it's pretty funny. 

01:38:07 Speaker 4 

Yeah, she gets super scared and it's funny because when he's reading. 


Daddy me. 


That's me. 

01:38:12 Speaker 4 

It's almost like me and you like if we were like face to face and we were reading scary stories I could see you right now like I don't wanna see like your eyes. 



01:38:19 Speaker 2 

Poking out, I'd be like. 

01:38:20 Speaker 3 

Talking about it, it's a blanket. 

01:38:22 Speaker 3 

It's like exactly. 

01:38:22 Speaker 3 

God, it's so sky. 

01:38:26 Speaker 1 

It's true. 

01:38:27 Speaker 4 

So give it a listen scared to death podcast. 

01:38:31 Speaker 4 

That's all I got. 

01:38:32 Speaker 4 

What do you got getting shout outs? 

01:38:33 Speaker 2 

Yeah, I want to give a shout out to all the people again who contributed on Facebook or past the story and also the if I was a killer and I want to just quickly go through everybody. 

01:38:43 Speaker 2 

So Laura Beth Duncan Megan Kathleen said, Billops, Angela Moxley, Hazard Jeremy Johnson, Ryan Abbott Bridget Parr stand rezek. 

01:38:52 Speaker 2 

Randy more Liam more Antoinette. 

01:38:55 Speaker 2 

And Joe Mack and Norris Smith, you guys. 

01:38:59 Speaker 2 

Again, rock, thank you so much for all of your contributions and just for being a part of. 

01:39:04 Speaker 2 

It because I wouldn't. 

01:39:06 Speaker 2 

Have been able to do without you. 

01:39:07 Speaker 4 

Absolutely thank you guys so much. 

01:39:09 Speaker 4 

Let me see again. 

01:39:11 Speaker 4 

Shout out to the folks I've contributed to confession corner. 

01:39:13 Speaker 4 

This is great. 


Oh yeah. 

01:39:14 Speaker 4 

This is the most that we've ever had actually two. 

01:39:16 Speaker 4 

We have a couple here and there and they start to. 

01:39:18 Speaker 3 

Pick up a. 

01:39:18 Speaker 4 

Little bit so people are feeling OK. 

01:39:20 Speaker 4 

This is a safe space. 

01:39:21 Speaker 4 

OK, you know, air candy is a safe space. 

01:39:24 Speaker 4 

I can send this. 

01:39:24 Speaker 4 

They're not going to call me out, so it's all good. 

01:39:27 Speaker 4 

And then. 

01:39:28 Speaker 4 

Also remember if you guys want to support us monetarily, you can go to and you can just buy a couple little coffees here and it'll help us keep the lights on and help us keep on putting out good old podcasts for you guys. 

01:39:46 Speaker 4 

All right, so you ready to take us home. 

01:39:48 Speaker 2 

Yes, so thank you guys so much for listening and spending time with us today. 

01:39:52 Speaker 2 

Please don't forget to subscribe to our show so you don't miss out on any future episodes. 

01:39:56 Speaker 2 

If you have a question, a comment or episode idea, or if you just want to drop us a line to say hello, you can reach. 

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Or send an email to

01:40:07 Speaker 6 

So hit us. 

01:40:09 Speaker 2 

Because we want to connect with you. 

01:40:12 Speaker 2 

And until next time. 

01:40:14 Speaker 2 

PC's don't get sick eating all that candy either. 

01:40:18 Speaker 4 

Hood candycorn, you probably get sick regardless the same. 

01:40:22 Speaker 5 

Right up the ***** yeah. 

01:40:26 Speaker 4 

That's where I'm gonna stack that **** I'm gonna stack it up and just. 

01:40:28 Speaker 4 

Come right to your house, go to yeah. 

01:40:33 Speaker 4 

I'll go drop it in your mailbox. 

01:40:36 Speaker 6 

Drop it like hell. 

01:40:36 Speaker 4 

Still juicy chemical. 

01:40:41 Speaker 5 

Love you Mina. 

01:41:19 Speaker 2 

See, I think that's where that's where. 

01:41:20 Speaker 4 

Yeah, I know. 

01:41:21 Speaker 2 

I got all jacked up. 

01:41:22 Speaker 4 

I can't read that English. 

01:41:26 Speaker 4 

Like it? 

01:41:32 Speaker 4 

All right, here we go. 

01:41:34 Speaker 4 back slash Wiener if you want to go there and we see live action. 

01:41:42 Speaker 4 

Excuse me 

01:41:43 Speaker 2 

You might start over. 

01:41:44 Speaker 4 

Start this one over. 

01:41:45 Speaker 4 

I've been drinking too much. 

01:41:47 Speaker 4 

Alright, too much Scotch I think nurse. 

01:41:47 Speaker 6 

Do you have Scotch? 

01:41:50 Speaker 4 

I need another step. 

01:42:57 Speaker 2 

Good job Wiener. 

01:42:58 Speaker 4 

You're right, yeah, good job Wiener. 

01:43:01 Speaker 4 

Good job Wiener.