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Candy Tawlk #1

December 09, 2021 Colleen Devaney Season 1 Episode 20
Candy Tawlk #1
Air Candy
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Air Candy
Candy Tawlk #1
Dec 09, 2021 Season 1 Episode 20
Colleen Devaney

This week we're bringing you a new and fun format...It's Candy Tawlk!
We break down our favorite picks of the week for you to enjoy on your commute, while you're getting your steps in, or just whenever! Listen in for fun facts, recipes, life hacks, music and binge suggestions, and much much more!

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Links & channels we discussed:
mndsgn - rare pleasure (2021) vinyl rip - YouTube
Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese (Vegan, Nut Free, Soy Free) - The Edgy Veg
Spencer Cornelia - YouTube
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__created by Colleen Devaney & Seth Spears
__edited & produced by Colleen Devaney
__independently produced in Maryland by Good Job, Weener Productions

Key Words: life hacks, fun facts, music, mndsgn, lox, mobb deep, big pun, big l, hip hop, gangsta rap, squid game, Netflix, YouTube, Spencer Cornelia, Dippin' Dots, vegan gluten free baked mac-n-cheese, stir fry sauce, flat earthers, earth, circulatory system, wombat poop, candy, mouse mover, move mouse, road rage

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This week we're bringing you a new and fun format...It's Candy Tawlk!
We break down our favorite picks of the week for you to enjoy on your commute, while you're getting your steps in, or just whenever! Listen in for fun facts, recipes, life hacks, music and binge suggestions, and much much more!

Please rate, review, & subscribe to Air Candy wherever you get your podcasts!
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We really appreciate all the love we've received so far!

Links & channels we discussed:
mndsgn - rare pleasure (2021) vinyl rip - YouTube
Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese (Vegan, Nut Free, Soy Free) - The Edgy Veg
Spencer Cornelia - YouTube
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__created by Colleen Devaney & Seth Spears
__edited & produced by Colleen Devaney
__independently produced in Maryland by Good Job, Weener Productions

Key Words: life hacks, fun facts, music, mndsgn, lox, mobb deep, big pun, big l, hip hop, gangsta rap, squid game, Netflix, YouTube, Spencer Cornelia, Dippin' Dots, vegan gluten free baked mac-n-cheese, stir fry sauce, flat earthers, earth, circulatory system, wombat poop, candy, mouse mover, move mouse, road rage

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00:00:21 Speaker 1 

Anyway, enough about me being nasty. 

00:00:23 Speaker 1 

Let's talk about this. 

00:00:24 Speaker 1 

Let's talk. 

00:00:25 Speaker 1 

I'm ready for candy talk. 

00:00:29 Speaker 1 

All right, let's record this thing. 

00:00:31 Speaker 1 

Are you ready? 

00:00:33 Speaker 2 

I'm ready. 

00:00:34 Speaker 1 

Let's do it. 

00:00:35 Speaker 2 

Hello friends and welcome to Air Candy podcast’s Candy Talk where we breakdown our favorite picks of the week. 

00:00:41 Speaker 2 

I'm your humble host Colleen and with me, as always is my co-host. 

00:00:44 Speaker 2 

Seth, we've got some great things in store for you this week. 

00:00:47 Speaker 2 

So on that note. 

00:00:48 Speaker 2 

Let's talk. 

00:00:54 Speaker 2 

It's really funny. 


Let's talk, Are you ready to talk? 

00:00:58 Speaker 1 

I'm ready to talk. 

00:00:59 Speaker 2 

Baby, OK So what are we doing here? 

00:01:02 Speaker 1 

All right so. 

00:01:03 Speaker 2 

Let's tell, but let's tell the peoples. 

00:01:05 Speaker 1 

All right, so basically it's like this for our diehard listeners. 

00:01:10 Speaker 1 

We do have some podcasts that are well in depth. 

00:01:14 Speaker 1 

Some are longer than others, but. 

00:01:16 Speaker 1 

It's just a different thing we're trying to do here. 

00:01:18 Speaker 1 

Little short ones. 

00:01:19 Speaker 1 

Good for commutes. 

00:01:20 Speaker 1 

Good for walks. 

00:01:21 Speaker 1 

If you're walking to get your daily steps saying something that you can listen to and laugh at and just think about us during the week, especially when you're writing in your confessions. 

00:01:31 Speaker 1 

For our confession corner, you know you can do things. 

00:01:34 Speaker 1 

Like that, yes, it's a. 

00:01:35 Speaker 1 

It's a good. 

00:01:36 Speaker 2 

Multi tasking thing I I think. 

00:01:38 Speaker 2 

We're just trying to. 

00:01:39 Speaker 2 

Branch out and see what's up. 

00:01:40 Speaker 1 

I think you guys are like this because it's short, sweet in the bag and we're dunskey. 

00:01:46 Speaker 2 

You didn't get outdone skis. 

00:01:49 Speaker 1 

All righty, let's get into it. 

00:01:53 Speaker 2 

Let's talk all right. 

00:01:55 Speaker 2 

So our first pick of the week. 

00:01:59 Speaker 2 

What's in your boom box? 

00:02:02 Speaker 1 


00:02:04 Speaker 2 

So with this pick, basically we are just going to tell each other and you all what we've been listening to this week. 

00:02:11 Speaker 2 

It could be music, it could be a podcast or whatever. 

00:02:14 Speaker 2 

So Seth, what have you been listening to? 

00:02:18 Speaker 1 

All right, so this week I've been listening to. 

00:02:22 Speaker 1 

Old school, gangster rap and a little bit of new schools. 

00:02:25 Speaker 2 

Oh hell yeah. 

00:02:27 Speaker 1 

Gangster rap too that's been on my playlist on Spotify. 

00:02:30 Speaker 1 

I listen to Spotify more than anything else too. 

00:02:33 Speaker 1 

I don't listen to Pandora. 

00:02:34 Speaker 1 

I gave a on Pandora a long time ago, so a couple names I listened to. 

00:02:40 Speaker 1 

The locks. 

00:02:41 Speaker 1 

I listen to Mobb Deep. 

00:02:43 Speaker 1 

I've been listening to Big Pond listening to Big L. 

00:02:49 Speaker 1 

And some others too, so that's kind of why I've been playing now. 

00:02:51 Speaker 1 

One of these little playlists that they have on. 

00:02:53 Speaker 1 

Modify is called the locks radio and that this has all these artists, so I really like a lot of these and stuff. 

00:03:00 Speaker 1 

I grew up on big problem is actually not in my big like top of my top five. 

00:03:05 Speaker 1 

I said listen to back in the day, but he absolutely had some big hits and let's not even get into Mobb Deep Mobb Deep. 

00:03:12 Speaker 1 

Actually, that's one at least. 

00:03:13 Speaker 2 

Oh, I know. 

00:03:13 Speaker 1 

His favorite it's so funny 'cause Lisa does not look like she listens to gangster rap at all, but you put on some Mobb Deep and she just loses her damn mind. 

00:03:22 Speaker 2 

That's funny, yeah no. 

00:03:24 Speaker 2 

I'm I'm digging your your pic. 

00:03:26 Speaker 2 

You know I love the. 

00:03:27 Speaker 2 

The hip hop. 

00:03:28 Speaker 1 

Hip hop the hip to the Hippity hip hip hop. 

00:03:31 Speaker 2 

Hip you don't. 

00:03:32 Speaker 2 

Stop, you know I'm I'm all about it. 

00:03:34 Speaker 2 

It's funny that you mentioned big pun because when I was dabbling in DJ ING and whatnot I had. 

00:03:40 Speaker 2 

I used to. 

00:03:41 Speaker 2 

Use some big pun records back in the day, which was weird to even say, but yeah, that was fun times. 

00:03:43 Speaker 1 


00:03:46 Speaker 2 

And yes, Mobb Deep, this **** absolutely so. 

00:03:50 Speaker 2 

Anybody listening doesn't know any of these names. 

00:03:52 Speaker 2 

Go check it out. 

00:03:53 Speaker 2 

Go check out The LOX radio on Spotify. 

00:03:55 Speaker 2 

Come and just have a blast with that. 

00:03:58 Speaker 1 

Absolutely, you'll go down a couple rabbit holes so. 

00:04:00 Speaker 2 

Oh yeah, that's the best. 

00:04:02 Speaker 2 

When you go down music, rabbit holes. 

00:04:03 Speaker 1 

I've learned about new artists all over the place just because I went down these rabbit holes. 

00:04:08 Speaker 1 

I mean, let's we Queens all music forever and so one of these days we're going to do a a music podcast just for stuff that we used to listen to and listen to now, so. 

00:04:16 Speaker 2 

Yes, I mean we could do music podcasts all the time, so. 

00:04:19 Speaker 1 

100% Definitely definitely alright your turn baby. What are you listening to alright well? 

00:04:24 Speaker 2 

All right, well what I've been listening to this week is the new mind design album. The way he spells his name is M&DSGN, but it's pronounced mind design. 

00:04:35 Speaker 2 

And this artist he started coming out with like his debut stuff in about 2014 and he just released his latest album this year called Rare Pleasures. 

00:04:44 Speaker 2 

Really awesome album. 

00:04:45 Speaker 2 

He's he's very heavily influenced by. 

00:04:48 Speaker 2 

80s R and. 

00:04:49 Speaker 2 

B boogie psychedelic stuff. 

00:04:52 Speaker 2 

Jazz and hip hop, so it's like. 

00:04:54 Speaker 2 

A really cool blend of a lot of different stuff, so if you've never heard this guy, please go check him out. 

00:05:00 Speaker 2 

This new album is Pretty Dope. 

00:05:02 Speaker 1 

So I've never heard of this person. 

00:05:05 Speaker 1 

You have to explain is this person singing? 

00:05:08 Speaker 1 

Is it DJ ING is it? 

00:05:11 Speaker 2 

It's it's basically like beats. 

00:05:11 Speaker 1 

I know. 

00:05:13 Speaker 2 

You know it's just all like. 

00:05:14 Speaker 1 

So it's like trip hop or Lo Fi's OK? 

00:05:14 Speaker 2 

Like that kind of stuff. 

00:05:17 Speaker 2 

Yeah, yeah, kind of like that think think like kind of like DJ Shadow Ish. 

00:05:22 Speaker 1 


00:05:22 Speaker 2 

Sort of but not DJ Shadow like this he's I don't know it's I'm just saying like that's the kind of like area RJD 2 DJ Shadow like things like that where it's some. 

00:05:28 Speaker 1 


00:05:32 Speaker 1 

Yeah, so it's not exactly triphop. 

00:05:32 Speaker 2 

You know, not vocalization stuff. 

00:05:35 Speaker 1 

Yeah, not exactly triphop it's more low 5. 

00:05:38 Speaker 1 

That's what they call it. 

00:05:38 Speaker 1 

Nowadays it's called low 5 beats and that's kind of how they defined it. 

00:05:42 Speaker 2 

Yes, I love lofi stuff. 

00:05:45 Speaker 2 

Let me just say that too. 

00:05:46 Speaker 2 

I love listening to Lofi and also actually on this album on the Rare Pleasures album. 

00:05:47 Speaker 1 

Me too. 

00:05:50 Speaker 2 

There are several songs where there are lyrics, so I take back. 

00:05:55 Speaker 2 

What I said now I was thinking about like wait a minute, my favorite song. 

00:05:57 Speaker 2 

This album has lyrics so he's just got a blend of a whole. 

00:06:00 Speaker 2 

Bunch of **** so just check it out. 

00:06:01 Speaker 1 

Sure, I get it. 

00:06:03 Speaker 1 

I will I can work to this kind of stuff so I don't. 

00:06:05 Speaker 1 

I never heard this this artist, but I can definitely do some work because I usually can't concentrate when I'm listening to lyrics or listening to podcasts. 

00:06:13 Speaker 1 

I can't concentrate, so I listen to lofi or piano music or whatever, and I can just do whatever I have to do so. 

00:06:14 Speaker 4 

Exactly exactly. 

00:06:20 Speaker 2 

It's so funny you say that 'cause I'm the same exact way when I'm working like if I I put on stuff in the background but if it has lyrics I cannot focus on what I'm doing because I'm listening to the words. 

00:06:30 Speaker 2 

And if I'm trying to. 

00:06:30 Speaker 2 

Type A paper or whatever I'm doing. 

00:06:33 Speaker 2 

I'm working at the crisis line I'm I'm communicating with people there's no. 

00:06:36 Speaker 2 

No way I can even like concentrate at all. 

00:06:38 Speaker 2 

I have to have just instrumentals. 

00:06:41 Speaker 1 

Exactly exactly I'm. 

00:06:42 Speaker 1 

I'm just like you, baby, I'm just barking. 

00:06:44 Speaker 2 

Same same, I know your name. 

00:06:48 Speaker 1 

All right, so next segment we're going. 

00:06:51 Speaker 2 

What's up, what's our next pig? 

00:06:52 Speaker 1 

Our next pick. 

00:06:58 Speaker 1 

What's on your tube? 

00:06:59 Speaker 2 

Yes, this pic is where we talk about what we're watching on the tube. 

00:07:06 Speaker 2 

Even though tubes are no. 

00:07:07 Speaker 2 

Longer in existence. 

00:07:09 Speaker 1 

The YouTube then just write what's on your YouTube. 

00:07:10 Speaker 2 

What's on your flat screen? 

00:07:14 Speaker 2 

Yeah, what's on your laptop? 

00:07:17 Speaker 1 

Martin Lawrence. 

00:07:17 Speaker 2 

Or iPad. 

00:07:19 Speaker 1 

You got Martin Lawrence on there. 

00:07:21 Speaker 1 

This face belongs on that is. 

00:07:27 Speaker 1 

I don't remember that episode, but anyway. 


Yeah I do. 

00:07:30 Speaker 1 

Alright, so me first so for those that you don't know I cut the cord years ago so I'm stuck watching YouTube in general and other things too. 

00:07:39 Speaker 1 

But anyway, so the guy I've been watching recently, probably for the past few weeks, definitely this week is Spencer. 

00:07:51 Speaker 1 

So who was this guy? 

00:07:52 Speaker 1 

I know it sounds. 

00:07:53 Speaker 2 

Stupid, right? 

00:07:53 Speaker 2 

He sounds very much don't draw Cornelia. 

00:07:56 Speaker 1 

Yeah, he's a young white dude that. 

00:08:00 Speaker 1 

He likes to call out fake gurus. 

00:08:03 Speaker 1 

Do you know what I'm talking about? 

00:08:03 Speaker 1 

What a fake guru is? 

00:08:04 Speaker 2 

I do false prophets fake gurus? 

00:08:05 Speaker 1 

It's a. 

00:08:07 Speaker 2 

All in the same vein. 

00:08:08 Speaker 1 

So he is putting these folks on blast and it is. 

00:08:13 Speaker 1 

Nice and he's doing that because he's a young guy and he works with real estate and a lot of the fake girls out there or on Insta and YouTube selling their lessons for $500. I'll teach you how to. 

00:08:31 Speaker 1 

To own properties with zero money down and no credit look guys if it looks like a duck and it smells like a duck, it's a freaking duck man. 

00:08:33 Speaker 4 

Mm-hmm yeah. 

00:08:40 Speaker 1 

It's too good to be true right? 

00:08:42 Speaker 1 

So he calls people out and. 

00:08:45 Speaker 2 

Smells like it sounds like smells like a duck. 

00:08:49 Speaker 1 

Or quacks like a duck, whatever. 

00:08:50 Speaker 2 

Yeah, I think he did say quacks. 

00:08:52 Speaker 2 

Go on. 

00:08:53 Speaker 1 

He calls people out on Instagram and his commentary is actually really funny. 

00:08:57 Speaker 1 

'cause he's just like a straight up guy. 

00:08:59 Speaker 1 

But his jokes are just hilarious and he also talks about how NBA. 

00:09:05 Speaker 1 

And football players go so broke and he just talks about the making really really dumb decisions like well and this guy would have just put this money, put his advance into buying a couple properties and you compound that and times blah blah blah. 

00:09:19 Speaker 1 

He'd be fine, but no, he wants to go hang out with the hottest Instagram models. 

00:09:23 Speaker 1 

He says all these funny. 

00:09:25 Speaker 2 

Nice, so you're learning stuff too. 

00:09:27 Speaker 1 

Absolutely, learning a lot of stuff and it's funny 'cause some people clap back at him and he responds to the. 

00:09:34 Speaker 1 

Platt and it's just so funny you see him go back and forth, so watch Spencer, he's a funny guy. 

00:09:42 Speaker 2 

And you said you watch him on YouTube. 

00:09:43 Speaker 1 

Yeah, he's on YouTube. 

00:09:44 Speaker 2 

Right on OK, I'll check. 


That out, yeah. 

00:09:47 Speaker 1 

Alright, So what do you got? What's on your YouTube? 

00:09:52 Speaker 2 

I'm not. 

00:09:53 Speaker 2 

I have not watched YouTube this week and I know that I'm probably very late to this party, but I have been watching squid game. 

00:10:01 Speaker 1 

Oh excellent, you're not late. 

00:10:04 Speaker 1 

It is OK. 

00:10:05 Speaker 2 

Netflix baby squid games, so I'm like I just feel like everybody. 

00:10:09 Speaker 2 

Be like oh so like you know. 

00:10:12 Speaker 2 

Six months ago. 

00:10:13 Speaker 1 

No, you're not that far behind. 

00:10:15 Speaker 1 

I think got released like two months ago. 

00:10:17 Speaker 1 

Not a big deal. 

00:10:18 Speaker 2 

OK, really OK, I thought it's been out for a while. 

00:10:18 Speaker 1 

Yeah, we're not like 6 million. 

00:10:21 Speaker 1 

Look, I'm a live under a rock dude. 

00:10:23 Speaker 1 

I saw it a month ago. 

00:10:25 Speaker 1 



Well, I'm surprised, OK, yeah. 

00:10:27 Speaker 1 

So who knows? 

00:10:28 Speaker 1 

I live under a rock, so it could have come out last year for all I know and I'm just like, Oh yeah, this you know you guys are watching this squid game here. 

00:10:30 Speaker 3 

Right, right? 

00:10:34 Speaker 1 

Man, they already got a sequel out. 

00:10:35 Speaker 2 

That was like five years ago, dude. 

00:10:36 Speaker 1 

Right exactly 

00:10:38 Speaker 2 

John, where have you been? 

00:10:39 Speaker 2 

No, I'm enjoying this. 

00:10:40 Speaker 1 

So what do you like about it? 

00:10:41 Speaker 1 

Yeah, what do you like about it? 

00:10:42 Speaker 2 

I'm only like on episode 4. 

00:10:45 Speaker 2 

I want to say and I. 

00:10:46 Speaker 2 

Just I don't know, I'm really digging it and I I don't like a lot of gory stuff, so it's got just the right amount of gore and and and kind of like funny stuff to kind of keep me going and character development so I'm enjoying it. 

00:11:00 Speaker 1 

I like the character development in it too, and me I would. 

00:11:03 Speaker 2 

I don't want to give it away, so I didn't want to say too much to other. 

00:11:05 Speaker 1 

Right, I'm not going give away. 

00:11:06 Speaker 2 

People that I was like, I don't want to give too much away. 

00:11:08 Speaker 1 

You're right, I'm not going to give anything away. 

00:11:09 Speaker 1 

I'm just going to say like I like the way that they talk or they go into each character. 

00:11:17 Speaker 1 

I do like that with the character development because it is a limited series. 

00:11:21 Speaker 1 

So they have to give some feedback about how each person got in the situation that they're in without giving away anything, right? 

00:11:31 Speaker 1 

So I I I definitely like that. 

00:11:34 Speaker 1 

So that is a good watch guys. 

00:11:36 Speaker 1 

Watch squid game if you have not already. 

00:11:38 Speaker 1 

We're late. 

00:11:38 Speaker 2 

I will tell you who my favorite character is. 

00:11:40 Speaker 2 

So far, my favorite character is the old man. 

00:11:43 Speaker 1 

I knew you would say that. 

00:11:45 Speaker 1 

You have a bleeding heart for the old people. 

00:11:45 Speaker 2 

So I now like, Oh my. 

00:11:48 Speaker 2 

God, I just want to hug. 

00:11:49 Speaker 2 

In that, so don't care what. 

00:11:50 Speaker 1 

Wait until I leave. 

00:11:52 Speaker 2 

It's like wait until episode 5. 

00:11:56 Speaker 1 

Minute 35 and 42 seconds. Just wait. No, I'm just saying just wait, I actually liked him too. 

00:11:58 Speaker 2 

Like Oh no. 

00:12:00 Speaker 2 

Your heart's gonna break. 

00:12:01 Speaker 2 

I don't know she's. 

00:12:06 Speaker 1 

That's all I can say. 

00:12:06 Speaker 2 

Yeah yeah, I'm enjoying it. 

00:12:07 Speaker 1 

I like the couple of characters. 

00:12:08 Speaker 2 

I'm enjoying this show a lot and you know normally I've given some of the shows on Netflix. 

00:12:14 Speaker 2 

The ones that are overdubbed, I've given some of them a try, and I've some of them have been good. 

00:12:19 Speaker 2 

A lot of them have not been so good, but this is definitely one of the overdubbed ones that is quite enjoyable and easy to watch. 

00:12:27 Speaker 1 

Absolutely you gotta start giving the Korean stuff props because. 

00:12:32 Speaker 1 

'cause if you can go through the reading, the dubs and all of that, there's some really. 

00:12:35 Speaker 1 

Good material out there. 

00:12:36 Speaker 1 

That's all I can, really. 

00:12:37 Speaker 1 

Say about that, absolutely. 

00:12:39 Speaker 1 

Alright, that was a good. 

00:12:41 Speaker 2 

One, yeah, so our next pick of the week. 

00:12:45 Speaker 1 

You know what really rattles my rails? 

00:12:54 Speaker 1 

OK, are you going to explain to everybody what it's all about? 

00:12:57 Speaker 2 

So this is the. 

00:12:59 Speaker 2 

Time when we take a little time out for us to vent and complain. 

00:13:05 Speaker 2 

To be quite honest, it's pretty much always going to be Seth ******** about **** so. 

00:13:11 Speaker 1 

All right, I'll open that if you are an avid listener to Air Kidney Podcast, I sometimes fly off the handle on this random. 

00:13:20 Speaker 1 

Whatever it is of that day that really just rattles my rails. 

00:13:25 Speaker 1 

So this is the one this week, all right and. 

00:13:30 Speaker 1 

I want it. 

00:13:30 Speaker 2 

And what's under what's gotten under your skin this time? 

00:13:34 Speaker 1 

Dipping dots. 

00:13:36 Speaker 2 

The the what is it? 

00:13:38 Speaker 2 

The dessert? 

00:13:38 Speaker 2 

The the frozen dessert? 

00:13:41 Speaker 2 

That's what they are right? 

00:13:42 Speaker 2 

The little frozen. 

00:13:43 Speaker 1 

Yeah, the stupid little thing to go through a little thing, little dippin dots and you go there and eat the little I it's ice cream. 

00:13:43 Speaker 4 



Oh yes. 

00:13:47 Speaker 2 

Know what I was initially thinking of? 

00:13:50 Speaker 2 

Got it, I was initially thinking of the dots that are stuck on the paper, but that's not right. 

00:13:54 Speaker 2 

You're talking about the yes got it, the frozen. 

00:13:57 Speaker 1 

You talk about acids. 

00:13:58 Speaker 2 

Iced little tiny 

00:14:00 Speaker 1 

You know the microdots? 

00:14:01 Speaker 1 

Yeah, why you mad at micro dots those are great. 

00:14:05 Speaker 2 

I was thinking of the the the dots, the candy dots that are study, little dots stuck to the paper and you just like clicked the. 

00:14:11 Speaker 2 

Paper off anyway. 

00:14:12 Speaker 1 

No, you don't lick you don't lick it off the paper. 

00:14:15 Speaker 1 

You take each dot off of the paper. 

00:14:16 Speaker 2 

Papa, ma 

00:14:18 Speaker 1 

Probably you over here licking. 

00:14:21 Speaker 1 

Licking feet of docs, dots or whatever, you know things come in A roll of like they're like a foot long just licking the whole thing nasty. 

00:14:28 Speaker 2 

Yeah, that's what I would do. 

00:14:30 Speaker 2 

I'll kind of stick my thumb on the back of the dot and just kind of stick and then just put my tooth my teeth in between the back of the dot in the paper and just like. 

00:14:38 Speaker 3 

Suck it off. 

00:14:40 Speaker 1 

You're disgusting, you're supposed to share those things. 

00:14:42 Speaker 3 

Stop it. 

00:14:43 Speaker 1 

You bought, you know what you've? 

00:14:43 Speaker 1 

Foot and mouth. 

00:14:44 Speaker 2 

Written no, you can rip off half the paper. 

00:14:47 Speaker 2 

And give it to somebody else. 

00:14:48 Speaker 1 

After you got your lips all over, like five or six at a time, it's nasty. 

00:14:51 Speaker 2 

No, I didn't know. 

00:14:54 Speaker 1 

You don't even eat dots, you're terrible. 

00:14:56 Speaker 2 

Anyway, so. 

00:14:57 Speaker 1 

This is my rant in my rant. 

00:14:59 Speaker 2 

You're ranting about my. 

00:15:01 Speaker 1 

Now I'm ranting on you. 

00:15:01 Speaker 3 

Miscommunication of. 


The rant, I know. 

00:15:06 Speaker 2 

So we weren't even talking about the candy dots you're talking about the frozen dipping dots. 

00:15:06 Speaker 4 

Am I? 

00:15:11 Speaker 2 

Got it go. 

00:15:11 Speaker 1 

Right, the dipping dots that have been around. 

00:15:13 Speaker 2 

What's your beef? 

00:15:15 Speaker 1 

How the **** are they still in business? 

00:15:19 Speaker 1 

Who's eating dipping? 

00:15:21 Speaker 2 

Dots I've never had dippin dots ever in my life. 

00:15:24 Speaker 2 

You know why? 

00:15:25 Speaker 2 

Because they were too ******* expensive so I don't understand how they're still around either. 

00:15:29 Speaker 1 

I don't know how, no clue. 

00:15:29 Speaker 2 

That doesn't make any sense. 

00:15:31 Speaker 1 

So me and Lisa went to the Maryland game last week and we have season tickets, so we've been the the whole season, right? 

00:15:40 Speaker 1 

So we go. 

00:15:40 Speaker 1 

There and I started looking at these things and there is a line at the little kiosk thing. 

00:15:47 Speaker 1 

It's cold as hell outside and people are. 

00:15:49 Speaker 1 

Lined up to get these stupid dipping adults. 

00:15:53 Speaker 1 

It's not like kids lining up. 

00:15:54 Speaker 1 

There's adults eating these dipping dots. 

00:15:57 Speaker 1 

Dude, who's still eating these things, there were. 


I'm clearly. 

00:16:00 Speaker 4 

A lot of those people. 


All doped. 

00:16:02 Speaker 1 

The only fun fact I can say about the dipping dots is that stuff is. 

00:16:07 Speaker 1 

It's secretly may not secretly made, but especially made. 

00:16:11 Speaker 1 

It's hyper frozen in these little dots and they take a really long time to melt, so that's what the dipping dots are all about. 

00:16:18 Speaker 1 

I think it's stupid. 

00:16:19 Speaker 1 

I don't know how or why people are still eating these things. 

00:16:22 Speaker 1 

It just really just ****** me off 'cause I see all these things. 

00:16:25 Speaker 1 

Like why do we know these dippin dots? 

00:16:26 Speaker 1 

There's so many other things that you can eat except these stupid as dipping dots. 

00:16:29 Speaker 1 

I don't know how they're still in business because they used to be in the malls all day long and no ones even going to malls anymore. 

00:16:32 Speaker 2 

Right exactly 

00:16:35 Speaker 1 

So now they just don't. 

00:16:36 Speaker 1 

In Maryland University I guess. 

00:16:38 Speaker 1 

And who knows where else? 

00:16:39 Speaker 1 

When's the last time you saw dipping dots? 

00:16:41 Speaker 1 

I haven't been to a parade or a carnival. 

00:16:44 Speaker 1 

You would typically see them there, right? 

00:16:46 Speaker 2 

I can tell you the last time I saw dippin dots was at Gold Coast Mall in Ocean City, MD. 

00:16:51 Speaker 2 

In in like the late. 

00:16:52 Speaker 1 

Is that still even open? 

00:16:52 Speaker 2 

80s early 90s that was. 

00:16:54 Speaker 2 

Like the last time I saw them. 

00:16:55 Speaker 1 

And they're still open. 

00:16:56 Speaker 1 

That mall still open. 

00:16:57 Speaker 2 

I don't know. 

00:16:57 Speaker 2 

No, no no, I mean. 

00:16:59 Speaker 2 

Well, yes, but. 

00:17:00 Speaker 2 

But no parts of it are parts of it or not. 

00:17:01 Speaker 2 

It's one of those things like half the mall is. 

00:17:04 Speaker 2 

Shut down and haunted and the other half is like one random store. 

00:17:08 Speaker 2 

Yeah, that type of thing. 

00:17:09 Speaker 1 

24 karat gold. 


Yeah, exactly. 


Let's go. 


So this is. 

00:17:14 Speaker 2 

Exactly, but here I I want to know the truth. 

00:17:17 Speaker 2 

Is is part of the reason? 

00:17:18 Speaker 2 

Why your you had all this? 

00:17:19 Speaker 2 

Beef with dipping dots? 

00:17:20 Speaker 2 

Is it really? 

00:17:20 Speaker 2 

Just because you've never had dipping dots yourself. 

00:17:23 Speaker 1 

No, I have had dipping dots. 

00:17:24 Speaker 1 

I just don't see the thing. 

00:17:24 Speaker 2 

Oh, I thought you said you hadn't. 

00:17:26 Speaker 1 

I just don't know the draw of the dipping dots it's I. 

00:17:29 Speaker 2 

So you didn't, you were not. 

00:17:29 Speaker 1 

Just think it's. 


A sticker snipe. 

00:17:30 Speaker 2 

Super impressed by them is what you're saying. 

00:17:31 Speaker 1 

No, I wasn't super impressed. It's ice cream. Don't charge me $1,000,000. 

00:17:35 Speaker 2 

I would like to try it. 

00:17:37 Speaker 1 

Alright, I'll get dipping docs. 

00:17:38 Speaker 1 

Well we have to go. 

00:17:41 Speaker 1 

I don't know where it again if. 

00:17:42 Speaker 1 

It's like where. 

00:17:43 Speaker 1 

Do you get dipping dots? 

00:17:44 Speaker 1 

So email us y'all or put it put it in Air Candy club? 

00:17:49 Speaker 1 

Do that because I have no idea where else can get dipping dots. 

00:17:52 Speaker 1 

You can't go to the store and get dipping dots. 

00:17:53 Speaker 1 

I'm pretty sure you can't. 

00:17:54 Speaker 2 

Now I have to go check and see what's all about. 

00:17:56 Speaker 2 

I bet you there's a place where you can buy them online and have them delivered to you. 

00:18:01 Speaker 1 

Maybe, but it supposed to be like super frozen and things like that. 

00:18:04 Speaker 1 

So it might be just have to get it while it's there. 

00:18:07 Speaker 1 

It's dumped. 

00:18:08 Speaker 1 

So anyway, rant over K. 

00:18:11 Speaker 1 

I know I ran over the most stupid crap like dipping dots on the why I'm beefing with dipping dots. 

00:18:17 Speaker 1 

Anyway, moving on. 

00:18:19 Speaker 2 

Moving on, moving on to our next. 

00:18:22 Speaker 2 

Pick of the week. 


What's cooking? 

00:18:30 Speaker 2 

So this is the pic where we talk about I don't know, we just talk about something we ate or give you guys some. 

00:18:37 Speaker 2 

Recipe or whatever. 

00:18:39 Speaker 1 

Exactly so I love to cook. 

00:18:41 Speaker 1 

Colleen cooks. 

00:18:42 Speaker 1 

Willing to sustain herself. 

00:18:43 Speaker 2 

I I love to cook I just I'm not in a in a place where I have free reign to cook the way I'd like to cook unfortunately. 

00:18:51 Speaker 1 

I feel you, I feel. 


You which sucks. 

00:18:54 Speaker 1 

Well, we're going to do a little recipes and exactly just like you said every week that we do this, we're going to have things that we'd like to eat and this isn't going to be like Martha Stewart recipes here. 

00:19:06 Speaker 1 

Like today, my pick is stir fry sauce your basic stir fry sauce next week. 



00:19:12 Speaker 1 

It could be Robin. 

00:19:13 Speaker 1 

I don't know other. 

00:19:15 Speaker 1 

I'll teach you how to an egg sunny side up. 

00:19:19 Speaker 1 

I don't know. 

00:19:21 Speaker 2 

How to hard boil? 

00:19:21 Speaker 1 

So this one is going to be your stir fry sauce. 

00:19:24 Speaker 1 

I love stir fry. 

00:19:24 Speaker 1 

I love Asian cooking. 

00:19:26 Speaker 1 

I love Thai cooking, Southeast Asian, whatever. 

00:19:29 Speaker 1 

So I like it all, so I'm going to give you guys and get your pens and pencils out, picture pages, picture fades. 

00:19:36 Speaker 2 

Oh, that's so funny. 

00:19:37 Speaker 1 

I don't know where that came from. 

00:19:38 Speaker 1 

The time they get to crayons in your pencil. 

00:19:42 Speaker 2 

I haven't heard that in. 

00:19:43 Speaker 2 

So long Oh my God. 

00:19:44 Speaker 1 

Me either that just came out and. 

00:19:46 Speaker 1 

OK, so stir fry sauce. 

00:19:48 Speaker 1 

This is what you're going to do. 

00:19:49 Speaker 1 

This is your basic. 

00:19:50 Speaker 1 

You may have to go to the store and get a couple of these things, but you. 

00:19:53 Speaker 1 

Will be able to get these the things that you want to do or purchase is oyster sauce. 

00:20:01 Speaker 1 

Soy sauce. 

00:20:02 Speaker 1 

Fish sauce. 

00:20:06 Speaker 2 

Come on. 

00:20:08 Speaker 1 

Caveat here, do not taste the fish sauce by itself, is it? 

00:20:14 Speaker 1 

And dark Chinese cooking wine and Chinese 5 spice. 

00:20:18 Speaker 1 

You can actually find all of these things in a Harris Teeter. 

00:20:22 Speaker 2 

Don't forget your garlic. 

00:20:23 Speaker 1 

OK, you're right. Garlic garlic garlic's another good one too, so you can use garlic powder. 

00:20:27 Speaker 1 

If you want to. 

00:20:28 Speaker 1 

So the way to make this sauce you want to do equal parts oyster sauce and soy sauce, and then add a tiny bit. 

00:20:36 Speaker 1 

And when I say tiny bit, just add a little bit of fish sauce. 

00:20:40 Speaker 2 

Or just omit it altogether. 

00:20:40 Speaker 1 

Little bit of fish sauce. 

00:20:41 Speaker 1 

People, no, no, no, no no no no no no no. 

00:20:41 Speaker 2 

Forget the fish sauce. 

00:20:43 Speaker 2 

Nasty as fish sauce. 

00:20:45 Speaker 1 

No look, I will teach you about the fish sauce if I can. 


Thank you. 

00:20:49 Speaker 1 

If I can get Lisa to eat fish sauce. 

00:20:51 Speaker 1 

I can get Judy fare sauce. 

00:20:53 Speaker 1 

I know you guys are kind. 

00:20:53 Speaker 1 

Of the same so. 

00:20:54 Speaker 2 

I'll take that bet. 

00:20:56 Speaker 2 

That won't. 

00:20:56 Speaker 1 

I'm telling you I've I'm gonna sneak it in some stuff I'll I will omit the gluten and add in the fish sauce. 

00:21:03 Speaker 1 

And if you say oh. 

00:21:04 Speaker 1 

This is good. 

00:21:04 Speaker 1 

I would like gotcha ***** 

00:21:08 Speaker 1 

That's how I'm gonna get you just like that. 

00:21:10 Speaker 1 

Just fish sauce in it. 

00:21:11 Speaker 2 

That's how you'll get me with a Turkey. 

00:21:12 Speaker 2 

Neck one day. 

00:21:13 Speaker 2 

Too, like ah, I knew you need that Turkey neck one day. 

00:21:17 Speaker 1 

Now don't miss the tables are turned. 

00:21:22 Speaker 1 

So you do that, so you get that sauce. 

00:21:25 Speaker 1 

You mix it up, store all that stuff together, get that in there. 

00:21:27 Speaker 1 

That's your basic fresh sauce. 

00:21:29 Speaker 1 

Or excuse me, your stir fry sauce. 

00:21:31 Speaker 1 

Put that inside of a walk. 

00:21:33 Speaker 1 

Whatever vegetables or meat you put that that you want to cook with. 

00:21:36 Speaker 1 

Put that in there. 

00:21:37 Speaker 1 

That's your basic sauce that you will get now. 

00:21:40 Speaker 1 

You can add in more Chinese. 

00:21:41 Speaker 1 

Fox buys more garlic, more fish sauce. 

00:21:44 Speaker 1 

If you like fishy. 

00:21:46 Speaker 1 

If you like that umami you like that or like. 

00:21:49 Speaker 2 

Oh Mommy, you want me? 

00:21:52 Speaker 1 

Or if you like more oyster sauce, oyster sauce does not. 

00:21:55 Speaker 1 

It sounds like it's actually oysters in it, but it's really not, and it's just like a like a thing. 

00:22:00 Speaker 1 

Like dark sauce, so that's all you gotta do. 

00:22:02 Speaker 2 

Sodium sodium plus. 

00:22:02 Speaker 1 

You mix it up. 

00:22:05 Speaker 2 

Yes Sir, see I like when I make stir fry stuff I use Braggs liquid aminos in place of soy sauce and all of that and then I just kind of throw in all my other spices. 

00:22:16 Speaker 2 

I love heavy ginger, heavy garlic and. 

00:22:18 Speaker 2 

All that stuff. 

00:22:19 Speaker 2 

So that's how I do mine. 

00:22:20 Speaker 2 

I don't need all that. 

00:22:21 Speaker 2 

Their nastiness 

00:22:23 Speaker 1 

You don't need it, you mean you. 

00:22:24 Speaker 1 

Never cooked with it before. 

00:22:26 Speaker 2 

Yeah, I just don't and I I tend to have allergies to things like that, so please don't accidentally put it in there 'cause you will be like got EM and. 

00:22:33 Speaker 1 

Accidentally on purpose. 

00:22:35 Speaker 2 

I'll just be like. 

00:22:37 Speaker 1 

Just throat like expanding, looking like a bullfrog. 


Read it. 

00:22:43 Speaker 4 

All right, look what you did to me. 

00:22:45 Speaker 1 

Hey all, right so that goes money. 

00:22:47 Speaker 1 

If you want to add in your own stuff you wanna add in spice guys again inspires you can do. 

00:22:50 Speaker 1 

I do that too. 

00:22:51 Speaker 1 

You can have white pepper to whatever. 

00:22:53 Speaker 2 

Oh yeah, I understand. 

00:22:53 Speaker 1 

So it's all good all right your turn what recipes you got this week? 

00:22:57 Speaker 2 

Well I figured what I would talk about this week since we just had a holiday and everybody was making Thanksgiving type foods. 

00:23:05 Speaker 2 

I wanted to talk about my vegan gluten free baked Mac and cheese. 

00:23:11 Speaker 3 

Is it? 

00:23:13 Speaker 1 

All right, y'all? 

00:23:14 Speaker 1 

Thanks for listening. 

00:23:16 Speaker 1 

Make sure you listen in any other day and don't listen to this podcast because she's about to talk about some craziness. 

00:23:22 Speaker 1 

Alright, I'm gonna give you a chance. 

00:23:24 Speaker 1 

You have 30 seconds to sell me on this and go. 

00:23:28 Speaker 2 

All I'm saying is you can get any kind of gluten free noodles nowadays. 

00:23:32 Speaker 2 

It is very easy, they taste just like regular noodles. 

00:23:34 Speaker 2 

No big deal at all, so that's a no brainer. 

00:23:38 Speaker 2 

Moving on to the vegan aspect instead of cheese stuff. 

00:23:41 Speaker 2 

What you do is you take a butternut squash. 

00:23:44 Speaker 2 

You roast that bad. 

00:23:45 Speaker 2 

Boy and then. 

00:23:45 Speaker 2 

You scoop it all out. 

00:23:46 Speaker 2 

You put all the. 

00:23:47 Speaker 2 

Inside squash in a either a blender. 

00:23:51 Speaker 2 

Or a food process. 

00:23:52 Speaker 2 

Sir, along with garlic and nutritional yeast and a bunch of other spices. 

00:23:57 Speaker 2 

And like all this yumminess, sandalwood, apple cider vinegar and you make a nice sauce, a nice big sauce, and you put all that on there in the baking pan with the noodles, cover it up, put some bread crumbs on there, gluten free, of course, if you're gluten free, if not. 

00:24:12 Speaker 2 

Whatever, let your imagination go wild, make like. 

00:24:14 Speaker 2 

A baked casserole type thing. 

00:24:16 Speaker 2 

Bake it, pull it out. 

00:24:17 Speaker 2 

It's delicious, and if you if you don't think like, oh, this has to be like a Mac and cheese and you think more like oh, I just like the flavors of this and you enjoy butternut squash like maybe a butternut squash type sauce on noodles. 

00:24:30 Speaker 2 

It's kind of just. 

00:24:31 Speaker 2 

Tastes like that, but then when you bake it all together it does stick together the same. 

00:24:34 Speaker 2 

Way that a baked. 

00:24:36 Speaker 2 

Mac and Cheese Casserole would come out and it's really good. 

00:24:39 Speaker 2 

Really, really good. 

00:24:39 Speaker 2 

And I definitely did not give all of the ingredients in my quick little rant there. 

00:24:44 Speaker 2 

But uhm, what I'll do is I will link a recipe to the show notes to make it easy for you guys if you want to check it out. 

00:24:51 Speaker 1 

And I'll make sure to delete it afterwards. 

00:24:53 Speaker 1 

But anyway, but I digress. 

00:24:55 Speaker 1 

OK, so. 

00:24:55 Speaker 2 

Don't hate 'cause. 

00:24:56 Speaker 2 

I bet if you. 

00:24:56 Speaker 2 

Tasted you'd be. 

00:24:57 Speaker 2 

Like, OK, it's not. 

00:24:58 Speaker 2 

It's not bad at all. 

00:25:00 Speaker 1 

I agree from your description I really thought was going to be like, well you take a little bit of nut butter and then you can. 

00:25:06 Speaker 1 

Take these other. 

00:25:08 Speaker 1 

Butters made from nuts and you turn that in there and the cheese and then you add. 

00:25:12 Speaker 2 

You can do that. 

00:25:13 Speaker 2 

You can make cashew cheese stuff too if you want, but this is a better one. 

00:25:17 Speaker 2 

I really like this one because it uses butternut squash it's. 

00:25:19 Speaker 2 

Really, really yummy and use me. 

00:25:21 Speaker 1 

All right, I like butternut squash. 

00:25:22 Speaker 1 

I do like that. 

00:25:23 Speaker 1 

So all right, I'll give it a try, you'll. 

00:25:25 Speaker 1 

Have to make it but. 

00:25:26 Speaker 4 

OK, I'll come, I'll send. 

00:25:27 Speaker 1 

I will give it a try. 

00:25:29 Speaker 1 

Alright, that was a good. 

00:25:30 Speaker 1 

One I like doing it. 

00:25:31 Speaker 1 

I love cooking so we will definitely share these next time we have a candy talk. 

00:25:32 Speaker 2 

I know meat sales. 

00:25:36 Speaker 2 

Yeah, and I wanted to add your. 

00:25:38 Speaker 2 

Do you have a little link for your recipe? 

00:25:41 Speaker 2 

I can add that too or. 

00:25:42 Speaker 1 

No, I just make it up. 

00:25:43 Speaker 1 

I just make that stuff up, there's no. 

00:25:45 Speaker 2 

Well then send me the little, a little blurb and I'll add it on the thing so people can see it on the show notes. 

00:25:51 Speaker 1 

Alrighty, I can do that. 

00:25:53 Speaker 1 

You're welcome guys. 

00:25:56 Speaker 1 

Alright, next Eggman next pic. 

00:25:58 Speaker 1 

What do we got? 

00:26:01 Speaker 1 

Hashtag fun fact. 

00:26:06 Speaker 2 

Hashtag fun facts. 

00:26:08 Speaker 2 

Yes, this one is self explanatory. 

00:26:10 Speaker 2 

This is where we. 

00:26:11 Speaker 2 

Drop a little bit of factual info on you. 

00:26:15 Speaker 2 

Interesting facts, fun facts, quirky facts. 

00:26:18 Speaker 2 

Here's a fact. 

00:26:20 Speaker 1 

I'm going to preface this by saying I'm a weirdo. 

00:26:23 Speaker 1 

If you don't know by now, I'm a freaking weirdo. 

00:26:25 Speaker 1 

So this is just a fun fact that I know, and then I told Lisa about this and she was like, how do you know this crap? 

00:26:33 Speaker 1 

I don't know, I just know a little bit about a lot of things, so I'm going to teach you guys something today, fun. 

00:26:39 Speaker 1 

Fat wombat. 

00:26:42 Speaker 1 

R square 

00:26:45 Speaker 1 

The end. 

00:26:48 Speaker 1 

So you asked, OK, well, you ask, let's say all right. 



00:26:51 Speaker 1 

So you think about things that come out of. 

00:26:53 Speaker 1 

A rear end right? 

00:26:54 Speaker 1 

Even yours, right or not? 

00:26:56 Speaker 1 

Square right you ever seen a mouse droppings? 

00:26:59 Speaker 1 

It's like cylindrical, just like human fecal matter. 

00:27:03 Speaker 1 

You have other kinds of droppings from other animals, a wombat, its droppings are square and that is attributed to their are soft and hard. 

00:27:14 Speaker 1 

Sections of a wombat's intestine which is about 35 feet long, by the way. Another fun fact inside of a fun fact. 

00:27:22 Speaker 1 

That makes it that shape, and when it comes out it is square and they do communicate with these droppings. 

00:27:29 Speaker 1 

I don't want to get into those data. 

00:27:30 Speaker 1 

I don't want to get into those details. 

00:27:31 Speaker 1 

I'm not against it like you know, but anyway, the details are, well, you know you put the droppings down. 

00:27:31 Speaker 2 


00:27:36 Speaker 1 

It's almost like a deer peeing on something. 

00:27:38 Speaker 1 

It's a saying that that's what I say. 

00:27:40 Speaker 1 

That's how they communicate. 

00:27:41 Speaker 1 

They're not saying. 

00:27:42 Speaker 1 

Hey man, what's what's cooking? 

00:27:47 Speaker 1 

Hey, just drop a deuce and say that was dinner last night. 

00:27:54 Speaker 2 

What you have bunk? 

00:27:56 Speaker 1 

Yeah, so anyway that that is a fun fact. 

00:27:58 Speaker 1 

So if you want to look up some stuff about the cute little wombat and it is a marsupial too. 

00:28:03 Speaker 1 

There's a lot of marsupials out there too that you may find very cute. 

00:28:07 Speaker 1 

You will learn about it. 

00:28:08 Speaker 2 

I do find some marsupials. 

00:28:10 Speaker 2 

Very adorable ones are the big huge eyeballs. 

00:28:11 Speaker 1 

Yeah, so and. 

00:28:13 Speaker 1 

Mm-hmm, that's a task EA. 

00:28:16 Speaker 2 

They're so cute. 

00:28:17 Speaker 1 

I'm a nerd. 

00:28:18 Speaker 1 

Why do I even know about these things? 

00:28:19 Speaker 2 

I think it's cool that you know a little bit about a lot of things. 

00:28:22 Speaker 1 

Well, thank. 

00:28:23 Speaker 2 

You, that's what you said. 

00:28:24 Speaker 1 

Yeah, I know a little bit about a lot of things. 

00:28:24 Speaker 2 

I think that's cool. 

00:28:26 Speaker 1 

Well, I was saying, well, you never know you never know you get stuck at a party with. 

00:28:30 Speaker 1 

A zoologist. 

00:28:31 Speaker 1 

Yeah, she's like, oh God, I gotta talk to 1 zoologist and then I'll say, Oh yeah. 

00:28:35 Speaker 1 

Well, you know why I'm. 

00:28:36 Speaker 1 

Bad droppings or or square she's like and and this person be like Oh my God I got my dissertation on that. 


Yeah, yeah. 

00:28:42 Speaker 1 

I did my. 

00:28:42 Speaker 1 

Dissertation and I'm like. 

00:28:44 Speaker 1 

Lord, help me. 

00:28:46 Speaker 1 

I'm gonna talk about wombat **** for another hour and a half. 

00:28:51 Speaker 2 

And here I am. 

00:28:52 Speaker 1 

And here we go, alright, I'll be back so anyway, so that's that's my fun fact nice you got a fun fact. 

00:29:00 Speaker 1 

For us I do. 

00:29:02 Speaker 2 

Moving now. 

00:29:04 Speaker 1 

Moving on Rabel owned. 

00:29:25 Speaker 1 

We should just do just one day. 

00:29:27 Speaker 1 

We're just going to just record a whole bunch of our own bombs will. 

00:29:30 Speaker 1 

Just have like a million bombs so just just say stupid **** 

00:29:31 Speaker 3 

See this. 


We should. 

00:29:35 Speaker 1 

And just record it and want to see what comes out. 

00:29:37 Speaker 1 

We'll just say different things in different ways and to see if we can. 

00:29:40 Speaker 1 

Just throw throw in. 

00:29:42 Speaker 1 

Random stuff so. 


I love it. 

00:29:44 Speaker 1 

Alright, what's your fun fact? 

00:29:47 Speaker 2 

So my fun fact for the week is the circulatory system. 

00:29:52 Speaker 2 

Is more than 60,000 miles long. 

00:29:57 Speaker 1 


00:29:58 Speaker 2 

Yes, it's crazy. 

00:29:59 Speaker 2 

I learned that if you lay out your entire circulatory system, if you laid out flat and I'm talking about veins, arteries, Kappel, Aries, you lay it all out flat and line it up. 

00:30:09 Speaker 2 

It would stretch out for more than 60,000 miles, and this is according to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. 

00:30:14 Speaker 1 

Whoa, yeah. 

00:30:16 Speaker 2 

It's it's nuts so. 

00:30:18 Speaker 2 

That would stretch out if you if you think about it, that in comparison that's the circumference. 

00:30:24 Speaker 2 

Well, let me let me back up by comparison. 

00:30:27 Speaker 2 

If you think about the circumference of the earth is only about 25,000 miles. So that means that one person's. 

00:30:33 Speaker 1 

Oh my Lord. 

00:30:35 Speaker 2 

Circulatory system. Their blood vessels will wrap around the planet about 2 1/2 times. 

00:30:41 Speaker 1 

You know what's so funny? I was just thinking him. I was trying to say 60,000 miles and I was trying to compare it. 

00:30:47 Speaker 1 

To the earth. 

00:30:49 Speaker 1 

That's crazy, so over 2 times. 

00:30:51 Speaker 1 

So all of my circulatory system. 

00:30:53 Speaker 1 

And So what if you're is that like a regular person or someone that's fat as hell? 

00:30:57 Speaker 2 

Just a regular person does it at your average person. So like, uh, it could even be up to 100,000 miles. Is also what I read, but the the average is like 60 so. 

00:31:09 Speaker 1 

And for folks that are not in the United States, that's equates to 100,000 kilometers. 

00:31:14 Speaker 2 

Yes, I mean it's just bananas to think about it. 

00:31:17 Speaker 2 

'cause I when I first read the fact I was like, how can I compare that to like? 

00:31:21 Speaker 2 

How far away is that? 

00:31:22 Speaker 2 

You know what I mean? 

00:31:22 Speaker 2 

And then I was like how far is it across East Coast to West Coast? 

00:31:25 Speaker 2 

I'm like, OK, it's. 

00:31:25 Speaker 2 

Only like 2000 miles, you know like. 

00:31:27 Speaker 1 

Right I go bigger now. 

00:31:27 Speaker 2 

Fish yeah I. 

00:31:29 Speaker 2 

Was like go big or go home then I was like how far to you know Paris or just thinking of random places like oh that's only 3000? 

00:31:34 Speaker 2 

Something miles away? 

00:31:35 Speaker 2 

OK so then I was like how far is it around the whole world? 

00:31:38 Speaker 2 

And that's how I got. 

00:31:39 Speaker 2 

To that. 

00:31:40 Speaker 2 

Whole conclusion, I was like Oh my God, 'cause the the circumference of the earth. 

00:31:42 Speaker 1 


00:31:45 Speaker 2 

At the equator. 

00:31:46 Speaker 2 

There is like 24,900 something miles around the from North Pole to South Pole. It's a little bit less at like 24,859, so it's still close enough to 25,000 miles. 

00:31:51 Speaker 1 


00:32:02 Speaker 2 

Huh so again, your circulatory system laid out flat. Everything, especially all the little capillary's. 'cause that's where you know that's the most of it. It will stretch around the entire earth 2 1/2 times. 

00:32:17 Speaker 1 

Well, you know it's kind of hard for some people to believe that because there's people that out there that believe the earth is flat. 


That's true. 

00:32:22 Speaker 1 

So for those folks that believe that the earth is flat, just you know, just think about going from one end to the next left and right. 

00:32:31 Speaker 1 

I'm not sure how many times that is, but I don't know you guys can look it up your own 'cause you guys are apparently getting your facts. 

00:32:37 Speaker 1 

Or somewhere else, so you'll find that anyway. 

00:32:41 Speaker 1 

Next on Seth's rant. 

00:32:43 Speaker 2 

Flat earthers, yeah. 

00:32:46 Speaker 2 

Oh my gosh, we should definitely talk about that, Lord. 

00:32:48 Speaker 1 

Oh, it's OK it it's alright. 

00:32:50 Speaker 1 

I'm not going to go new flat Earthers because I want you guys to listen to this show. 

00:32:53 Speaker 1 

But it's not. 

00:32:54 Speaker 1 

All about hating flat Earthers. 

00:32:54 Speaker 2 

I I entertained the idea for like 5 to 10 minutes one day I did. 

00:33:00 Speaker 2 

I was like let me think about this and I definitely entertained it for a little bit. 

00:33:03 Speaker 2 

And then I was just like alright moving on. 

00:33:06 Speaker 2 

But gained a little shot. 

00:33:07 Speaker 1 

I did. 

00:33:08 Speaker 1 

I spent some of my own time looking at you. 

00:33:11 Speaker 1 

Know why are we even talking about this? 

00:33:13 Speaker 1 

This will be another look. 

00:33:15 Speaker 1 

OK fine, I spend a little time looking. 

00:33:18 Speaker 1 

At it too OK. 

00:33:18 Speaker 2 

See you entertained it too. 

00:33:20 Speaker 1 

Well, I just want to see what these people are talking about. 

00:33:22 Speaker 1 

Doesn't see what's going on. 

00:33:23 Speaker 1 

Of course I didn't believe it going in, and then when I got out of it, I was trying to find out that there's more than five people on this planet that think the earth is flat. 

00:33:25 Speaker 3 


00:33:32 Speaker 1 

That's amazing. That's the amazing part of the whole thing. Like there's people in a lot of people. This isn't like 100. 

00:33:39 Speaker 1 

There's thousands of people that think the world is flat. 

00:33:42 Speaker 1 

And not spherical, because they're just not round. 

00:33:44 Speaker 1 

We all know that, right? 

00:33:45 Speaker 1 

It's not round, it's spherical, it's roundish. 

00:33:48 Speaker 1 

Let's just say that so, anyway, we'll talk about that some other time, maybe or another candy talk. 

00:33:54 Speaker 2 

Yeah, or on an actual, longer edutainment episode. 

00:33:57 Speaker 1 

Yeah, absolutely, because there's a lot that we can talk about with that big time. 

00:34:01 Speaker 1 

And who knows, we maybe get a flat Earther on here. 

00:34:04 Speaker 2 

Oh my gosh that be amazing. 

00:34:05 Speaker 1 

To say, OK, let's talk. 

00:34:06 Speaker 1 

Let's and not laugh at them, even though we're kind of laughing. 

00:34:08 Speaker 3 

Feel like. 

00:34:09 Speaker 2 

Convince me. 

00:34:09 Speaker 1 

At now, yeah, convinced I'm listening a little. 

00:34:12 Speaker 2 

And go, yeah. 

00:34:14 Speaker 1 

I'm listening a little so fine tell us what you think. 

00:34:14 Speaker 4 

I would say. 

00:34:20 Speaker 2 

Alright, next moving onto our very last pick of this week, our life hack. 

00:34:30 Speaker 1 

Life hack. 

00:34:33 Speaker 2 

OK, so again, self explanatory, we tell you some kind of lifehack or how to or DIY or whatever whatever we're feeling. 

00:34:43 Speaker 2 

This particular week, so Seth what you get. 

00:34:46 Speaker 1 

All right, so my pick of the week and everyone is going to love this. 

00:34:51 Speaker 1 

If you're not doing it yet, I don't do it, but it's definitely a lifehack. 

00:34:56 Speaker 1 

There's this app on iOS and also on Windows. 

00:35:01 Speaker 1 

It's called move mouse. 



00:35:04 Speaker 1 

So for Windows it's called move mouse. 

00:35:06 Speaker 1 

For iOS it's called mouse mover potato potato. 

00:35:11 Speaker 1 

Alright, so this app it's so simple but so perfect. 

00:35:15 Speaker 1 

What this does is. 

00:35:19 Speaker 1 

Every few minutes it simulates you moving the mouse. 

00:35:25 Speaker 1 

So you ask, Seth, how would I find that useful? 

00:35:29 Speaker 1 

OK, I'll tell you how you find it. 

00:35:31 Speaker 1 

Useful with this work from home thing that everybody seems to be doing now. 

00:35:35 Speaker 1 

You may want to get up and get a coffee or something, but you don't want your screensaver to turn on, or even if you're at an office, don't want the screensaver to turn on. 

00:35:44 Speaker 1 

It'll simulate you moving your mouse so your screensaver doesn't turn on. 

00:35:48 Speaker 1 

So what that does is, depending on how your computer is set up, once your screen server screensaver turns on when you want to start working again, you have to put in your password, and if you have a complex password that can get pretty annoying. 


That's true. 

00:36:03 Speaker 1 

So you install this app in every couple of minutes and I think you can even say how often you want to do it. 

00:36:09 Speaker 1 

Maybe 2 minutes could be 5 minutes. 

00:36:10 Speaker 1 

Whatever your if you're watching your little mouse will just go do little mouse jiggler. 

00:36:15 Speaker 1 

I think that's name of another app called does the same thing, it's called. 

00:36:18 Speaker 1 

Mouse jiggler this is also good for all you slackers out there that now you work from home. 

00:36:24 Speaker 1 

You're like, well, I'm the slacker at work now I can slack off. 

00:36:26 Speaker 1 

More than I was at work, so if you just want to just act like you're doing somewhere, you just get on good ol mouse mover. 

00:36:32 Speaker 1 

There you do whatever you have to do and it'll make it look like you're doing something. 


Oh, you mean for? 

00:36:37 Speaker 2 

People that are being like observed like somehow on the other end, like if they're actually doing things that. 

00:36:41 Speaker 1 

Right exactly so, for example, our office is on Office 365, so when you're in Microsoft Office apps. 

00:36:50 Speaker 1 

It'll say that this person is either on or not on available or not available. 

00:36:56 Speaker 1 

There's a little icon, one is green, which means that you're doing something. 

00:36:59 Speaker 1 

Yellow means you've kind of been away for a little bit red. You have to say it's red like you're in a meeting or not, or there or whatever whatever. So if you want to just make it look like you're available, quote UN quote. 

00:37:11 Speaker 1 

You can just say put on that mouse jiggler and it'll make it like oh this person is busy. 

00:37:15 Speaker 1 

This person is available and then you. 

00:37:16 Speaker 1 

Can just do that? 

00:37:17 Speaker 1 

So I think you guys will really appreciate that app depending on if you're a slacker or you're just a normal person trying. 

00:37:24 Speaker 1 

And to just not make sure that your screen saver doesn't turn on so. 

00:37:28 Speaker 2 

For all the folks that are interested, is this. 

00:37:30 Speaker 2 

A free app. 

00:37:31 Speaker 1 

It is free. 


Here you go. 

00:37:33 Speaker 1 

It's a life hack life hacks are always free, right? 

00:37:35 Speaker 2 

That's yeah, that's true. 

00:37:37 Speaker 1 

Well, for the most part, let's say that. 

00:37:37 Speaker 2 

True, true that. 

00:37:39 Speaker 1 

So download mouse mover or move mouse depending on what system you use, alright? 

00:37:45 Speaker 2 

Very nice, thanks good share. 

00:37:47 Speaker 1 

Alright girlfriend when you. 

00:37:49 Speaker 2 

I have a very, very, very useful lifehack. 

00:37:53 Speaker 2 

People, and I want you to pay very close attention to me for all of you people who find yourself feeling, you know, angry and experiencing road rage. 

00:38:04 Speaker 2 

If you're ever. 

00:38:05 Speaker 2 

Angry at the person in front of you that's driving like your grandmother. 

00:38:10 Speaker 2 

Here's the lifehack. 

00:38:12 Speaker 2 

Just pretend that it's actually your grandmother. 

00:38:17 Speaker 2 

And that will drastically reduce your frustration. 

00:38:20 Speaker 2 

You're welcome. 

00:38:22 Speaker 1 

What the hell? 

00:38:25 Speaker 1 

I'm spitting straight fire with the move mouse and you coming with this. 

00:38:31 Speaker 2 

Mine is just as useful. 

00:38:31 Speaker 1 


00:38:32 Speaker 2 

Thank you very much. 

00:38:33 Speaker 1 

It is. 

00:38:34 Speaker 1 

It is because know what. 

00:38:34 Speaker 2 

If you take the time to think about it like imagine yourself, we've all been there. 

00:38:37 Speaker 2 

We've all been in. 

00:38:38 Speaker 2 

A situation where, like come on, what're? 

00:38:40 Speaker 2 

You telling? 

00:38:41 Speaker 2 

Lady, yes, we've all been there, so just to just remember that feeling and then think to yourself. 

00:38:49 Speaker 2 

What if that was actually my grandmother? 

00:38:52 Speaker 2 

Would you still be mad at that person? 

00:38:53 Speaker 2 

You'd be like, oh, grandma. 

00:38:55 Speaker 1 

Well, well, it depends. 

00:38:57 Speaker 1 

When it depends on your relationship with your grandma, you might. 

00:38:59 Speaker 1 

Be like Ethel. 

00:39:00 Speaker 1 

Move your *** 

00:39:05 Speaker 2 

Touché touché, but I think the majority of people would probably have a little more patience and compassion and just kind of. 

00:39:06 Speaker 1 

You're right. 

00:39:14 Speaker 2 

OK it is. 

00:39:15 Speaker 2 

What it is type thing versus getting all in a? 

00:39:17 Speaker 1 

You're right. 

00:39:18 Speaker 2 

Bunch over it. 

00:39:19 Speaker 1 

O my fiance, she will deny this when she hears disembodied beat me up after this gets released whenever it does but she. 

00:39:28 Speaker 2 

Guys like grandma. 

00:39:29 Speaker 1 

No, he is one of the she. 

00:39:30 Speaker 2 

OK, I was like waiting this week. 

00:39:32 Speaker 1 

Needs to take your life back. 

00:39:33 Speaker 1 

Let's just say that. 

00:39:34 Speaker 2 

Oh, she's OK. OK, actually. 

00:39:36 Speaker 1 

She gets road rage. 

00:39:38 Speaker 2 

That's 'cause she's a redhead. 

00:39:39 Speaker 1 

Yeah, I know and she's crazy like that. 

00:39:41 Speaker 1 

Like she, we cannot make one trip about with her not complaining at least one time about somebody else driving. 

00:39:50 Speaker 1 

Somehow you're going too slow. 

00:39:51 Speaker 1 

You're going too fast. 

00:39:52 Speaker 1 

Why did you turn there? 

00:39:53 Speaker 1 

Why did you move over? 

00:39:54 Speaker 1 

You didn't have to like no one cares, man. 

00:39:57 Speaker 1 

You're just taking it so you're so upset. 

00:40:00 Speaker 1 

The other day we were driving. 

00:40:01 Speaker 1 

And this person was driving slow in front of us. 

00:40:04 Speaker 1 

I know it and I I didn't say anything. 

00:40:07 Speaker 1 

So I know that she gets really upset about this stuff. 

00:40:08 Speaker 1 

So she got ***** and I. 

00:40:10 Speaker 1 

Could I could just hear the? 

00:40:13 Speaker 1 

She wasn't saying anything, but I. 

00:40:14 Speaker 1 

Knew she was ****** 

00:40:15 Speaker 2 

You could hear the steam starting to come out there like. 

00:40:16 Speaker 1 

Yeah, I totally could. 

00:40:19 Speaker 1 

And so I. 

00:40:19 Speaker 2 

The teapot was boiling kettle. 

00:40:21 Speaker 1 

So I had my little drink in my hand, right? 

00:40:22 Speaker 1 

So at the first moment she got a chance to go around this person. 

00:40:27 Speaker 1 

She just ******* floors it around the person, drink it was all over my mouth. 

00:40:36 Speaker 1 

Because she just. 

00:40:37 Speaker 1 

I was like Oh my gosh, she gets so upset over this stuff she gets so mad. 

00:40:43 Speaker 1 

I didn't say anything so I was like, you know it's just gonna cause a fight. 

00:40:46 Speaker 1 

So baby, if if you're listening to this I know you were upset. 

00:40:49 Speaker 2 

Is that you're saying something now? 

00:40:51 Speaker 1 

I know you were upset. 

00:40:53 Speaker 1 

I didn't say it. 

00:40:54 Speaker 1 

I know that that person driving slow drives you nuts, but. 

00:40:56 Speaker 1 

Think about if it was grandma. 

00:40:58 Speaker 1 

OK, that's all you can do. 

00:40:59 Speaker 1 

So listen, listen to the life hack and then. 


Yes, just yes. 

00:41:02 Speaker 2 

This is a very important life hack. It can save save you some stress and some grief, and you know potential drinks spilled in your fiance's face. 

00:41:04 Speaker 1 

Now she has gotten better. 

00:41:07 Speaker 1 

She has gotten, yeah. 

00:41:12 Speaker 1 

It was terrible, but whatever, but you know she has gotten better, so she's been a lot worse, so she has getting better and she knows it now. 

00:41:16 Speaker 2 

That's good. 

00:41:19 Speaker 1 

So she's getting better at it, but that time it was not that long ago. 

00:41:22 Speaker 1 

She gunned it at the first moment and I got drink all over my. 

00:41:26 Speaker 1 

Face, but anyway. 

00:41:28 Speaker 1 

So thank you first. 

00:41:29 Speaker 1 

I was hating on your. 

00:41:30 Speaker 1 

Hacking now I'm like OK. 

00:41:31 Speaker 1 

Someone actually uses hacks so very good. 

00:41:33 Speaker 2 

Yes, so just to be mindful and think that way and be like you know what. 

00:41:36 Speaker 2 

Just think of somebody. 

00:41:37 Speaker 1 

You love being in front of you exactly exactly, and people that are commuting to work right now you can listen to this and then think about this when you're driving back with your commute. 

00:41:46 Speaker 2 

Exactly, you're welcome. 

00:41:48 Speaker 1 

That being said, I think we're all. 

00:41:49 Speaker 1 

Done with our community, aren't we? 

00:41:51 Speaker 2 

We are this spring that brings that. 

00:41:59 Speaker 2 

We are so. 

00:42:05 Speaker 1 

I love you. 

00:42:09 Speaker 2 

So thank you guys so much for listening and spending time with us today. 

00:42:12 Speaker 2 

Please don't forget to subscribe to our show so you don't miss out on any future episodes. 

00:42:16 Speaker 2 

And if you're feeling generous, please consider supporting the show on Vimeo coffee com. 

00:42:20 Speaker 2 

If you have a question, comment or episode idea, or if you just want to drop us a line to say hello. 

00:42:24 Speaker 2 

You can reach us at Facebook and Instagram @AirCandyPodcast. 

00:42:28 Speaker 2 

Or you can send an email to  

00:42:31 Speaker 2 


00:42:32 Speaker 2 

Hit us up because. 

00:42:34 Speaker 2 

We want to connect with you and until next time. 

00:42:42 Speaker 1 

Let's talk. 

00:42:46 Speaker 1 

Bye bye no. 

00:42:48 Speaker 1 

No Bubba, let's talk. 

00:42:52 Speaker 1 

Trying to sleep. 

00:42:59 Speaker 1 

All right, that was. 

00:43:00 Speaker 1 

A good one and we are done. 

00:43:19 Speaker 1 

Look like ******* 


You are stupid. 


You almost spit all your drink out. 

00:43:26 Speaker 3 

Your cheeks are like this lyrics. 

00:43:33 Speaker 4 

Oh my God. 

00:43:36 Speaker 1 

Wax cooking. 

00:43:38 Speaker 2 

I know. 

00:43:40 Speaker 1 

What the hell happened there? 

00:43:42 Speaker 2 

Mine did the same thing. 

00:43:44 Speaker 1 

What the hell? 

00:43:50 Speaker 1 

Got civil rights so my grandma was trying to come out. 

00:43:54 Speaker 1 

Of my throat and **** 

00:43:58 Speaker 1 

Oh **** alright. 

00:44:00 Speaker 1 

So here we go. 

00:44:00 Speaker 1 

Do another watch cooking. 

00:44:05 Speaker 1 

This is just as bad as he tried to record my on on on the recorder like her answering machine. 

00:44:12 Speaker 1 

Takes you a ******* hour. 

00:44:13 Speaker 1 

Record your answer machine. 

00:44:14 Speaker 1 

Hello, you reached. 

00:44:16 Speaker 1 

Where are my experience, right? 

00:44:19 Speaker 1 

**** start over. 

00:44:22 Speaker 1 

Hello, you have dialed 301-4985. 

00:44:27 Speaker 1 

**** you're fired. 

00:44:29 Speaker 2 

Yes, you're fired. 

00:44:38 Speaker 2 

Good job Wiener. 

00:44:39 Speaker 4 

OK You were right. 

00:44:40 Speaker 1 

Yeah, good job, Wiener good job, Wiener. 


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