Create Bridges: Small Business - Big Rural Impact

Episode 16: Ready-Set-Grow!

April 22, 2021 Create Bridges AR Season 1 Episode 16
Create Bridges: Small Business - Big Rural Impact
Episode 16: Ready-Set-Grow!
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On this episode, Murriel Wiley in the 3Cs talks with Amelia Moore of Picalily Flowers and Gifts in Nashville, Arkansas, who shares her story about becoming a small business owner in rural Arkansas. Amelia's passion for what she does, the people that are part of the team, and why she invested into the renovation of a building on main street that is over 100 years old comes through as she shares just how rewarding this journey continues to be. This is another great episode of owning and running a business in rural Arkansas.

Picalily Flowers & Gifts
218 South Main Street
Nashville, Arkansas 71852

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Come join us, explore the impact of small business here in rural Arkansas.

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What challenges would you face? Who can help you meet those challenges? How do you get in touch with others like you?

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This is Create Bridges, Arkansas, and we invite you to come cross these bridges with us.

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We're back with another episode of the Create Bridges podcast series.

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Arkansas Small Business, Big Rural Impact. I'm program coordinator for the Cossatot Region, Murielle Wiley.

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And we thank you for joining us for this episode. Today, we're talking with Amelia Moore of Amelias piccalilli in Nashville.

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This is a store that serves the Howard County community as a florist and gift outlet for weddings,

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birthdays, anniversaries, banquets, funerals, graduations, baby showers, name an event.

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And they can cover it. In addition to the flower shop, the same building also houses a clothing boutique, a bakery, a new coffee shop.

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And we even do tuxedo rentals in order to keep serving the community for special occasions.

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Amelia has invested in a historic building located on Main Street in Nashville.

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The business continues to add new services and features so they can stay relevant and valuable to their customers.

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Thank you so much for being our guest today, Miss Amelia. We appreciate you being with us.

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And we want to talk about how your store offers so much to the community and that the business has been in Nashville for more than 30 years.

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Let's talk about how you got started and why this company has been so successful for so long.

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OK. Just a real brief on how I got started. I had worked part time at the local florist here, that same florist.

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When my children were little and I just needed to have a little bit of extra money and be available for them as the mom.

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After that, I went to work as our foundation director at the hospital and did some grant writing and things.

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But that also was in that same industry because you do a lot of fund raising, which is decorating and floral and all of that.

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I am not cut out for corporate environment. I learned real quickly I'm too independent and headstrong and apparently a little bit mouthy.

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Sometimes it's that I thought I'd got to be where I'm my own boss.

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I don't do well with monotony. And so the lady, the owner of the piccalilli flowers, was wanting to retire.

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We were friends. We go to church together. And I just really one day said, honey, I'm going to call Cheri and buy in the business.

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And, you know, I think he could see the look in my eye and said, just don't get in her way.

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And so I bought it and we've gone from there. So you basically just told your husband, oh, by the way, we're going to buy the flower shop.

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I did tell him. And he's a really good man.

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That's all I can say. And so as to the why. And you ask, like, why it's been successful for so long.

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Well, I think part of that is the talent that was involved in that first 30 years.

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Sherri is an incredibly talented florist. There is nothing that you mentioned that she says, I can't do that.

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She instantly says, sure, I've got it. And she really was.

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There's been florist come and go, but she was one that was around for so long that people trusted the brand.

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So when I bought the business, I knew immediately that I needed to keep that piccalilli name just because it people trusted it already.

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I was it was well established. So I think that's one of the reasons why it's done so well.

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Now, let's talk about your building. Your building is big and beautiful.

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And from what I understand, we talked about this before. It's over 100 years old, 110.

00:03:32,300 --> 00:03:36,860
I don't know, we think how old it was on why is was Jesus Chateau Piccalilli or is it.

00:03:36,860 --> 00:03:45,620
I mean, what are we calling it. No, but I think it's great that you've done so much to keep it and maintain it and restore it.

00:03:45,620 --> 00:03:53,420
Let's discuss that a little bit. What was the restoration process like and why did you choose to renovate such an old building?

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History is important to me. My family has been in Howard County.

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Well, the land that I live on has been in the family since the eighteen hundreds passed from different owners, of course.

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But as one family member maybe would lose it or pass away or whatever, another family member would purchase that.

00:04:09,170 --> 00:04:14,600
So that history is ingrained in me. When we moved here, I told my husband he's from Miami, Florida.

00:04:14,600 --> 00:04:19,190
You realize if we build a home here, we're here forever because that land will never leave.

00:04:19,190 --> 00:04:23,060
It's mine. So I kind of feel the same way about Main Street in Nashville.

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And as I look around, you see The little main streets across America are just slowly dying away.

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And that that just kills me because there's so many stories that can be told from from your little towns.

00:04:36,860 --> 00:04:39,320
They are. They are the backbone of our country.

00:04:39,320 --> 00:04:45,930
So there was absolutely no hesitation for me on whether or not I wanted to be on our main street.

00:04:45,930 --> 00:04:55,070
The current business. Well, when I bought it, the business was at that point on and on a little side street across from the funeral home,

00:04:55,070 --> 00:05:00,650
which is a prime location for a florist. But I.

00:05:00,650 --> 00:05:05,360
I just needed to be on a where I could be on that main street. See those cars.

00:05:05,360 --> 00:05:09,380
People see me. Also, I needed the space to own the bakery part.

00:05:09,380 --> 00:05:14,570
There were some different changes in laws. We already had fudge in the store.

00:05:14,570 --> 00:05:19,240
I knew I was going to need to build a kitchen. I mean, there was just a lot of factors into that.

00:05:19,240 --> 00:05:24,580
I prayed a lot and honestly, as one day I sat on my couch,

00:05:24,580 --> 00:05:31,120
I had all these papers on my lap and it was whether or not to add a kitchen on to the current building and what do I do?

00:05:31,120 --> 00:05:35,380
And I got a phone call from a gentleman who owned the current the building I'm in now.

00:05:35,380 --> 00:05:39,370
And he said, I've got a building for you. I was like, oh, absolutely not. I don't need anything else.

00:05:39,370 --> 00:05:43,000
I've just bought everything. And he said, I think you want to look at it.

00:05:43,000 --> 00:05:48,310
Well, when we got in, there was falling apart. It was a train wreck, but it had the bones.

00:05:48,310 --> 00:05:55,810
It had the plumbing that I needed. It had the space that I needed. And I thought, this is an answer to prayer.

00:05:55,810 --> 00:06:03,970
I can just tell you, I had lots of people in town, sweet, kind, loving people who said this is the biggest mistake you'll ever make.

00:06:03,970 --> 00:06:09,400
Moving from the location. That was such a great location. They didn't mean it in a mean way.

00:06:09,400 --> 00:06:18,520
They really were trying to be helpful. But I guess my one lesson to all small business owners right now is go with your gut.

00:06:18,520 --> 00:06:22,240
Just you just have to sometimes jump in. And so I did.

00:06:22,240 --> 00:06:26,050
I knew. I just knew in my gut I knew this is where we need to be.

00:06:26,050 --> 00:06:32,350
And I have. I feel like I have a legacy now because I'm in that Main Street history.

00:06:32,350 --> 00:06:36,970
People can look back and say, oh, yeah. There used to be this here in a restaurant here.

00:06:36,970 --> 00:06:42,300
And now they can say and there was a florist here. And so I love that.

00:06:42,300 --> 00:06:46,680
What did it take, though, to be able? You said it was falling apart.

00:06:46,680 --> 00:06:52,780
It was. What did you have to do to even get it to where it was not only inhabitable, but as beautiful as it is now?

00:06:52,780 --> 00:06:58,800
And we had three months. We bought it in May. We needed to be in like the.

00:06:58,800 --> 00:07:02,340
We bought the business in May 1st of June.

00:07:02,340 --> 00:07:07,260
We had the building we needed to be in at the end of August 1st of August.

00:07:07,260 --> 00:07:11,070
And so it's one of those things sometimes when you have a whole lot to do,

00:07:11,070 --> 00:07:15,090
you forget to think about all the problems and you just go to work every day.

00:07:15,090 --> 00:07:21,960
We would get up at 7:00. I would go to work. My husband's a tax accountant, and so tax season had ended.

00:07:21,960 --> 00:07:27,240
Not that he doesn't have a lot of work, but it's more flexible. He is good at everything.

00:07:27,240 --> 00:07:34,140
I married a great man. That's the second thing today. Marry a good partner because they are in your business with you whether they want to be or not.

00:07:34,140 --> 00:07:38,130
And so we just came to we just went to work every day.

00:07:38,130 --> 00:07:42,840
Every day we would say, what can we get done today? And we would we would do it.

00:07:42,840 --> 00:07:49,080
One of the benefits of a small town is you don't have quite the red tape that you probably have in larger cities.

00:07:49,080 --> 00:07:55,860
Not that we weren't up to code and things, but we had people who were willing to work with us who would help and or who would come and say,

00:07:55,860 --> 00:07:59,340
hey, I can paint this for you today or I can rip this flooring up today.

00:07:59,340 --> 00:08:06,570
And with any old building, you have to really be cautious of asbestos and lead paint and all those things.

00:08:06,570 --> 00:08:10,260
Did I know any of that when I went into it? No, because I'm just, you know.

00:08:10,260 --> 00:08:14,130
Oh, it's so pretty. And so that would be me. Yeah, I love it.

00:08:14,130 --> 00:08:18,780
And so we had a little freak out moment there for a minute.

00:08:18,780 --> 00:08:27,450
The building was luckily so very old that it was before built, before asbestos was used.

00:08:27,450 --> 00:08:36,420
So we were very lucky in that had to have some things tested, you know, things that that could have really been a bad thing.

00:08:36,420 --> 00:08:43,530
We worked out it worked in our favor all the way. So one of the things I do say is make sure you test your building before you ever sign a paper.

00:08:43,530 --> 00:08:48,090
Ask about those things like asbestos and lead paint. But don't be afraid of old buildings.

00:08:48,090 --> 00:08:56,220
They have character and they have history. And just dive in, every day people would stop and say, hey, what are you doing today?

00:08:56,220 --> 00:09:00,540
What's this going to be? How I'm so excited that you're doing something on Main Street. I mean,

00:09:00,540 --> 00:09:07,620
people wanted to support the business before we ever even moved simply because they felt like we were doing something to keep our city alive.

00:09:07,620 --> 00:09:15,870
And so I just think that's amazing. It is. And I know that there's a lot of grants out there for historic preservation, historic preservation minds.

00:09:15,870 --> 00:09:20,250
But I don't know if you guys utilize any of that funding or did you just go all in?

00:09:20,250 --> 00:09:25,260
Well, on budget, yeah, I'm really bad about just jumping on in and not thinking things through.

00:09:25,260 --> 00:09:29,460
I was a grant writer, though, in the past, so I didn't I didn't know about grant funding.

00:09:29,460 --> 00:09:36,870
The problem for me was I did not want any restrictions. We had such a short time limit and that we needed to be in there.

00:09:36,870 --> 00:09:41,820
We had we we rent the center space in that just to help with our building payment.

00:09:41,820 --> 00:09:48,480
We rent that out. And they were needing to be in the building by August. And so I was I felt like I'm putting out other people.

00:09:48,480 --> 00:09:53,130
I'm you know, I'm really on this deadline. I've got to do it not just for me, but for others.

00:09:53,130 --> 00:09:57,720
And so I know how long grants take. That was going to be an issue.

00:09:57,720 --> 00:10:06,780
And I just like I said, I'm just so independent and I want this light to be here, whether it's the right light or the right time or the right.

00:10:06,780 --> 00:10:13,560
I just I just want what I want. So I didn't even explore that, probably to the extent that I should.

00:10:13,560 --> 00:10:20,160
If you're not trying to do something in record time and on your own and you know by yourself, then that's it.

00:10:20,160 --> 00:10:26,430
That would be a major thing to look into because it's so helpful, you know, and and you can find people to help you do the grant writing.

00:10:26,430 --> 00:10:31,050
That's not hard. It's just having that time to do it.

00:10:31,050 --> 00:10:37,950
Absolutely. So within this big, beautiful, historic building you have, there are several different businesses, all in one.

00:10:37,950 --> 00:10:42,460
Let's chat a little bit about the connections between each of these different businesses.

00:10:42,460 --> 00:10:46,830
Right. You've got the floorist shop. You have the bakery. Nowadays, simply out of the coffee.

00:10:46,830 --> 00:10:49,740
Plus you have your boutique in there, too.

00:10:49,740 --> 00:10:55,750
So how do your customers utilize all these different services and how to each of these businesses connect and help each other?

00:10:55,750 --> 00:11:02,310
OK. I for the record, my employees have said I'm not allowed to add anything else.

00:11:02,310 --> 00:11:07,310
They are done . every day. I'm coming in and go and let's learn a new thing.

00:11:07,310 --> 00:11:18,660
They are just died. But also they are. They are. But when you are in a small town, you're competing not only with other businesses in your town,

00:11:18,660 --> 00:11:22,520
but with all of the bigger cities that they can drive to.

00:11:22,520 --> 00:11:27,990
And Texarkana is only an hour away, you know, hot springs, an hour and a half.

00:11:27,990 --> 00:11:33,060
And people will say, if I'm going to get this, I'll just go ahead and drive to a big city and get that.

00:11:33,060 --> 00:11:38,820
Plus eat out and do it, make a day of it. And so I have those things as competition as well.

00:11:38,820 --> 00:11:42,010
So it is important as a small business owner to keep.

00:11:42,010 --> 00:11:49,120
And to stay on your toes and say it doesn't matter if it's my favorite, I mean, I really am happy if I'm just putting flowers in a face.

00:11:49,120 --> 00:11:56,140
Right. But but what do the people want? What's going to make it was going to make people want to come in here again.

00:11:56,140 --> 00:12:02,200
And so the boutique was really out of convenience for me because I did need to rent that space out.

00:12:02,200 --> 00:12:11,040
But in my thinking was it's just something else to get people to come in the store because you don't need flowers every day.

00:12:11,040 --> 00:12:16,650
But a woman will come in a store to look at a shirt or look at jewelry and then say, oh, maybe,

00:12:16,650 --> 00:12:21,090
maybe I while I'm here, I need to send flowers to get to my grandmother's in the nursing home tomorrow.

00:12:21,090 --> 00:12:27,390
That's a great idea. Or maybe I needed to add some fudge and send it to my friend who's been in the hospital or, you know,

00:12:27,390 --> 00:12:32,340
any little thing that gets them in your store is is something that you need to consider,

00:12:32,340 --> 00:12:40,050
even if it's maybe not what you thought was in your box of goods that you wanted to offer.

00:12:40,050 --> 00:12:44,490
Go ahead and open that box up and just just explore. What do they need?

00:12:44,490 --> 00:12:48,750
Tuxedo rental, I can tell you right now is my least favorite thing.

00:12:48,750 --> 00:12:51,900
But it's needed. There's prom every year. There's weddings.

00:12:51,900 --> 00:12:56,700
If they're gonna get their flowers from me and their wedding cake for me, then I might as well get their tuxedos for me, too.

00:12:56,700 --> 00:13:04,320
So sometimes you just suck it up and say, I need to offer the service because the people need it, not because it's my favorite.

00:13:04,320 --> 00:13:12,300
As far as them working together, it really is a good, good mix because I have people who come in and get coffee.

00:13:12,300 --> 00:13:15,780
That's our newest. And that is harder than I thought it was going to be.

00:13:15,780 --> 00:13:20,250
But they come in and they get coffee and they they sit around and they enjoy it.

00:13:20,250 --> 00:13:26,280
And I really wanted that just that community atmosphere where they felt like they

00:13:26,280 --> 00:13:30,240
could come in and hang out if they wanted in while they're their shop a little bit.

00:13:30,240 --> 00:13:36,720
And, you know, just I just wanted it to be a place. People come in and say, oh, I feel like family when I'm here.

00:13:36,720 --> 00:13:40,650
And so we just keep adding, well, we did keep adding. I'm done adding.

00:13:40,650 --> 00:13:44,850
Right. You heard me say that twice. I'm done. You know what it is?

00:13:44,850 --> 00:13:50,610
It's the cupcakes. I know that it's not just you know, I assume if I ever came into your store,

00:13:50,610 --> 00:13:58,370
I had assumed that it was orders for events that you can buy a cake for a wedding or get, you know, a dessert for a baby shower.

00:13:58,370 --> 00:14:04,060
And you can just go buy an individual cupcake while you're shopping with your friend and grab a cup of coffee.

00:14:04,060 --> 00:14:09,120
It added an extra appeal for us. You know, as far as like, oh, we could just go there and eat cupcakes.

00:14:09,120 --> 00:14:13,800
Right. And I'll tell you how that Gary, real quickly, to just show you how things have to grow.

00:14:13,800 --> 00:14:15,240
When I bought the florist,

00:14:15,240 --> 00:14:21,520
the first thing I said is I want to do a little tiny cake that can be delivered with flowers as a birthday present, a little mini cake.

00:14:21,520 --> 00:14:27,840
It was gonna be one tiny little counter before I knew it. We've got full on cupcakes and everything mixed.

00:14:27,840 --> 00:14:33,120
There wasn't a bakery in Nashville. So look around that community and see what what is it lacking?

00:14:33,120 --> 00:14:37,140
What do we need? How can we do it? How can we incorporate it to what we already have?

00:14:37,140 --> 00:14:42,030
And that's what we did. I found a great baker who is also a great friend, and she was wonderful.

00:14:42,030 --> 00:14:46,140
And she handles those cupcakes. And I don't have to worry about them. I just eat them.

00:14:46,140 --> 00:14:49,880
That's exactly what I like. I've never made these myself.

00:14:49,880 --> 00:14:53,790
Yeah. Taste her analysis. Yeah.

00:14:53,790 --> 00:14:59,640
We'll make it scientific. Oh, it's not all not all those letters is gold and it's not always good times.

00:14:59,640 --> 00:15:05,400
I know over the last year we have had this global health crisis that is the COVID 19 pandemic.

00:15:05,400 --> 00:15:12,410
Let's talk about how that has impacted your business. Oh, that's such a weird thing.

00:15:12,410 --> 00:15:20,760
Florist, I think if you kind of do the research for as a holder and copied increased in business, not what people ever are expecting to hear.

00:15:20,760 --> 00:15:27,000
Everybody thinks of a florist is an extravagance. It's an extra it's not an essential.

00:15:27,000 --> 00:15:32,520
What we discovered, though, is that we deliver. We've been delivering from the beginning of florist.

00:15:32,520 --> 00:15:38,040
I mean, that is what you do. And so nursing home patients were not allowed to leave.

00:15:38,040 --> 00:15:40,530
People couldn't go visit their grandparents.

00:15:40,530 --> 00:15:46,020
Well, the best way to say I love you in an easy way is to call your florist and say, please send my mom something.

00:15:46,020 --> 00:15:50,250
I haven't seen her in three weeks. And so we would and we could sit it on their porch.

00:15:50,250 --> 00:15:55,770
We could call them. We could knock on their door and say, hey, Miss Ethel, I left you some flowers on the porch and leave.

00:15:55,770 --> 00:15:59,910
And I have yet to deliver flowers to somebody that wasn't excited to see them.

00:15:59,910 --> 00:16:03,960
And so they're happy. It just was a bright moment of happiness.

00:16:03,960 --> 00:16:08,370
So across the nation, florist really grew.

00:16:08,370 --> 00:16:16,020
The thing the bad thing from COVID is that all of our products have gone up in price because we can't get bases.

00:16:16,020 --> 00:16:22,290
We can't get peonies right now. That's a weird one we can't get because so much production was shut down.

00:16:22,290 --> 00:16:25,740
So many growers could not produce so many things.

00:16:25,740 --> 00:16:30,630
So we're limited on supplies. Now, anytime you have those limitations, your price goes up.

00:16:30,630 --> 00:16:34,350
So I think we have seen a big increase in price.

00:16:34,350 --> 00:16:44,430
So I expect this year to be harder on me after COVID dealing with the aftermath of covid than it was during the covid crisis itself.

00:16:44,430 --> 00:16:47,400
You're right. That does surprise me because I would have just assumed.

00:16:47,400 --> 00:16:52,140
Well, I'm sure less people are having weddings, less people are having a baby shower. So, of course, you're doing less business.

00:16:52,140 --> 00:16:56,520
But you're right, it was the opposite because late there, apart from their family.

00:16:56,520 --> 00:17:01,080
What better way to say I love You That's right. Last question I wanted to ask you.

00:17:01,080 --> 00:17:08,170
You have mentioned before that you've been on Main Street in Nashville and seeing lots of other stores come and go in your time there.

00:17:08,170 --> 00:17:14,230
Yes. Piccalilli is not only remains, it continues to grow to the point that your employees wont let you grow.

00:17:14,230 --> 00:17:19,800
That's right. And you're adding new features all the time, like online ordering the coffee shop, things of that nature.

00:17:19,800 --> 00:17:28,680
So with your longevity. What advice do you have for other business owners who are trying to make it in a small town and want to last?

00:17:28,680 --> 00:17:37,380
This is not a in any way a plug for my husband's business, but hire an accountant, hire an office manager, hire somebody.

00:17:37,380 --> 00:17:45,310
When you own your own business, you are so busy. When I say all consuming, I don't even know if that's a big enough term.

00:17:45,310 --> 00:17:49,590
You are all consumed with the business. You're making your customers happy.

00:17:49,590 --> 00:17:53,340
You're in charge of employees. You are everything you are.

00:17:53,340 --> 00:17:59,430
You are everything. I just can't even stress that enough. So you're in charge of making sure your building is clean.

00:17:59,430 --> 00:18:03,180
Did your workers show up on time? Did you decide to do this? Who did it?

00:18:03,180 --> 00:18:08,640
And before you know it, you've overspent on inventory. You haven't paid your bill the way that you should.

00:18:08,640 --> 00:18:12,410
It's not because you're bad or because you're even bad at managing money.

00:18:12,410 --> 00:18:14,010
It's because you don't have time.

00:18:14,010 --> 00:18:21,300
And so my husband, being an accountant, of course, could not keep his little fingers out of my business, thank goodness.

00:18:21,300 --> 00:18:24,210
Because I would have sunk a long time ago and promise you I would have,

00:18:24,210 --> 00:18:30,890
because I go to market and I get real caught up in what's going to sell and what do my customers need and what do we want.

00:18:30,890 --> 00:18:36,570
And before I know it, I have spent Baku's of money and as a family, yeah,

00:18:36,570 --> 00:18:42,030
it's really awesome and hard and so fantastic to go in to see all that stuff.

00:18:42,030 --> 00:18:47,670
And I want all of it. And before I know it, I've bought 14 cat pictures. Why do I know.

00:18:47,670 --> 00:18:52,940
Right. I to be right back. They also have me no more animals. I can't buy anything else with an animal on it.

00:18:52,940 --> 00:18:57,960
It's because they're fun. But what happens then is you get home and then they start.

00:18:57,960 --> 00:19:00,510
You get your inventory before you know it. Your credit card bills.

00:19:00,510 --> 00:19:05,370
Twenty thousand dollars and is a small business, you know, of the cash flow to cover that.

00:19:05,370 --> 00:19:13,890
Maybe if I were in a big city, I could do that, but not here. And so it's really about managing how many hours your employees are working.

00:19:13,890 --> 00:19:19,950
He's on top of that calling me and saying, you know, you don't. There's really no need to be paying overtime.

00:19:19,950 --> 00:19:22,380
There's really no need to be paying these extra things.

00:19:22,380 --> 00:19:29,400
Almost all the businesses I've seen that have failed, it's been money management because money management is not fun.

00:19:29,400 --> 00:19:36,800
And most of us are. Most of us who owner and business, regardless of the business, are, I would say where idea people.

00:19:36,800 --> 00:19:43,320
And we're. We come up with all these really great, great ideas and great plans.

00:19:43,320 --> 00:19:47,400
But but working the plan is harder. It's different.

00:19:47,400 --> 00:19:49,200
And it's not that we're not good at it.

00:19:49,200 --> 00:19:55,650
It's just that, like I said, it takes time away from the whole thing that we were trying to do to begin with.

00:19:55,650 --> 00:20:00,090
And so before we know it, it's already gone that it's too late.

00:20:00,090 --> 00:20:02,320
I guess that's what I'm trying to say to fix it.

00:20:02,320 --> 00:20:07,780
And so, so many go out because maybe they're buying products that are too expensive when there is a cheaper,

00:20:07,780 --> 00:20:14,130
you know, alternative or whatever it may be. I would say money management is the hardest.

00:20:14,130 --> 00:20:19,200
It's the hardest for me. It's the hardest for him. He spends a lot of time trying to manage my money.

00:20:19,200 --> 00:20:23,130
I'm right brained all the way. I mean, there is no order at all.

00:20:23,130 --> 00:20:29,280
And so bless his heart, he's trying to chase after me. But I think that's the weight is of a lot of us.

00:20:29,280 --> 00:20:33,090
It sounds like teamwork is the success of your small business.

00:20:33,090 --> 00:20:38,880
But it is. It sounds like you are the creativity. And he's a little bit of the organization.

00:20:38,880 --> 00:20:45,270
He's all of the organization. You've got to have both to make it work.

00:20:45,270 --> 00:20:53,490
That's true with who you hire in all aspects of my baker is my partner in every sense of the word because in a small town I

00:20:53,490 --> 00:20:59,310
read that little meem the other day that said and I don't want to use the name because I don't want to give them a bad rap.

00:20:59,310 --> 00:21:00,900
But we'll just say a food chain.

00:21:00,900 --> 00:21:05,760
You'll go to a fast food restaurant and they'll mess up your order a thousand times and you'll still go back tomorrow.

00:21:05,760 --> 00:21:09,270
But if a small best business messes up your order, you'll never go back again.

00:21:09,270 --> 00:21:14,690
And you'll you'll Bash them and you'll talk bad about them on Facebook and you'll tell their momma in town,

00:21:14,690 --> 00:21:18,720
in the grocery store your daughter don't know what she's doing. I mean, things like that.

00:21:18,720 --> 00:21:23,820
But for for this, you know, you have to be on top of your game.

00:21:23,820 --> 00:21:27,120
So hire people that love your business as much as you do.

00:21:27,120 --> 00:21:27,480

00:21:27,480 --> 00:21:35,880
We've actually talked to a restaurant owner who was kidding or not, but he said that he's got to have his brisket prepared the same way every day.

00:21:35,880 --> 00:21:40,830
Otherwise, it spreads all over town. But yes, he does bad at the restaurant and going to go over there.

00:21:40,830 --> 00:21:47,680
He's not wise. All Dad. Stop eating at his restaurant. He's looking across the street, his dad that the competitor place.

00:21:47,680 --> 00:21:51,430
But all because that small town. Yes, that great vine will run.

00:21:51,430 --> 00:21:58,240
But it can also run. Well, it does. You have a great product. And then everyone runs and tells the whole town how great it was.

00:21:58,240 --> 00:22:04,750
It could be a positive thing. That's exactly that's exactly the truth. I don't ever want people to be scared of owning in a small town.

00:22:04,750 --> 00:22:10,600
It is the best, it's the most rewarding thing you'll ever do because your customers know you.

00:22:10,600 --> 00:22:14,110
They come in. You know them. You know what their grandmother likes.

00:22:14,110 --> 00:22:20,110
You can get them the perfect gift. They can't find help like that in a large city. So don't be scared of it.

00:22:20,110 --> 00:22:24,560
Just be aware of what you need. And find people who you can work with.

00:22:24,560 --> 00:22:28,750
If you're gonna be there all hours of the night together to so you know, you need to like each other.

00:22:28,750 --> 00:22:31,690
And it's hard. That's another hard thing.

00:22:31,690 --> 00:22:36,400
Well, is there anything else she would like, other small business owners or entrepreneurs with a dream to know?

00:22:36,400 --> 00:22:40,780
Before we wrap up today? They'll be afraid to take a risk.

00:22:40,780 --> 00:22:47,500
The hardest part of owning a small business is jumping in. You don't always have the best insurance and you don't always have the biggest paycheck.

00:22:47,500 --> 00:22:51,460
But there's other rewards and you just have to take that risk and go with your gut.

00:22:51,460 --> 00:22:58,500
Like I said earlier, just do it. You know, Nike knew what they were talking about when they coined that phrase.

00:22:58,500 --> 00:23:01,810
They did. I love it. Well, we appreciate your time so much.

00:23:01,810 --> 00:23:08,530
Thank you. And a shout out to your husband, even though he's not officially on the Amelia's team, he totally is Right.

00:23:08,530 --> 00:23:16,120
Love it. Well, we appreciate you so much. With a million more. And that is going to wrap up another episode of the Create Riches podcast series.

00:23:16,120 --> 00:23:25,090
Arkansas Small Business, Big Rural Impact. This has been ready set grow. Im Murriel Wiley

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