The Electric Feminine

The Best of All Worlds - Androgyny

August 20, 2021 Anjua
The Electric Feminine
The Best of All Worlds - Androgyny
Show Notes

In this episode, host Anjua Maximo sits down with up-and-coming androgynous model Myrna Pitts. While she identifies as a lesbian and feels more comfortable in her masculine energy and dress she has always felt able to effortlessly slip into a more feminine energy. I shared with Myrna that from my research it appeared as if most of the more celebrated androgynous models were White with only a handful or less of BIPOC models. Myrna agreed that the fashion industry tends to focus on Ruby Rose as the most recognizable androgynous-looking model and they're overlooking a significant amount of beautiful androgynous models of color. I asked if Myrna had encountered a situation where she was being asked to present more in her feminine energy and look than her masculine. While she hasn't encountered it yet this early on in her career she is definitely prepared to push back on anyone in the industry if she feels like she's being hired more for her feminine persona. 

Interestingly, when asked about gender pronouns or traditional gender roles in society Myrna actually leans more towards what one would consider old-school ideas. From an early memory with her grandmother, Myrna recalls her saying she was a woman, first and foremost regardless of who she loved.  This declaration has stayed with Myrna ever since and while she herself plays with gender in her clothing and energy she seems comfortable indicating that she thinks that there are more male-oriented projects and tasks and more female-oriented tasks.

I asked Myrna how she felt the representation of androgynous models in fashion and entertainment might impact the world. She responded that androgyny will introduce people to the beauty and unique ability that she and others have to fully embody and flow between the masculine and feminine. She is giving THE best of ALL worlds.

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