Podcast Podcast with special guest Eric Shudak from Home Mods Inc

October 23, 2020 Mike Bazadona & Steve Franco Season 1 Episode 3 Podcast Podcast with special guest Eric Shudak from Home Mods Inc
Show Notes

Mike & Steve talk to Eric all about how, what and why he is in the real estate game...Eric Shudak is the Chief Executive Officer of Home Mods Inc, a residential redevelopment company. Finished several complete renovations throughout North East PA and the Pocono Area handling all aspects of the real estate transaction, from acquisition, design and remodeling, along with staging, marketing and sale of the property. Home Mods Inc is committed to securing real estate assets that allow for great investment opportunities and consistent profits for our partners and investors. In addition to my CEO and Principal Owner, there can be several abbreviations after my name, including MBA (Masters in Business - Wilkes U), MICP (Masters in Commercial Property - Mike Lispy's School of Real Estate) and REALTOR (eXp Realty). I'm also an experienced authoring manager with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry in the post production film world. Skilled in Negotiation, Management, Customer Service, Strategic Planning, and Marketing Strategy. Active member with Fortune Builders. You can reach Eric:
Email   [email protected] 
Phone 570-763-9285