Be Well with Dr. Michelle Greenwell

The Heart of Performing with Colin MacLeod

June 06, 2023 Dr. Michelle Greenwell/Colin MacLeod Season 3 Episode 5
Be Well with Dr. Michelle Greenwell
The Heart of Performing with Colin MacLeod
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You know those jitters you get just before a presentation or pitching an idea?  How about as a performer, waiting backstage for your name or your music to begin.  We all know these as butterflies, nervousness, anxiety, or fear if it is strong enough.  

Some performers look for ‘the butterflies’ to empower them with a great performance, but not everyone sees their appearance as a gentle push.  In fact, many people shy away from public speaking, group presentations, or even speaking up when more than two people are present. 

Growing up we were told to just ignore the nervous feeling and it would disappear once we got started.  But, that wasn’t always true. On many occasions, we can feel the nerves shake our knees, the blood drain from our arms, and our minds and our thoughts disappear.   

Today’s episode explores how I have learned to support myself and others with tools in bioenergetic wellness to calm fears, feel their power of support, and thrive because of them.  I am joined by Colin MacLeod from Scotland, who has played fiddle for the Movement Made Easy classes and shared a couple of special podcasts in Season 2. Today we are discussing how to get to the Heart of the Performance, past our egocentric drive to perform, and find the heart-centered space that we refer to as “the moment” or “the sweet spot.”

Season 3 we are devoting to the transformational process that happens when people reach into their authentic selves and create magic.  Our season has several publications this year, and we hope they inspire and empower you to consider living your true heart's desire with the love and compassion for others at the forefront.  Thank you for joining us.  

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