Be Well with Michelle Greenwell

The Gifts in BioEnergetic Wellness with Evelyn Mulders

June 27, 2021 Michelle Greenwell Season 1 Episode 9
Be Well with Michelle Greenwell
The Gifts in BioEnergetic Wellness with Evelyn Mulders
Show Notes

Evelyn Mulders has been an incredible influence in the Health and Wellness scene for several decades.  President of the Kinesiology College of Canada, Evelyn has been training others in BioEnergetic Wellness techniques while building an incredible product line of Sound Essences and Herbal cards, and several publications related to sound and wellness. In June 2021 Evelyn was the proud recipient of 7 Awards with the Coalition of Visionary Resources or COVR, breaking their record for the number of awards by one person, and the number of awards in a category.  The COVR Visionary Awards include: 

Whispering Herbs Healing Cards

  • Gold Winner Instructional
  • Gold Winner Herbs
  • Bronze Winner Inspirational and Transformational
  • Industry Choice Visionary Product
  • People’s Choice Visionary Product

Essence of Herbs

  • Gold Winner eBook
  • People’s Choice Audio Visual

Our conversation was prior to the awards and we explore the evolution of her work and the power of the tools.  Evelyn has been one of my mentors over the years, and always a delight to experience synchronicity and resonance with.  You will see what that means when you hear our conversation.  

Michelle Greenwell, BA Psych, MSc CAM, Ph. D CIH (final) (Complementary and Integrative Health). Striving to support the public to choose self-care and well-being options that create ease and flow in their lives, Michelle specializes in using movement to heal the body. Her BioEnergetic Formula for Success provides a means for everyone to set their intentions and create support and action for flow and ease to the goals. Learn more at Follow her YouTube channel and specialty playlists. Find her full resource list here. She highlights her Tea Company, which she shares with Natascha Polomski, during each episode. You can learn more about Tea with Intention at and A unique way to explore tea, create healthy habits, and have great conversations with friends and colleagues.