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Asthma and Environmental Justice in the Salton Sea with Shohreh Farzan, PhD and Connie Valencia, MPH, CHES, PhD
Episode Artwork Asthma and Environmental Justice in the Salton Sea with Shohreh Farzan, PhD and Connie Valencia, MPH, CHES, PhD 25:39 Episode Artwork Public Health Workforce Development with Jane Steinberg, PhD, MPH 17:53 Episode Artwork PFAS in teas, processed meats and food packaging with Jesse Goodrich, PhD 14:42 Episode Artwork Using HEPA Air Purifiers to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution with Zhanghua Chen, PhD 19:15 Episode Artwork Community Outreach, Genetic Testing and Colorectal Cancer in Hispanic Populations with Mariana Stern, PhD 24:06 Episode Artwork Childhood Stress with Fangqi Guo, PhD 10:25 Episode Artwork The Cause of Hyperemesis Gravidarum (Extreme Morning Sickness) in Pregnancy with Marlena Fejzo, PhD 21:43 Episode Artwork Season 2 Finale: The Hydrogen Sulfide Disaster in Carson, CA with Arbor Quist, PhD 16:50 Episode Artwork Addressing the Health and Needs of People Who Inject Drugs with Ricky Bluthenthal, PhD 26:15 Episode Artwork The HPV Vaccine and Barriers to Uptake with Jennifer Tsui, PhD, MPH 19:22 Episode Artwork Hormone Replacement Therapy as Treatment During Menopause with Roksana Karim, PhD, MBBS 18:26 Episode Artwork The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Children's Activity Levels with Genevieve Dunton, PhD, MPH 29:12 Episode Artwork Pursuing Prevention of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) with Adam de Smith, PhD 17:39 Episode Artwork Emerging Zoonotic Viruses and the Role of Bats with Olivier Pernet, PhD 22:52 Episode Artwork Racial Ethnic Disparities in Cancer Mortality and the Healthcare Delivery System with Albert Farias, PhD 14:18 Episode Artwork Radiation Exposure with Daniel Stram, PhD 14:36 Episode Artwork Maternal Cannabis Use with Rachel Carmen Ceasar, PhD 14:41 Episode Artwork Season 1 Finale: World Drowning Prevention Day and Global Health Work in Uganda with Heather Wipfli, PhD 17:48 Episode Artwork Creating Sustainable Antiracist Curricular Change in Higher Ed with Jonathan Cohen, JD, MPhil and Karina Dominguez Gonzalez, DSW(c), MPH 14:55 Episode Artwork Pediatric Disaster Management with Rita Burke, PhD, MPH 6:25 Episode Artwork Native Americans and Diabetes with Claradina Soto, PhD, MPH 4:39 Episode Artwork Disaster Preparedness with Rita Burke, PhD, MPH 3:44 Episode Artwork Obesity and Diabetes with Richard Watanabe, PhD 7:40 Episode Artwork Mind and Body Practices and Diabetes with Fatimata Sanogo, PhD 6:59 Episode Artwork Nicotine Gummies with Alyssa F. Harlow, PhD, MPH 6:47