Risk Stories!

The Abstraction and Magnetism of Cyber Security

March 22, 2022 Michael Puldy Season 1 Episode 28
Risk Stories!
The Abstraction and Magnetism of Cyber Security
Show Notes

Every business, no matter how big or small, can be the target of cybercrime.  From his vantage point of  author, educator, podcaster and founder and CEO of Cyber Risk Opportunities, visionary Kip Boyle discusses cyber security.  

 Why do so many senior decision makers not invest in cyber security? Unfortunately, too many are not interested in preventing a problem until they feel the pain directly or are close to someone who is suffering.

Kip discusses many real-world experiences including customer stories and true life actions that he relays in his book, his podcasts and to his clients. 

Even though the cyber security battle is focused on the endpoints – desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and tablets – the reality is the landscape covers not only technology but people. There is no “Easy Button,” and an organization who believes they can outsmart, or game away such fundamental issues like phishing attacks are kidding themselves. 

Every computer is only milliseconds away from a bad actor anywhere in the world!

This is one fun episode!

Kip can be reached through LinkedIn or on his website at www.cr-map.com where you can also access his podcast.


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