Risk Stories!

Business & Career Lessons from the Trenches

April 26, 2022 Michael Puldy Season 1 Episode 30
Risk Stories!
Business & Career Lessons from the Trenches
Show Notes

Nick Warner, formerly an A-list lobbyist in Sacramento, California, and now a business and career coach, talks about his lobbyist days, and how he balanced lobbying with running a successful business.

Have a notepad ready because this episode is chalked full of business axioms, media sound bites, and a quick inside glimpse of how the legal system really works. 

 And then there’s the career basics:

“You are only as good as what you are selling.” 

“Listen and ask smart questions.” 

“Don’t overspend your means."

Although these comments should be considered table stakes for everyone as they go through their business journey, it’s amazing so many people forget the basics. As you can guess, there's more!

Nick, CEO of Nick Warner Consulting, can be reached at his website www.nickwarnerconsulting.com.

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