Risk Stories!

Solving the Employee Strike Equation

May 11, 2021 Michael Puldy Season 1 Episode 15
Risk Stories!
Solving the Employee Strike Equation
Show Notes

In this episode, we spotlight one of our four critical business continuity scenarios: what happens when employees are unavailable?

Michelle Vincent, Senior Director of Marketing and Sales for MADI Corporation, spends her days, nights and weekends helping companies figure out how to keep their shops open if the time comes for employees to walk off the job. 

When employees strike, emotions run high, and anxieties and tensions are thick. One day everyone is sharing coffee, and the next day, tires could be slashed, and strikers are throwing themselves in front of vehicles.

And then there’s “after the strike.” In the worst of situations, life may never return to business as usual. 

Michelle takes us through the planning and execution around contingency staffing. Negotiating contracts, finding, transporting and training people, and securing facilities so replacement employees can safely keep a business functioning are all parts of the critical path. And, this is just the tip of the staffing iceberg.

  Michelle can be reached on LinkedIn and at MADI Corporation www.madicorp.com

Our Four Business Unavailable Scenarios Are:

1)     What happens when your location is unavailable?

2)     What happens when your people are unavailable?

3)     What happens when your IT is unavailable?

4)     What happens when there’s a regional outage and a combination of 1, 2 and 3 are unavailable?


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