Risk Stories!

Securing the Village

November 09, 2021 Michael Puldy Season 1 Episode 20
Risk Stories!
Securing the Village
Show Notes

Dr. Stan Stahl is founder and leader of the non-profit organization Secure The Village.  

Stan talks with us about taking a grass roots approach to cybersecurity. He believes at the heart of information security is a conversation. Businesses must pull the right people together to talk about cybersecurity, truly have a program in place and then move that program forward!  

Stan also focuses on educating the residential and consumer markets on how we can reduce the risk that technology brings into our lives. 

Cybersecurity is serious business, it's broken, and cybercrime is at epidemic levels.  

Stan believes if we don’t get the word out to “we the people” on how to protect ourselves from cyber criminals everyone must realize freedom, democracy and liberty are at risk! Even though the government has a role in promoting national cyber resilience, it’s now time for a “cyber civil defense” approach.

Listen in as Stan explains how to join movement and how to, well, secure the village!  You can’t help but drink in his passion.

Stan can be reached at Stan@securethevillage.org.

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