The Root Of Our Health

Getting To The Root Cause of Skin Care - Interview with Alison Keith founder of Whole Story Skin Care

June 10, 2021 Elizabeth Episode 38
The Root Of Our Health
Getting To The Root Cause of Skin Care - Interview with Alison Keith founder of Whole Story Skin Care
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Show Notes

Ladies, I know that we have issues with all of the millions of skin care  products out there that bombard us everyday and we don't know what works and what doesn't. Well, I have a wonderful episode for you because this these products from Whole Story skin care are actually safe and natural.

I sat down with Alison Keith, found of Whole Story, to understand more about her and her skin care line.

In this episode we talk about: 

  • How Whole Story came about, changing the story of skin care
  • Talks about premature aging and how we can stop it
  • What our skin needs everyday 
  • Why botox and fillers are not the only way to anti-aging
  • How having clean, fewer and non-toxic ingredients is crucial in skin care
  • How it’s not too late to take care of your skin in a natural and healthy way

Alison Keith's Bio:

Alison Keith is a holistic skincare expert changing the conversation around premature premature aging. And in 2019, Alison and her husband, Steve co founded Whole Story skincare. With family ties in custom skincare formulation, they launched their direct to customer brand selling premium quality plant based products. Allison saw a gap between the misinformation from beauty industry, marketing and advertising versus what science says about preventing and reversing the signs of aging. It was then she decided to tell the whole story. "Our holistic approach shares the same principles as functional medicine, targeting the root cause of aging for long term results"

Allison is in her 40s she has never opted for cosmetic injections nor is she a self professed, "product junkie". Allison has learned from cell bio biologists, chemists and skincare industry pioneers. Her passion is advocating for a more natural way of aging well without harsh invasive chemical procedures.

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