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The strength of the pack is the Wolf! with Wolfgang Meurs

November 30, 2022 Jack Saward & Karen Edwards Season 10 Episode 2
The Events Insight
The strength of the pack is the Wolf! with Wolfgang Meurs
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Episode two guest is Wolfgang Meurs. The is no better words to describe this episode than those from Rudyard Kipling 'The Strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack'.


Wolfie, as he is known to those who know him, is from Cape Town, South Africa. 


He’s been living in London for 12 years. Always a big fan of sports, he enjoys most days outside either at a music festival or having a braai or as it’s called in the UK a barbeque. 


Hear how having an engineering background (studied in Cape Town), led to his hands on roles across the events sector. 


A love for seeing an event site grow from either an empty ballroom in a hotel or an open field. His role and experience in crewing has enabled a lot of learning and skill development, such as dealing with high pressure situations, time keeping, dealing with difficult clients and just general people skills. 


At the time of this recording Wolfie is working on a 9 month project out in Doha, Qatar, called Winter Wonderland. It’s a semi-permanent theme park they have built in 8 months based on the manmade island of Lusail. 


Listen throughout the episode as Wolfie shares some of he experiences, some of the situations he has faced as well as some of the learning that has been passed on to him over the years.  Both Jack, Karen and Wolfie were all on location in differing countries, in different time zones whilst recording, and some of the audio is effected by noise and connection issues, but this doesn't stop listeners from engaging with the content shared.


Most of us know how important the role crew provide on projects, but have you ever understood the potential of that role and the actual people who deliver it. This episode certainly gives you a flavour of that.

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