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Event Buyers Live 2022 Special - with Caroline Clift

December 14, 2022 Season 10 Episode 0
The Events Insight
Event Buyers Live 2022 Special - with Caroline Clift
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Just when you thought the Podcast couldn’t give you anymore…

A Bonus edition pops up!!

In this episode, Jack & Karen talk to the fabulous Caroline Clift, Content Manager for Event Buyers Live and Editor of StandOut Magazine.

Like most people, Caroline fell into the events industry.  A chance meeting with Neil Fagg 18 years ago (this is a story you can hear all about in the podcast… let’s just say there was body paint involved) and she was hooked.

Caroline is all about people; about finding the story behind the story and about connecting people.

She loves nothing more than getting on her high-viz and wellies and heading out into a field to find out more about an event.

Jack & Karen were invited to Event Buyers Live at the end of November to capture the flavour of this fantastic industry event.  Affectionately known as ‘the place to do business’, Event Buyers Live promises you pre-arranged and one-on-one meetings between live event organisers and suppliers. 

This episode doesn’t just talk to Caroline, we also share some of the live recordings we did from the event, when many of the participants shared with us their own thoughts and take aways. 

It is very clear that Event Buyers Live is brought to the industry, by the industry now. Neil, as the event co-founder, now feels responsible to protect the format and brand as it continues to deliver for both suppliers and buyers. It's no longer “his baby" but the industry’s to nurture, evolve and look after as we all move forward together. When listening to Caroline you can hear those same nurturing values shining through. 

There have been many discussions at #EBL22 on collaboration, business and partnerships.  Watch this space... they may well have a "new baby" to announce in the near future!

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