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Pass me my soapbox! - with Robert Kenward

January 18, 2023 Jack Saward & Karen Edwards Season 10 Episode 6
The Events Insight
Pass me my soapbox! - with Robert Kenward
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You either love recruitment, or you don’t!

Quite simply, Robert lives and breathes recruitment. He is the ‘Talent Officer’ for your business.

The events industry is all about people and connections, everyone knows everyone! Roberts’ approach to recruitment is one of partnership. He gets to know the client and the candidate before any introductions are made. He believes on focussing on  quality, only presenting the client with the best candidate (whether that is one or ten).

Robert has spoken at plenty industry events and many of his volunteer roles are aimed at encouraging talent flow into and throughout the events industry. Without recruitment, our industry would grind to a halt.

Get ready for a whistle-stop tour of the world of events and recruitment!

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We're lucky to have him in the sector and thanks go to his wife for that.

Robert does have a few issues with his connection during the recording, but we still feel our listeners will benefit from the content he shares.

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