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The Events Insight - Its a Wrap Season 12

February 21, 2024 Jack Saward & Karen Edwards Season 12 Episode 7
The Events Insight
The Events Insight - Its a Wrap Season 12
Show Notes

And it’s a wrap folks!

Can you believe it, Season 12 is over?

And what a cross section of events industry professional Jack and Karen have spoken to, from a Health & Safety expert working out in Dubai to a successful festival organised based in the UK, with the odd event sporting professional thrown in the mix!

The season really has been a rollercoaster of emotions!

For the Wrap Session, we ask our lovely listeners to get in touch and join us for a chat about the guests!  Informed, fun and entertaining  would be the best way to describe our two lovely listeners.

First of all we have Katie Goldsmith

Katie is the Marketing Executive for StandOut Magazine and Event Buyers Live. She has only been actively working in the events industry for 7 months, and is so far loving every second of it!! Katie has always been a festival goer, it all started with her parents taking her to a variety of different festivals throughout her childhood to present day.

Our second listeners is Emma Couldridge


Emma is a final year BA Events Management student at the University of Northampton. Her passions have always laid within the theatre and performance world, and it is her dream to join her two worlds together by working as an Events Coordinator at a theatre.


Thanks for all your continued support of the podcast.

We do appreciate all your messages, calls and suggestions for the podcast.

Enjoy the Wrap, and get ready for Season 13!

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