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Ep 09: Doug Dozark of Cycle Brewing

February 17, 2022 Mark / Doug Dozark of Cycle Brewing Season 2 Episode 5
BeerWise Podcast
Ep 09: Doug Dozark of Cycle Brewing
Show Notes

Recorded in January 2022, Cycle Brewing's founder and head brewer Doug Dozark is the latest guest on the BeerWise Podcast

Recorded at Cycle Brewing's production facility in St. Petersburg, I had the privilege of speaking with Doug about his time in the brewing industry, including his origin story about moving to Colorado and showing up to work at Oskar Blues, then returning home to open up a tiny brewery alongside his family's restaurant in the tiny town of Gulfport. Doug talks about his love for brewing beer, and how he held down three jobs as a young man - all while trying to foster his brewing knowledge. Doug has worked for both Oskar Blues Brewery and Cigar City Brewing before starting Cycle Brewing - St. Petersburg's first craft brewery.

Since he started Cycle, the brewery has become known for its highly sought-after bottles and its bottle release events. Doug talks about his opinion on those release days as well as his love for barrel-aged beers. Doug speaks about his passion for aging beer (specifically imperial stouts) in spirit barrels and his love for dessert beers.

In this episode, you also see the first iteration of a segment I like to call "The Six Pack." These are six questions to conclude the episode, all related to the beer industry and what the guest has learned in the industry. The "six pack" give a little more information about Doug and about his thoughts on the beer industry.

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