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Ep 13: Dave Doble of Tampa Bay Brewing Company

June 30, 2022 Mark DeNote/ Dave Doble Season 2 Episode 9
BeerWise Podcast
Ep 13: Dave Doble of Tampa Bay Brewing Company
Show Notes

In this episode, I am joined by Dave Doble of Tampa Bay Brewing Company. 

One of Tampa Bay’s iconic and well-visited breweries, Tampa Bay Brewing Company is celebrating 25 years in July 2022. Visited by both Michael Jackson and Guy Fieri, many visitors know TBBC for its welcoming pubs in both Ybor City and Westchase. 

In the mid-1990s, the City of Tampa did not have many options for craft beer until John and Vicki Doble put their faith in their son Johnny’s vision of opening a homebrew store called the Brew Shack. Johnny and his family grew that store into a brewpub and one of Tampa’s first ‘destination’ breweries. Once the pub opened, Johnny was the head brewer and Dave Doble left the family business to train as a pilot. Dave talks about when his brother tragically died in a fire in 2003, how he decided return to the brewery his family had founded. 

In our interview, Dave talks about that return and how he and his family decided to grow TBBC’s business to its current heights. Dave also talks about changing the TBBC beer lineup and how the brewery’s growth has been helped by Reef Donkey, a GABF Bronze-medal winning pale ale named for the Amberjack, a game fish which lives in Florida’s wrecks and reefs.

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