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Ep 15: John LoScalzo of LoKo Cuisine

August 16, 2022 Mark DeNote/ John LoScalzo Season 2 Episode 11
BeerWise Podcast
Ep 15: John LoScalzo of LoKo Cuisine
Show Notes

In this episode, I am joined by John LoScalzo, owner and chef of LoKo Cuisine.

LoKo Cuisine is best known for their pop-up meals in collaboration with the Tampa Bay area's craft breweries, called "Eggs & Kegs." On scheduled Sunday mornings, John and his wife Stephanie Kojima are hard at work cooking inspired meals for the culinarily curious (and hungry) food and beer enthusiasts.

And LoKo's meals always have a food, beer, or cultural "twist." Whether it's a meal themed after the flavors of Cigar City's Jai Alai IPA, or New England IPA with New England Surf & Turf, or his latest inspiration Bibimbap & Hip Hop, John always finds a creative theme for his meals.

 In our interview, John talks about how LoKo Cusine got started, his inspiration for LoKo's pop-up meals, and his thoughts on beer and food pairing.

In this episode, you will again hear a segment I am calling “The Six Pack.” These are six questions to conclude the episode, all related to the beer industry and what the guest has learned in the industry. The “six pack” gives a little more information about Joe and his beer beliefs.

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