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088: Integrating the Spiritual & the Scientific with Dr. Nelson Valena

April 03, 2023 Chelsea Cora / Nelson Valena Episode 88
The Soulful Self Podcast
088: Integrating the Spiritual & the Scientific with Dr. Nelson Valena
Show Notes

Today's episode features special guest, Dr. Nelson Valena. Born into a family of medical professionals in the Philippines, Dr. Valena's career path was mapped out for him since birth. Later in life, however, Dr. Valena encountered a catalytic health scare that led him to believe there is more to "healthcare" than what lies in the physical anatomy alone. Setting out on a spiritual journey to discover the ways of the alternative healer, Dr. Valena has made it his personal mission to invite a more holistic approach into the minds and hearts of those operating within the current medical system and beyond. Today he joins Chelsea to discuss this journey while sharing much of the wisdom he has gathered along the way.

Dr. Nelson Valena is board certified medical doctor in Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation, and Brain Injury Medicine with a practice in neurological rehabilitation for over 20 years. In 2011 he suffered a minor stroke that catalyzed a  life re-evaluation leading him to explore alternative forms of healing. He recently completed an integrative medicine fellowship with the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine. He has special interest in energy medicine and Shamanism. Currently, he is developing a retreat center in Coldspring Texas called Golden Hill Retreat Center where the mission is to help people connect with their inner healer. His primary interest is integrating alternative healing modalities with allopathic medicine.

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