The role of credit ratings in voluntary carbon markets
The role of credit ratings in voluntary carbon markets 18:17 Blueprint for Protecting the Future: Islamic Sustainable and Social Investing 36:19 Deploying Transition Finance and Sustainability-Linked Products in a Climate Risk-sensitive Environment 1:17:52 How Innovation is Driving the Funding of Green and Sustainable Activities 1:01:19 Keynote Interview: Moving from Halal to the Ideal of Tayyib 23:12 Presentation: Markets and Sectors Driving Growth and Leading Innovation in Islamic Sustainable Finance 14:24 Ensuring an Effective, Innovative and Equitable Transition to Low Carbon: Policy, Regulation and Innovation 1:02:22 ISFI Forum 2023: Keynote Address 16:16 Islamic Sustainable Finance and Investment Dialogue 42:17 The SC's approach to developing sustainable finance regulations in Malaysia 19:55 Tapping blue finance in emerging markets 30:05 The upcoming launch of the Bursa Carbon Exchange trading platform and the Malaysian compliance carbon market 30:01 Carbon offsets to persevere in Islamic finance 17:29 The challenges of developing Malaysia-generated carbon credit projects 24:28 SC driving the Islamic SRI agenda in Malaysia 17:52 The first Islamic finance transaction with carbon credits as underlying assets 14:54 BLOMINVEST BANK's debut UK green investment project 12:08 The development process for Islamic sustainable products 16:42 The chicken-and-egg problem of a debut VC fund 24:41 Kayseri Seker's innovative agricultural Sukuk: a sweet deal 19:34 Shifting away from debt-based financial paradigm 17:31 Allen & Overy discusses legal challenges in Islamic sustainable finance 21:19 Salaam Takaful talks upcoming partnerships and launch of digital life Takaful company 15:09 Understanding the creative chaos of Islamic ESG standardization 17:14 Islamic Sustainable Finance & Investment Forum 2022: Presentation by Bursa Malaysia 8:29