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Best Ways to Market in the New Digital Era

April 05, 2021 Greg Fisher Season 2 Episode 1
Weekly Wave presented by WaveRez
Best Ways to Market in the New Digital Era
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Marketing is becoming more challenging due to the rapid development of technology and consumer trends! But what are the best-known practices that watersport businesses can utilize to take advantage of? Find out in this week’s episode to prepare your business for the new digital age.

Hey everyone, thanks for dropping in for this week’s episode of the Weekly Wave presented by WaveRez. I’m your host Greg Fisher, and today we’ll be talking about how to market in a new digital age. I’d like to thank Crown.Exotics for coming up with this topic idea to start off our new series, which was submitted through our recent podcast topic contest. Crown Exotics is an Exotic Car Rental company based in Miami, FL, and they have very interesting car models to rent. Check them out on Instagram @crown.exotics. If you want your business to be featured in one of our next episodes, make sure to follow us on social media and stay tuned for more podcast contests.

This topic is important for many reasons. In my own experience, marketing is becoming more challenging due to the rapid development of technology and consumer trends. In particular, the mobile phone has forced advertisers to rethink how we reach their audience and sell our products. On today’s episode, we’ll focus on a few major trends and break down what you can do to stay current with your marketing efforts. 

The first big trend of the new digital age is mobile marketing. We could talk for hours on the different opportunities here, but for time’s sake, we’ll stick to the main components. The big takeaway for mobile is to make sure your business is reaching customers through mobile channels. Whether it be through a social media account or a mobile-friendly website, you need to be able to reach customers on the devices that they are often using. If your website does not look good on a mobile device, contact a web developer to create a responsive website. Not only will it be easier for your customers to use, but Google will give you credit in the search rankings. Also, if you offer online booking, you should consider mobile payment options such as PayPal and Apple Pay. Lastly, mobile users are heavily using social media. We understand it can be cumbersome to manage several accounts, so pick a channel that speaks to your customers and focus heavily on creating a great experience for your followers. 

Next is paid search ads. Some of you may be familiar with Google or Microsoft paid search ads. They are the ads you typically find on the top of the search results before the organic content. If paid search is not part of your marketing strategy, then you are missing a major opportunity. What is great about paid search is your ability to find customers who are searching for your type of product or service, and you only pay if they click. It is true that you could be found organically on Google, but that has been more difficult in recent years. Being #1 on Google organically has somewhat lost its significance due to some many ads and rich content that is above the fold. There is still value in it, but having paid search as well increases your real estate on the search engines. 

Last but not least is remarketing or retargeting. Many of you have probably heard that it’s cheaper to acquire an existing customer than a new one. New technology has allowed us to reach out to existing users or customers once they have left the website, and advertise to them while they are browsing the internet and other places. For example, if a user leaves my websites and goes to Facebook or Instagram, I can serve them ads to bring them back. How this works is through 3rd party cookies which are stored in the user's browser when they visit your website. Remarketing is an essential part of marketing in the new digital age due to the increasing costs of advertising. 

I hope you enjoyed today’s episode, and if any of this information is over your head, I highly recommend hiring a marketing professional to help you navigate some of these channels. And really, that would be my last bit of advice, don’t try to know everything about marketing, but know just enough so you’re aware of what is out there.

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