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Best Resources to Keep Watersport Operators up-to-date on Things Happening in the Industry

July 12, 2021 Greg Fisher Season 2 Episode 8
Weekly Wave presented by WaveRez
Best Resources to Keep Watersport Operators up-to-date on Things Happening in the Industry
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Although there are not that many resources available for watersport operators to use for staying up-to-date on things happening in the industry, we still were able to find a few for you; learn about all of them in this episode.

Hey everyone and welcome to episode 18 of the Weekly Wave podcast presented by WaveRez. I’m your host Greg Fisher, and today we’ll be talking about some great resources to help you stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the watersports industry. 

If you’re listening to this podcast, you’re probably listening to other business podcasts to keep you ahead of your competition, but here are a few others I recommend. 

You may not know this, but I actually co-host another podcast called the “Awkward Watersport Guys” with my friend and colleague Kevin O’neil from Destiny Water Adventures. The show talks about similar topics in the watersports industry, but provides more in depth commentary and a little fun. There are also several guests from the industry including operators, software providers, and marketing experts that provide awesome tips and insight. You can also join the Facebook group to keep the conversation going. You can find the group by searching for “watersport and tour professionals” within Facebook. Another podcast you’ll want to check out is the Tourpreneur podcast with host Shane Whaley. Shane’s podcast focuses on the broader tour industry, but most of the content relates to watersport operators. With over 150 episodes of content, you have plenty of episodes to catch up on during your next long drive. 

Some other great platforms for staying up to date is the Arival network. Arival (and that’s with one “r”), started back in 2017 as a multi day conference to bring the tour industry together. It has now morphed into a resource for the latest industry news. We recommend following them on social, but also subscribe to their newsletter for news right to your inbox. Speaking of newsletters, WaveRez offers their own newsletter that is sent monthly with news, announcements, tutorials, and more. Go to WaveRez.com today to sign up, and receive a free guide on increasing your direct bookings. 

Lastly, make sure to take time to network and learn in-person. Although there are not a lot of conferences that focus on watersports, there are some that are indirectly related. As mentioned previously, The Arival Conference is one of the only conferences that exclusively focuses on tours and activities. Their next conference is in October in Orlando, FL and you can get more info by visiting arival.travel. There are also some regional conferences such as the Watersport Industry Association Parasailing Symposium that is typically hosted in South Florida every year. And of course, there are your local chambers and CVB’s that offer networking opportunities and other educational seminars, so check with them often for information. 

No matter where you go to get your industry news, the fact that you’re taking time out of your day to listen and learn is a great accomplishment, and will bring your business a lot of success in the long run. 

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