The Soulful Mind

Do the Most Important Thing First with Jean Marie Keevins

April 18, 2022 Angel Evanger Season 1 Episode 104
The Soulful Mind
Do the Most Important Thing First with Jean Marie Keevins
Show Notes

Jean Marie Keevins has such a unique view of the world and how we can take advantage of those small moments we have throughout our day to refocus on what is important to us.  And this can change from moment to moment and that's ok.

Start your day with what feels good.  You may wake up and ask yourself, "What is my intention for the day?"  That may be too big a thing to tackle at that moment.  Maybe what feels good to close your eyes for a few more moments.  If that is the ask, ask yourself "Do I have time for that?"  If you do, why not? 

Connect with yourself, connect with the universe or god.  However it shows up in your life.  How do I feel?  Where am I now?  And proceed with that.   It's ok to move something to some other day.  We don't need to get so caught up in our "list" that we miss things that are happening that may be more empowering or bring you into the present more.

You may find things come into your mind that you think isn't possible.  Don't automatically dismiss it.  Ask yourself, "What would need to happen to make this possible?"  Julie Marie uses the example of wanting to go on a walk without your kids.  That can be a big task with kids.  What if you ask a neighbor to swap watching kids once a week for an hour?  Could you make that happen?

Jean Marie is an Emmy-nominated, award-winning creative executive who has balanced the majority of her career life between the entertainment world and working with C-Suite executives in the financial world.  As a multi-passionate, multi-hyphenate professional, she is known for looking at challenges from a different perspective and giving it to you straight.  Her approach to coaching is all about helping you uncover your secret sauce to help you write your new narrative. 

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