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CBH Podcast Episode 5: 1968, The Decline of Both Batmania & Old D.C, and the Rise of Carmine Infantino
October 07, 2017 Comic Book Historians

Alex Grand, Bill  Field, and Jim Thompson wrap up 1966 as Batmania declines and the Superhero glut is shown not to be the significant cash cow it used to be, Carmine Infantino uses corporate change at old DC, as an opportunity to change the creative face of their comics line by enabling the release of the old guard and replacing them with the new artists and writers that would transition into the bronze age.  What were the creative titles in 1968 that echoed these internal changes?  What does it mean for DC when its old pulp writer editors are replaced with next generation artists?  Can DC tap into nonsuperhero genres to soften the superhero crash after the moneymaking glut? ©Comic Book Historians, Deadman ©DC Comics. Support us at 

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