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CBH Podcast Episode 10: 1992 - The Present, Tom Orzechowski Interview part 2 of 2
December 17, 2017 Comic Book Historians
Alex Grand, Bill Field, and Jim Thompson interview legendary Marvel, Image and Darkhorse Comics Letterer, Tom Orzechowski discussing the history of Comic Books alongside his personal and professional involvement in comics, in part 2 starting with why he left Marvel Comics and started working with Todd McFarlane on Spawn, as well as his heavy involvement with Manga, and the change from manual to digital lettering. Alex asks Tom about Jim Shooter’s editorial involvement in the X-Men, and more fun specifics about his professional involvement with Chris Claremont. Jim asks more about Tom’s Silver Age influences, which artist Tom wishes he could have worked with, and who Tom feels was the very best letterer of all time. ©Comic Book Historians, Spawn ©McFarlane/Image Comics, Dirty Pair ©Dark Horse, The Advance Team ©Tor Books, No Sense Remix - Standard License. Support us at
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