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CBH Podcast Episode 17: Rick Marschall Interview Part 1: 1900s Newspaper Strips to 1978 Marvel Comics
April 07, 2018 Comic Book Historians
Alex Googly Eyes Grand, Jim Snuffy Smith Thompson, and Little Orphan Bill Field interview Rick Marschall as we go through his life and times from being a teenage sidekick to veterans of the National Cartoonist Society like Rube Goldberg, to being an Editor at United Feature Syndicate working over more comic strip super stars like Charles Schulz, to co-writing the The World Encyclopedia of Comics with Maurice Horn, to meeting with Stan Lee and becoming an Editor at Marvel Comics. So grab your stick of butter as we discuss part 1 of the Life and Times of Rick Marschall exploring Comic History from the Strips to late 1970s Marvel Comics. It's the Cat's Meow. No Sense Remix - Standard License. Support us at
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