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CBH Podcast Episode 18: Rick Marschall Interview Part 2: 1978 Marvel Comics to Hogans Alley
April 21, 2018 Comic Book Historians
Artsy Alex Grand, Jazzy Jim Thompson, and Bill Fantastic Field continue the Rick Marschall Interview starting when he first starts in Marvel Comics Magazines in 1978 and meets Jim Shooter for the first time, discussing his working with various comic book superstars of the time like Chris Claremont, Rudy Nebres, John Buscema, Dough Moench, Marv Wolfman and Len Wein, Tony DeZuniga, Don McGregor, Bob Larkin, Earl Norem, Frank Frazetta, Gil Kane, Marie Severin, John Severin, Stan Lee, Archie Goodwin, Howard the Duck and more. The circumstance of his Marvel departure in 1980 as he creates Epic Magazine, and his portion of the Jim Shooter purge of eliminating 70s Marvel talent from the bullpen is discussed, as well as his later assignments at Disney Comics, Nemo Magazine with Fantagraphics, Nemo Strip Reprints, Plotting the Thundercats cartoon, starting Hogan's Alley with Tom Heintjes, working with Milton Caniff, Dr. Seuss, and writing his many entries or books on comic history. There are so many sticks of butter you'll need for this one, it will make your head spin! Again, it's the cat's meow. No Sense Remix - Standard License. Marvel Magazines ©Marvel Comics. Support us at
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