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CBH Podcast Episode 25: 9/11 2001 and its Impact on Comic Books and the Film Industry
September 07, 2018 Comic Book Historians

Alex Grand, Jim Thompson, and Bill Field return for this special episode on 9/11, its direct impact on New York City, its Comic Creators, as well as the resulting film industry. The background of Marvel's return from Bankruptcy, change in management, its published reaction to 9/11, DC Comics reactions, and the psychologically polarized reactions of Art Spiegelman and Frank Miller in Shadow of No Towers and Holy Terror. How did the comic pros react to an attack on their home turf? How did these events change movies forever? Where were you during 9/11? Music - Standard License. Spider-Man ©Marvel Comics, Superman ©DC Comics, Holy Terror ©Frank Miller, Shadow of No Towers ©Spiegelman. Support us at

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