Principle 1 - Unleashing your Authentic Self with Relationships Coach Brian Bloom

October 12, 2020 Tom Marshall Season 1 Episode 1
Principle 1 - Unleashing your Authentic Self with Relationships Coach Brian Bloom
Show Notes

How can you find the courage to live life on your terms? Tom explores Principle 1: You are more than enough, be yourself. Show your authentic self to attract what you desire. Together with guest Brian Bloom, a relationships coach, they discuss how we can discover and unleash our authentic selves.

Selected Links

·       Connect with Brian Bloom

            Website | LinkedIn

·       Connect with Tom Marshall
             Website | LinkedIn

·       Landmark education

·       Non-Violent Communication workshop series, Marshall Rosenberg

·       Burning Man

·       Nowhere, regional Burning Man in Spain

Show Notes
Tom’s personal story about why he created this principle. [1:25]

Challenges with the principle that are explored in this episode. [3:50]

Introduction to Brian Bloom. [4:27]

What does authenticity mean to Brian? [05:40]

How Brian realised he’d succeeded by the societal scripts but was incredibly dissatisfied. [06:45]

Brian shares how he redefined the meaning of divorce. [08:45]

How does Brian now relate to his ex-wife? [11:20]  

Not everyone will understand your life choices and it’s not your responsibility to make them. Don’t bow to the expectations of others. [13:00]

How Brian explored his sexuality and alternative relationship structures. [14:10]

Thank people who express concern about your life choices. [15:55]

How does Brian find the courage to be his authentic self? [17:15]

How showing his authentic self has helped Brian attract what he desires. [21:35]

Surrounding yourself with people like you gives you permission to be more self-expressed. [22:10]

Why Brian deserves the “purple heart of weirdness” medal. [23:55]

How Brian invests in finding his people by being his authentic self [25:50]

Brian shares his experiences of radical inclusion at Burning Man, an experiment in creating community. [27:45]

Unconditionally accepting people around you helps them be authentic. [29:03]

Brian shares his exploration of wearing dresses. [30:02]

“Until you try stuff on, you don’t really know who you are.” [32:03]

What advice Brian has for early career professionals who have trouble being fully authentic [33:11]

Brian shares how he “threw his hat over the fence” to overcome the challenge of moving to Europe. [35:21]

Always accept free samples. [37:51]

How to use social accountability to live more authentically [39:32] 

“How much energy are you going to waste trying to live up to others’ expectations instead of exploring your own?” [42:15]

Summary of the episode. [42:27]

How Brian’s story challenges us. [43:49]