Principle 4 - Pushing your Comfort Zone with Entrepreneur & Performer, Tony Shriller

October 09, 2020 Tom Marshall Season 1 Episode 4
Principle 4 - Pushing your Comfort Zone with Entrepreneur & Performer, Tony Shriller
Show Notes

How can you push beyond your comfort zone? Tom explores Principle 4: Strive to thrive, not just survive. Step outside your comfort zone to really experience life. Together with guest Tony Shriller, an entrepreneur & performer, they discuss how we can push our limits to achieve what we thought was impossible.

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             Website | LinkedIn

·       Tony’s TEDx Talk

·       Blueprint Book, Nicholas Christakis 

·       Why success is 80% mindset, Tony Robbins

·       Tom’s Blog about the 3-Why Analysis

 Show Notes

Tom’s personal story about why he created this principle. [01:30]

Challenges with the principle that are explored in this episode. [05:00]

How Tony defines the comfort zone. [07:00]

Just because we want to push our comfort zone, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy it at times. [08:30]

What gives Tony the courage to keep pushing his comfort zone? [10:05]

Tony had a natural curiosity as a child that made him instinctively push his comfort zone. [10:50]

The mindset we develop influences how we see challenges – growth vs fixed mindset. This is shaped by how our parents praise us. [14:30]

Being who you are and what you want is essential for pushing your comfort zone. [16:55]

Collectivistic cultures promote conformity, inhibiting our ability to push our comfort zones. [17:15]

Tony explains how “emotional intelligence is more powerful than our logical thinking”. Harness it in the right way when making decisions. [17:59]

“Success is 85% mindset”. [18:57]

We need both a sense of individual identity and group identity – which can create a contradiction. Find that balance. [20:55]

How Tony’s self-awareness helps him deal with nervousness in pushing his comfort zone. [24:30]

The feeling of nervousness and excitement is physically the same. The meaning we give to that feeling dictates our emotions. [25:05]

When you make a performance about yourself, you get the most nervous and self-conscious. Focus on your impact. [26:10]

How Tony primed himself before his TEDx talk. [28:10]

“True confidence comes from not taking yourself so seriously”. [28:55]

The words you choose impact how you feel. Saying “today was wonderful” feels much better than saying “today was great”. [30:05]

How Tony persists in challenging times. [31:35]

Visualise achieving your goals. Remind yourself why you’re working towards them. [32:10]

Focusing on the pain from not achieving your goals can be more powerful than pleasure. [33:45]

How stepping out of his comfort zone has helped Tony fully experience life. [35:30]

Pushing your comfort zone in micro ways could have a macro impact. Taking cold showers or going to the office bathroom on a different floor could profoundly improve your life. [38:30]

Summary of the episode and Tom’s reflection on Tony’s story. [39:40]