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Find Calm becoming pain-free with Ani Papazyan

March 14, 2021 Find Calm Here Season 1 Episode 26
Find Calm Here Podcast
Find Calm becoming pain-free with Ani Papazyan
Show Notes

In this episode of the podcast, Ani Papazyan founder of LastStop4Pain and a former professional athlete turned pain relief specialist shares her journey to launching an online business and interacting with a mastermind. 

She’s spent over 25 years helping clients live a pain-free life. With Ani’s guidance clients receive a customized plan utilizing blood chemistry and genetic test analysis to create a roadmap for not just pain relief, but to overcome pain. You can follow her and get pain-relief training on her YouTube Channel.

In this episode we discuss: 

  • Ani shares her rich life experiences of growing up overseas and moving to America
  • Shifting from in-person to virtual sessions 
  • Ani shares her experience working with Deb in the Mighty Mastermind 
  • How to be okay with and learn how to pivot when things don’t turn out as expected 
  • Passion for helping others and how that can drive time, money, and resources 
  • Connecting with community and the value of networking 
  • How to live pain-free and not accept that pain is a part of daily life 
  • A free gift for listeners Ani share’s 5 Tips to a Pain-Free You

About Find Calm Here~ Deb Schell is the creator of Find Calm Here, an online community offering tools and resources to help you find calm in building a business to live your ideal lifestyle. We bring together entrepreneurs so that they can lead a successful online business with energy, joy, and abundance. 

When you join the Find Calm Here Community you’ll find over 30 workshops we’ve held in 2020 to help you find calm in daily life. Inside our exclusive cohorts, we connect, learn, and share our business ideas, challenges, and successes with each other for support, feedback, and encouragement in our process as we put our ideas out into the world while gaining clarity around ideas and tools to help implement our process using the CALM Method of Clarity, Awareness, Learning, and Motion.