Find Calm Here Podcast

Find Calm managing community with Jeff Roe

March 28, 2021 Find Calm Here Season 1 Episode 28
Find Calm Here Podcast
Find Calm managing community with Jeff Roe
Show Notes

In this podcast episode, Jeff Roe shares his passion for community as a Senior Community Manager on the Strategic Services team at Khoros, the leading community engagement platform helping companies connect with their customers authentically. He also serves as host for the Austin chapter of CMX Connect, a volunteer-led arm of CMX that brings community professionals together with over 60 chapters across the world. Jeff built his social media and community skills working for brands like 2U,, and SiriusXM. Check out the following links to learn more about Jeff's team at Khoros and the Austin chapter of CMX Connect. You can follow Jeff on Twitter @chaffrey.

In this episode we discuss: 

  • Utilizing life experiences in community building 
  • How he works with companies to support community
  • Tips for community managers to build engagement 
  • Managing large communities and creating safe spaces for cultivating trust
  • Connecting with community professionals with CMX 


Deb Schell is the creator of Find Calm Here, an online community offering tools and resources to help you find calm in building a community with energy, joy, and abundance. We offer support, feedback, and encouragement to each other for cultivating communities that thrive.  As a Mighty Networks Community Design Consultant, Deb offers resources for cultivating contribution, creating an awesome onboarding process, and connecting your members to spark inspirational conversations that help your members transform. Interested in building a community on the Mighty Networks? It's free!