I Love Kelowna

Myles Wakeham, The Financially Independent Contrarian

March 03, 2021 Luke J. Menkes / Myles Wakeham Season 2 Episode 138
I Love Kelowna
Myles Wakeham, The Financially Independent Contrarian
Show Notes

Myles lives in Scottsdale, AZ and has a fascinating story to tell about going against the herd when it comes to investing. Psychologically this is one of the most difficult things for a human to do, but when you're able to, the rewards can be massive. 

We discuss Myles early days in corporate America. What it was like moving to Los Angeles from Australia, then returning to Australia 6 years later, then deciding to finally return to the United States for good. 

We discuss the pitfalls of real estate investing, what to do and what not to do. How you can build a rental property portfolio from scratch. The proper way to view debt and leverage, and common mistakes many rookie investors make. 

Myles suffered from Covid last summer. He describes what that was like. After hearing his story, it really makes sense why the elderly or already-sick can be especially vulnerable to this virus. 

We discuss what to expect in the economy once Covid lockdowns are finally over; where to invest your money, time and energy right now so you can profit when things finally get back to normal. 

"I'm really different.  Not in a bad way, but I will challenge your audience to question social norms and think outside of the box in order for them to break free of the statistics of being a wage slave and never retiring.  I'm living proof that it can easily be done and I love to share my story." – Myles Wakeham



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