Law and the Future of War
War Lawyers - Craig Jones
War Lawyers - Craig Jones 53:43 Keeping the Peace in Cyberspace - Samuel White 39:20 War gaming with new technologies - Scott Roach 29:44 Educating the military through wargaming and computer games - Jo Brick 34:10 Special Episode: UQ POLSIS Panel Flashpoint: War in Ukraine - Seb Kaempf, Sarah Teitt, Andrew Phillips, Christian Reus-Smit and Lauren Sanders 34:54 Special episode: Macquarie CEL Webinar - Protection of the natural environment in times of armed conflict: Ukraine - Eve Massingham 38:46 Drones and the fourth wave: how drones have impacted the global order - Paul Lushenko 45:00 Facial recognition technology and the law in Australia - Professor Ed Santow 34:07 What will 2022 bring? Drones, geopolitics and the year ahead - John Blaxland 52:10 Legal review of autonomous weapons - Damian Copeland 39:31 Facial recognition and occupation law - Rohan Talbot 51:32 Australia in space - Tristan Moss 29:02 Mitigating harm to civilian populations and critical infrastructure in urban warfare - Abby Zeith and Michael Talhami 48:16 Humane: How the United States Abandoned Peace and Reinvented War - Samuel Moyn 56:11 What art can tell us about new digital technologies - Anna Briers 33:24 What space law can tell us about international law - Cris van Eijk 38:51 Operational, Political and Legal Implications of AUKUS - David Nicholls, Matt McDonald and Monique Cormier 54:30 Precautions in defending digital infrastructure - Eve Massingham 26:45 Precautions in attack and coalition operations in Mosul - Lauren Sanders 34:28 Drone strikes and the safety of civilians - Joshua Andresen 55:00 Legal standards for AI: law and the reasonable robot - Ryan Abbott 34:22 Space force - Jessie Dumont 24:56 Experimenting on humans and international law - Thibault Moulin 42:00 The new and old of emerging military technology - Maaike Verbruggen 53:07 Legal regulation of military activities in space - Dale Stephens 39:16