Building Brum

Modern methods of construction | The enabler, not the outcome

November 30, 2021 Conor Nolan Season 1 Episode 16
Building Brum
Modern methods of construction | The enabler, not the outcome
Show Notes

Akerlof Partners Jamie Hillier and Ellie Jenkins join us on the Building Brum podcast to discuss their work around Value-based decision making and modern methods of construction. 

We take a look at the construction industry and examine how we can increase economic growth, productivity whilst achieving better outcomes within the construction sector by increasing the implementation of modern methods of construction.

We will also find out more about value-based decision-making from Ellie Jenkins; Industry lead for the Construction Innovation Hub Value Tool kit. The Tool kit is designed to drive better social, environmental and economic outcomes through value-based decision-making.

The Building Brum podcast is sponsored by reality capture and point cloud modeling specialists ScanTech Digital, Solus, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of commercial floor and wall tiles and Sunbelt Rentals with over 200,000 items of equipment- they are the largest providers of equipment hire in the UK.

Jamie Hillier

As a Partner at Akerlof, Jamie has supported many private sector multinationals and public sector organisations, including central government departments and trusts, in developing Modern Methods of Construction strategies. Formerly a Director for the UK’s largest regional contractor, he wrote the “Choice Factory”, advocating the application of behavioural science to ensure the development of new technologies are integrated with an understanding of people and their behaviours. Jamie has worked closely with the Construction Innovation Hub’s Platform and Value Toolkit projects to drive sector transformation. Jamie is a member of the Construction Playbook MMC Group and the Construction Leadership Council’s Manufacturing Group. Most recently, Jamie contributed to the development of the Transforming Infrastructure Performance: Roadmap to 2030.

Ellie Jenkins

Ellie Jenkins is a Partner at Akerlof, a market-leading consultancy that specialises in integrating Modern Methods of Construction to realise better social, environmental, and economic outcomes. With over 10 years of experience in social impact, community engagement and stakeholder management, Ellie has substantial experience of working with private and public sector clients to optimise outcomes. Experienced in balancing long-term strategic priorities with pragmatic solutions to maximise, measure and evaluate social value in the built environment; Ellie previously led the social impact and community team for a Tier 1 contractor. As the Industry Project Lead for the Value Toolkit, Ellie is responsible for guiding the project through its extensive industry pilot phase.