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Refining Oral Surgery Practice Communication: Exploring Loom with Dr. Dexter Mattox

October 16, 2023 Grant Stucki - oral and maxillofacial surgeon Episode 213
Everyday Oral Surgery
Refining Oral Surgery Practice Communication: Exploring Loom with Dr. Dexter Mattox
Show Notes

Advancements in AI are impacting industries across the world. But how can AI be used by oral maxillofacial surgeons to elevate their profession as a whole? And how can these tools refine communication within your practice? Joining us today to answer these questions, and more, is return guest, Dr. Dexter Mattox, Founder and CEO of IMvision Dental. Today’s conversation focuses primarily on Loom, a video messaging tool that helps you communicate through instantly shareable videos, by providing a comprehensive breakdown of how this tool can be used to transform your communication systems. Discover the many ways that Loom can help you run your practice more effectively, from helping you build a knowledge base to simplifying onboarding and outsourcing. Dr. Mattox also unpacks the concept of AI alignment, the latest updates in AI that you should look out for, plus an overview of new capabilities you can expect from Loom’s upcoming features. For oral maxillofacial surgeons eager to elevate their communication strategies and embrace the future, this episode is a treasure trove of insights for leveraging Loom's potential. Dive in and fortify your practice with these technological advancements!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A warm welcome back to return guest, Dr. Dexter Mattox.
  • The definition of AI alignment: ensuring AI systems act in a way that is beneficial to humans and in accordance with human values.
  • Why oral maxillofacial surgeons should familiarize themselves with AI tools.
  • AI advancements in image editing, chatbots, and internal communication.
  • How to use Loom effectively in your practice as an oral maxillofacial surgeon.
  • Using Loom for video recording, sharing information, and employee onboarding.
  • Loom’s ease of use and how it can help you maximize your time.
  • How Loom can help you build a knowledge base of FAQs for others to refer to.
  • Loom’s integration capabilities and why it’s useful as a standalone application.
  • An overview of the costs associated with using Loom.
  • Using AI for transcript analysis, content generation, and streamlining research.

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