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Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Implant Rep (with Ronald Poe, implant rep)

December 26, 2023 Grant Stucki - oral and maxillofacial surgeon Episode 226
Everyday Oral Surgery
Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Implant Rep (with Ronald Poe, implant rep)
Show Notes

Surgeons often do not maximize the benefits of implant reps and are missing out on an incredible opportunity for growth. Today on Everyday Oral Surgery, Ronald Poe of the Straumann Group joins us to discuss how we can better utilize our implant reps. Tuning in, you’ll hear all about Ronald’s incredible career, the importance of creating good relationships with your implant reps, how in-office visits build trust, big clients versus small clients, and working with traveling specialists. We even delve into the importance of communication between surgeons and implant reps before Ronald encourages surgeons to be open with their reps and lean on them. Finally, we are reminded that this relationship is mutually beneficial and should be maximized at all times! To hear all this and be inspired to keep a positive mindset, press play now!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest, Ronald Poe. 
  • A brief overview of Ronald’s current career and previous bodybuilding career. 
  • The benefits of cold plunging and why Ronald loves it. 
  • How to create good relationships with implant reps as a dental surgeon. 
  • Why Ronald does lots of in-office visits and the importance of building trust with reps. 
  • How he handles a lack of referrals from surgeons. 
  • The big corporate clients Ronald works with and how that differs from smaller clients. 
  • How an implant rep can help traveling specialists. 
  • The importance of constant communication between surgeon and implant rep. 
  • Why Ronald wants surgeons to be open with and lean on their reps. 
  • Our guest answers our rapid-fire questions and shares some advice about mindset. 


“There’s a lot of value [implant reps] can bring to the table if we can partner up.” — Ronald Poe [0:09:34]

“At Straumann, we have so many tools for practice growth.” — Ronald Poe [0:12:21]

“There are so many different things that a rep can actually help a practice with.” — Ronald Poe [0:27:13]

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Ronald Poe on LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/ronald-poe-35876344/

Ronald Poe on Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/ronaldepoe/

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Ronald Poe Phone — 901 286 7161

Straumann Group — https://www.straumann.com/group/za/en/home.html

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