FANCENTRIC - The Fan Journey is the Experience!

Genetec Venue Parking System and the Frictionless Fan Experience

March 16, 2022 Christopher J. Kinnan
FANCENTRIC - The Fan Journey is the Experience!
Genetec Venue Parking System and the Frictionless Fan Experience
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Frictionless Fan Experience with Genetec Venue Parking

Recorded 2/24/2022

Fans want convenience to go with the spectacle of any great sports or entertainment event.  Touchless technologies are making it possible to reduce the time spent in lines, pay for services, and even park.  The advent of a frictionless fan experience is here.

Genetec's Venue Parking and Mobile Post Payment Plugin System is making a difference in the fan experience by reducing entry time by 50%, allowing fans to enter a venue and be seated 30-minutes sooner.  Happier fans with more time spent in the venue are spending more money, increasing revenue.  Compliance and payment for parking stands at a staggeringly high 98%.

The Genetec parking system is built on the premise that a fan journey starts and ends with parking, so they have a system that can help venues deliver a frictionless parking experience.   

Join Dr. Lou Marciani and his guest, Chris Yigit, Technology Partnership Manager for Genetec AutoVu License Plate Recognition Solution as they discuss how simple investments in parking technology can create frictionless parking and a better fan experience.

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